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Company@Interview Failed Joel Test Anonymous Coward (34 comments)
mod_perl, Apache, and Scoop sharkfish (5)
subclassing safe for commercial app Cell (5)
To put or not to put execution time on web page speedmeup (15)
CSS - can not change the size of BODY text? Mr. Analogy {uISV owner} (9)
Offshoring -- 3 miles offshore to be exact Ugnonimous (11)
Wireless Access Points WiredUp (10)
ODBC and Web Hosting Clay Dowling (2)
unhackable code using diamonds son of parnas (4)
Saving queries in LAMP apps? (14)
C++ Multithreading gmale (10)
Blink - Malcolm Gladwell To do the right thing (23)
This town ain't big enough... at the end of the rope (24)
sql help sql dummy (8)
A new startup, time management, and accountability Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (16)
Aquiring Raw Map Data Gary van der Merwe (6)
Issues with cracked software Simon (19)
OT: CD-R "Demagnetized" During Shipping Lee (15)
Work-from-home alternative to off-shoring AnMFCAndJavaProgrammer (38)
How to become a good UML modeller CodeMonkey (10)
Surge-Protected Power Strips John Topley (5)
We need a "Good Community" award! Gili (8)
Sometimes my estimates are WAY off. hoser (17)
Computer programming research? Matt Cruikshank (7)
Anyone in the Alexandria, VA area? Jason (11)
"The OSS Tax" of wasted time Bored Bystander (32)
A dumb question Curious (24)
What is the best way of building a game server? Christer Nilsson (19)
PowerPoint Automation Godless Visigoth (5)
Can low bandwidth cause loss of data in Citrix environment? Karthik (3)
SQL syntax formatter? Greg Hurlman (5)
getting around hotmail's spam filters O.S. (4)
how to learn by self to be a web designer? wannadesign (31)
Windows Permissions Management Utility Wayne (3)
javadoc html -> java source tool? Aaron F Stanton (1)
If not Dell then what? O Canader (40)
Router Reliability John Topley (17)
Avalon/Indigo rambling rant OneFlew (17)
Google Maps Colm O'Connor (11)
Where to find a Fax and email messaging solution? Ace Grace (4)
FogBUGZ 5 Just me (Sir to you) (26)
Which DB and Front End to choose (Access and C#)? new Handle(this->post); (34)
Java bytecode obsfuscation pmuhC (3)
Would anyone like to recommend a good laser printer? JT (33)
Really hard .CSS question. This is impossible to do, right? Mr. Analogy {uISV owner} (17)
When is memory allocated? bett (11)
Dot Net on a HD Xakk (2)
Laptop Recommendations for Development use Xakk (17)
So, Joel, why not just drop ASP and use PHP on both? Robert Brewer (13)
Good software for making logo Xakk (8)
How many lines of code? Chris in Edmonton (41)
Is your company a Navy or Airforce company? Steve-O (16)
One more step toward viable Quantum Computers JG (11)
How to uniquely identify a Terminal Services terminal? Wayne (7)
O-R mapper for perl part-time perl programmer (6)
Computers in Schools... Another poster... (25)
Is Website Development Dead Yoey (25)
Open Source CMS Asbjorn Moen (12)
iBook worth it for a Windows guy? Alex (24)
Context sensitive help in web apps IoanC (1)
at most productive, but get kicked around after internal release Deflated (20)
Google Maps For The UK! John Topley (14)
Embeddable Powerpoint/Flash style graphics and animation? Speedy (1)
How large is the new .Net 2.0 CLR? Mr. Analogy {uISV owner} (10)
Project management software recommendations not a guru (4)
When was VS.NET Released? Jason (10)
Yukon cuts DBA's ego to size Karthik (28)
Error 80020009 on installing com+ component ... (3)
