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Temporary variables, yes or no [TheWeasel] (48)
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Engineer ROI SWEMgr (10)
Oxford-Cambridge Elitism in IT Recruitment? Ben Macdhui (30)
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Book on "complete" web development Anindya Mozumdar (18)
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Speaking of moving, What about Houston or Dallas? LongKissGoodnight (15)
Difference between Safari for Mac and Safari for Windows Stephen Jones (17)
How to learn programming John Cimino (14)
Why are engineers and programmers so poorly paid? Nortrice (78)
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MISV Buddies ? Someone to motivate you if you have no partner. Samh (12)
dealing with upstarts (2) no people skills (19)
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Examples of Real-World Use SDR (21)
American developers working outside the US Contractor (19)
Santa Fe, NM -> Irvine, CA: Salary Negotiation/ Random Questions Elpear (47)
How is Philly for software developers? (20)
Threading  Question LostPuppy (8)
Performance Appraisal not leaving my name (27)
Wired Open Source Hyperbole cool == sucker (84)
A (delayed) Proposal for Martian Headphones Jim Rootham (7)
Do I have it to be a rockstar developer? VR (44)
Talking to a Home Hero smoke/CO alarm? Duff (5)
Stevens Institute of Technology?  Real college or "Apex Tech." ? ??? (21)
Ubuntu - wow ... what am I not seeing? Bored Bystander (49)
How do you use/do network encryption Detpyrcne (9)
Vista Question Tim Almond (24)
Please suggest a cellphone :) Victor Noagbodji (21)
so is silicon valley worth living in as a developer? Contractor (17)
"thanks but no thanks" letters... surreal (28)
Ever feel that no matter how hard you try things just get worse? WayneM. (61)
Zero Bugs - My Bugtracking Methodology Scott (125)
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How to make the leap from probrammer to manager. Liteon (30)
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Typical working hours clcr (52)
Salary vs Hourly J Phillips (21)
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Laptop with TWO batteries Penpen Kachen (16)
Silent Print a PDF Sunil Tanna (11)
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Wither OK Cancel Apply? Wayne Bloss (25)
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Linux has got nothing on Windows (for the Desktop). So, Whatever. (79)
can anyone recommend good task management software? oddjob (14)
H1Bs without actually having a job for people? huh (21)
Robots QuadPuting for All (17)
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OSS Embedded OS Hack'n for a Hobby (10)
ignore the pirates arg! (3)
Medical Devices GoingForward (24)
Reading Usenet (Google) Groups Java (9)
Microsoft is not that bad Bot Berlin (61)
creating a controllable stream ravi kumar (10)
Outsourced recruiters? UGH! TravisO (13)
"Everything you have done is basically wrong" Trouble at work (22)
co-workers keep picking on me anon for this (40)
Best Open Source Java Reporting Tool Hot AIR (6)
VS Express Redistributable? SumoRunner (3)
How much RAM for new Development PC Odysseus (33)
I am being setup as the fall guy Anony for this, of course (20)
Falling into trouble after reading Joel Anindya Mozumdar (22)
What Domain do You Work In? fishing for something new (41)
Representing my company at a political function anon for this (5)
Product launch - free to start or charge right away? (8)
Log File Monitor (for lack of activity) Tom Mack (6)
IT and Security Skorj (12)
good article about steve jobs Contractor (9)
Age vs. Skill (88)
Stupid interview question, courtesy of Wendy's Just back from lunch (33)
Confused by recruiter Confused (12)
Gmail Stupidity… (Receiving someone else's mail) Anon Ranter (32)
sequences of jobs scale (13)
dealing with upstarts? no people skills (17)
Management Bullshit Anindya Mozumdar (36)
Formal Verification in Software OP (22)
Why Raymond Chen lost the API war Dino (17)
Totally missing the point with IE8 Duff (10)
Post interview Mary (12)
Cost of IE upgrade: free. Cost of web upgrade: $1.5 Billion Mr. Analogy (16)
I love Windows Vista! (in my living room) Wayne Bloss (14)
Endless Spawning ogf threads - how to terminate Java (3)
Multiple monitors Frank (14)
Interview question GISusr (4)
In architectural roles, how do you factor in development? Bot Berlin (10)
UNIX 'TOP' Lima (19)
Forwarding address in the US Jazzman (5)
Walmart ISD? (15)
Help preparing for an interview!! (16)
I, for one, welcome our new IE8 overlords Michael Moser (13)
SSDD Cujo (5)
IE8 is NOT Stalingrad Icarus (21)
Job Offer Through Recruiter Jack Thompson (22)
IE8, Martian Headset - Great Article Paul Rivers (7)
Supporting the standard Jimmy Jones (14)
Why is google being so anti-competitive Bot Berlin (14)
World domination of mankind is already a reality? (continued) nostrils (2)
The Recession: Who's Afraid? Maple (5)
Scripting vs. compiled for webapps fh (21)
Dunno if someone has asked this before curious yellow (16)
Reference Browser M1EK (9)
web standards argument reminds me of c++... lemon obrien (15)
Quick Progression in Software Industry JTK (9)
