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Microsoft "Surface" jread (18)
SQL Table inheritance - support in dbs? Michael Kohne (12)
Would you consider hiring fresh grads without CSish degree? . (25)
Usage of Web Application; Screen Record? ?? (4)
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job ad specific cover letters Noob Job Hunter (17)
Good code has 35% comments? Grant (80)
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Can a Java Property have multiuple values? miaSoloMio (3)
Edward Tufte Courses? Duff (7)
Drag-and-drop GUI builder vs. coding GUI's by hand Neanderthal (19)
I think I picked the wrong company - (20)
Programmatic Access to Current Date Formats? Windows Locale Newbie (4)
Pay is setting Post-Bubble records??? deaux (21)
Determine if a user has logged in with a specific computer josh (4)
Do you still use separate "Download Accelerator" software? microISVer (12)
More IBM Layoffs... ( I forgot my posting name. (10)
c++ memory leak checker for cygwin Guy Eschemann (2)
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Federal Trade Commission investigates Google GoogleGetsBigger (24)
A solution to tabs-vs.-spaces - updated ElGeek (36)
Programming Implementation? Sounds like a CS project (10)
Are we Agile? Does it matter? Bankstrong (18)
Know any good Java blogs? Gilgamesh (6)
CMM Level 5 disaster Been at this too long (45)
Hibernate and Standby in w/XP at shutdown flameThis (7)
Javascript in mobile browsers (blackberry, treo, win mobile)? pete (5)
how whole working application was destroyed in IT department Red Adair (30)
Good XSL Stylesheet Other Than ? Documentator (2)
Top 10 highest paid areas of IT lowly coder (33)
Looking for specific msinet.ocx version OneNerd (2)
"Top 10 dead (or dying) skills" Methy (54)
Consulting in/around Ventura, CA go getter (8)
Vista 64bit or 32bit? anon (19)
How do you know when you're being "sucked in"? anon (17)
People who stand over your shoulder and watch you work Chuck (18)
back to basics javascript Lex (3)
convertion of image formats SuperHeroHype (5)
Reading an old disk with DoubleSpace compression Roman Werpachowski (26)
Good, Not too Expensive Network Design Software. Recommendation? Local Government (9)
Why the best developers are underpaid Tech Geek (33)
OT: Google Notebook Alternative for Opera? Firefox Fan (5)
How long is your commute? Chuck (66)
Are certifications and advanced degrees necessary for a.... Jake (7)
When should internships fall off the resume? a job seeker (13)
PVCS: What a Nightmare not Serena Williams (22)
Meetup's logo considered stupid Redendo (15)
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SQL Server reporting . How good is it? anonymouse (5)
Authentication Security - PeopleSoft/ERP mockConnections (4)
Revolutionary products and services--what's your favorite? Matt Conrad (13)
Seiko was awarded a patent for function-based breakpoints! (5)
software lacking elegance Anon (8)
Market Trends Phil C (6)
adding ad hoc database reporting to a web app orangutan (2)
all a rockstar needs is her/her computer and a website Vinny Vegas (29)
Help with ZFX Engine Class Implementation Enwader (3)
anyway to track Internet usage if everyone uses... Jake (8)
Doing all the work yourself vs. delegating Gonzo (13)
Strange Employment Offer ScaredFriend (19)
Company pursues litigation against ex-programmer anon (37)
Rockstar Programmers and Pro players.Why Rockstar programmer is pimping ain't easy (7)
Busted doing mISV at work TheGnu (55)
Is Moving from VB6 to Delphi Practical? Bob213 (35)
IP Addresses and geography... lemon obrien (9)
desktop sharing options Jason (4)
"Do it because you love it" - (51)
