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Albert D. Kallal
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Stephen Jones M.J. Schenkel (18 comments)
Hiring teams rather then individual programmers Miles Rose (15)
anyone like vmware server 2.0? Contractor (6)
Decision coming soon Low Profile (17)
30% paycut - good reason to quit. Soap McTavish (20)
visual make for parallel builds Gilles-Eric D. (4)
Secret Microsoft Word Test String Barry (7)
Embeddable widget on websites WayneM. (4)
Renamed Product Patrick Hughes (1)
being switched Patrick From An IBank (1)
30 second compile times too slow? M1EK (24)
Have you ever left a job because of an individual? Patrick From An IBank (15)
Is the Craigslist Search Engine Broken? ian drake (4)
Venture Capital Deals - 2009 Kelly Mcpherson (5)
Monitor for each browser Ryan Wilson (9)
Good PHP resources?  Also what framework is the "best"? Hack Developer Looking To Improve (13)
Solid state fisks and optimizing build times Eduardo Gonzalez (22)
Drawing plugin? Nate Reed (2)
Is it a good time to join Yahoo! Mr. Smith (16)
Going to an early stage startup Pippi Longstocking (8)
IE is too integrated into Windows Paul McCarthy (14)
now allowed to install software on my work computer Contractor (18)
Running a business and assumptions Doug (20)
Staying in crappy projects because of the economy? Carlos Castaneda (12)
Should I learn PHP or Ruby (on Rails)? Hack Developer Looking To Improve (25) to learn it hidingBehindAnon (9)
What book am I thinking of? RGlasel (6)
Silverlight Development Rajeev Gopalakrishnan (1)
Utility Model for Software? Brian O'Hanlon (9)
It amazes me how ignorant businesses can be WayneM. (24)
Nethax! the worlds most useless webapp ultraswank (6)
Is ASP.NET rocket science Pippi Longstocking (18)
Small vs Large Company Pippi Longstocking (16)
usurping your former (maybe) Manager ... Patrick From An IBank (3)
Flex3 and FlexBuilder a long way behind Java/Java IDE (Eclipse) Mike L. (4)
Learning ASP.NET Pippi Longstocking (4)
Software for dual publishing to PDF and web/html? (11)
IT Policy David Seruyange (6)
Feedback on our new web service: MessagePub Luc Castera (6)
Microsoft Office may have free version next year Jeff H. (20)
Revisit: Certificates of Achievement/Completion TheDavid (9)
Multi-lingual challenge for my mISV Mario Montoya (5)
Evil Software Developers - How Dare They? Bill Jenkins (32)
Advice on people management Lorenzo Bolognini (13)
Implementing e-mail conversation view like Gmail Edwin (9)
IBM In Talks To Buy Sun for $6.5bil Ezani (7)
ASP.NET MVC goes 1.0 Jason (3)
iPhone? Nate Reed (21)
For my personal site, should I use my real name? WayneM. (11)
Contractor at $78/hr for W2. What's the equivelent 1099 rate? Share Pointer (7)
How do I become this Program Manager/Business Analyst role? I miss being anon (10)
Programming Competitions for Jobs? schlabnotnik (10)
Program managers are just BAs Harris Lloyd-Levy (1)
telephone interviews dan m (13)
"Lockdown" browser for testing labs ChloraPhil (11)
Joel was right - Incentive plans ruining business James Ledwith (19)
Build case for ITX motherboard? ZeFred (6)
How do I refuse overtime? here we go again... (28)
Someone embedded a script into my web pages. Help! Kerry Francis (14)
Is Online Distribution the new DotCom TrippinOnIT (3)
Do links in forum posts boost SEO? M.J. Schenkel (7)
How do I start building a "network"? WayneM. (16)
Recommended Help Writer? Germán Arduino (7)
Shy ,introvert guy  starting  his own  business Mike L. (16)
Critique our site please! Pat James (12)
Part-time contracting gig? RestlessOne (15)
Question for people who have tested Windows 7 Victor Noagbodji (8)
Fun with Program Management Walter Mitty (4)
Dealing with a guy who does everything Pippi Longstocking (15)
Getting fired eloquently... em (19)
Recommendation for a foldable keyboard Tarek Demiati (10)
OT: Screen reader software for the blind? WannabeTycoon (6)
Is It Worth Rewriting All My Large VB6 Apps in Java/.NET ? Ezani (27)
My recent job interview venting Chris Wicks (19)
CMS/Portal with great flexibility for mapping users to pages? Darío Vasconcelos (3)
Is this interview question too hard? Scorpio (54)
Has anyone volunteered at a High School CS dept? Spyplane (10)
I don't recognise this Program Manager description at all ... David Aldridge (16)
Program Manager John Topley (9)
PMs need not code Joe Ganley (4)
Hate to tell you this Joel, but the code IS the design, pal. Crimson (20)
printing from a mobile device Jason (1)
Flex/ActionScript looks darn cool dood mcdoogle (5)
It wasn't 1000 commits per day! Ted Graham (12)
How often do you commit your code? Jason Kester (20)
Web-service based fat-client architecture. Seeking commentary. Evan David (12)
Just back from the Microsoft MVP summit - my thoughts Albert D. Kallal (28)
Random broken images due to 304 response from Apache Jose Ceale (14)
his career at Microsoft... Jason Park (16)
Powerpoint Alernatives for High Level Diagrams lpr (10)
Learn design patterns OOP_Cruiser (5)
Best Practices for code sharing among a large project Roy (22)
Image Editing Canvas component? any out there? Anonymouse (1)
I need a consultant to integrate Amazon Simple Queue Service Michael L (1)
Any game developers here? John256 (20)
Making the best of a bad situation WayneM. (40)
Any recommended "cloud" online backup solutions? WayneM. (5)
Programming work on working holiday visa in Australia? Sch (3)
What's the deal with netbooks? Matthew Heusser (25)
What recession? Still hard to hire programmers Hopeless (60)
Moving Windows from H to C? ZeFred (12)
Microsoft Finally Figured it Out Stormy (10)
Photo on your professional profile! Mr. Smith (12)
Web-based groupware for small company? ZeFred (1)
Anyone tried Cappuccino? Robin (12)
What is the GPL? Ama (14)
Why I won't do more than the minimum anymore Bill Lumberg (38)
Why doesn't Chrome show a referring url? Nate Reed (8)
Links to Joel's Inc Articles Nigel Ainscoe (4)
No more Think Week at Microsoft? Crimson (4)
How do you test your Paypal Payment Standard config in Prod Prefers Not To Register (3)
Digipen Mary Beth Bliss (16)
Working from Home, what's it worth? Vee (25)
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