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ClearType - do you use it? Mr. Powers (24 comments)
How to make our shareware listed at PCWorld Download Website? Anon For Now (1)
CMS For Open Source Project. Drupal or Typo3? Open Sourcer (6)
Suggestion for a good book on VB6 for beginners. New to VB6 (12)
Windows Live Mail:  Thank you Google! Crimson (10)
Podcast Client? Scott McKissock (7)
Low cost video conferencing option Simon P (9)
Code Monkey song by Johnathan Coulton Bernard Dy (6)
Firefox CSS/tables issue - NEED HELP! Sanjay Bhatia (3)
Java & New Sun CEO JavaPgmr (6)
VC++ 6.0 vs. newer versions Jimmy Jones (28)
Database Service Advantages over Direct Access? Programmer (11)
Painless Software Schedules that include project management Stephen Walker (3)
How to encapsulate exception handling? Matt B (9)
The Future of User Interfaces BenjiSmith (17)
SQL Server question & Transaction Isolation Level ComputerProgrammer (4)
Art of the Phone Interview Shane (16)
"Best practices" Q - applying upgrades & platform SDK to VS 6 Bored Bystander (4)
trying to find a microsoft traning center in NYCity roberto martins (1)
Free Software - Paid Support Saurabh Dani (18)
Storing an Encryption Key Troubled (14)
Advanced website application using Flash & ???? Thomas Smith (8)
Suggestions for high end managed hosting Harvey Motulsky (6)
Colors and readability index Rob Brueckner (19)
Muriel Spark Green Eggs and Ham (0)
SQL In the code or not ~Eric (24)
How to print out selected ListBox item's Text property in VB.NET Ezani bin Abdul Halim (2)
MAC OS Porting of windows product RandomThoughts (9)
Desktop Apps, Web apps – what are you using? JSD (6)
Generating version number to application Vairoj Arunyaangkul (4)
Error code or Exceptions? Why is Reliable Software so Hard? gnerd (8)
Reading peopleware, hazardous to job satisfaction. adb (6)
online library services ... blargle (1)
Obfuscation or elegance? L. Lort (39)
Quicktime plugin for media player Mike (2)
Ridiculous Use of SQL Brice Richard (36)
server Eugene Anthony (6)
Funny VIM animation... Peter Sherman (2) Weetibix (3)
Design By Contract (6)
The browser - biggest software kludge ever? FrustratedWebNewbie (24)
Math book for 2D/3D game graphics & physics HighSchool Drop Out (8)
Amazon Bug Obi (1)
domain is expired, yet i can't register it starving coder (6)
Source Control for Real Basic BinaryToys (15)
C# and .NET 2.0 book recommendations? compilenix (10)
Monad/MSH now called 'Windows PowerShell' Duncan Smart (17)
UML diagram software that just works. Lim (9)
Meaningful error codes Architecture Astronaut (3)
Small observation; ruby PUTS examples in their docs Bot Berlin (6)
Investigating BSOD "DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL"? Fred (19)
Requirements Management and Marketing Speak Kyle (7)
windows updates I forgot my posting name. (3)
How to properly screen developers without a stupid pop-quiz? MC Hammer AKA Stanley Kirk Burrell (95)
Best Ways to Relax / Slack Off at Work not a slacker (17)
MS Atlas vs Jeff Barton (7)
COM object crashing on startup in ->Advise? Bored Bystander (5)
Auto-increment build number Spunk (4)
The Raymond Chen of IIS: David Wang Duncan Smart (2)
How often do you clean your keyboards? Reflective (22)
Looking for a change anon (9)
and... will you stop coding? nvictor (36)
Articles from public web pages Burner (7)
I dropped my XDA III PDA phone in the toilet, and it still works XDA III User (19)
On Training Need Training (11)
Need Screencast review Sanjay Bhatia (1)
Re-learning programming - compiler recommendations? Albatros (10)
IE: Open "favorite" in new window Zahid A. Ali (5)
Security Question - with Source Code Hank (9)
Designing a Good Command Line Interface... Rod (13)
Curious, what motivates you to write software? Bot Berlin (27)
Would you do this? Anon (22)
Database development in collaborative environment... Crimson (16)
