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CTS vs. Win32 types Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Endianness - Why Bother? John Topley (23)
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Online computer science courses Joe (12)
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Joel is a B-list blogger. JD (13)
Create a DNS Entry Kevin Moore (1)
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Google slowly entering into portals (no surprise) JG (5)
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It's kinda like cheating, but... designer (2)
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Bond Puzzle--Now that the answer has been given--Mutual Funds! Erik Neu (18)
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High school student, seeking your advice The Champ (34)
Buying vs Writing yourself Gregg Tavares (8)
Dotnet/Windows security books Li-fan (5)
Briclin Interview Pt 2.  FOSS and programmer demand. Refinement. Crimson (45)
The UI Tragedy of the Mute Button Mike Schiraldi (22)
Win32 API in C# Pythonic (3)
Nice interview with Dan Bricklin. On OSS and programmer demand. Crimson (19)
Good sync utility (7)
Web-based or Windows? Jay (6)
Where are ref types that are members of value types stored? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (10)
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Build new product or continue to enhance the first? Ron (2)
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The Knife and the Axe II Tapiwa (12)
UML - Miracle Occurs Christopher Wells (6)
On portability of c++ exception handling (10)
Wall Street Survival 102 Bankstrong (30)
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Which Bond ? samhowley (21)
Book suggestions for concurrency/threading? John C. (5)
Puzzle (23)
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Light reading pmuhC (8)
Software Piracy Will Get Worse Li-fan (5)
Email Reapers? Bob Riemersma (4)
sql bug (or feature?) in a program Rick Tang (10)
Thoughts on Netscape 8? Jim L (4)
Is it just me, or do you OOP like you drive? Gordon Webster (15)
VMWare using custom hardware or DirectX? Brian Ruth (4)
Windows NT Workstation Problems Ronnie (7)
MS Patents O/R mapping D. Lambert (4)
Favorite Patch Creation software Needy (4)
HelpDesk Tool (Footprints). GUI Junkie (3)
Are you a mouse potato? OneFlew (23)
Web design issues Sathyaish Chakravarthy (19)
Diplomas aren't a recipe for success.. pineapple (19)
Compiled script, small exe Batch file compiler (15)
Easiest "complex" string processing? Bored Bystander (16)
Software and philosophy etc Adrian Planinc (22)
Visual Studio .Net 2005 versus 2003 Overdesigning the Post-It Note (15)
Informing boss of reality w/o being accussed of "making excuses" Crimson (9)
Development vs Support Engineering Andy (6)
WINS vs. DNS--address registration Rich (2)
Pilot Analogy to Programming Joel Coehoorn (22)
Interviewing the interviewer... Don Becker (17)
Installers Cowboy coder (22)
Abstracting xml messaging Wayne (3)
Courses Floridian (13)
OCR Software Joel Coehoorn (16)
Unix and Windows in college CS programs. LB (18)
70 Miles per day sounds low to me Joel Coehoorn (32)
The Best Software Writing I Alex Bendig (7)
Certification and jobs (would you want good certification) Melbourne Pierre (9)
Sorry for the outages... Joel Spolsky (48)
Flow and technical interviews Anon (17)
Does the stack still matter? Rick Tang (21)
TCP versus UDP Man-A-Tee (14)
Who reads all the Blogs? Nutmeg (9)
Does anyone else _hate_ the term "blog" ? Matt (17)
Theory for Dummies books? Rod (10)
Flash decompiler recommendation? Fred (1)
Subterfuge in a resume Jason (14)
