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Motivation and Self-Improvement books NPR (12)
Older Software Engineers Grinder (25)
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kiwi zack (11)
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Life at Google - from a Microsoft perspective... surreal (13)
PHP Multi dimentional array vs single dimensional AlfredoVentoinha (4)
takes over a month to get reimbursed phone reimbursement (22)
contract company owes $30k and threatens to fire you someone (18)
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Notebook harddisk speed el (9)
google gears ok with gpl? webkid (14)
Job-hoppers (29)
Migrating a Powerbuilder App to Web App Roy (9)
Good MySQL SQL Client on Linux Bot Berlin (8)
T&A namespaces Uhhh, huh-huh, he said tool (10)
Hmm, how do I prevent copying/sharing of text? No Freebies (37)
1 petaflop supercomputer unveiled supercomputer fan (9)
Looking for Joel-like C# .NET company in London C.G. (12)
C# DataSet problem (WebService) MyNameIsTony (9)
Rule 5: Templates considered harmful O Rly? (25)
What to expect from interview LA Sunshine (9)
FogBugz World Tour Krispy (1)
Omnigraffle for Windows (no Visio please) Pitagora (13)
good book for a developer switch from java to,VB,C++,C# lewindletter (8)
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Software to create sleek and stylish charts/graphs? Documentor (12)
Basic Code (gfx) - anyone remember? ZECA (6)
Best Java SOAP frameowrk around ? Nolu (6)
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RAD tool ? Clarion ? 4D OutOfTheBox (10)
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Software companies aptitude test RP (19)
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JoS readers prefer Firefox Dan Shappir (14)
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Ideal or Recommended Development Machine Chaz (9)
Any chance of demoing at universities? Spaceknarf (6)
Join team then hurry up and leave consciences (25)
PHP Question regarding CHMOD settings JeffHughes (5)
Why Can't VB6 Migration Wizard Resolve Default Properties? Hurky McGurky (8)
The survey isn't working. Christopher Svec (7)
I hope Joel will come to Texas for demo . (7)
The future of VBA and other old-school MS technology someguy (15)
Vista and COM Meganonymous Rex (8)
Do you know your Web 2.0? OneMist8k (11)
NUSOAP, PHP - web service client [Coder] (11)
Installation Software Entries of Confusion (8)
Rusty on shell script Russ T (12)
Joel is looking for a web designer Entries of Confusion (2)
Liability insurance as a 1099 covering bases (6)
biggest bullshit contracts given to you Someone (32)
Job offer question Anon (16)
Need backup solution with these characteristics Zahid (10) - € GUI Junkie (3)
Lack of Books =? Technology Doomed TheDavid (17)
German fogcreek site Andrew Brehm (10)
Are There Any IT Salespeople Out There That Can Sell? Johnny (15)
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Bad interfaces: Database views? just another anon (11)
Is a database view a relia: Interfaces between Systems just another anon (1)
Yahoo WebMessenger is done with Flash. Noagbodji Victor (7)
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C#/.NET Dev/Architects in Switzerland jonathan (1)
Fogcreek, Office in Munich? Ted (5)
Average Salary for a Software Developer in Norway? matthew (12)
Good Personal productivity tool (time tracekr)? Ach (5)
C# code analysis - for unused files Andras Ludanyi (3)
how high is your computer desk lewindletter (20)
Does this app exist - Desktop Trace,Dns lookup etc miaSoloMio (5)
Java Performance Books Speed Freak (6)
.net web services book suggestion? WS newbie (3)
Working for friends... WontWorkForFriendsAgainLOL (40)
Which is a good Demo CD browser software similar to DemoShield? Vasant (1)
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Zeldman's book on designing with web standards Lenny (4)
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Amusing quote - (8)
In Search of Search Help Lux (4)