Google Test Automation Conference Matthew Heusser (1)
IMP: Localization again... New_to_programming (9)
Building a scalable web application? *myName (21)
Take govenment job? (31)
converting access reports to excel Michael Dubin (2)
if Google hires the best, why is > to GoogleCheckout microISV (21)
Query on Content - feedback pls mockConnections (9)
First website to offer internet purchases anomalous (7)
Good forum/blog recommendations Mr. Say Nothing (2)
Speech/chat application scope of effort? Clueless Manager (6)
Best blog software? OneMist8k (15)
if Google hire all the Rockstar programmers, where do Joel get . (51)
Microsoft Popfly John Topley (7)
Font smoothing John Rochford (17)
Evaluating Wikis Singulus (8)
Is there ANY reason to get an MBA if you're not interested in be Bill (13)
Silverlight demos (13)
dealing with neurotic co-workers anon (36)
Recommend a good quality web designer? spudz (5)
C++ jobs on the rise! Strange trend? (16)
Rant about Vista and Microphones Mr. Analogy (3)
Help on SharePoint 2007 Ed (7)
Can you make a website download images then display? Dan (5)
Using 'crypt' encryption mockConnections (29)
Data Center for dedicated servers in Seattle Area? TomEUS (the windows mobile guru) (3)
Architecture for an arbitrage system Hockey Player (16)
Career Confusion Marcus K. (14)
excel programming questions thecanyon (7)
Mobile browsers survey: who uses the browser? What sites? Pete (20)
PDF Merging Jez (11)
Javascript Lookup Table Optimization Question front-end guy (14)
Contractor ethics - (26)
Why Thunderbird VERY Slow? UsedToBeThunderBirdFan (13)
new job boredom NeedAdvice (17)
On StumbleUpon and Yoono. Are they useful for you? web2User (6)
CPU logging Mr. CPU (6)
Mac Interface Nazis not der Fuhrer (25)
Mainframe, cobol systems not that bad Bot Berlin (25)
Reliable laptop? Christopher Wells (35)
Tuyware's xGeneration Beta Uytterhaegen Tommy (2)
Started Working on the "Best Software Writing 2" Shlomi Fish (7)
wildly inaccurate marketing statements (13)
How do you make a $100k working for someone? anon (51)
Is programming an unhealthy/high stress lifestyle? - Part 2 Gonzo (17)
Unicode and fonts on blogs nathan (3)
Data Gathering from Website Crawling TetonSig (3)
Looking for OracleXE/ASP.NET webhosting Fritz (4)
Second Chance (8)
Development Laptop: jread (16)
another stood-up interview experience Vincent Burroughs (11)
Job Search Survey Noob Job Searcher (14)
Deep Logic - Release on CodePlex Dave B. (0)
64 bit desktop Apps Microsoft Hater (44)
Anyone work for L-3 Communications? anon (4)
wage increases in India? someone (20)
Pictures from Edinburgh meet? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (0)
CSS Layout Tool Suggestions ~Eric (19)
what can you do with a PhD in CS? Contractor (20)
cross platform gui toolkit Ralph Meter (22)
General Paul Van Riper- the greatest software QA guy in history Anony for this one (14)
interesting ad on Monster I'm not Joel (5)
Are there any degrees besides an MBA that would be marketable.. Phil (15)
MCDBA vs. MCITP Joe (3)
"I will no longer use your product because you're not in the US" Anon for this one (30)
Windows Server 2008 Beta Download Tom Dial (11)
being the only programmer in a department anon (25)
Google not so useless and evil after all uISV (22)
Programmers using "hunt and peck" typing? jread (65)
Test driven requirements Amit Malhotra (11)
Stupid Industry Journalists Management (5)
eWeek article - help me analyze Peter {faa780ce-0f0a-4c28-81d2-3667b71287fd} (10)
paid 500 USD, but no preferential marketplace listing uISV (10)
Developers, programmers John (26)
Continuous Integration Server Question A regular (9)
