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why 4 different desktops in Dell? Guillermo (22 comments)
Video on user interface Design Albert D. Kallal (13)
File Comparison tools? Philo [MSFT] (20)
The bow of the Kiwi Anindya Mozumdar (2)
Personal work plans [TheWeasel] (9)
Anyone used presentations to highlight problems in code? Will Notwallow (18)
Programming is so BORING! DepressedCoder (24)
Identifying Website Security Vulnerabilities Nutmeg (6)
Cygwin - problems linking with MSVC libraries... cygwin (7)
Good company / poor project or Good project / poor company Erich Weiss (12)
I knew not buying expensive iPhone was a good move Victor Noagbodji (25)
Would you consider this government job if you were me? Hard Donkey (27)
I'm sick of Acronis... Code Slave (17)
What is the ROI of a master's in CS? Justice Walker (23)
FoxPro to MSSQL wizards Steve Hirsch (1)
Tracking an installer Bob (6)
javascript functions scope in browser Sathya (6)
Alternative beverage of coffee? caffeine-free OP (34)
Aeron chairs - not so great? Philo (22)
Science fiction into tomorrow's products and movements Li-fan Chen (9)
Bad guys selling email login & password Nutmeg (5)
any thoughts on MS-PL Sajid (1)
Speech Add-in?  I need VB6 to SAY the number I pass into a funct Lazy (But Efficient) (8)
What is best reading for a new manager? New Manager (28)
software implementation evaluation protocol Ivan D (1)
Is there ANY value in an A.S. in business if you have a BS? Steve (15)
Should students be forced to physically attend college? evan (48)
Project Management / Bug Tracking Software Robin (27)
Computing as Utility - Is it possible or just a wet dream? . (15)
Experiences with the larger recruitment/staffing agencies? Matt B (14)
Mem/CPU usage software SlowComputerUser (10)
Wireless Mouse w/best range? Sick of Being Wired (8)
mega astronaut cynic (13)
Is Growth Swinging Beans (19)
Sick of judging myself and letting me be judged by interviews OpinionsDontMatter (60)
Albany County Supreme Court found Dell guilty of ... (14)
Management of code marge into branch and trunk in SVN! Mr. Smith (13)
IC & IRS James (7)
Google wants control over web development? Anomini (18)
"Career" Change Aspiring College Developer (11)
Recommendations for .NET development machine Andrew Scott (15)
If you could do it all over again... Chuck (66)
How do I convince my employer to allow me to telecommute? Scott (26)
If you want to re-locate to a new city.... . (10)
The IT world is losing it Radu094 (27)
WinCE/Mobile Development Dave B. (4)
Key Logging from Public Terminal Nutmeg (15)
CLR Performance Analysis: Vista vs XP (Follow-Up) BenjiSmith (10)
Can we display artwork on websites? Oltmans (7)
List available windows updates from within an app? Dmitry Shesterin (2)
Systems Engineering? BrotherBeal (17)
how to save objects via a stateless Web Service??? new_to_web_services (6)
Multi-platform App GUI question Jarek Myszewski (9)
Problem with DataView.RowFilter and UTF-8 String yahooi3000 (4)
Congrats! --> Phoenix Mars Lander landing Li-fan Chen (13)
I've join the dual monitor(LCD) club JackDaniel (20)
Scared of outsourcing Not so anonymous (41)
Anyone use REST in their Web Sites? Ranger (8)
Alpha nerds quant dev (27)
Strange (but good) Vista behaviour Blur Boy (7)
Net negative producing programmer (NNPP)? Developer (16)
Going to a Non Tech Job and Back again OP (6)
Windows file synchronization SDK? (8)
So, Vista is selling well... Victor Noagbodji (42)
Tired of the commute but not sure what to do about it.... Mike (16)
Documenting API/SDKs (10)
Microsoft's Lack of Support for Open Source Ranger (9)
Looking for a clipboard RegEx/mini code gen tool Cade Roux (3)
Dealing with not-so-pragmatic people that waste time Dozer (6)
Ruby Gem for Picasa API RoR (7)
Good book on Groovy? George Jansen (5)
Enforced Annual Leave Uk Contractor (15)
Good (free) SVN client for Windows Victor Noagbodji (6)
Job change dilemma... Brajesh Srivastava (7)
10 bit simple encryption Simplicity (20)
The advantages of non-Microsoft technologies. P (19)
VB.NET Code Analysis Tool Scruff McGruff (5)
Video Game Actors Say They Don't Get Their Due JackDaniel (11)
Concurrent processing of hundreds transactions Michael (16)
What steps do you take to minimize burnout? burnout (23)
Freeware for analyzing the windows hard drive LondonLad (23)
Suggestions for a Python editor (on Windows) ? Daniel Sage (22)
