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Anyone come across this prob in VC8 Simon@AutoUpdate+ (4)
Is there an SDK for Intuit's Quicken? Quickly! (2)
C++/CLI - Inconsistent_definition_of_symbol__ATL_MIXED J (6)
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True MVC with Ajax Bot Berlin (5)
Using ".NET CLR" number for identification Jonesy (2)
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Opinions: Rich Internet Applications cipher (12)
Giving your programmers the best tools James (34)
The Cubicle Bastard From Hell Lonesome Programmer (32)
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Programs which support more than one language Lostacular (7)
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Finally, the right take on GPAs and college in general Bot Berlin (32)
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Desktop Java on Linux My Own Summer (Shove It) (33)
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Tag Schema Webtist (5)
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Prototyping in VB Claire Rand (8)
Open Source Accounts software in C# OperatingInDesertStorm (11)
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Word Processor install paths Joel Coehoorn (8)
Point Of Sale Terminal For My MicroCompany. Any Suggestions? Anon For This :-) (3)
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Database Comparison techniques Database naive (8)
Poor code readability in academia? eb0rts (27)
Design Patterns are dead! Long live Transaction Patterns! Tony Marston (45)
Remote server monitoring recommendations Jimmy McFoodlestein (20)
Testing Strategies for One-Person Projects? Fernanda Stickpot (18)
Not quite in control... Morten Clausen (5)
Help beta test my fitness site? (39)
Beginner OOP/MVC Question Standard Procedure (10)
Graduate School(Math or Cs)? (13)
Where to apply a rules engine? Bot Berlin (7)
Isn't Ajax "Fire and Motion"? Alex Le Dain (6)
HOW: Large Announcement via Email? (18)
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Looking for Phd & Master thesis $D016 Trick (4)
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Making the case for a better product some guy on the internet (6)
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What ever happened to PowerBuilder? Steve Hirsch (24)
Negotiating an Offer Anon (6)
AOP. What do you use it for, do you like it? Vince (13)
Me learning software development MarkusO (16)
Google hits bullseye with google notebook (24)
Browser Wars - Anyone here uses Maxthon? Hank (9)
Cool Animation ~Eric (9)
Trac VMWare Appliance Darren Hague (6)
Is simplicity over-rated? Amy Collins (21)
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Writing good English in software Anonymous (4)
Going for PhD Gautam (20)
Dare vs Al Billings Microsoft flamewar and criticism... Crimson (8)
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Story of the design of Windows NT ? Dermot Herron (7)
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Wall Street Quant Jobs: Wilmott's CQF Anon for Now (7)
Disk imager on a bootable USB drive? Fred (3)
What to do with a Dead Tivo... Caffeinated (7)
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TLAs and phonetics Peter Seale (8)
Super Production ISV coder using C++ Yabba (32)
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I'm Stuck: Apache And PHP Question Brandon Doyle (12)
Another Sychnronization Problem --> Jpeg To Speech FairLight (15)
Where was all the buzz about Delphi in 1997? Bored Bystander (17)
Source code stat reporting Berislav Lopac (3)
Have you done bug tracking for a one-man team/personal project? Bot Berlin (21)
Quiet PC advice dave (28)
Royalties Bryan (9)
Assembler language: still a performance booster? the rewriter (26)
Expired .com domain Zaphod (3)
Suggestion for decent e-mail software David Burch (13)
Book recommendations for Business Analysis, Information Systems Choo, Cha, Choo, Bamm! (4)
A blast from the past Berislav Lopac (12)
Examples of content management or document sys with replication Crazy McWacky (3)
Should I throw away 2 month of work? nvictor (8)