Quote of the Day Brice Richard (7)
Old people don`t learn and a salary regardless of project succes TheMythBuster (42)
Does the UK view small ISVs with more suspicion than the US? microISV (5)
mod_rewrite for IIS? craig (7)
VB.Net Custom dragable components PrisonBreak (1)
What exactly do quants DO? Bluebeard (41)
Fax Machine Spam: jread (12)
TwoOffers - Advice Appreciated LostInQA (15)
Thought Experiment RE: IP Law (17)
To be contract or not to be contract Hwasoo Lee (13)
Star Belly Sneetches Ryan Phelps (8)
Click - J2EE Djava (1)
Programming on the Macbook (20)
Interviewing with Acxiom!!! (4)
After an interview.. OP (47)
Silverlight - am I missing the point? Sam (32)
What's the best bet (Java or C#) SuperHeroHype (20)
Dipping my toe into SharePoint Matt (11)
What happened to my font? This is driving me crazy. Joe (12)
Is there a solution to this problem? IKeepFailingInterviews (61)
Domain Name Programming Problem (4)
programmer are so exploited... (29)
Two Job Offers - need advice a long time JOS reader (14)
Looking for Wav to Mp3 converter (format activeX/COM/dll) I forgot my posting name. (5)
JAVA: The net, the desktop or the mobile or other? SuperHeroHype (14)
Not a manager, not a developer twentyfiveseven (22)
Encourage programming skills for kids? if (blnIsCodingAGoodCareer == false) (49)
Best career path Bradeep Ncube (12)
IE7 still not being adopted in mass TravisO (30)
Recommendations for File Archiver mockConnections (11)
Ellison and Matrix IV Anon for this. (23)
Job Interview 2.0 Richard McBeef (3)
MSDN Code Awards Nomination Warren Stevens (2)
Which path for the best career prospects? Cali (14)
Geneva Salary? Felix (7)
Job offer frustrations slamsmith (35)
Security Clearances Insecure (33)
[W2003] Service watcher? ZeFred (3)
[IE7] Start maximized? ZeFred (10)
Kiss your career options g'bye -- new H-1B bills in the Senate I should have been a plumber (78)
Casual ordering for a distributed system. Vincent (9)
MBA - Qualifications Yoey (8)
Clustered IIS webserver config info nathan (4)
Poll -who would have over source code to 3rd party just for sale microISV (46)
2 Senators looking into H1B program Contractor (31)
Any thoughts on Lazarus for PDA development Gerald (3)
Should I back out from the offer I accepted?2 TryingToBeMoral (30)
OPNET Technologies? Inquiring Mind? (2)
Question: visual studio 2005 . (9)
Self study recommendation for C++, financial models gee bee (6)
Programmer with Headaches blnProgrammerWithAHeadAche (26)
Strange problem in visual basic express 2005 AskerTeller (0)
Post Project Reflection ARV (6)
My evaluation of my MBA program Contractor (29)
MBA vs. ISV Bill (12)
PHP: reading POP3 mailbox's contacts list Noagbodji Victor (5)
dangerously incompetent IT Anonynous (15)
Closing down programming :-0 (49)
At what point does money cease to matter? JoeB (27)
The KB931768 DLL blues Cross-platform developer (10)
Are you lazy? Bot Berlin (37)
Telecommuting for IT Professional Zoink (6)
Removing ! exclamation points in HTML emails ExAnon (5)
Should I back out from the offer I accepted? TryingToBeMoral (17)
Performance Reviews OneMist8k (13)
Going cold turkey SumoRunner (22)
BEA Weblogic Portal.  Has anyone used? forum regular, but anon this time (0)
PHP Frameworks - Prado vs. Seagull vs. ??? Frank G. (11)
Free PHP IDE Noagbodji Victor (8)
Web calendar recommendations Alex (4)
Laying the foundations for a mISV Singulus (16)
Autorun of HDD Enwader (6)
The Largest Database On This Planet Ezani (19)
Port 80 blues tough luck (9)
Econ 101 Management - Least of my Worries Dis Gruntled (19)
FogBugz search index is not up to date ... Krispy (5)
perl programmer wants ajax Benny (11)