Java only CS Degrees revisited Experienced and Irritated (13)
change management software Nathan (3)
Godaddy for hosting (9)
what sort of protection is that... Unsure (7)
Language Usage Sebastian Wagner (17)
The "strict church" of devoted programmers anonymous (9)
Is there any difference... Another poster... (3)
Looking for a career move Michael (3)
Clay Shirky's latest sb (0)
Intrinsic Motivation Doesn't Exist Honu (6)
Highlighting web pages H I G H L I G H T E R (7)
Your goals Queen Borg (12)
MSN Messenger not working today? Peter Sherman (4)
Hungary notation mb (3)
short term stay.. does it look *that* bad? BurnedOut (7)
CS degree isn't a recipe for success OneFlew (15)
Should programmers get residual fees? Call me Bill (16)
Rupert Murdoch comments on blogs Tim Chmielewski (4)
IBM employees encouraged to Blog Berlin Brown (0)
AI: Perl or Lisp? Jose (2)
C or C++ program in Win+Linux with no dependencies Guillermo (31)
How do you use a mac with a keyboard? Wayne (23)
Microsoft Excel/CSV Formatting question. Karthik (22)
Email server for ISV (20)
What is an information system? Confused (6)
Seeking Contributors BenjiSmith (8)
What's with the Java only CS degrees Irritated and Experienced (25)
C++ source code formatter BillT (5)
OO design and data recording question Clay Whipkey (12)
"59.4 Minutes Saved" . . . (Google Web Accelerator) Anonymous Coward (12)
The Importance (or Lack of it) of Education and Experience Shlomi Fish (30)
Wishin' and hopin' ... for an interview at MS jedidjab79 (11)
Exceptions, error codes, and the relevency... Crimson (1)
Courtesy Notice AnonyMouth (12)
Books or documentations? Kaa (11)
Flow Metaphor Scott (9)
What to program? Jarosław Rzeszótko (21)
Making Code Look Right Tom H (10)
A way to improve web applications Hakan (34)
Energy usage files MT Heart (1)
So you think the .Net Framework has a big runtime? OneFlew (26)
5 1/4 disks Patrick (18)
Metaprogramming and boost::mpl for dimentional tracking. Scott McMurray (1)
Generating non-colliding random numbers? Joel Spolsky (65)
Joel Test and VB6 GUI programming Patrizio (5)
High Volume SQL Server TheRedFox (8)
SQL Server systems (8)
A place for Hungarian Notation in modern programming? Steve (14)
Alyosha`s Law of Coding Standards Alyosha` (16)
350 MB memory-> Visual Basic .NET 2003 Karthik (13)
Joel and getting busted for usPreaching. pmuhC (9)
Making Wrong Code Not Compile Ian Kjos (5)
Thorough HTML cleaner? Fred (9)
Disabling Windows File Explorer when USB connects hoser (6) mr. anonymous (10)
Rearranging Paths in Unix UserPays (2)
Win32 API, MFC, ATL books never stops learning (6)
foo and bar in the world Jacob (9)
strong_typedef for safe_string and unsafe_string in C++ Scott McMurray (26)
Why can't I write bad code? K (17)
Microsoft to offer AV and more pmuhC (6)
What's Your Color Scheme in Your IDE/Text Editor? Godless Visigoth (22)
Philosopher E. Indescribable OneFlew (4)
Notepad and \n Mike Schiraldi (22)
shebang and CVS and gremlins Sam (9)
E-book/Website Compilers KayJay (4)
The sName prefixing example is faulty Secure (7)
"I’ve never seen the Word source code" AndrewR (11)
95% of Programmers... (a joke) Shlomi Fish (14)
Is it possible to embed a shell in a web app? wannabeboy-4 (5)
Usage of exceptions comes tied-in with C++ Eliben (24)
People are utterly missing the point of exceptions... Joce (4)
Slava Pestov (i.e., the jedit and factor guy) on new OSS Java... Crimson (8)
MY strategy on starting micro ISV cube-slave (17)
A question for the pro-exception crowd directorblue (35)
"Key Advantage of Open Source is Not Cost Savings" Yeah (19)
Making code look wrong; why not write better code? Max Riz (9)