How do you respond to recruiters asking where you have interview OP (21)
Big Companies - firing practices Patrick from an Ibank (36)
COM COM Noob (16)
Easy to use remote file shares mutabled (6)
Can someone recommand a book or tips on time managment? . (12)
FineReader Engine Code : ExportPages vs ExportPagesEx Johnny (1)
On Wolves and Sheep... Crimson (16)
boost::lambda and other team members Michael Kohne (10)
clustering algorithms Mike Madienne (8)
Not joining company sports team equals outcast? Am I a fit? (43)
Visual Studio 2008? VB6_2005_User (17)
I wonder how the "get rid of your freelancer" guy is doing? Bored Bystander (15)
My software sells in US, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, not UK TheBoyAndHisMicroISV (23)
What if interviewer keeps talking about himself? not so green (23)
IEEE 754-1985 Floating Point Arithmetic Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Visual Studio 2005: WPF, WWF, WCF, & .NET 3.0 SCADA Guy (11)
are there providers of MSMQ or JMS messaging service? Oleg (5)
Drum circle OneMist8k (32)
Does a job for my skillset exist? emga (13)
C++ for_each stupid template library (16)
Project management software. nimrod (12)
Moving to a custom software shop. Alex (20)
Personal anti-procrastination strategies? Ashamed into Anonymity (31)
Employee Head Count Figure (21)
Follow Up on Programming Apps as All Mini-Functions (56)
ClearType = Blurred Syd (14)
Allow remote SFTP, but deny remote SSH login on Linux WillYeo (5)
Subversion++ (Subversion with Easy File Sharing) Anon For This (5)
why is the UI of OS X better than Linux UI? falcon (28)
Build vs Buy Patrick From An IBank (19)
When to use OOP? (29)
Programming Apps as All Mini-Functions...Are You Kidding Me? Brice Richard (45)
How to gain financial domain knowledge? AnonForThisOne (14)
corp-corp vs. 1099 taxes to do or not to do (10)
MVP Pattern (and others)...Excessive Abstraction? Paul Reynolds (17)
What is considered good benefits package? Looking (21)
Every heard of Ascentium? in transition (7)
Do OSS users have any sense of business? . (56)
What if your company doesn't offer a 401k retiree (19)
Apple continues to piss off developers a Hack (37)
Speaking of Resolution Independence... AA (15)
.NET 2.0 with PostgreSQL backend Albert (5)
Resolution Independence Independence Day (2)
How overkill is Smarty? Noagbodji Victor (10)
JoS book has a cameo in 1408 Keith Bussell (1)
Quuick Idea for More Readable Code Brice Richard (28)
text editor feature mindful_learner (9)
OT / Weigth Loss Question WeightLossAlgorithm (54)
Hebrew/English Keyboard for PC Steve Hirsch (6)
Moved to VxWorks srcreddy (12)
Why is there no divide or multiplication sign on the calculator? Grown fat with decadence (27)
Online job application systems suck slamsmith (11)
Safari on Windows is _NOT_ Ready Steve McLeod (17)
Pet peeve about fonts...slightly related to The Big Debate Jimmy Jones (10)
Why no comparison with ClearType? Jimmy Jones (9)
Web Inspector for Safari - Windows Aaron (2)
Am I going blind? Duff (7)
Is the MS way always more readable? Mark Whybird (8)
font anti aliasing (1)
SCRUM - does it work? . (23)
Testing Remote Access from within Neville Franks (3)
Windows is not suited for production? Noagbodji Victor (16)
DOM, how do I? Chang (6)
Safari Beta Security Slammed; 8 Vulnerabilities Found Tones (2)
Unless it's in a book I never read Print anymore gregg tavares (16)
Unicode Question - Should browsers character encoding? miaSoloMio (1)
Dude, you're getting a Mac? Ori Berger (7)
Good Service / Bad Service George Wenger (8)
Regular Expression for C typedef'd Data Types ... Ian Johns (17)
IT skill shortage (18)
Beautiful Code: Anyone read it? Ted Graham (6)
The real Safari/Win slowdown Paranoid Android (12)
Mac font rendering... old.fart (21)
Screen-scraping a website that requires login? Ted Graham (6)
look before you blog... mindful_learner (11)
OK, Safari is Available on Windows.  Why? SM (16)
Good Online Password Generator? (Like The One Provided by Yahoo) PassMan (9)