Grad School: Is it best to go full or part time? Bill (24)
So... what's so great about Ruby/RoR? WayneM. (18)
conversion between smtp,pop and webmail ricky (2)
The manager from hell Eek (24)
JavaSchools/Blub programmers: are you looking forward to C# 3.0? JavaSchools dropout (8)
Would it pay off to learn Chinese? Rocko (37)
minimal webserver Benny Kravin (7)
German??? Andrew Brehm (11)
Don't Get .NET Framework Guidelines for Delegates/Events Total .NET Noob (11)
MCTS & Transcenders Mr Anonymous (1)
Anonymous Posting Dino (9)
OT: Career Advice (?) Forum regular, posting as Anon. (41)
footnotes/endnotes in Word nathan (8)
forums of change forumdipity (1)
Strange behaviour of Forum in WinXp Pro SP2 & IE6 Entries of Confusion (9)
Exception On Application Exit Meganonymous Rex (11)
Thanks God. My Password Problems Has Gone. Passworder (24)
WebService Transanction Mgt. (5)
How can i solve following problem ? devi3000 (4)
CS + CPA = Unbreakable carrer pimping ain't easy (15)
My boss, the Excel "programmer" DevGuy (40)
Best place to ask a technical question about CVS with Tortoise? Mr. Analogy (10)
JavaFX...Here we go again. anon (9)
unix log files in windows anon (12)
follow up on the MBA thing Kravo (4)
SQL question anon (7)
How does the "star" feature work? Dino (19)
After account registration & confirmation, how do we login? Dino (13)
Job in an IBank kr (8)
Addition to project management and issue tracking software, emai Bot Berlin (5)
Comparing Benefits / Retirement / Pension Plans Peter (29)
Greasemonkey script to fix JoS forum header. JD (5)
Screen Recording mac guy (13)
The look of the Kiwi AllanL5 (13)
Reasonable turn around time on travel costs Me2 the Sql (15)
Technical Audio anon (1)
GUI framework for game/engine tools? Singulus (3)
Ultra-fast Broadband Entries of Confusion (5)
"Superprogrammers are more common than one might expect" Methy (21)
Online Uni Lectures Gareth Porter (1)
Email N people, yet make it appear like it's individually addres Don Juan (10)
FogBugz 6.0 only in pre-beta? Michael Wegelin (1)
Build it Feedback & Bug Report Feature Dannyboy (1)
A Problem with String Conversion in C++ Enwader (6)
FogCreek Support - Great Answer GUI Junkie (1)
What from MS Expression suite is available on MSDN? anon (2)
A creative job add nullptr (7)
Speaking of on earth do you log in?` Paul Rivers (13)
Joel, have you changed your thinking? Gregg Tavares (9)
custom PC artful dodger (11)
dell-xps & vista dude, I am getting a dell (8)
Dog Food? John Hindman (10)
credit check for new employer nathan (39)
Interested in working in Machine Translation MT (6)
CMS to manage brochure site? ZeFred (22)
Back Navigation Issues DJ (6)
install search engine? nathan (5)
More IE7 Beta spam/malware Full name (5)
TCP/IP latency performance on Linux vs Windows Ted Graham (21)
That's a Kiwi? Bill Rushmore (31)
Motivation Captain Nemo (9)
Registered users on the discussion groups RocketJeff (32)
Anybody else having issues with JoS RSS after today's upgrade? Joao Pedrosa (17)
Career in Data Warehousing AM (20)
Yahoo syndrome Bot Berlin (10)
Choosing suitable development environment moronica (6)
salary/rates for Trading System development Regular reader (9)
Problem with the new search IanH. (10)
"The End of IT Slavery" Shlomi Fish (28)
GMail -> Outlook DaVinci (15)
Is CS hard? moby (46)
YouTube being "sued to oblivion"? Anon (5)
What does it take to work in a startup company? Kannan J (19)
GMail Issue kooldude (5)
No wonder people drop out of CS degree programs: jread (57)
Bug Tracking Software Reviews Zerpe Plondetski (5)
Microsoft, Verisign and irony Dave (6)
To answer or not-to answer the salary question A bit unsure (20)
