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Silverlight 1.1 alpha with support for .NET (14 comments)
MIS Degree Joe (19)
cross platform charting app? needinchartin (5)
How do you identify a running Java application? Codger (13)
Don't work for the man! - Start your own micro ISV MrHappy (15)
Advanced Java Books? Ted Graham (9)
How can a couple drop their land line phone? Drew K (35) and Oracle xe, possible? 3RN3ST (2)
Still worth it to learn ATL/COM the.hidden.dude (18)
An interesting job wanted ad. JP (4)
Google getting too expensive - moving to yahoo and mISVer (17)
education to advance your career vs. side jobs & projects JimmyJohn (9)
Where programmers go as they age.... Peter Vanderwaart (31)
Leverage... nvictor (8)
Monitoring web site changes older than you might think (3)
Terminology question - C++ pointers M (17)
Hard Problems and the Temple of Complexity (4)
How many of you have multiple careers? Kannan J (11)
Even CharlesPetzold is having a hard time lately w/ XAML/WPF :-) Joao Pedrosa (6)
Edinburg wiki... FogBugz feature? Duff (1)
Social engineering will never be solved. Jivlain (3)
How Far Apart are your MicroISV Worst and Best Months? Grunt (15)
SaaS vs software package I'm a average coder (2)
TW dilemma outcome Absent Traveler (5)
What is a good side business or side job to make extra money? CodeMonkey (43)
Joel's pricing theory vs pricing software . (5)
Doing PC repair on the side CodeMonkey (39)
Is software development really that important? Feeling Cynical Today (33)
C++ using pointers with arrays Ruben S (12)
Ruby nvictor (21)
OO Design q - design so far doesn't feel much OO CD = Procedural vs OO designer (5)
Wireless/Wired Network Problem ptr2void (15)
Windows server . (9)
Cygwin on Vista: Is it feasible? Ashkan (2)
Which laptop do you recommand for development? Ach (26)
What do you do to save money? CodeMonkey (31)
Hitachi, Ltd. Idot Rabanov (12)
are Amazon, Microsoft and Google the only software companies? Tired with this small world (4)
Amazon versus Google compared GrayMan (7)
What happens if you accept a job offer but don't turn up? UnFaithful (11)
Tapestry vs Facelets arni (3)
Productivity - Language features vs. Maturity of Platform Anindya M (3)
I wrongly thought I knew J2EE GuessWho (5)
Working at RealNetworks SDE (2)
Scripting language recommendations AnonyMouse (15)
What do you do on a typical Friday/Saturday night? CodeMonkey (22)
Good Ruby On Rails Books ... anonymous_coward (3)
I hate my job... A. Nonymous (12)
Is Java or C++ easier for a Python programmer to pick up? anon for this one (10)
Template for documentation/help file jread (0)
A flash drive as developement environment nvictor (7)
The death of VBA on the Mac AllanL5 (24)
Incremental job hopping Vs one big hop Dumbo (4)
Easily changing layouts with JSF Wasabi (2)
I Love Ruby! Old and Excited (10)
Listening to Internet Radio mockConnections (3)
Access developer seeks new tools Dan Dodd (14)
Do Americans drink "pints"? Matt (57)
Incompatibility Squared! Brice Richard (17)
FYI: PDF Solution and Vista + Question! Em D (0)
Trying to figure out a career path.... Rick (9)
Is "Programmer Analyst" good? Dumbo (16)
A Suitable Method of Learning Language Enwader (13)
A Program Doesn't Work On Other Computers Enwader (6)
What would you do if you could do it all over again? Buck (29)
On software development, "rock stars", and interviewing... An old dog who learned a new trick (51)
Would anyone choose Microsoft over Google? Anon (30)
Abstraction vs. Encapsulation Everything is an Object (13)
POLL: How much savings do you have? (81)
Signing forms when leaving a company Anon for this (15)
Drowning in a Sea of Software Environments Backwoods Dev (10)