why separate but equal distributed source trees? son of parnas (66)
Free bug tracking system Maximum Speed (24)
Management Information Management Mike Hunt (9)
Windows 2000 security threat recently discovered Sathyaish Chakravarthy (20)
Great lost projects from your youth Oren (20)
Advise on handling my appraisal A regular poster to this forum (21)
Who created the file ? English is not my mother tongue (5)
INFOSEC/NACOSA sec. templates and EXPANDING the AD SChema? Javier Jarava (0)
Anyone else keeping up with the Bitkeeper saga? Crimson (35)
Embarrassment Horizon Sam Livingston-Gray (12)
How many times have you been laid off? T. Norman (44)
labeling end tags in HTML EAW (11)
Help Systems Buyer (9)
Has eBay been successful catching phishers? KillPhish (5)
Probably prime? Tail of the "g" (12)
Google's Larry Page sells not a billionaire (24)
Client Server Testing vs. Mainframe Jennifer Keys (3)
ADO, MSSQL and Connection Pooling Brian (5)
microsoft true-up grover (8)
Solitaire: the root of all evil! OneFlew (5)
What is the name for unsigned register-size number? ping? (18)
The Infinite State Machine, Cellular Automata & Artificial Life Peter Sherman (27)
Windows Media Player 10 streaming content fails... Quick Fuzz (5)
Who owns JPEG? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
Linux questions? user (7)
Is this a typo? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Outlook 2003 hangs Guillermo (7)
your solutions to avoid "cable mess" ? Olivier B (9)
More on Google maps directorblue (1)
AJAX library - DOMAPI? Allergic to HTML (7)
Copying ideas Josh in Jersey (14)
What is Aspect Oriented Programming? Dix (32)
Cracked software (38)
Getting Things Done + Software Development MFH (17)
I need a new email server Harry McBain (8)
laid off Jason (26)
I need a new email client MadMan (39)
Databases and C++ Eli Golovinsky (6)
We heal way too quickly Ryan Phelps (22)
Your e-mailing costs corporates millions in productivity loss! Another poster... (10)
code and weed Lemon Obrien III (22)
What's with this? Argggg (15)
Successful controls in HTML Erik Springelkamp (16)
How best to "scrape" a series of movies sites? HTMLIsaMess (10)
Has any work "remade" you or your career? (11)
Toshiba Libretto 110CT - how to transfer files? Miki (9)
Ergonomic Keyboard (and mouse, etc.) (24)
<gripe> Interview Expenses </gripe> Anonymous Coward (7)
Windows Explorer - detail view Petrus Steele of Vineland (6)
C++ copy constructor/assignment operater question Learning (8)
Good Bosses Clay Whipkey (19)
Boss goes bye bye bye !! Just curious !! (10)
design pattern needed for ASP.NET pages... Patrick (9)
company share, for investment ? aku beg (5)
Academic papers going downhill? Peter Sherman (13)
Financial statements newsgroup domain (12)
C++ constructor/copy constructor question Learning (10)
First developer in space jz (6)
10000 RPM worth it bett (15)
.NET File Handles limit? (14)
Professionals Rick Tsang (33)
RSS Synchronization from PC to Pocket PC - RSS Bandit Jez San (0)
Session vs. Transaction tracking? Tail of the "g" (8)
"Gordian Guide": Dropped in the deep end. - Call to contributors Michael Johnson (12)
Prevaylor? roy 3 (8)
Strange phenomenom with Laptop and external monitor Furious George (7)
How to use Excel as a front end? Any help would be greatly appreciated (33)
Team size optimization Waheed Alzaydi (1)
Random generation in java Java Aholic (12)
Engineers are widely perceived.... Another poster... (16)
