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I feel liberated... WayneM. (30)
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Course instructor mag / blog Rob (6)
Software developement companies in gothenburg? Moving to Sweden (6)
Which Web-Site-Tour dev tool? Krispy (5)
Lock-ins architecture astronaut (15)
Flex 3.0 book recommendation !Tom (2)
Tools You Couldn't Live Without Craig J. (53)
GPS programming n00b (10)
The Vista disaster Charlie (130)
wiki that can integrate to sharepoint 2007 bme (6)
Idea for new website - conclusion. Ari Telias (10)
Interview Expenses BrotherBeal (16)
Correlation between ability & OSS contribution? farmboy (37)
How useful is an MBA if you want to be self employed? crossroads (59)
Working 8-9 hours a day vs. 12+ hours a day Mike (35)
VMWare of existing HD? The Composter (9)
4D Programming Environment Dave Jarvis (10)
good defrag cynic (21)
shared folder developing, howto Guillermo (4)
Joel's podcast for non-native English speakers Sound advice (3)
Why don't any online photo printing services print CAPTIONS? Mr. Analogy (7)
What can you expect for $80-90K these days? AtWill (61)
Honesty on resume Greg (16)
Formula to calculate how long it takes to read text Robert Plank (17)
OS Recommendation for BizTalk, SQL Server 2005, SharePoint Getting a new laptop soon (6)
What's better than C++? Doug (95)
To stir the C and C++ pot some more.. Code Slave (26)
Newbie question about jQuery not a javascript guru... (6)
Last Joel podcast, looping question Ixion (13)
SharePoint 2007 -- Integration? IT Manager (3)
"What's the difference between C and C++" - Joel Speaks Jimmy Jones (36)
Groovy & Grails vs. Ruby on Rails Gruby (17)
Who is a software architect? Rahul Jain (24)
SQL: ess-que-ell or see’qwl ? Almost H. Anonymous (51)
DOS Batch file question John (9)
Need book on SQL for non-technical users Almost H. Anonymous (15)
alexa history cynic (0)
C# Phone API FromEmeraldCity (7)
Outsourcing to have greater impact on programmers. IllustrousCoder (27)
Win XP maybe catches a break... Old Guy (22)
When applying for a job, is it normal to ask for work samples? Matt B (11)
PodCast #2 - "should i learn c++?" wanna_be_anon (106)
Is there any way to secure RSS feeds? Picasso (13)
Save and relaunch workspaces JSD (9)
Web Application testing software Dave (4)
Question about school/career/studying jan (5)
Using UML for understanding large code base? AAA (13)
Is working in IT worth the time and hassle? dedicated programmer (21)
Using wxWidgets for cross platform software wxWidgetsUserToBe (13)
sending e-mail in ASP.NET via SMTP frustrated (5)
Is there any way to restrict a web app to one user? Jim (12)
free python IDE that runs on macintosh Contractor (5)
Value Of Open Source Projects cs (23) John Topley (13)
Eclipse plugins, especially editor Justice Walker (10)
SVN change management strategies Contractor (8)
Time Tracking Software What was I doing? (14)
Readybuilt framework for web application Asbie (10)
working at a university Chris (15)
Has anyone found the perfect job? dude (24)
TurboTax 2007 - no activation code required Milo (13)
I' m tired tired (16)
Weird printing problem: only first part of page prints? Matt Conrad (4)
Discussions On the State of the Web and the Desktop WayneM. (47)
How do you eliminate distractions from the work environment? too distracted (22)
Job in government Anon. (11)
Jack of All Trades Master of None, Part 2 Rock Star of The Generalists (52)
Study Finds Free Open Source Software Is Costing Vendors $60b . (65)
Words fail me Drew (27)
Instant messaging service for use at work? Guy Eschemann (13)
Job Costing tony leatham (16)
Single monitor Roie Marianer (2)
Need Career Advice as my Company is Offshoring Frustrated Software Engineer (35)
Idea for Joel & Jeff's phone conversation podcasts Sound advice (11)
Is there a point to someone >50 y/o getting an MBA or MSCS? Richard The Code Harted (13)
Specialize on the server side Anon Lorenzo fan (4)
web framework for unix environment? (9)
How do you use your two monitors Juan David Velez (19)
Jack of All Trades Master of None. Jack of All Trades Master of None :-( (15)
What's clearer/better than Goto for this Anyone else feel this way? (34)
Hiring employees MK (22)
Bionic Office - 5 Year Review? (3)
Firefox is freezing. Victor Noagbodji (35)
What is the level of smartness? YAAP (46)
Credit crunch... jobs in London William (19)
Donate your old computers! Hockey Player (5)
Why are IT departments overworked in non-technical companies? . for this (35)
Support eng. in pruduct company vs software eng. in consultancy Anonymous Job Seeker (3)