Jolly Old England a Hack (12)
Refactoring Grant (16)
hottest job markets SumoRunner (19)
Exchange rates are REAL messed up. Bangalore Developer (29)
$75,000 starting at FogCreek. Low for top 1% in NYC? pete (72)
Bangalore is no longer a low-wage place Mr. Hughes (22)
Small project to learn C? C Wannabe (25)
How many particle physicists here? James (9)
Software Development Paradigm Analogy Brice Richard (16)
Idiotically lost the salary negotiation? Dumbo (27)
Tired of Google posts here-give content matching payments back uISVer (10)
How to automate tests - database query programming COD3r (7)
Adobe announces that it will be opening Flex under Mozilla Licen Joao Pedrosa (2)
Which PHP IDEs do you recommend? fritz (16)
90% or 10% :-0 (10)
How much do you talk about work with your significant other? Niko (25)
Mix and Match Web development platforms pi @ m (6)
Has anyone made the jump to management? Dude (12)
How to become top 1%? Elliot Block (48)
403 error on validator but pages fine in browser TomasV (3)
the greatest technical messageboard post of all time Contractor (17)
perl & DHTML perl head (6)
Open source and the programmer's dilemma (15)
Web Forms - Best Practices? John Kramer (7)
developer burnout readytogiveup (24)
Work as a contractor in the UK Anon now (12)
Lotus Notes Client zumbas (4)
Pervasive/BTrieve Ignorant (13)
Paul Graham? (17)
What went so badly wrong with Google checkout? mISVer (11)
The Problem with Preferred Vendor Lists John (12)
Broken Build - Prevent everyone from submitting new code? Chris (18)
Ads over there on the side Michael H. Pryor (34)
how many people really use VBA? Contractor (24)
What does the deprecation of VBA Really Mean? TrippinOnIT (4)
From Java to C# COD3R (3)
Solid State Storage becomming a reality TravisO (9)
SQL Server and memory usage J.B. (10)
Best way to document development procedures and processes Web Dev (11)
"Why CS students should do TDD" c r a z y (13)
What Language Should I Learn Next? JT (42)
FogBugz demand curve Yawar Amin (10)
What do recruiters gain by collecting names? OP (7)
Useless dream-world "this is how it should be" bloggers JavaSchools dropout (8)
What's wrong with making money? Goose (47)
f'ck! it's Offical. Ladies and Gens. Bubble 2.0 is HERE! I'm a average coder (7)
Any Delphi for PHP Success (or Horror) stories OneNerd (15)
C++ what does "return *this" return? Ugnonimous (38)
One framework to rule them ALL. Microsoft to roll out dynamic-l I'm a average coder (5)
Joel's analysis of price data Jeff Dutky (14)
Using WordPress for a mISV Karl (4)
Anone succeeded in ordering Code Signing Cert from Tucows? Mr. Analogy (4)
Let scripts generate code for you nvictor (23)
Planning/time-tracking software? dnm (9)
HTML reference-generation tool. mynameishere (2)
A quick note on how to lower Fogbugz sales in the UK John Handelaar (41)
Fast Import/Export component? Databaser (5)
Wierdest interview question? TravisO (31)
What's your favorite UI blog? TM (5)
Stats package for IIS anon (3)
Is Bugtracking a symptom of a Heavy Process? John Daniels (37)
Apple Bootcamp: Is it possible to "triple boot?" Tom Dial (12)
Web Development? (15)
Joel guest speaker article in Inc. Magazine Duane Strong (6)
Why a career in computer programming sucks! anonymous (16)
Good Web Hosting For Dedicated Server? Need a hosting (4)
Bad experience with Google recruitment process Nameless (26)
What does XAML run on ? Entries of Confusion (5)
Is performance intuitive? christopher baus (27)
Hardcore XML iTunes playlist... lemon obrien (3)
Why is every developer in Wall St moving to the business?? savak (10)
Please help me critique Joel's article about résumés Peter {faa780ce-0f0a-4c28-81d2-3667b71287fd} (8)