Has to install to the "C: drive" RR (22)
Software Engineer vs. Programmer in self-marketing Bored Bystander (33)
why vista will suck... Lemon Obrien (17)
Fools paradise, er, Best Companies to Work For Anonymous Coward (5)
Does Visual SourceSafe support branching? VSNet (5)
Mac OSX learning curve? dave (12)
Passing IP information in Apache Hank (3)
Whither VBA, Redux Green Eggs and Ham (5)
US Programmers Suck son of parnas (26)
Spare copy of Joels book (UK) Ben (2)
Sun Microsystems - a shadow of their former self ShowcaseYourSoftware (30)
Linux installed successfully - Theme needed nvictor (7)
Algorithms & Data Structure Books for video game programming Zyzyphus (1)
The Pragmatic Programmer Dave Concannon (10)
enplaned blog Andrew Langrick (4)
Lame COM/OLE question: finding an interface Clueless (4)
Groups Perform Better Than the Best Individuals son of parnas (11)
MS Access Role-Based Security and VB Ezani bin Abdul Halim (0)
Have you ever met a language lawyer? Bluebeard (39)
New ideas for databases Asbjørn Moen (26)
Salaries at Public universities OP - Anon for now (18)
Money Magazine's Best Jobs: #1 Software Engineer dss (6)
School is a gamble or a scam? Scandalous (35)
Security context of child processes of CreateProcessWithLogonW. Wayne B (3)
Suggestion for Open Source POST Software? Anon for this (8)
Best Source Control Tool Looking for Source Control (25)
Short Term Housing Traveling Man (9)
No growth for programmers? Anon (21)
fuzzy logic yori (7)
Usability and Journalism Robby Slaughter (5)
Baltimore/DC - Best Software Developer Employers? Rob (15)
Best Markets in the Midwest/East Coast? Shane Harter (4)
Is database aggregation done at the user level? Bot Berlin (9)
The personality of casual spammers? Bored Bystander (13)
Making incoming calls also ring a phone line in remote office? Fred (8)
Internships for High School Students? Heko Aridese (9)
Where Can I Get Open Source Version of GoToMeeting? Dave (5)
Tell Win32 to stop anti-alias on XP S. Tanna (9)
Internet only works while scanning ? aku beg (2)
Development Abstraction Layer -- Who should be steering? Geoffrey Gowan (5)
Where Can I Get Open Source Version of Digg? Anon For This (7)
Refactoring and Source Code Control Paul Norrie (11)
Do firewalls usually block email sent from an application? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (20)
X11-Motif Builders AllanL5 (8)
Reading list request - Linux and network administration dot for this one (4)
Good implementation of scheme w/IDE for windows? Schemeotherapy (6)
Negotiating with good benefits OP - Anon for now (12)
Software for Family Website --EA (8)
Our app sucks - (46)
what do you call a menu like this ? Patrick from an IBank (16)
CSS overlay div over a textarea __monty__ (8)
Is there a Second Life engine available? son of parnas (13)
Anyone going to Infonortics Boston next week? Jamie Anstice (0)
What do you do when you're feeling useless... nvictor (7)
software design patterns alkashif (2)
OpenCroquet 1.0 Beta has been released Lostacular (16)
A Safari Bug A Safari Bug Finder. (4)
Software idea Monkey Man (6)
To-do list module in PHP? Fred (5)
less than hdd capacity supposed to be sunny student (9)
Working in a University Sid (10)
reading firefox cookies JustACoder (4)
Direct Deposit Programming anon (5)
Connecting XDA III smartphone - Toshiba L20 laptop Newsminator - now with better colors (4)
Connecting to a port number on a server Hank (9)
Coding to solve a business problem CS Grad Student (21)
SPSS Scott (13)
Dot Net Nuke? Patrick from an IBank (18)
Handy C++ macros/functions LMB (34)
OO Design Interview Question Anonymouth (35)
C++ and OOP Me likey C++ (51)
Questions for Programming Language Designers, Lovers and Idiots Water Cooler v2 (22)
Mambo or Joomla, Your suggestion? Newbie (4)
The Enterprise Architect Debate rages on... Crimson (8)
Is There A Future for VB6 Developers After .NET ? Ezani bin Abdul Halim (57)