Who owns JavaScript ? Odysseus (7)
Paying new employees to quit.. Crazy? (31)
Is the grass greener at the other company? AdviceSeeker (19)
Second degrees and specialized domains Justice Walker (13)
Email Accounts Hacked Nutmeg (10)
Training Video R (6)
What are the 2 biggest problems of Software? Satya (33)
long, long long and... Java school grad (19)
Has anybody tried Ulteo? Victor Noagbodji (1)
Java String Manipulation - Can this be more efficient? Lotus (21)
What happened to the forum font? anon (13)
Shared Source or Shared Binary Oskar (17)
Development in Wall Street Trading Firm Ted Matson (9)
Visual Basic, #1 .Net language Anomini (21)
Is climbing the corporate ladder really worth it? . for this (30)
Parallel Programming OP (21)
What is the best degree to pair w/ a B.Sc. in Computer Science? Cliff (20)
ubuntu vs. other linux flavors Contractor (14)
Outlook - can I change "delete" behavior? Zahid (9)
Why I Still Write Perl (and Not Write Python Much) Shlomi Fish (22)
Career in customer support Anonymous Job Seeker (11)
Building new GUI-app. Language/Toolkit? Nick (19)
Web application templates Jim Jones (12)
SCC and Mistakes Good Luck Duck (16)
Chat with CodeGear CEO - influence the fate of Delphi Dan (0)
Stanford Undergraduate Curriculum Lenny (8)
C# code protection The Lone C# Coder (11)
Anyone know of a good place to download large data sets Picasso (5)
Wouldn't this type of CAPTCHA work better? Wayne Bloss (19)
Should I take a job in Dubai Subramanian (24)
Throw away prototype code?  Anyone done it in work yet? MM (16)
Installer Question Bob (1)
Inertia, and project mgmt. Borbin Sena (6)
UNIX 'Top' command Lotus (3)
Programming contract on the mac Freelance Developer (20)
Tracking Schema Changes TrackingDbChanges (7)
Doubts about supervisor Confused (8)
What's up with those fancy frameworks Spring Struts Hibernate (31)
What do you think are the requirements for a senior developer? atat (20)
Web development in Java paul (9)
CLR Performance Analysis: Vista vs XP BenjiSmith (23)
Request Approval / Management Systems Anon for this (13)
Vista and IE6 Nick H (3)
Sleeping every 48 hours only Just another sleepless night (43)
Is Apple really going to acquire Adobe? Anirudhh Ranganathan (17)
Of interest George Jansen (3)
Text editor for Windows? ZeFred (27)
What are your peak earning years in this field? Dunka (61)
telecommuting idea . for this (8)
How many of you own an Amazon Kindle Xakk (38)
Find number of threads Lotus (9)
Mastering CS concept without going to University Self Taught Programmer (30)
Embeddable programming/scripting language Toru (21)
Ecipse problem Den (10)
Masters on the same University or going to a better one NotTW (6)
PHB here.  Paid for SW product.  What should I get when done? PHB who bought some software (17)
I'm NOT the Only One Who Believes This Concept... Brice Richard (54)
Office 2008 SP1 adds VBScript back to Macs TravisO (2)
Google's Employee Exodus deaux (14)
Not Graduating Ashamed (39)
Stack versus heap space in C# .NET LongTimeSinceDidCompSci (22)
Mac Office and VB Script Andrew Brehm (5)
Job Security vs. Interesting Projects (17)
Research on Software Bugs? teambob (11)
How to launch a popup (not an ad) when a user leaves the website Josh (15)
Hate this hate that Rick Tang (29)
COM/OLE/ActiveX objects with C++ (no MFC) using the VTBL iface Sinan Unur (17)
Sending emails from a web application lemon obrien (8)
I miss the original F*ed Company Forum - any substitutes? Former_FCer (5)
How is CoPilot free on the weekend?? wb (3)
Zero Tension Mouse Dave B. (12)
Synchronizing an Iphone to a Windows based Server Xakk (9)
Joel's New Book? Aspiring College Developer (12)
Why do developers hate Java? Anomini (118)
Can you see what is wrong with this? Odysseus (7)
I'm intrigued with youtube Anyminous (5)
programming sucks so bad it hurts... lemon obrien (16)
Abandon hope all those who enter here .... Stephen Jones (11)
Anyone used any of the software for migrating apps to new PC? Mr. Analogy (6)
Strange virtual memory problem. Help please? Daniel (8)
Small PC with PCI slot JaX (16)
Customer Survey plug-in for a web site? Josh (4)
Are dev really more valuable toemployer than they are OSS Rock! (33)
oracle deadlock problems... SmartYoungAnonPoster (13)
Netstat - Question Lotus (3)
How to bid on projec ... (should I even?) anonymous_coward (21)
How to put your PC in standby mode??? Forced_To_Be_DOS (6)