Configuring a wireless network XYZZY (12)
Cross-platform toolkit that can read/displ Mac and Windows icons Native Fileviews (2)
Is there any reason to learn new codemonkey (25)
city suggestions job_seeker (7)
C++ - Returning reference to local object? Ugnonimous (15)
Do you send a Thank you Email for HR Phone Screens? (17)
Quantitative Finance Anon (18)
Welcome to Dot-Com Bubble 2.0 and PG's Web 2.0 start up I'm a average coder (5)
Anyone used CrossOver (for running Windows apps On Mac/Linux) ? Mr. Analogy (8)
job hopper blog Job Hopper (33)
C# Book Recommendations Meganonymous Rex (15)
Bayesian filtering for CVs? Mark Pearce (3)
Intel Core 2 Duos look even better aka big price drops TravisO (12)
Are we in another DotCom bubble?  Atwood thinks so. Eric D. Burdo (19)
How many working hours per day? Guy with a phone (18)
12-Year-Old Nigerian Bags Sun's Java Certificate Joao Pedrosa (11)
Server side includes on IIS – where is the guide? TomEUS (4)
Send those IT jobs to India!!!!!!! jpeg (25)
Taking a sabbatical Willsy (6)
C++ inconsistent about references? Ugnonimous (10)
Funny thing with Yahoo Maps Steve Hirsch (3)
Why does Silverlight support Windows and OS X, but not Linux? AFormerMFCAndJavaProgrammer (16)
Ruby Reflection question Curious (4)
Software Support? (6)
Maybe dumb question: how exactly do you look people in the eye? Asp E. (20)
certifications must be worthless..... Chuck (15)
[Windows] Web proxy that shows incoming/outgoing information? ZeFred (8) - Accurate? nal (3)
software and the Toyota way I'm a average coder (38)
Proper use of the names "Assembly" and "Assembler" Jake (8)
Salaries - what do you get?2007 Hiking around (86)
Telephony Coding Shane Harter (8)
Can you put a price tag on code? Bot Berlin (10)
Why does gdb break my C++ code? Ugnonimous (9)
convert pdf file downloaded from internet to word, so I Geniaray (1)
Good reason on why you dont use lisp for your production apps Bot Berlin (8)
Anyone here a Google Checkout merchant? MicroISVer (5)
lead/architect vs coder switcheroo Geoff B (12)
bugs v. change requests and enhancements orangutan (22)
Is the software industry that bad? Dell and XP Bot Berlin (49)
Freelancing with opensource edition of QT nvictor (12)
Data Architecture Vs Data Modeling? OP (8)
What is the minimum network printer to person ratio? Office manager (26)
Email Search - Copernic Desktop Search Stu Smith (6)
Joel should use a Desktop Email Archiver Stefan Schultze (7)
What is missing in the "express" versions of Visual Studio? Clueless in Seattle (13)
Good Free PDF to HTML Converter? Dev (3)
Lookout stripped from Outlook 2003 James Peach (3)
Outlook search: Hyperbole or is Joel serious? DaveF (16)
Is it okay to hang out with co-workers? Chuck (29)
ASP.NET: How would you print an award certificate in..... Duke (6)
The FileSystemObject library and ZIP files, errr... folders Gecko (5)
Why it's called Silverlight (15)
Outlook Search? Use Google Desktop gregg tavares (5)
How to hire someone away?? cyberdine_systems (52)
Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1 just released (1)
Opera smokes Firefox ~Eric (29)
Latest version of LookOut? Fidelio (15)
open source software similar to yahoo groups or google groups? Admin for small company (4)
Open source webmail with tagging feature? AnonForThis (6)
Does Amazon India pay good? Kannan J (6)
Trick interview question: Emacs or Vim? RMS (41)
Outlook search? Use NEO Hanan Cohen (5)
If a key developer came in with dyed hair and lipstick one day.. Crimson (33)
[GoDaddy] Redirecting OK NOK ZeFred (5)
Database design books YetAnotherUsername0 (11)
Code documentation: how-to Singulus (10)
Another bad grade for my programs nvictor (43)