Quick Delphi Question Planet Funk (8)
Java Obfuscater - Anyone here has had any experience with them? Hank (5)
reading text out of a PDF using C# .NET Martina Rain (5)
Books about writing Outlook plugins in .NET? Josh (2)
Is secrecy a bad habit in software? Graham Thorpe (19)
"Working at Microsoft" a Hack (4)
Higher level than C++ Rick Tang (34)
Shareware & Games & Money S. Tanna (9)
PC laptop... or MacBook Pro... Caffeinated (14)
Configuration Management / Version Control Harry McBaine (17)
OO/C++ & Cross Platform Programming Book recommendations I need the advise of Guru C++ developers (41)
Idea for a good article about laptop hardware Newsminator (12)
Problems with Linksys ADSL routers! Avoid Harry McBaine (16)
"Cool" job prospects in the NYC area? Curious Student (12)
Writing games (basic questions from a salaryman) Hal Itosis (8)
Assessing your own talent Bob Rosen (32)
Meyer's "Object-Oriented Software Construction" Jesse Smith (12)
VB6 Frames and Labels nathan (6)
Eclipse on Linux Laptop Linux Newbie (12)
The Perfect Programming Language Dino (37)
anyone using Windows Task Scheduler at work? Patrick from an IBank (16)
Best Software Writing - Volume II (Where is the group?) Javier Jarava (11)
Help with color scheme for news site Newsminator (15)
RSS Feeds cja (3)
What software to write first? nv (9)
Programatically transcode WMA to WAV - J (2)
How to export Ms Outlook Account? Anon For This :-) (3)
Recommendations for a good recruiter in the NYC area? Peter Sherman (5)
C, C++ & C# Sid (6)
My Web Apps Look Like They Are Designed By A Programmer canuck (23)
Why did MS came up with .Net? Fred (45)
The first million is the hardest ZDev (8)
IT Security Jacob Anderson (5)
The real cost of turnover sw (12)
when WL 8.1 is running as service memory isn't released Zahidul Islam (3)
James McGovern, "Enterprise Architects",and Ruby, oh my! Crimson (23)
Referals program and payments Anon for this one (2)
Leaving day job to become self-employed TheInnerVoiceSaysDoIt (8)
New beta software - all are invited jthurman (15)
Good Read: "Storing Data In Tables -- Not Code" Shane Harter (27)
Long-range wireless headset for Skype? Steven (4)
Employees first, customers second sw (26)
33 Rules UIDude (15)
Why Ruby is cutting out the soft underbelly of Java.. Crimson (40)
Software Estimation: Demystifying the black art Radhakrishnan Mukkai (13)
new laptop; start without an internet connection? Patrick from an IBank (6)
Best PHP/Mysql CRUD generator tss (4)
Distributing java desktop programs for windows Martin Schultz (14)
Does Wozniak still has Apple's stock? Used to admire Apple (8)
Outsourcing savings are "unrealistic" son of parnas (23)
Borrowing object model object/method/property names... Wayne B (3)
The drawbacks of being "The Expert" Frustrated "Expert" (21)
Virtual look over their shoulder Neville Franks (8)
Free LAN chat software? Mr. Powers (10)
Simple fax app for Windows? Fred (12)
A great piece of kit Mitch (7)
Development Abstraction Layer == How To Break Your Programmers? Sam Livingston-Gray (16)
Laptop speed woes Mr. Dell (16)
Doug Klunder Bellevue (1)
Restricting Proxy Access to One Virtual Host in Apache Hank (1)
Big brother blues Jonny Boy (12)
Will Apple Survive when Steve Jobs died? Analyst (14)
Print spooler for windows network nvictor (2)
Java has been infested by Architecture Astronauts... Crimson (6)
Lage scale project management tools Lou (5)
Microsoft sample mirror driver causing Excel problem Frances (1)
Google Calendar Phil (23)
Google Calendar redeye (0)
Shortest Path Problem... tss (15)
Speaking of Joel being a celebrity ... Patrick from an IBank (6)
Referential integrity matters, Surprise surprise! Database purist (9)
Excellent In-depth IE7b2(preview) UI review Grudging Firefoxer (10)
Easy to use mail server (SMTP/POP3) for Windows XP/2003? Michael (14)