Programmer vs. Developer vs. Software Engineer Shannon (37)
Open Contest: Least Upgraded Main PC... Peter Sherman (27)
Geographically dispersed web servers Me (6)
From Desktop to Intranet app mightysoon (7)
Java decompilers Java D00d (2)
VPC for testing Josh in Jersey (10)
Slightly obscure PHP question Sam Livingston-Gray (7)
High End Hardware Buyer (31)
Get or Post? Mickey Mouse (26)
Subversion Clay Dowling (14)
Editing and debugging JavaScript John Ridout (12)
Longhorn Preview? Aaron F Stanton (18)
Java properties file/web app Tail of the "g" (5)
C++ (MFC) or C# (14)
Creating versioned MS Word files on Linux Arsalan Zaidi (4)
Delphi: Parameters via "file://..." to Delphi executable? Patrik (13)
IS JAVA SAFE? Jason Thomas (28)
Inactive data in databases Desperate for performance (17)
Opinions on Tutorial D? / (7)
Development Fonts dev null (35)
database documentation and interdependancy tool Chris (3)
process private bytes increase - how to Need help (0)
Jumping into source code. David Peredo (16)
PC diagnostics Matthew (10)
Help on writing good software Doron Wloschowsky (14)
Not that kind of design! Nathan (5)
Visual Studio .Net 2005 Beta Brett Clapham (6)
Custom Windows Controls SW (10)
ERP Systems GUI Joe (7) what's the hype? KEG (15)
How to reconcile obfuscation with automatic error reports? Maciej Kolodziej (16)
COM+ and Web Services Problem __ComObject (1)
Software and methods for legit surveillance/spying? Anon due to circumstances (3)
Is it safe to use Asp.Net 2.0 Beta2 for production? Stacy Murray (10)
Employer owns my microsISV software? Unemployed Man (13)
Developer Workstations? Merit (28)
nice and user friendly Webmail script ejik (3)
What's the use of the STL anyway? nameless (29)
binary trees new_to_ADTs (4)
Book on being dropped in at the deep end. Martin (24)
NetBeans vs Eclipse ? OneFlew (16)
(Micro?) ISV Interest, Part II... Regular Poster... (5)
the truth about outsourcing one_time (27)
data destruction certification Shari (6)
Software Release Checklist AP (8)
Convert from M4P to something PPT recognizes ... Matt Heusser (7)
MS Office is currently printing -- Exiting will cancel printing! Mike Schiraldi (18)
Help: A virus on my system... Another poster... (13)
How do I check whether an .EXE is signed or not? Curious George (2)
Which new PC to buy? anon (20)
Via Mini-ITX Rick Tsang (19)
Search and Replace in Large Files Le Poete (19)
Connecting to Exchange Server Cory Foy (0)
TSQL - returning rows horizontally (like a pivot table in Excel) Patrick (12)
parsing HTML (part 2) html parser (7)
Adobe buys Macromedia NickH (21)
DVD and CRC-errors Practical Geezer (6)
iTunes -> MP3 -> PPT Matt Heusser (7)
How to prevent 'Page Not Found' in Apache? SadlyMortal ;) (2)
Micro ISV Interest? Regular Poster... (20)
Reverse engineering tools for Delphi? Bored Bystander (11)
Things I hate about my laptop hoser (22)
coder or designer? anon (1)
a good choice for c programming wannabeboy-3 (21) windows x linux (10)
How repair COM+ / Component Services Cowboy coder (4)
iTunes Synchronization Software John Topley (3)
Laptop resolution Gavin (21)
Auto text changer Daniel Craig (4)
To put voice in demo or not Eggs (1)
Inno Setup 5.1.2 Beta is out Annon (10)
Ireland salary levels and Dublin cost of living? Yes, this is where you write your name (7)
TCP Simultanious Connect... Lemon Obrien III (11)
Good examples of an interactive website? ? (11)
hack a program off of Windows Andy (9)