Suggestion on good mailing list software Someone with server problem (6)
Slamming Cingular Craig Lavender (15)
PC upgrade dilemma outback (20)
Delphi for easy cross platform development EagleSoft (19)
Minor(s) for CS Major Tony R. (31)
POLL : How many ISV here use Delphi ? EagleSoft (85)
Automating Pocket PC Testing cja (5)
learning different skills Vishy Singh (14)
What Good Cause(s) Would You Spend A $50,000 Grant On? Seun Osewa (5)
Who has time to read the whole book?! Crimson (13)
Extreme Blue versus MS internship RS (11)
Anyone up for beta testing an IRC application? Daniel Carlsson (4)
Writing Documents Rick Tang (7)
RentACoder for Documentation? Ryan (1)
Should we try a group project? prototype (22)
anyone heard of zApp? SumoRunner (4)
problems with Visual Studio 2005 on Windows XP Media center? Patrick From an IBank (9)
Patterns for Database Stored Procedures David Seruyange (10)
rates site: IT job watch hourly (4)
Does the college/university *really* matter? Wayne M. (18)
Asking for dates until 1 says Yes.  != "Law of Large Numbers" Guest (19)
Copilot - The Pocket Handheld devices Edition Tarek Demiati (1)
Licence Text Harry McBaine (3)
Google trends L. Lort (26)
How to make a online painter ? Robin Zhang (4)
Online calendar + to-do list in PHP? Fred (6)
Motivation for opensource or free projects Bot Berlin (10)
An MDI quandary in Win32... Behold The Power of Cheese (5)
best php ajax package do krey (0)
Kathy Sierra's hillarious Top 10 Management lies. Crimson (4)
Synchronizing Text And Audio Speech Scoopex (6)
Better Software Conference Odin Ortiz (5)
EBook & Tablet PC Ebookers (6)
UDF Disc (CD) Software Claire Rand (3)
Unproductive new hire? NathanJ (28)
Worth the price of a subscription Steve Hirsch (9)
The flight lands when? - Revisited Mike Green (2)
OA/Testing policy Krish (1)
What can programmers learn from this? Steve Hirsch (12)
Is this an insoluble problem? Steve Hirsch (7)
software for ISO files Patrick From an IBank (28)
Calculating asymptotic complexity or O(n*)-ness ? O(?) (2)
Business Idea (Not Software) Shane (24)
How can programmers do customer support? (15)
Excel-How do I make different size cells on an Excel sheet? Kevin Abel (6)
looking for seagull introductory tutorial... Pif-paf (0)
Interviewing QA staff L. (15)
Mythical Manpower Myth Art Wilkins (31)
Recommendations for MC++ and C# 2005 books? QADude (3)
I come in to work early - I feel out of place dot for this one (33)
Rating the online book sites David Seruyange (6)
Anyone received a free copy of BizTalk 2006? Dean (3)
The most efficient software are written by a single person Hybris (27)
Video chat options Keith (0)
Citydesk, but a thousand times simpler wauter (12)
Autodiscovery tools - recommendations & weaknesses Harry McBaine (1)
PHP script to count feed subscriber Anon For This (4)
Getting into the zone Artur Sowinski (20)
Too Old to Program at Forty? Bob (41)
Best Compression algorithm for audio file BabyGang (31)
Is there such a thing as an honest employee review system? Crimson (7)
POJOs in Action!!!! BenjiSmith (19)
online book site by chapters - what is it called? Patrick From an IBank (5)
telecommuting - how to make the most of it? Jason (3)
telecommuting - how to sell it? Sarah Evans (18)
An evil project is putting my career in peril kn (15)
API Speech Recognition for the Arabic Language Aladin (7)
Interview pair programming Don Vince (13)
comments on revert my buffer (3)
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Name Witheld (7)
Why do rack servers cost so much more than tower servers? Moosebumps (19)
Iteration vs. Recursion Sathyaish Chakravarthy (27)
Language performance matters Image Processor (17)
Atlas vs Ajax David Seruyange (2)
Java Server Faces Guillaume Drolet-Paré (13)
Applications that only save settings on exit Mr. Powers (12)
website templates starving coder (9)
Management Jobs: Skills or Contacts or both? JOS_anon (8)
If your code is crap, you are the code terrorist The term "software engineer" has been made into an embarrassment (19)
What can C++ not do? CS Grad Student (60)