Secret Clearances - Citizenship Requirements I am not a spy (11)
URL Rewriting - Can this be done? Hank (7)
Review of "In search of stupidity" Dave Concannon (6)
Above market rates? Anon (8)
You know Joel is celebrity... JD (11)
COM programmers in New York City COMprogrammer (6)
Can anyone think of a possible usage for.... Vineet.Reynolds (5)
Fruit Show (JOS forum clone) released Almost H. Anonymous (21)
Danget of impossible questions Alex Romanov (7)
Is this normal? Jon Doe (22)
eCommerce Lunacy redeye (11)
The best job, seriously? David Seruyange (22)
Software & the Music Biz John Seiffer (1)
The Development Abstraction Layer Tim Almond (5)
An Abstraction just leaked on me. Lostacular (6)
Nice article about Red Hat and JBoss Avenger (6)
Yet another 'which blog is best' question Scotty (5)
Joel on Software Community, what tech information are you into? Bot Berlin (4)
Data mining references Matt (2)
Interfaces to the abstraction Z Toxic (0)
Developer Abstraction vs Cost Cutting Jax The Old Grump (16)
The Outsourcing Bit Hieronymous Coward (4)
The "Salesperson abstraction layer" anon (12)
Programmer's Cafe Berislav Lopac (14)
Here's a tricky question about developing an app for a client .. Faaat_Albert (13)
complex Microsoft Word documents required Ms Rain (3)
The development asbtraction layer and The Goal codechef (6)
WTF is this article JKX (20)
Microsoft & Marketing Rob Brueckner (13)
Is there any special problem with Apple's PowerBook laptop?! Ach (3)
How do you get an RSS feed? onanon (5)
ok ok ok, how does a one man shop create abstraction? steve (12)
The Development Abstraction Layer Jason Scherer (25)
Paradox database Rui Pacheco (4)
Schema vs. Vocabulary Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
37 Signals says no to specs.  Interesting (short) read... Crimson (21)
Bay Area Social Life Anonymouth (5)
Turning off the email feature when you make a sale Adam (6)
Internship in Graphic Design Ville M. (13)
KISS bug tracking outback (19)
Basic, no-thrill webcam app that just works? Fred (3)
Why do more programmers not trade in forex? Bluebeard (49)
Has a *manager* ever actually read Peopleware? Jr. Barnes (21)
Looking for Linux information management software park (3)
Developers and depression. JIlly Bean (27)
Need some practice Water Cooler v2 (7)
isv advice: How to get customers? NeedWork (3)
Internet Offline - Any takers? UIDude (7)
Best NYC Residential Broadband ISP For Running A Web Server? Peter Sherman (11)
Dial Tone Detection RonGimins (14)
Too much software for free, google analytics Bot Berlin (17)
EXECryptor software protection jean (4)
Salaries in London, UK Considering a move (25)
Monitor computer use PcTracker (7)
California Tech Scene Magnetism Sam Kaufman (11)
Can't run ASP.NET v1.1 on my IIS Sathyaish Chakravarthy (10)
Amazon S3 - how can I create an user? George (1)
IBM Workplace & WebSphere Shane Harter (2)
Business lore that becomes a schtick/cliche' - experiences? Bored Bystander (14)
layout for website? Patrick from an IBank (11)
Embedding music in Powerpoint Christine Lennis (8)
Trying to find SQL Server in my MSDN discs Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (7)
New laptop loaded with crap Mr. Dell (26)
Looking for a new desktop PC RasterBlaster (7)
Need something quicker than MS Access with similar query builder Ben Ransohoff (16)
Dual Dell Screen - Which one to choose ? RasterBlaster (9)
"How to win friends and influence people" Dave Concannon (21)
Fogcreek Coding Standards David Seruyange (16)
Dell 2850 I forgot my posting name. (4)
Career Advice: Does playing golf help? anon (27)
Other people's bugs <rant> Sometimes I wish I didn't know this field at all (3)
Hiring a professional web designer? Ideophoric (7)
damn recruiters! SR (20)
Help! I'm drowning in platform errorcodes Nick (8)
Advice for a SQL Server 2005 book Paolo Marino (4)
best php-based wiki? wiki (12)