Server colo at GenTech? Mike Swieton (1)
Annoying usability problem in SP2 Joel Coehoorn (18)
How to ask for 'professional' hand-off? Contractor (32)
Mail, Letter Designing Apps... zigzag (6)
OLE Error 80030002 (STG_E_FILENOTFOUND) - how to diagnose Michael (5)
DbC pattern, for python wannabeboy-3 (1)
Digitally sining web application data .NET Developer (10)
Can REALbasic create ActiveX/COM servers? Daren Thomas (7)
Optical Mark Recognition integration mutabled (4)
non-native gui noob. (14)
Why can't google do internet file storage? Petition Berlin Brown (23)
[CSS]  Setting fonts all in one place? Mr. Analogy (uISV owner} (1)
$1 Billion revenue increase in 2 years Karthik (0)
Bad, bad wireless keyboard/mouse combo Darío Vasconcelos (18)
Multicast file transfer? Philo (43)
More Daylight Savings Time Will Cause Another Y2K Crisis?!? Godless Visigoth (30)
Startups hoser (7)
Paul Graham's upcoming talk "How to Sell a Startup" Tayssir John Gabbour (21)
Joel's Grandma Joe Grossberg (9)
Stupid is as stupid does Sean McCarthy (27)
Design by contract. wannabeboy-3 (14)
there goes Microsoft blaming other people for its buggy software Just me (Sir to you) (9)
Jet Lag/Timezone Change MSHack (7)
compilers and interpreters wannabeboy-3 (35)
What is your Downloads/Customer base? CuriousGeorge (13)
Job listings, a weak start. argon (7)
1 or 2 GB DoubleD (16)
Career Guidance anonymous coward (20)
printable "find in files" results in Visual Studio? Clay Whipkey (5)
web forums for SDK support Tom_ (10)
Oracle Client Security problems.... Duff (2)
Any stories of Bully/Jerk Bosses... Crimson (8)
Mac OS X Upgrades John Topley (11)
REALbasic characterization links? Jon Dinlea (12)
“Shameware”, anyone ? Demotivator (8)
Signature pad Chris in Edmonton (15)
programmers vs graphic artists with respect to open source enkwiring minds (10)
Microsoft Programmers Special Aryeh (4)
Planning to relocate Jacob (5)
The 2005 Reith Lectures: The Triumph of Technology Ged Byrne (0)
What's up with MSDN Subscriptions? mcpuffio (12)
OOP : lazyload or not ? Olivier B (10)
Integrating LISP within a VC++ App? HelpWithLisp (5)
Importance of 3rd Party Books for Software Packages Erik Neu (3)
Any experiences with VCBuild? Andy (1)
algorithm help usually a lurker (14)
MAC Addresses And Global Uniqueness Just Curious (10)
Interface hall of shame tabbed dialog Karthik (6)
.Net and Winsock Classic Coder (6)
Text Diff Algorithm Ω (6)
Software Economics example (6)
parsing HTML html parser (17)
MSDN Universal Subscription Question mcpuffio (4)
The power of good looking software ,..., (25)
setting up mySQL for development. Lemon Obrien III (17)
OT: Small, small world ... Sgt.Sausage (30)
Oracle Query Mneumonic (5)
Age matters? Not Michael Bolton (24)
Kiosk software updates Tip Gaines (6)
Chinese Premier: All ur base r belong to us! Tayssir John Gabbour (7)
Web Design Tips? MattB (0)
Which Oracle PL/SQL Editor? Anon (12)
Development Tasks and Maintenance Berlin Brown (20)
Server/Client app driving me nuts Bullet Bill (11)
What to do with _really_ old computers/hardware? RocketJeff (0)
Find out what's clogging up your hard drive lepton (19)
Using blogs as marketing outside geeky industries Ian Sefferman (11)
Why Macs (aka Apple's OSX) sucks... Lemon Obrien III (31)
Difference of Apple OS to Linux HayStack (7)
Help! I need yet another web hosting provider... Peter Sherman (22)
determine country from ip address howdogoogleoryahoodoit (1)
Linux on a 386? Richard (29)