version control system for windows J.B. (17)
Cursor colour: X11 Forwarding, Emacs and Mac OS X James (4)
"open source products should be funded by their customers" Methy (12)
This is Nice! Your customers pay you to give you feedback I'm a average coder (9)
Breaking the build, checking in code, etc. jread (28)
Java Reading Material javaguy (10)
Reading on screen vs printing and reading... Crimson (29)
Web Services Question -- opengl_programmer (15)
Big cities, more innovation zumbas (26)
Do yo have a plan? jimbo (28)
Tipical web pages and relational model and Complex SQL MikeP (11)
Using C++ STL queue Ugnonimous (26)
The uselessness of asking for X months using technology XYZ I believe you have my stapler (28)
Rob Howard + FogBugz are having a falling out (20)
What's up with Google Checkout - empty web pages returned mISVer (0)
Access question for Albert Practical Geezer (8)
Why NextStep failed ? Parisian Developer (31)
Delphi 2007 Win32 Installation Woes Getting Fed Up (4)
Windows XP to be retired in 2008 Mark Pearce (17)
A real Web 2.0 Carlos (6)
What language is Gmail written in? Captain Clueless (19)
Mixing WTL with Win32 Nemesis (4)
Problems with MS Website Lee (5)
Is It Difficult To Develop Open Source Version of GMail? Newbie (16)
Do you still use Anti Spyware software? Curious (18)
Will I earn more money learning Oracle? need money (7)
C# is hard... nvictor (31)
changing computer science to attract women Contractor (54)
C++ char[] to int Ugnonimous (30)
Icons and clipart sites Guillaume Drolet-Paré (3)
Anyone here used haXe? Considering moving from Rails Matt (1)
Disappointed by Paul Graham's last article Ionuţ Bizău (15)
Experience with Plone Dave (10)
Javascript IDE's for Windows? Randy Magruder (23)
Some questions regarding Team Foundation Server Captain Clueless (2)
what's worse the ageism in IT? uISVer (17)
Cool (&free) Web Services SCADA Guy (3)
The JoS/PG Metaphor-plexes Shlomi Fish (4)
Sharepoint client? dave (6)
IE and/or Office blues Dan (7)
std::vector<> end() confusion Brian (7)
Anyone here using Flex? tim (6)
Why do they backlist? Kannan J (30)
How to restore windows caption icons? jj (1)
How to build a widget? (3)
When is this Web 2.0 gravy train going to last? I'm a average coder (3)
When to stop the interview/new job process slamsmith (11)
Intel To Launch Linux-Powered Mobile Internet Device Joao Pedrosa (2)
anyone live in Exton,PA(suburb of Philly)? southern native (28)
Microsoft WPF/E(SilverLight) vs Flex vs Ajax I'm a average coder (30)
Attention JoS readers: Joel is still richer than you are I believe you have my stapler (17)
(C++) Derived class in type specifier... James (16)
Mozilla and Google Rick Tang (3)
Would you recommend Java? anon to protect his job (15)
The Glacial Responsiveness of IE 7 Paranoid Android (11)
Vista and PDF's (11)
COM+ FAILURE IN WINDOWS 2003 R2 SP2 J Haskett (2)
amusing Microsoft antecode - don't want to pay for mISV software microISVer (28)
Moveable walls, why we all live in cubicles Hates cubes as much as the next guy. (12)
Dodgeball founders leave google ex-gen-Xer (9)
Google are no longer the good guys - Adwords cost per click uISV (21)
Free software for commercial Fransiscus Herry (6)
Ageism in IT Redux (27)
Secure Email UniCorn (4)
how do you install visual studio update for vista? . (2)
How do I get out of IT? Alcyoneus (28)
Outsourcers corner market for U.S. skilled worker visas (19)
Best way/place to sell source code? Anon (7)
Release Week Herman (7)
Brain drain Bot Berlin (16)
Simple as Google like it nvictor (3)
Windows Desktop Programming PerlGuy (19)
the magnificent paul graham Lenny (13)
Two-year degree in math Student (8)
mod_auth_sqlite3 Clay Dowling (2)