What to do with your day-job trophies when you leave Darn right this post's anonymous (18)
Your ideas for the image hosting site I'm making Teo (12)
Delta Debugging Arman (1)
accountant recommendations for sole trader (micro isv)in london M. Rain (4)
Design Patterns - Handle Body Event Horizon (1)
GUI Linux Backup Lee (7)
How does VMWare handle 'non-standard' hardware Amazed if it works (1)
VB6 Utilities still out there? nathan (11)
Eclipse and debugging Tomcat JSP's matt (14)
Javascript in browswer a security risk Rick Tang (20)
Microsft's insane need to compete with everyone. RR (24)
Diff'ing Folders Li-fan Chen (22)
Singleton Considered Stupid... but it's still a design pattern Reginald Braithwaite (29)
Attitudes to a live, growing a database Florence (28)
Running n-Rank Algorithm? Ori Berger (4)
Displaying a message in VBScript Steff Kamush (2)
MSVC doing it again - name mangling (5)
Ordered Binary Trees Not Knuth (5)
Database design patterns or example Ryan (11)
Visual Studio 6.0 Question: where are IDE "options" stored? Bored Bystander (4)
Albert in Action! Patrick from an IBank (9)
Factory and Singleton are false Design Patterns? Crimson (26)
XML code question Lee (8)
RAII array wrapper Daniel (20)
The popularity of programming languages Viper (10)
Intro to virtualisation J (6)
Performance expectations under VMware - compiles Looking at my watch a lot these days (20)
More randomness from default random number generator Joel Coehoorn (47)
Microsoft On Source Control Tarek Demiati (16)
who pays for downloads? keen to conserve my bandwidth (6)
What's the InfoPath silver bullet? I don't have a name (9)
C# or not C# Totaln00b (18)
PRADO - PHP framework for rapid development Jimmy (13)
Should I resign? Peter Duls (26)
What would you want a personal server to do for you? Graham Thorpe (17)
Prepare to be frightened... Almost H. Anonymous (16)
Anyone use SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 Bobby Strickland (4)
project clone speedy_gonzales (2)
"Create a Great Personal Homesite" Shlomi Fish (10)
Practical ML? dd (4)
no upfront specs - are you crazy? Patrick from an IBank (20)
Read vs Study UIDude (9)
Would you use this software? Shane Harter (17)
Report Solutions Lee (10)
Ruby On Rails -> Is it the next big thing ? Avid Learner (16)
Book References Avid Learner (2)
what Router to buy? Patrick from an IBank (23)
Unbillable stupid time Oh I feel so stupid (17)
Are they killing Win32? fritz (15)
SVN, VS2005 and the case of the insensitive filename Scotty (6)
Raising the productivity level in the workplace Berislav Lopac (0)
Co-location: The Missing Manual Li-fan Chen (5)
java.util.Calendar WTF????? dave (10)
Best Project Management Books for College Paul Vincent Craven (8)
CSAML / Petzold NetFreak (7)
Numerical Solution of PDEs with stochastic delay Dumbass Dingleberry (11)
STL vector question Daniel (12)
Three Worlds of IT Software? TheDavid (7)
MySQL vs. SQL Server--comparisons, please Steve Hirsch (25)
The good old days? - Games and Demos on XNA ponty mython (5)
Salary for a job in Troy, MI Anon for this one (16)
Log CPU and memory load Asbjørn Moen (5)
Four Programmers (from Yorkshire) ponty mython (14)
OT: DVD Recorder Recommendation (UK)? redeye (5)
Go with gut and multiply time 3 software estimation.. Crimson (23)
The Big Moo (1)
Review of "Crossing the chasm" Dave Concannon (1)
Buying Pentium D for Saudi Arabia Stephen Jones (7)
Which flavor of *nux is more suitable for J2EE programming? Vineet Reynolds (15)
Eolas *cry* (part 2) why why why...Eolas sucks! (10)
Where can I find the best version of Triumph Of The Nerds? Movie Mania (4)
Clone of this forum with source available? Michael (14)
Pay Pal hack-in, any advice? a regular contributor (8)
Linux - the tide may be turning This is a Great Day! (50)
Choosing the Right Company: Microsoft vs. Google vs. Intuit Darwin Cruz (16)
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