Non-scientific, Where is the most programmer friendly place? Bot Berlin (34)
Similar UK IT forums? Yuri Romanov (2)
Developer turned IT vice president? JOS_anon (24)
In case I die... Ideophoric (21)
TiddlyWiki CorporateJoSFan (8)
Code-terrorists vick (52)
1907fp; not so good ma! outback (8)
Intercepting calls to C++ DLLs Bored Bystander (15)
Finding New JoS Articles Glenn G. Chappell (5)
Wireless Companies Definitely Broken Avonelle Lovhaug (3)
Where best to finf info on Tomcat (Jave Web Server)? Hank (8)
Lazy Programmer, Didn't Handle Exception Chris (18)
Good Web Email Client? BenjiSmith (11)
Really bad use of cookies on e-commerce site dot for this one (5)
Web based surveys - advice about pricing The CynicalDoctor (5)
How to stop from feeling bad about leaving current employer... Feeling bad (19)
The lengths they'll go to hide a rootkit. Joel Coehoorn (4)
Library or DLL to create vector-based EPS files Harvey Motulsky (6)
Most amazing software development feat you've seen? Steve Hirsch (36)
Berkeley WebCast on Itunes ProtoVision (1)
The best Java Desktop Application you have ever seen Kremlin (20)
RareWare in the UK Imagine - The Name of the Game (3)
big e-commerce website : database + web files on an SAN ? Olivier B (5)
Source Code Control Lee (21)
When your Empower subscription ended... HS (6)
Rules for Revolutionaries Dave Concannon (10)
Why is the this const function never called? Dave B. (6)
Open Source Projects - Problems/Queries... Nate (18)
Group Events Phil (5)
MSN Error Search??? Angstrom (0)
Reddit just freaked me out! Grant (11)
Spyware/Malware Removal Software recommendations Steve Hirsch (10)
Microsoft program for ISV Alain (2)
Window maximize to half left/right (windows)? Bill Tomlinson (10)
Intel's $400 Laptop Former COBOL Programmer (3)
Learning Delphi cipher (20)
Migrating From PHPBB to Drupal Forum. Good Idea? Anon For This (5)
Anti-Virus Software on OS X John Topley (5)
Timesheets - do you have to fill 'em in? Indignant (53)
Prevention vs. cure (Spyware) Erhard (19)
sendMail Jacob Anderson (4)
Axapta Expert MSHack (3)
Writing tech articles / $ anon this time (9)
Subversion installed in VMWare-based virtual machines Yifan (6)
Detecting Windows version from browser? Fred (10)
So who's going to "Aardvark'd Screening in New York"? Patrick From an IBank (5)
Self Employed - Bespoke not Shrinkwrap J (18)
Anyone going to do Google Summer of Code? Peter Monsson (5)
Folders Creation Webtist (7)
Font Creation Software Steve Hirsch (6)
Add Computer to Organization Unit. (0)
Software to log TCP/IP traffic on Windows? PWills (7)
dual displays - whoop! Jason (18)
Books for C++ beginners - but not programming beginners Matt B (13)
Are 30" monitors at Fog Creek optimal? Darren Hague (11)
Holy cow! 30" LCDs thinker (19)
Excel macro security problem with signed & timestamped file MB (7)
Programmers' graves jingalala jingalala ™ (26)
Looking for good anti-virus software Doug (30)
Mini rant:  Badly written technical books... Crimson (16)
multiple domain hosting host (19)
CS degree and programming work Aaron (19)
which one would you take? the undecided (19)
Brief periods of unemployment - what to say during interview Bot Berlin (32)
Determining if an app modifies a file or modifies the registry nathan (6)
easy web site development (html) Patrick From an IBank (20)
VBA surprise jingalala jingalala ™ (12)
Memory usage Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Importance of College Rep Travis (31)
I wanted to do SE until I took a SE class! (19)
The state of IT industry in india nullptr (8)
Was there or was there not? jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
OOP for a Procedural Programmer? Standard Procedure (23)
Why do I need to know UNIX? Don't know UNIX (29)
Automated build & unit test tools for VC++ Solutions? Josh McFarlane (10)
Anyone Use Tinderbox? son of parnas (2)
the future of software development in Corporate IT Patrick From an IBank (22)
UMPCs Ready to Launch Brice Richard (4)
Worst Analogy Ever? Phil (24)
cordless phone and wireless network starving coder (10)
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