Rails too slow says Twitter. DHH defensive. Joel any comments? Gregory (27)
Why very few job posting in Inidan job bord (3)
MSCS vs. MCS a student (4)
self employment vs. management: best path for a developer Gus (10)
knowing if INSERT did its job? YetAnotherUsername (8)
Vista - Best Folder For Application Data Bill Bachochin (2)
Task Manager with Google Calendar synchronization Ixion (0)
RSS reader for Windows Parisian Developer (10)
[VoIP] How do devices punch holes for RTP? ZeFred (6)
Google no longer a tech company c.f. Checkout WhatHappenedToHardWork (5)
About Being in the Zone, Thinkin on Steve Wozniak Genius Parisian Developer (9)
Programming error led to loss of Mars Global Surveyor (1)
Google/Writely should not use html/css for formatting... nvictor (11)
mini-msft: immodest, but true Lenny (10)
Windows socket question - finding process tying up a port Bored Bystander (6)
C/C++ question D (12)
How to write an application with no programming experience. Gentleman Hacker (21)
Delphi for PHP - Saving my IDE Layout Preferences OneNerd (7)
The meaning of an American yearly salary Eli Bendersky (20)
Want to quit using recruiters to get gigs. What's the best way? Roving Contractor (3)
bitten by Google Content matching, will Checkout be better ScaredOfBites (2)
Google to buy DoubleClick for $3.1B rotcivn (14)
*NEW WORDS FOR 2007: Hiking around (6)
Resume listing when employer gets acquired anon (10)
11% corporate tax in new york Contractor (21)
Multiple Office Locations David Kellam (2)
book recommendations for managers anon (4)
project manager dash board anon (3)
Wrong amount on 1099-MISC...what to do? dave (17)
Google Checkout does not have built-in shopping cart functionali uISVer (5)
C++ will be dead Rick Tang (35)
How common is working with "phone heros"? Michael (9)
Dedicated Web Hosting: Call for Recommendations Chris (7)
Mult-core impact on Frameworks getBent( ) (5)
[C++] GotW #2: Temporary Objects GotW is fun! (6)
Finally, a win32 wrapper for c# nvictor (4)
who sits on a balance ball uISVer (12)
Opera 9.2 Is very cool. Isn't it? WillSupportOperaNow (12)
Accurate Evaluations (16)
Are there any high-end specialty IT headhunters? Berkeley DBC (8)
Anything wrong with wxWidgets? Mark Ransom (28)
Exception handling with try catch YetAnotherUsername (10)
Tale of newby woes XYZZY (39)
Gnome question WillYeo (4)
ActionPack Vista Business upgrade only I'm a average coder (7)
Sourcecode of citydesk and fogbugz just wondering (6)
widget to display pop-up googlemaps on any page? mindful_learner (3)
Subversion blues Bill Mayfield (9)
IT procedures at the Red Cross ItIsOnlyApint (23)
Web Crawlers & Meta Tags And (7)
Some Ruby on Rails Anti-Kool-Aid Larry Myers (12)
facebook programming puzzles Zach M. (58)
Salary and Relocation Question Anon for this (13)
SQL Server Dates nathan (13)
constantly hiring groups - post a job, then same job in 6 months Wondering (22)
Unused domain name claim Fight the squatters (17)
SQL based AUTH - wthat is the prefered query YetAnotherUsername (8)
Java and Oracle and statement caching YetAnotherUsername (3)
Becoming C++ guru Singulus (36)
Reminder: You are Not Your User Joao Pedrosa (Lostacular) (10)
Is a Dale Carnegie course worth the money? Gus (10)
Role concentration plays for good developers curdDeveloper (9)
C# Dataset Size Question SCADA Guy (8)
Intermediate/advanced SQL books I believe you have my stapler (7)
Desktop Developer - What Language to Use? GivingAdvice (28)
How to set up a Remote Desktop only workstation? Matt Conrad (9)
which free photo gallery software do you use? mutabled (10)
Whats the best "groups" site? none (1)
learning c++ Anon (20)
Another theory on Fog Creek's nice customers D.W. (9)