Where to put database username and password; best practices J2EE orangutan (35)
Unassigned instantiations in Javascript Paranoid Android (7)
Java Workflow Engines Anon for this (4)
OT:Ethical to pirate movies and music in certain circumstances Anindya Mozumdar (61)
How does programming affect your health? Matt (22)
career advice (18)
OT: Graph of computer language lineage? Bored Bystander (8)
Unit testing StudentDeveloper (19)
I'm looking at a brochure... Fake Programmer (7)
coding MUD for fun and putting it on my resume? student (12)
OLAP IllustrousCoder (2)
Internet-enabled camera for viewing whiteboards? (14)
A train of thought Scruff McGruff (11)
Programming Assessment Tasks andi (14)
CodeGear has been acquired. memyselfandI (20)
Why Many Wellknown SMS Gateway Provider Located in UK? Wireless Dev (2)
Lotus Notes PIM synchronization Jon (4)
Laptop Help Laptop help (11)
When will IE6 die? Nick H (20)
Why do they judge people as job hoppers? AllegedJobHopper (80)
Is it considered good usability to provide a pseudo-login/out? Anindya Mozumdar (10)
Opinions on CakePHP Aaron (6)
IT: Mystery Server OP (3)
Why does Java eat so much RAM? JavaShouldBeLessRamHungry (31)
GUI Builder for Swing Swinging Beans (10)
Why is application development considered part of the IT dept? anon for this (23)
UK web site hosting and design - recommendations wanted Graham Asher (6)
Career Move - Approaching a competitor Anon - Maybe a good idea! (12)
How do i FTP using Oracle 8i? Oracle Non-Guru (5)
Looking for a resonable packet sniffer casio (10)
Lack of Professionalism in Software Engineering/Development TheCaliforniaCoder (15)
Full-text search engine for PHP? AqD (3)
Oreilly's Safari online memyselfandI (12)
[LiveCycle] Getting data out of Adobe PDFs DorothyBooher (2)
Yahoo Stocks go realtime? TravisO (8)
How do gamers deal w/ LCD monitors at non-native resolution? Mr. Analogy (19)
looking for software OSS rocks (7)
Negotiating relocation assistance WayneM. (13)
What Makes Software High-Quality? Shlomi Fish (28)
A little ironic (14)
Workflow Foundation - Love it? Hate it? Sambo (9)
What does an MSCS imply? Marcus (23)
How to make a web app compliant with section 508 (accessibility) Josh (12)
Would you ping HR if you don't hear from them over a week FromEmeraldCity (9)
What to tell an "Intro MS" class Hockey Player (9)
Sidebar/Konfabulator/gadgets Philo [MSFT] (9)
Any suggestions on HD/file configuration for a new PC? Mr. Analogy (21)
Picking up C# A.B. (21)
Notebook - 14.1" (widescreen) vs 15.4" (widescreen) Janabsaab (9)
Moderator Solitaire Remy VanDreese (2)
getting along BETTER with a co-worker cohde munkay (4)
Expensive iPod or inexpensive iPod alternative She might come and read this :) (12)
Can I get advice on becoming a consultant? Ace London (9)
Stack Overflow Reloaded Codger (0)
Should I get rid of my bulky desktop The Night Blogger (25)
My First Application? Ruby or PHP? webber (11)
Shoot the Messenger Odysseus (33)
ClamWin. Any corporation use it? Ben Mari (14)
Auto-update and Registration modules/libraries for Delphi Samh (12)
Software to stress testing wired routers StressTest (2)
Wireless KB/Mouse Recommendation Luke Miller (9)
Keyboard & Weight on the Mac BookPro The Night Blogger (18)
Rudeness, Just Me, Cultural Diff? Anon-For-Now (122)
MATLAB GUI programming microrant Marcus (26)
One Handed Typing Gordon (19)
Windows uses memory Christopher Wells (11)
Pet peeves in your working day spacehopper (24)
Food people eat whilst programming Bradley (29)
Cross-platform font/type libs Noloe (3)
Desktop PC recommendation too oldschool (30)
dealing with a dishonest developer anon (72)
Question on strange Firefox behavior w/AJAX dave (8)
Ruby on Rails, Django or TurboGears? Newby Weber (19)
Yes or no: Should I spend time/effort pursuing patent for this? Dont Wanna Miss Out (37)
SDLC and Project Management? (20)
MS-SQL 2005 High Availability Jack Mullins (12)
Algorithm for encrypting 700 chars into 30 chars Failirght (21)
Should I change jobs just for sake of changing. job seeker (13)
XP SP3 - How Is It? Upgrader (10)
Salary question: Staying Anonymous here. (45)
Architecture Astronauts again, nope Joel is wrong... Amanjit Singh Gill (55)
Architecture astronauts take over cynic (29)
Want to Contribute? Create a Bug! Ryan Smyth (0)
is "Business Analyst" a real job? Sassy (27)
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