Title of position Job Seeker (13)
To Go or Not To Go? That is the question. LostInQA (11)
Why repaint not done by OS XYZZY (19)
Fix My Mom's Computer Remotely on Mothers Day. anon (16)
Structuring development Leon Mergen (7)
elevators - the Sabbath elevator? pb&j (27)
Graduation gifts spudz (6)
JavaFx Script to compete with Silverlight and Flex Kevin (12)
Job Interview – Stood Up! Treated like a Dive Bar HO! (23)
Work hours at Trilogy? I don't want to slave (16)
Blacklist Firewall Jeff Staddon (6)
Neural Network books Guillaume (5)
SalleMae doesn't allow strong passwords?!? Eric D. Burdo (14)
Good Wake-On-Lan software. Any recomendation? m-ISV (2)
Calling a .NET dll from a COM component PenangBoy (5)
Dell's ideastorm and Linux . (30)
IBM's plans are good (15)
Poll: Is corporate speak the camouflage of a poor comunicator? TM (34)
Painless Software Schedules (without Analysis Toolpak) David Blume (2)
Failure - Software Project Estimation Anon for this (26)
Source Code Control recommendations Steve Hirsch (19)
The Trust Formula John (8)
Getting data from e-mails to application in Windows Curious (8)
registering .US domains nathan (8)
OS X or Windows for my dad? Tones (34)
Time Management -- ISV while having a Full Time Job? Person With Question (15)
An experiment - Dropping Google Adwords for last 3 months of yea microISV (32)
[C++] forward declaring a vector Yay, JOS! (16)
Microsoft trying to buy Yahoo? OneMist8k (10)
Developer Downtime Bot Berlin (14)
Job Interviews Jacob (33)
Aftersale service + bugtracking Jerome (6)
american phone company moby (11)
Anyone Using Grid2000 ( ? samh (4)
generating revenue for a hobby site Rocko (7)
Movie Editing Software nathan (9)
good CSS book? bob (15)
Undated blog posts really grind my gears Codger (9)
Marketing - Why in God's green earth... . (25)
Jumping Jobs kooldude (12)
BayArea software contracting rates (1099)? totalHack (19)
Dividing tasks with a co-worker Gonzo (11)
FogBuz 6.0 New Look (Font = Cambria) Curious Cat (33)
New Joel book Fidelio (17)
Can I Download Thunderbird Msg w/o Downloading the Attachment? TU (ThunderbirdUser) (11)
How to apply my skills? Skilled-but-confused (12)
Visual studio net 2005 and 2003 on the same machine PrisonBreak (10)
Is programming an unhealthy/high stress lifestyle? Gonzo (44)
Doing side projects for a bosses relative MikeT (20)
Are Color Toner Cartridges expensive? Peter Monsson (12)
Google inconsistent on engineer shortages Do no evil, well maybe a little bit (23)
Knuckleheads and cube farms Anon for this (25)
what i think is wrong with recruitment agencies mISVBoy (12)
150,000 gone at IBM? That's a good start. See this watch? It costs more than your car. (23)
more proof that MBAs are morons Lenny (9)
Major service companies and bugs on websites Bot Berlin (7)
Advice to young programmer Part II . (5)
Good one from Win error message pool friday (1)
Read vs. unread posts, we are going the opposite way ejustice (12)
Stick with standards even if you know better? Bill Tomlinson (11) and MSBuild, .NET 2.0/VS2005 and SourceSafe wb (2)
Microsoft wishes to buy (at least part of) Yahoo. Joao Pedrosa (18) and access database TAKEITDOWN (2)
Jobs and Rules Engine Bot Berlin (4)
Grayed out means click here XYZZY (12)
Progress Bars Zahid (21)
Proper way to handle this (Java Oracle) emuleIsYourFriend (5)
The pie will grow Primitive Data Type (13)
Localization help needed! New_to_programming (6)
Technical writing career Confused_Again (9)
Advice to the younger people..... RetiredProgrammer (53)
I've heard Doug's Elevator Story before... real elevator guru (8)
Co. other than MS/Google with junior Program Manager positions ~anon (3)