Confused about Walter Mitty (37)
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Started Writing Functional Specs - and I Like it! Shlomi Fish (4)
How can I monitor the PHP-CGI CPU time, on Windows? Dan (2)
Software Recodes generally end in bitterness and fights Anony in a tough situation (17)
CityDesk Business Model GUI Junkie (5)
MS Access footprint GUI Junkie (24)
Moving from Delphi 7 to Visual Studio 2008 Luke Miller (32)
Help - How can I contact Apple? No category fits! Ari Telias (12)
This is what happens when you really don't want the contract Lorenzo (53)
When learning a new technology, I consider this a red flag Fake Programmer (17)
Website calendar question Oldtimer Jerry (3)
He hacked his way to engagement I did mine with a website (she liked it) (8)
Career Decision (12)
Interesting Article - Managed Code on Multiple Cores Achill (6)
Not reading books... (13)
RSS Icon on the main site Tom J Nowell (5)
how do you people re-energize after work? tiiiiired (32)
all I need is a programmer marvin lee (31)
Need help... how to convince network people that DNS is needed Duff (6)
Non-compete and how long they can be enforced Lo (7)
ok, now what Python environment killerbunny (9)
rejected from job interview, but company now co-marketing my sof MicroISV (14)
God Help Me! Crazy situation at work Alphanumeric (44)
Most performance sensitive code you have ever written? Hockey Player (31)
Mesh Delivery Charges (UK) Not buying from Mesh (8)
good books for learning Linux/open-source development killerbunny (11)
Number of Open Windows (too many?) LJ (14)
memo from HR anon_for_this@paranoia.omg (48)
Please help with some advice. How would you feel about this? Picasso (10)
Version numbers in Java library filenames? A Good Start (5)
Putting million$ systems into production w/o testing Anon for this (28)
Why programmers in general cannot write adequate documents? Curious (35)
To Do List tool Glenn Halstead (15)
Altering table to change from char to varchar increases db size Sathya (17)
Background check Peter (13)
Deadlines Anon for this (19)
Optimizing TCP/IP IllustrousCoder (9)
XP SP3 out April 21st TravisO (1)
My job is burning me out! . for this (13)
Is an MBA worth it if your employer pays for it? John (40)
Flash-based gallery? ZeFred (12)
How to leverage my current skillset? WayneM. (7)
djangopeople: Brazil high, Japan low Liam (1)
Do you use illegal stuff??? New_Start (51)
OOP helps with memory management Medium Rare (38)
My views on the "flat-earther" Comment !Tom (23)
Interview Calls K (9)
C and C++: why do people hate/love them? The Naked Programmer (85)
On why programmer change job every 2-3 yrs . (33)
Fire and Motion - Comment on McDonalds is a bit off. Waterfront Staff (15)
how organized of a programmer are you? Contractor (9)
Webapps in functional languages (e.g. Haskell)? pushpull (10)
Google AdSense for unsupported languages Albert Tollkuci (0)
Martian headsets, mozila, divs and venting Radu094 (14)
Many to Many Tables in MS Access Walter Mitty (6)
Web dev : product comparator Olivier B (8)
Flextime Bias BrotherBeal (22)
Best approach to build a simulator Nick (12)
Testing on IE6 Antonio Carmeli (14)
Modelling real-time software Guy Eschemann (7)
svn remote update Sathya (5)
Python is to Django as PHP is to....? (11)
Meta Project Management? Becca Lee (4)
Interview questions about the company Preparing to jump (20)
Working in the IT field sucks! Bill (33)
Is programming a waste of time for someone with good social skil Doug (27)
Remoting a workstation Frank de Groot (11)
Why SQL M:N relations are so unknown? Alex (35)
No-brainer SCM for VB clients + FreeBSD server? ZeFred (18)
Tools for managing Documentation [TheWeasel] (8)
It's me again about the job market NotCanadian (19)
Server side PDF with templates (.NET) Vee (8)
How do programmers ever get to retirement? jread (64)
US Health Insurance for Employees LostPuppy (9)
Is anyone else unable to install VS08 Express? VS08 Wannabe (5)
google has become evil Lenny (23)
What's the worst technology you *had* to learn? Former COBOL Programmer (77)
Anybody seen this? n (15)
Visual Studios Web Developer 2005 Me (9)
Martian Headsets and the Acid tests chris (5)
Once upon a time in spreadsheets you could graph things Lance Hampton (13)
Nursing closest analog to programming as an occupation? . (32)
Confidentiality Agreement IllustrousCoder (10)
Managerial Conundrum AtWill (29)
Help mold my career!! wanna a be application web developer when i grow up (16)
Is it me or is this a ridiculous reason to not get an interview Matt B (33)
Video format transcoding advice anon (1)