What exception vs error code debate REALLY REALLY boils down to An overexposed regular (6)
Best Compression Program To Zip Program bigger than 2 Gigas Tarek Demiati (7)
What the exceptions vs. error code debate REALLY boils down to T. Norman (11)
Father of Word and Excel shoots for three-peat with Intentional Tarek Demiati (2)
Crystal Reports Alternative for Web J2EE newby (10)
scoped_ptr question Learning about smart pointers (13)
Virtual Spam - Free VMware Ugnonimous (11)
Hungarian Notation so logical it renders itself unnecessary slava (10)
what future for javascript & VBScript? wannabeboy-3 (13)
Paul Graham and most recent article "Hiring" Berlin Brown (34)
Query tool zumbas (3)
Making my app cross platform. SW (16)
Solving XSS problems using "Hungarian Notation" vs. Perl Taint Shlomi Fish (6)
PEAR::DB, PEAR::MDB and PEAR::DB_DataObject Pythonic (1)
Exceptions are simple tools that take into account human frailty Paul Rivers (16)
Has Anyone Called Tina Yet? John Topley (16)
Mobile Platforms for software development N91 (6)
Javascript Generator Design Overdesigning the Post-It Note (4)
server administration wannabe boy (6)
Project Aardvark John (7)
GPL push towards services - think about it. Kent (7)
Type prefixes are poor, Object suffixes are rich! :D Francois PLANQUE (8)
Open Work Areas Jason (22)
Exceptions and obviously wrong code Anders Hovmöller (6)
Tool to find unused code? stagg (11)
Bug tracker with mini-forum? Bug seeker (2)
What is safe? A prefix doesn't tell you. Just me (Sir to you) (11)
Has anyone ever tried... Another poster... (9)
handling exceptions - need help coder_needs_help (18)
A quick defense of exceptions Patrick Foley (21)
At what point do you automate conformance to coding rules? Patrick Foley (9)
"Making wrong look wrong" is still wrong Davidson Corry (9)
the origin of Hungarian Notation and BCPL Dan Halbert (0)
IDE/Compiler Support for Variable Semantics Ethan Frolich (5)
A humble comment on 'Making Wrong Code Look Wrong' Ryan Cammer (19)
Bugs in editing if () statements? Michael (44)
techie geeks dream project gone wrong... (12)
A different take on "Making Wrong Code Look Wrong" Bored Bystander (9)
Visual Studio.SLOW (19)
Recommendation for blogging tool (2)
Errcodes/exceptions - both suck Tayssir John Gabbour (31)
Joel said it. That's the reason why elite programmer hates C++ coderX (52)
Making Wrong look Wrong (again) AllanL5 (3)
while (Joel == ZooKeeper) { pmuhC (12)
What about GUI prefixes? GUI programmer (6)
Hungarian prefix bloat Mark Ransom (15)
The exception argument: the tail wagging the dog? A Programmer (6)
Do use macros to create your own language, if... Demetrius Nunes (7)
Charles Simonyi's Hungarian notation paper in HTML GUI Joe (0)
Safe and Unsafe? -- wrong definition! Almost Anonymous (2)
Still am not *quite* convinced of difficulty of exceptions... Crimson (1)
Rant right back about exception handling Michael Klosson (5)
OOP, where are yoou ? (Making Wrong Code Look Wrong) fischermx (2)
WARNING: Don't follow Joel's advice unless you program in C Phillip J. Eby (41)
Not-bad error/exception checking Tail of the "g" (7)
us (unsafe) vs. a new class Chris in Edmonton (15)
dosomething() cleanup() Chris in Edmonton (13)
Making Wrong Code Look Wrong Michel Walsh (17)
Hungarian Notation, Informal Type Systems, etc Kalani (19)
Good Project Management Resources? Josh (8)
Terminal Services bandwidth usage marty (4)
Trying to find off the shelf software for... Captain 401K (4)
Learning C Kevin (19)
Best WinForms apps Dan V. (4)
Running spyders on Cable Modems Christopher Baus (8)
procedural or OO first Clint (15)