Favorite Developer RSS Feeds Bacon (9)
Part2, LCD vs CRT DoubleD (14)
Dabblers and Blowhards. yannick (2)
SQL server based e-commerce site - adding special offers pete (5)
Is programming fundamentally flawed? Adam (29)
How to arrive early at the office ? CycleBurner (60)
MS inadvertantly finished Borland? Karthik (26)
How do you make an Icon's property 'None' in .NET? VB.NET-Noob (3)
Speak English Boy! Ian H (15)
Introducing the ACDC ACDC Recruiting Staff (10)
Couple of Questions E.Z. Touse (4)
& for windows? Pythonic (20)
vim or jedit noEmacs (6)
Fancy tracking system (2)
Peak Oil and IT Codeless (33)
Function automatically releases memory? memory (13)
Nasty GUIDs and registry littering. RegistryIsNotHappy (10)
best way to handle web site advertising? son of parnas (7)
Windows domain servers in data center Joel Spolsky (8)
What about XSLT t (14)
serverintellect reviews Jo Davis (2)
Yahoo vs. Google - search results quality, etc Insomniac (0)
How to get to PDC 2005 UberIntern (2)
What would you do? - Moved out Outed (9)
fonts Harry BelleFonte (1)
Novell exteNd Composer/Director i (4)
Bug #133: Idiot User Josh in Jersey (53)
refactoring to reduce coupling James Rosen (12)
ASP.NET Windows Auth Nathan (1)
Another Outsourcing success story :> Arthur Dent (14)
lost in unicode unicoder (22)
Confused about the BitKeeper/Linux debacle Gary van der Merwe (3)
A riddle: prove what is more cost-efficient The Brit (50)
SQL Server merge replication without a network connection? --Josh (8)
Microsoft MOM Jason (8)
Strange I/O error I AM O (5)
MIS Degree Craig H (10)
Stock Options job seeker (16)
Flash as a serious development environment Part Deux... Crimson (18)
Is China the next tech superpower? Pete (41)
c# parser generator? mutabled (13)
Amazon Used Books Cory Foy (15)
ASP.NET Question: Dynamic Controls Sassy (13)
Rate Limitations (Part 2) Undisclosed (13)
xml databinding library for C# Broccolli (3)
Private email for testing QAck (11)
Dabblers and Blowhards Just me (Sir to you) (18)
Good networking/threads book? Chris (14)
Patents: can it get any worse? Just me (Sir to you) (23)
bluetooth options for mices and keyboards? son of parnas (3)
Need some copyright help Mr. Blank for obvious reasons (13)
SQL Server & .NET Debugging Genx'er (5)
Laptop vs desktop for (33)
Hiring four interns to get a product out the door..? A.M. (65)
WebMD sues unknown people name withheld out of cowardice (7)
Cool places to work in Chicago? Uncomfortably Numb (13)
Google availability Just me (Sir to you) (16)
How does babel work? Anon (0)
Certifications curiousEngineer (22)
Debugging vc++ DLL in VB6 Steff Kamush (5)
Getting Things Done GyanMan (13)
Delphi 7.0 vs C++Builder 6.0 ? OneFlew (9)
C# for VB programmers anon (8)
Was developer, now maintainer... Engineer (11)
Rate Limitations Undisclosed (20)
OK, so let it be MBCS The same coward (7)
Looking for an expression/idiom Rob (13)
dumb idea (python and .NET)? dontThrowTomatoes (1)
Return values as strings.. Every (30)
Should I be worried about my career? gotdangitWrongCareer (31)
look, a modern day slave ship... Lemon Obrien III (40)
Programmer moving from SQL to Oracle tjk (22)
Exim and Bcc (9)
Usability Question William Campbell (16)
Forcing a reboot in InstallShield 10 Richard (9)
Bayesian Filter for outlook - but not for spam Marcus (11)
Snippets in email answers: talking machines Stephen Muires (7)
Yahoo! AndAlso Google KayJay (3)
Small business software manager Mo (9)