I can't believe what some recruiters try to slip into a contract Picasso (15)
Wanting to learn Ruby on Rails!! (8)
IIS 7 vs Apache on Windows Rick Tang (16)
Are dedicated testers needed in team or developers should do it? Been there (52)
Web browser poor image resizing rant TravisO (11)
We Don't Use Software That Costs Money Here - Jeff Atwood JackDaniel (44)
New job and dealing with a large code base? A THE (16)
Programming turns me into a zombie zombie (21)
Proper etiquette to inform interviewer you can't relocate? Anon For this One (17)
What does Microsoft use in-house? Andrew Burton (36)
Outsourced Testing Josh (19)
Way OT: Temporary Mobile Phone in Australia Ken Ray (7)
Mini notebooks (9") from HP and Asus - useful for development? Philip (14)
[Windows] Poor man's voice server? ZeFred (9)
Production system resilience Mark Pearce (15)
(Web-based) project planning software? The O.P. (5)
working with extraverts anon (13)
career planning for a developer Todd (8)
How many developers do you think work at google and on what? Bot Berlin (17)
Multiple Uses of Same Product (Different Niches) Sajid (5)
dynamic workflow diagram generator Workflow Wishful Thinker (12)
Laptop/LCD dual display (13)
Automated Java Tasks LimaBean (6)
AMD or Intel for dev desktop JackDaniel (10)
Why am I even considering this? Staying anon for this (25)
Best app to record demo + voice-over? ZeFred (6)
I Can Name That Code Tune in 10 Lines... Brice Richard (104)
Tax strategies for a bonus? Another Aging Athlete (22)
Laptop for development Albert Tollkuci (18)
Job market NotCanadian (19)
2 monitor setup Jim Jones (15)
Google App Engine - Web Application Hosting A. Coward (17)
RSS question all the feed (4)
12" Powerbook? (10)
Recommendation for Internet Device : Nokia or Apple Lima (12)
Game Development E.Cho (34)
New Blog on Recruiting and Interviewing RandomManager (11)
UK: Best place to buy a beefy desktop PC? In the market... (9)
Maximum salary as a developer and career paths Mark O. (33)
Question about the General Public License Kevin (19)
Turning the corner on software development and "dressing up"... InterestedParty (34)
design patterns resources? Pedro (12)
text to image/logo library Samh (6)
Idea for a new website, part 2: Beta The Collective (48)
big difference between building software for mac vs. PC? wondering (19)
how much administrative skills do you have? programmer (12)
Anyone work in the energy sector Grinder (6)
Teetering Air Head AFTO (10)
Negativity -FLP (18)
Hiring decision.  Maybe I need therapy... Waterfront Staff (20)
View from 1968 James . Plum (27)
How to find customers for bespoke projects. clueless (9)
Shorter or Longer Coding Cycles LJ (20)
Google Calendar Forensics michael mcglynn (1)
interviewing company loses my bank details in the post -worried? AnonCoward (23)
Project failures may soon carry legal risks for programmers Code Jockey (42)
Stupid signs around the office Tim (25)
Anyone Tried Defensio? John Topley (1)
Advice on what feature(s) I could add to my website Giammarco Schisani (4)
Interesting Read BrotherBeal (10)
Almost got tricked by Paypal Cautious (20)
Google: Not a media darling anymore? Hot AIR (14)
Is VSS 2005 Ready for production? Adam (21)
Bogging Software TLTLO (10)
Amazon EC2 Richard Corsale (6)
Would you pick what you like, or what the market wants? Staying anon for this (23)
QA software - suggestions Kevin (4)
Undergraduate final degree-project Confused Student (21)
One reason for relatively slow Vista adoption Mr. Analogy (28)
optimal solution to a problem, please darkt (18)
Sharepoint 2007 - Why? wb (21)
Resume help FromEmeraldCity (9)
Which of these major companies would you work for? ElectronicVotingFraud (31)
Timing for applying to new job FromEmeraldCity (8)
Nontechnical Managers ElecticFan (29)
Symlink - for extra disc space Tamales Please (6)
Single millisecond resolution in Vista? Hockey Player (7)
IBank still good? ibankwannabe (13)
Managing schema changes and stored procedures? Karhu (10)
SCJD? BrotherBeal (8)
Possible software idea. AverageMidget (24)
Using Math skills in development Anon (15)
Eclipse is crap! AngryEclipseUser (101)
Do you listen to music when you code, work, etc? Living the Fortune 100 dream...oh boy (38)
Glasses or contacts Jeff Hawkins (49)
Oh MS, is there any technology you can't complicate? Ugh (36)
Time zone for date (winter/summer) Igor A. Saprykin (4)
Does Vista SP1 reduce mouseclicks? less is more (7)
Strange Tomcat session handling Sathya (7)
Is anyone using the domains? Bug Zapper (9)
how can i use old programs on vista?? derek morgan (4)
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