Steve Yegge: That Old Marshmallow Maze Spell Mike Weller (22)
iphone wifi, app launch on vista and font rendering gsf (6)
Unicode Characters not picked by Java Web App ModestPoster (1)
Interview questions Benjamin Manes (19)
Why Safari Starts Slowly at First (and thus is better) Anonymous (20)
Anyone work at Microsoft (Redmond) as a contractor? Strategically Placed (6)
slow safari start up times? need more data... Mike Johnson (2)
Why do body shops ask you to take tests? green (4)
How do you put open source contributions on your resume? Anon (6)
Safari for Windows identical to Safari for Macintosh? Li-fan Chen (28)
My kid's high school is starting a programming class but .. Aristotle's Palm Pilot (42)
Apple to Xcode developers: switch to the Web a Hack (26)
Making the jump into the private sector, making better money... Mo_Money (27)
Is the iPhone really practical? Gonna wait for the bad reviews before buying (19)
Dumb .NET question. But i will ask it anyway anpnymous (10)
Looking for sample address datasets Steve Hirsch (5)
Clock radio e.trader (1)
OT: Windows Vista Enterprise remote desktop annoyance Andrew Brehm (5)
New Development PC Charley Farley (5)
financing strategies for startups Stealth (4)
Link to HTTP/0.9 RFC Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Anyone have knowledge about working at Moody's KMV? Regular poster, anon for this post (5)
Experience with F# Anindya M (9)
Improved TCPTrace? ZeFred (4)
Call attendant programs that think they're human ... Karl Perry (24)
Programming for the mac Martin Schultz (18)
First freelance dev gig... emga (9)
Case-based Reasoning danny (4)
Best Software Writing Vol II? Chris Adamson (3)
Would Unicode have been more popular? HS (41)
How to prevent seeing web pages after logging out? ModestBlogger (14)
Best Clock Radio? Mr. Analogy (13)
Programming books and verbosity Arun (29)
Expenses for interviews SK (3)
What to as for moving expenses? Confused (18)
UTF-16 file viewer/pager. bof (6)
H1Bs paying companies to find them jobs? Job Hopper (19)
Clock Radios Garth (19)
just say no to recruitment agencies Vinny Vegas (17)
The search box on MSDN (4)
Amazon FREE Super Saving Shipping - what a con. JJ (17)
Qt, why can't you get good service... lemon obrien (14)
Overrated Technology - ORM... Crimson (23)
Online Storage Which Has XDrive's Skip-The-Download Feature? BroadbandTempProblem (3)
Interviewer Etiquette Contractor (13)
programmers revenge someone (30)
Outside Employment Peter (23)
Important points to ask at the interview? Anon for this one (19)
.NET functional programming Albert (7)
Stupid Outlook 2007 Albert (4)
India Sees Cultural Backlash Against Outsourcing... Another poster... (33)
7:00am instead of 12:00 midnight Fat Tony (13)
MS vs MBA JP (18)
Grad school questions (GPA) anon. recent grad (11)
Treat Recruiters like the bithches they are Job Hopper (29)
help on source code version control for Visual Studio 2005 dolwin (14)
Java Set  newbie question Anon (3)
Replace Existing Relational Db GUIDS SCADA Guy (14)
Game of Inches Ladar Levison (11)
What do you do when you work with this guy? Maybe just a rant (18)
Alarms - Default time is not the issue Phil (4)
A Game of Inches - The good news Joe (1)
Anyone worked with KForce recruiters - how are they? frustrated (12)
Online community article faded memories (3)
A game of inches?  Or design by committee? Jack Repenning (4)
alarms should start ringing when the power comes back on Tom C (14)
Painless timesheet logging system I'm a number not a name (6)
Interview Q: Why are you looking to leave your current position? Steve in NYC (19)
Upgrading database definition for application. nimrod (5)
Finally -- a way to make money in a corporate environment Boofus McGoofus (12)
SQL optimization for a developer Billy (10)
Has anyone used bit (5)
Online outliner? ZeFred (1)
Why does Google buy so much outside technology? Red Adair (25)
So.. how exactly does one ACQUIRE relevant manager experience? Anon for this one (24)
Citibank's piss poor online security Mr. Hughes (2)