Google Checkout - not again! MicroISV (13)
Sound familiar?  MSFT post from 1984 Pete (12)
OT: Vocab question: Ordinality?? chloraphil (16)
Equivalent technology in Microsoft anon (15)
MS Exchange Alternative Anon (24)
Windows Vista clearance sale Anony (11)
Google's whacko NDA? anon (17)
Deleted File Need Help Lee (18)
Did PG jump the shark with "Microsoft is dead"? I jumped da Shark (16)
Any branch of CS where PhD doesn't involve too much theory? Dumbo (27)
Connection Reset HexMe (1)
I'd like to Edit "Best Software Writing II" Shlomi Fish (5)
[Meta] Why is Bad Shlomi Fish (9)
Note to employers - employees who have had 5+ jobs MicroISV (43)
Silverlight and Security? Someone who knows nothing of Silverlight or Flash…. (7)
Scott Hanselman on Silverlight, DLR & Co Chris Nahr (4)
Browser Wars II: This Time It's Impersonal Paranoid Android (17)
How to get DirectX SDK available? Enwader (3)
job boards in China and Hong Kong NathanJ (12)
Software Outsourcing Project Management Nightmare Zerpe Plondetski (22)
Dell going to ship Linux PC/Laptop. Did Dell jump the gun here? . (24)
InfoPath 2007 / Windows Workflow Foundation / MOSS 2007 Ed B. (11)
71% of interns in 2007 were paid (13)
disk imaging software? Jason (11)
PM Interview Questions PM (6)
BitTorrent for dummies? ZeFred (10)
what is like working at yahoo? newhandle (8)
Declaring variables (coding style question) jread (53)
is the desktop application dead? my one sells many a day on a go JohnPaul (10)
JAVA One ...any one? Hiking around.. (6)
Forum Upgrade? Eric D. Burdo (50)
Salary "commiserate" with experience Pat Buchanan (22)
Windows programmer: Recommand some tool . (12)
All big companies suck a bit. Vincent Burroughs (19)
Tools that can reverse engineer C/C++ code -> UML or diagrams CMMI Sucks! (8)
Install Visio 2003 AFTER Office 2007 CMMI Sucks! (4)
Configure IE 7.0 programmatically PuzzledByIE7 (1)
SQL Server giving different row order for same query Billy (23)
Google Test Automation Conference? Matthew Heusser (4)
Lisp or Scheme? Henry Spreiter (17)
Attitude problem? Kannan J (36)
Dell Picks Ubuntu Linux Joao Pedrosa (5)
How to design Software Box image? John Morad (3)
Am I working too hard? Jack (17)
NPR on Smart Elevators Shane Harter (1)
OT hardware related Q: ethernet/RJ45 jacks and supplies Bored Bystander (9)
Microsoft Silverlight Slugger (24)
[C++] Simple question: initialized "member" variables I could be crazy (50)
Elevator Useability fix Lee (13)
DLR vs. CLR? Vincent (5)
KVM vs. Remoting - which is better? Nick Hebb (16)
professional experience with Python Contractor (6)
Google is the new Microsoft (2) Architecture Astronaut (16)
Lifts (aka Elevators) Squirrel (16)
How good is Postgres? Sam Jee (9)
Trying to track down old article - anyone remember? guy off the street (2)
Usability error in elevator story zahid (9)
it's offical - cheque sent by post faster than Google checkout Charlie Brown (3)
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Google is the new Microsoft TravisO (16)
Creating a Windows Installer/Wix question: OEM Installer Tis I (1)
Planning Development Capacity: What do you use? David Aldridge (16)
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Elevators, and the Hitchhiker's Guide OneMist8k (18)
New elevator technology: A Googability Bug Mojuba-9 (3)
software piracy generates sales LaserJet (it's written on the printer next to me) (11)
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MP3 audio editing software? SoundFileRookie (9)
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Elevator operators GoingUp (8)
Elevator Useability Bug (SPOILERS!) TheDavid (24)
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