ASP.NET ignoring CSS when asp:label is altered? Clay Whipkey (2) Calendar Control Emailer (0)
Javascript-generated HTML source Tail of the "g" (15)
Managed Languages Raghim (16)
Good method to delimit Mike Hunt (41)
Exchange 2003 Emailer (1)
why are some programmers stick to "pure" c?? wannabeboy-3 (42)
VBA - Open Web page C&P deca michigan (4)
Looking for a small PC Eric Sink (21)
Bitflags i like i (4)
contentType="application/" Anon Coward (4)
Survey: come up with an invertible function on strings Andy (22)
mobile OS 2 wannabeboy-3 (2)
Worth a read:  The BileBloger on new Apache JVM implemntation. Crimson (8)
XAMPP for LAMP hateInstallingSoftware (21)
Collaborative Blogging sharkfish (8)
Know of any decent free icon libaries? Crimson (3)
My experience interviewing some techies sharkfish (24)
server side technology newbie web developer (18)
Whither Windows RAD indeed Brent (8)
Tips/Suggestions on delivering bulk/mass emails Sam (22)
copyright And plug-ins KEG (2)
LDAP Client UserPays (3)
Becoming a Contractor.... . (25)
"Michael Dell Sinks $100M Into Red Hat" Yeah (5)
Permalinks for JoS forums Kartik Agaram (1)
How many times is Miscrosoft going to keep sending me updates? Johnny Boss (6)
The first “extremely” critical security issue for FireFox. Albert D. Kallal (26)
Sending Emails from an application Mneumonic (3)
win updates wha?!? (2)
original ideas dreams shattered (20)
What does it take to get the first version right (more or less)? A. Gorilla (12)
how many versions does it take before you have something good? Patrick (7)
A CVS Question Mike Weller (5)
Why did the RAD tools fail? X (15)
Software Knowledge Management MattB (13)
Do I really need c++? wannabeboy-3 (17)
Careful with this "Custom Icon" firm Code Penetrator (5)
Data Duplicate and names search software Doug Davis (2)
sending e-mail from a website Ti (8)
PDF reader hdw developer (10)
Quitting a Brand New Job AnonyMouth (33)
In my other life... Wallawalla (14)
monitoring software project mutabled (2)
Resume Writing: Personal Information, Experience & References Another poster... (16)
can I mix c and c++? wannabeboy-3 (11)
Google invented web proxies and caches... Dennis Forbes (14)
Deploying software to multiple sites on different continents (1)
Is Google down or is it just me? Joel Coehoorn (32)
CS books to read Julian (12)
FTP Uploads Using libcurl Shlomi Fish (2)
Best TI 99/4A games Dave B. (11)
Converting MS Access Reports to PDF Dynamically Access Newbie (11)
Relocating Jason (9)
mobile OS sw developer (12)
HTML Punctuation Checker JC (4)
GUI toolkit for Windows in 2005 Ellers (23)
Testing bandwidth to a list of servers codex (3)
Is Whidbey Beta Time locked? Karthik (5) job ads Bart Park (2)
Web site based on ASP using Access DB? Bored Bystander (12)
The interns and the film at Fog Creek Daniel Howard (8)
Tiger Upgrade and iLife Apps John Topley (7)
BBC interactive election results map: nice use of flash My candidate didn't win (2)
Best Training Company NYC? Genx'er (1)
More Longhorn Nonsense From Paul Thurrott Regular Poster Made Anonymous (14)
"throw away one version" vs "get things done right" Patrick (20)
Source Code Version Control - When and How Often? Pythonic (26)
Log Book MattB (23)
Incremental-iterative Queen Borg (14)
Rich GUI in a browser window Alex K (11)
packet size progie (15)
How to do subdomains, craigslist way. JD (16)
Tablet PC compared to a PDA PDA lover (11)
FTP Files from Cell Phone? Cell Yeah (2)
Tech questions for an interview Masiosare (10)
What's your problem with your intranet? (11)
Documentary usage Pedro - Brazil (2)
Getting the Window handle of a window and sending key strokes Snacky (8)