Google maps and national security Oren (36)
Anyone know of a good, economical web Usability consultant? Mr. Analogy (uISV owner} (8)
CSS Zen not so hot in my opinion Andy in Austin (25)
Bulk Screencapture Gord Schmidt (9)
Need an ISP... js (7)
need help condensing stored proc code Patrick (8)
All hail our new overlord Google A. Gorilla (26)
Autogenerate unit test cases Lazy Developer (15)
Trolltech Qt Designer Far A. Field (2)
Hosted Contact Management plus WebMail - why so hard PAtrick Kirk (4)
Credits of Appreciation sedwo (6)
Distributing MSSOAP toolkit using InstallShield 10 Richard (2)
Graphics Software for the Mac Rob Warner (13)
Living in Silicon Valley Anonymous Coward (60)
Testing SQL queries for correctness? Elamaton (10)
Email Routing in Outlook or Exchange or Unix Soon to be Humbled (5)
You know your product is broken when... GUI Joe (21)
Hitachi releases 1 TB drive ! Karthik (21)
frame breaking javascript code js (3)
Designing a Support Center... Soon to be Humbled (9)
Alternatives for debugging PHP remotely? Gubed? Bored Bystander (8)
VBScript To Java Bridge Tom D (12)
Writing a Simple Parser/Language Berlin Brown (24)
Web dropdown menu that degrades gracefully w/o Javascipt? Mr. Analogy (uISV owner} (18)
IO within function or no? tripleABC (8)
Apple Xcode Becoming A Switcher (13)
Web Application Customization Chris Gibson (9)
[css] ... and frameworks Olivier B (2)
Unicode planning Another Coward (7)
Good series, Joel Mr Jack (7)
Art & Strategies of Debugging Tarek Demiati (13)
Success can be evil; what would you do? Curses. (35)
Learning C in Unix for a beginner Steff Kamush (13)
Delete key in Hotmail.. GyanMan (5)
Visual Studio 2005 Dennis Forbes (8)
./configure script on Red Hat screwing up - help Bored Bystander (15)
comments before or after statement (19)
plan for unicode? coder (21)
Missing ASCII Delimiter Characters Godless Visigoth (8)
string management app for many languages usually a lurker (9)
Escape sequence for quotation marks in a Google search John Aitken (4)
using ifstream IFFY (8)
Another documentary with a subject you don't want to emulate Chris Weed (0)
stack versus heap: more efficiency? real (24)
Firefox ain't that good (no flame war intended) S.C. (29)
Need help w/search engine submission PostBubbleWebHead (4)
How do the components of a laptop (RAM, HDD) affect battery life Insomnia (17)
The Best Feed Reader O. V. Vijayan (14)
learning ASP.NET (C#) Patrick (9)
Thanks for the "FogBugz series" Joel ! Michael (2)
File dependency tool Bart Park (3)
Online movies David Jones (4)
quick C++ question aB (12)
Database Version Control Eli Golovinsky (20)
Best books on User Interface Design (for software or web) Mr. Analogy (uISV owner} (10)
New version of JOS Idiot-B-Gone Damien Katz (8)
Access Upsizing Wizard Nathan (2)
Where did Joel say this? Eric Sink (9)
Record locking in a PHP web app marty (15)
a stupid c# question grover (15)
Stardock ObjectDesktop wannabeboy-2 (9)
College Kids Bill Rushmore (29)
Dude's making windows, not violins David (6)
Licensing Information Kris (1)
When reaches pagerank 8... OneFlew (7)
Even more delphi soso (8)
Evil hack, good hack Aristotle Pagaltzis (4)
New Google April Fools joke!!???? GyanMan (22)
Resolving a New URL to an Existing Server SadlyMortal ;) (1)
VSS jockeys, SCM questions... David Seruyange (3)
Microsoft Visual C++ Mysterio (15)
Whiteboard coding (long post, sorry) TheWhiteboardTookMyLunchMoney (46)
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