legality of electronic notebooks (12)
Spidering a catalog website to create a table Rich Fuchs (3)
Oracle and Java question Dev (6)
where can i buy a pre-built form factor MicroATX machine?(OT) opengl_programmer (12)
Type safety instead of Hungarian Architecture Astronaut (10)
Joel should produce a new DVD TravisO (8)
User requirements, wich formalism to use to define them ? CLang (9)
struggling with a function definition c++ nvictor (18)
Microsoft upgrading from managed to UNmanaged theyshouldavasked me (25)
Developing Audio and Video: checklist She Ra (2)
constructive criticism about job interviews today GreyVeteran (23)
Tata Consulting francis (12)
Anyone else had trouble with google apps ? Joe (4)
Web 2.0 versus Desktop Applications What Say Chappie (3)
Paul Graham issues explanation for morons who can't read a (59)
thoughts on technet plus? Sam Wood (4)
Is searching for a job grounds for termination? DidNotWantToLie (29)
JSF Woes (6)
outlook 2007 excessive ram usage (12)
How to test SSL FTP? anon (2)
Flat file vs. Relational Db for huge database John R (52)
Suprising reactions to Vista? Duff (30)
Wiki for IIS supporting Windows auth? Anton (5)
How to check if a file is not already open ? Parisian Developer (7)
C/C++ question ARV (97)
IEEE Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) yori (2)
Joel on anything but software Steve Bennett (16)
There is no difference between Web 1.0 and 2.0 I'm a average coder (15)
who uses python professionally Contractor (11)
Working for Avanade? KT (13)
Implementing a HTTPS connection!! (2)
How to teach someone about computers marty (20)
Blogger's Code of Conduct (Draft) from Tim O'Reilly OneMist8k (11)
Charles Simonyi is among the stars now Parisian Developer (22)
Was anyone else discouraged by Founders at Work? Discouraged Aspiring Entrepreneur (23)
Should I launch a splash screen in my app ? Parisian Developer (20)
Dialling a phone number from a PC Parisian Developer (9)
Data modeling! should know better... (18)
php debugging php_newbie (7)
Changing at CDG cja (23)
Monday Morning Links Ben Schilling (3)
Adobe Reader Extremely irritating Anony Annoyed At Adobe (22)
Is it possible to make a good living from and elance? Damn, it's good to be King! (10)
How many hours did you put into it? nvictor (20)
Free Subversion Hosting adequate? CVS Old Timer (9)
Windows XP SP2 security update breaks the Realtek audio driver Michael (8)
Maths Thomas Prebble (10)
Question about website security! (10)
long wait for result of Google interview PatienceIsAVirtue (13)
review site asks for free software, but no permanent link DontWantToGiveAwayFreeSoftware (5)
Keep studying part time or full time job after University Crazy Coder (4)
ISO 9001:2000 alternative? QualityMatters (1)
Embedded Board for Learning Sid Tulley (15)
Any big companies allow developers to use any O/S curdDeveloper (7)
2.7 GPA, should I forget about grad school? Gus (13)
possible to get into google without going to a top school? anon (11)
hazards in software development GivenUpNowRunISV (8)
Considering switching to C++ development ... move_zig (19)
Don Dodge on PG's Microsoft is dead I'm a average coder (20)
where do you get RB#? code pimp (2)
[windows] Light, fast editor that can reformat code? ZeFred (13)
VS2005 Hijacked SetUnhandledExceptionFilter! Dave (5)
Cheap, Good Web Host? Matthew Heusser (11)
anyone else use an alias when contacting recruiters? anon (7)
career progression want to be a productive developer (2)
How do you size and justify a budget for frmwk improvements? Aaron Boyd (9)
Am I wrong to think that certification is a waste of time for de Buckeye (20)
Is IT a good long term career? Moe (24)
How did Microsoft do? CuriousGeorges (9)