Do you have such a system in government-funded institutions? Another poster... (13)
Dell? gmale (7)
Rewriting from scratch Steve (26)
Developing for Blackberry Clay Whipkey (23)
Leaky Abstraction Person (4)
System hangs with disk intensive tasks name withheld out of cowardice (9)
(Continued) Company@Interview Failed Joel Test Anonymous Coward (16)
Why Java when you can Qt? OneFlew (33)
Best Way To Pull Out Incoming E-mail Using the POP3 Protocol Snacky (8)
Ghosting my laptop hdd ghost (18)
http spec http SpecMan (5)
VMWare & Automated Testing MattB (5)
Google must have infinite bandwidth Gary van der Merwe (15)
I think I've missed the boat: I don't know C/C++ Squeak (34)
JOS Canberra branch meetup Braid_ged (2)
Most Outlandish and Needed Sanity Check? David Jones (3)
Blogging to be integrated into Windows? Karthik (9)
People Should Have A License To Use A Computer... :) (11)
Does the computer industry need a central accreditting agency? joe (86)
Flash as a serious development environment update... Crimson (10)
Seeing preprocessor expansion in VC++6 Ti (3)
How do Unit Tests Live Together with Assertions? Unit Testing Newbie (8)
How do you get a programmer to stop talking Greek? Ed F. (32)
The Apprentice - FogCreek edition Just me (Sir to you) (8)
Running Linux under a VM Dave B. (11)
Why work for Microsoft? Rich Rogers (70)
People problems Kalani (12)
Recommendations for student project system Clint (5)
Make beeps go to PC speaker? Mike Schiraldi (14)
Career Planning Alberto (15)
Anyone lives in or been to Canberra, Australia? Mark D. (14)
Rose-Hulman! DaveF (13)
Systabcontrol32: Don't won't rows to move flEA (7)
Does the FogCreek movie will be available for download ? Xakk (0)
Many programmers in one small cube isn't always bad... Crimson (9)
Oh, _those_ dangers of outsourcing directorblue (11)
Congrats to the New Interns KC (17)
Reality TV - HDTV Camera Fredrik Svensson (8)
MIT EECS 6.001? (11)
Mac emulators? t (22)
Completely Random Topic: Does Anyone Use A Celeron? Peter Sherman (17)
Colored SQL (9)
How often does your company/organization ask you to lie? Another poster... (27)
Joel on Marketing Kyle (3)
Update Software MFH (5)
About aero Couldn't resist bringing it up (1)
Promoting my app (3)
Is a 64-bit developer machine worth it? Maybe64 (8)
Would computers branded "Microsoft" sell? OneFlew (13)
.NET Framework 1.1 SP 1 install stall .NET SP 1 challanged (8)
Landscape printing Suiss (3)
what is the next step? wannabeboy-3 (5)
Rational Robot (or some other) on VMWare or VPC Joe Landau (1)
how to send text messages? O.S. (19)
VMware question for Joel Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (8)
VMWare, PHP, multiplatform...problems java already solved? Paul Rivers (8)
Revisionless control Michael Kale (9)
Dilbert and extenuating circumstances to the Joel Test... Crimson (8)
mapping views in hibernate anon (0)
These fog URLs are *terrible* Kirk Israel (6)
Build Automation Software Andy (9)
Digitally Signing an .Exe Dave B. (11)
Poll: Underscore notation or Pascal notation? JD (32)
oh no.  I think I'm burned out sharkfish (36)
code style - variable names and spaces thinking hat (15)
IBM workers now Lenovo employees example (5)
Why Widescreen? Double Wide (18)
Aaargh! MSIE Script Error In CHM File Give Me My Fscking .HLP Files Back (7)
local goto bad? cipher (106)
CSS: suggestions on font sizing? (%, EM, Px) Mr. Analogy {uISV owner} (21)
I just don't understand this statement grover (8)
Alternative to outsourcing -- Conclusions AnMFCAndJavaProgrammer (22)
Offshoring - You Asked For It Sathyaish Chakravarthy (64)
JavScript IDE recommendatons 1st place loser (9)
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