Listen to what we say - Don't look at what we do! Don Joe (11)
Huxley the UK recruitment agency - opinions wanted Vinny Vegas (13)
More Career Nightmares ObservantWhenProbed (8)
maybe the PHB isn't so clueless after all anon ++ (7)
How long do you own a computer? JW (32)
Wiki with Document Management asl (10)
Finding a mentor Scott Penner (11)
Question About Working While Receiving Unemployment Comp Clark (17)
DLL Import - System.NullReferenceException csharp_newbie (4)
MS Office 2007 ribbon UI Somewhere in California (10)
Mogulus - free web-based TV stations Sumana Harihareswara (2)
Al Gore has got a nice setup Tarek Demiati (24)
Compensation in a Start up Looking (28)
2 weeks notice for a contractor? anon (27)
Mono Anon for this (14)
Security in Google Docs & Spreadsheets Varun Koteshwar (8)
Letter to Governor Schwarzeneggar L.O. Wages (91)
Which subset of C++ features is actually actively used ? the curious one (33)
Reading A VC++6 DLL From VB Ezani (40)
MS acquiring third-party products basecode to enhance SSRS AnonMicroISV (7)
Google Ads: Syndicated Blight Grr... (4)
OT: Best drive recovery service?  (w/ reasonable price) Matthew (17)
Contractors: Generalist, Specialist, Both? gee bee (8)
GIS Options anon (13)
Buying Business Objects XI R2. Any Experiences? BI Man (11)
Beginner OOP Question Encoder (39)
Convert PostgresDB to MySQL ? Familiar with MySQL (4)
Ultimate Bad Career Move MP the Contractor (41)
Acropolis: The Revenge of MFC Chris Nahr (10)
Database help! Dan (10)
Scheduling Algorithms dan (7)
Does anyone do GIS programming? jread (14)
the economy and the job market Jimmy Banks (18)
md5 - symbols not accepted miaSoloMio (5)
Financial Software Development Jim (14)
Any certifications worth it? Vincent (32)
speedy Windows Explorer replacement? onanon (26)
anyone do game programming? someone (43)
Is this a good time to become a consultant? calculated risk (12)
I am so happy people don't measure progress.. dead_end (41)
IT "Manager" position, but one-man IT department - Is it a trap? Anon for this one (24)
Can anyone recommend traing classes for MCITP? aspiring prospect (2)
What is the best book for writing Windows Forms in C# Anon (19)
Exporting A Value From A VC++6.0 DLL Ezani (13)
Which mouse to use with MacMini? Gene (13)
Poll : Which Anti Virus are you using Parisian Developer (49)
Good Book For CMMI Preparation. Any Recommendation? CMMIer (13)
Visual STudio message (C++) "user breakpoint" PhantomOfThEOpera (4)
Tried out Crossover for running Windows apps on Mac/Linux. Mr. Analogy (2)
Generation Jones (29)
Deep Logic back up @ CodePlex Dave B. (0)
How to find Current HOSTING / DNS Provider Tom (3)
How are friendly are you with co-workers? Joe Schmo (24)
Searching for a linux .vhd for Virtual PC Mr. Analogy (14)
Where do people go after they are laid off? Joe Schmo (52)
Code convention: member references to external objects Singulus (14)
As a small software company, do you use outsourcing Bot Berlin (5)
Vista and Sendkeys (3)
How to valuate oneself? neither here nor there (8)
Company X offers 3 free meals a day, laundry cleaning max_headroom (15)
Best Java COM bridge? java.newbie (3)
Security by sharing org charts? spudz (8)
Giving the correct answers during an interview (16)
Making a C++ wrapper from an unmanaged .DLL for a C# project csharp_newbie (4)
Constrained or contract driven HashMap Bot Berlin (7)
Didn't hotmail use to do business email hosting ... anonymous_coward (2)
Legal to ban "working for other companies in a consulting.." .netwuss (29)
Joel's new book Jason M. (12)
Need help with COBOL! Donald Bentham (39)
80 Core CPU demo'd by Intel Contractor (11)
That's it - I'm not taking any more written tests to get a job! DontNeedNoStinkingTest (27)
Healthy eating fast food chains? Mark (45)
tracking internet usage on a kiosk - continued.... Jake (7)
What are the today's buzz words FromEmeraldCity (24)
Thank heavens for stateless HTTP scooter (5)
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