XP on eBay farmboy (9)
Processor Overview Jason (2)
Why do people still listen to Paul Graham? Michael Archer (37)
Response to interview offer jammy (6)
If this does not make you oppose cubicles... CodeClarity (4)
Working for The Man? Advice to a young programmer V. Heath Beltran (3)
Telephone Systems at your companies OneMist8k (10)
Updated reading list? Martin C. Martin (0)
WTF, Microsoft broke MAPI in Outlook and never fixed it. Wayne B (10)
Google is retarded Anon Ranter (17)
Cyber war on Iran anon (13)
the stupid and the salespeople get the long term jobs AnonymousForNow (12)
oracle sql question HappyYearAlways (4)
GUI programming nvictor (35)
how big of a deal is ajax? Contractor (20)
Poisonous people in OSS projects.  Applies to paid devs too... Crimson (6)
"Working for The Man" Lostacular (1)
(Slightly OT) The Ultimate Cause of Human Life Shlomi Fish (15)
Online Master's program... justastudent (9)
List of installed software on a machine.. anon (6)
Google Summer code nvictor (6)
Here we go again .. company tries to hire me as an employee PO'd Contractor (33)
Would you rather avoid companies expecting long term employees? Kannan J (26)
Include 6 mo. positions in resume? Gilgamesh (9)
Renewable Energy Software Development Michael (6)
No follow up! Jimmy Banks (10)
Wrap in VS2005 Anonymous Blowhard (10)
New Development PC - Confused Entries of Confusion (13)
Moving to 64 bit windows & sqlserver Danny (3)
what do you think of this job? opengl_programmer (18)
Setting people's salary Ionuţ Bizău (23)
How exactly this question relate to a programming position? Kannan J (59)
New Essay: The Linus Torvalds Bus Factor Shlomi Fish (13)
Jumping right into the code VS Over-engineering Singulus (9)
Statistics for Flash disabled number of users TomEUS (8)
more google interview blues! MoonAndStars (20)
Change of scene winconfoozled (15)
SSIS and Office 12 Scott (4)
Banking tech (UK) - questions carl (15)
Java rule system derived from some Lisp equivalent? La Mer (2)
Feedback on how best to design this method. mockConnections (6)
Banking Technology Recruitment IBank (8)
Stack overflow in c++ nvictor (11)
Scobles Day Job Shane Harter (12)
Does anyone here agree with Paul Graham about startups? Student (34)
Creating a VMWare image of an existing OS Will (9)
How do you like your Javascript framework now? Paranoid Android (9)
H1-B on NPR berkeley dbc (66)
Anyone Tried Docsvault Document Management System Before? Doc (1)
OT: What does the term mean "check against delivery" Anon for this (3)
Looking for good New Zealand Software Companies Darsant (31)
send hardcopy electronically? Ben Bryant (26)
Buying time without damage - suggestions Paul (20)
Java Servlets and PHP MdP (8)
Process or Schedule -Rob (8)
Is programming.reddit impractical? Bot Berlin (13)
Software Piracy and the hardware junkie On a rant (34)
google and gmail Contractor (15)
references ready4change (9)
Australia - DSL PgBoy (4)
Stupid question about sockets, blocking, and domain name lookups botheredByBlocking (13)
Dreaming in Code: Why not C++? ZeFred (27)
37singals vs desktop apps I'm a average coder (12)
What to do about non-payment on contract work? Dumb and Dumber (30)
Visual Studio - debug at specific address Dave (9)
Do you upload your site using SSL? anon (6)
Career Advice Commodity (8)
idiot Recruiters Contractor (21)
Implementing auto complete Novice programmer (8)
Sources for non-blocking algorthms Manes (5)
contracting, staffing co's, recruiters... newb needs help John (9)
Start a fight at your new job... Lenny (14)
Finance Bibles Jooks (11)
Project management tools du jour: Your experiences Rob (6)
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