Javascript Development? BrotherBeal (12)
Database schema restAssured (4)
Escaping the ghost of IE 7 Tim Clemons (31)
IE8 - Martian Headsets - CHANGE USER AGENT??? MichealP (18)
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How to be a contractor? (13)
Quality Assurance Part 3 OP (18) Anon Ranter (7)
Any good book on log files Lilian (0)
Valid services... or a scam? Skeptical (5)
Would you tell you children to become a programmer? Keanu Reeves :) (49)
Accountant fee Mike (8)
Best way to convey pattern knowledge on resume Wannabe architect (7)
Session cookies vs permanent cookies cookie lobster (6)
Work in Canada Yoyo (17)
Any developers working in Bryant park, NYC ? This developer needs to go out ! (3)
Floppy Drive for Server. Do we still need it? NOruto (19)
Are you sure you're good? AD (38)
Degrees Making Bank! (59)
OS/2 Open Source Zi (4)
Biotech Programming? ? (10)
Everything I wanted to say in one nice cnet comment MicroISV (49)
Software Profession X (15)
Portland job market is hot PortlandRocks (18)
Can you recommend an online collaboration tool? Victor Noagbodji (5)
Perfect vs Comeback V (20)
Are you sure you want to be a programmer? James (45)
How long does it take for mass language adoption to occur Bot Berlin (47)
Need career advice...CS or MBA (continued) Ratchet (6)
Noob question regardling tsql NoobSQL (4)
Flash MP3 player that just plays files in current directory? ZeFred (7)
RHEL certification Aja (4)
i almost give up family IT person (22)
can't get JavaScript to work in XUL file Dazed and Confused (3)
List the available filesystem roots... lemon obrien (15) dedicated (0)
Putting software on a USB drive with copy protection Mr. Analogy (17)
Chinese manufactured gadgets come pre loaded with viruses... to lazy to log on (9)
Rating a programmer on OOP skills Anon (14)
Left brain vs. right brain Knight Who Says Ni (14) MT Heart (7)
the lost geek? kittycreation (20)
(Need Advices) Buying Computer Servers Admin (7)
IT to Trader Trader IT (5)
Need career advice...CS or MBA (11)
Google Docs and other Google Apps LookingForIdeas (13)
Two questions on (X)HTML Anindya Mozumdar (10)
Do you have to understand people to be a good software developer Bot Berlin (18)
Style vs Function - Local variables. Morty McMortinsen (34)
Help me I'm sinking!! (22)
[For DB experts] SQL Server 2000; ALTER TABLE; bulk inserts Pulling My Hair Out (8)
Source/Document Management Software.. Kurt Muell (4)
Bill Gates - Increase H1B limit DS (83)
Reference Material for .Net 3.5 upgrade? Fake Programmer (14)
Programming is not my hobby Rahul Jain (79)
Which ASP.NET wiki to use? Bryan (9)
Front Office Developer Resources Trader IT (2)
With Your Spoon, Move That Mountain HDT (20)
InstallAnywhere or Installshield? panamega (15)
Call me weird I'd Like to Help (30)
Anyone know of a BAT file editor with intellisense? Mr. Analogy (19)
What's a guy gotta do to make some money in this field? Kramer (88)
OT: Why don't end users trim reply chains off of email? Bored Bystander (22)
Mature people need not apply Brown Coat (28)
Looking for a job?  The NyTimes is trying to grow? Berlin Brown (10)
Engineers, PEs, and States ZoinksThe"Engineer" (35)
Expected Salary Paul (20)
Mac/Windows dev. machine Sebastian Dwornik (29)
Got burnt out. Need a good diversionary hobby for 3-6 months Burnt out software engineer (20)
How Steve Ballmer manages to always so full of energy ? Rowdy (22)
The downside of e-mail during a job/consulting search Grinder (6)
Pronouncing people's names from other countries/languages Cat's Got My Tongue (for this one) (29)
Senoir Html Developer just another average coder (11)
just ask? won't play games (13)
Pragmaticism or Laziness? Shawn Leslie (10)
Does raising children have an effect on work team interaction? Parenting has changed me (23)
Denied: Wal-Mart Ends Test of Linux in Stores Bot Berlin (53)
upgradable hosting isvman (1)
Is it REALLY easier to find a new job when already employed? dot for this (25)
Europe to US Outsorcing OP (19)
VMWare base OS - windows or linux? vmware fan (6)
Corp to Corp Recruiting Firms Ian (0)
Sole developer projects, Micro ISVs and futility Berlin Brown (24)
No IT labor shortage Contractor (32)
"Email" architecture My app needs email (3)
Sysadmin tasks (*NOT* related to Joel's post) Don't want to be a sysadmin (1)
What does C# do that VB.NET does not do? Jeff D (32)
How often do you need to look up information? Scott (35)
Solaris for development 'infrastructure' Count Almasy (7)
U of Phoenix, DeVry, and other degree mills Trying to Hire (23)
what's the advantage of sourcegear vault over subersion? just another average coder (3)
Silverlight rules WriteOncePainEveryWhere (28)
Interviews: things that hurt or help Interviewing in biz casual attire (24)
code signing problems Michael Moser (5)
Does being a programmer make me a nerd? Dexter (29)
Any Recommendation on Good Web to CHM Converter? Documentor (2)
programmers against Hillary lemon obrien (29)
How to glue multiple PDF files into 1 long PDF file Sunil Tanna (16)
Ostensible W2 contract-to-hire paperwork with no duration Turing Maiden (12)
Apache/Tomcat/JSP on Windows null (10)
anyone have problems with safari and firefox on the mac? Contractor (9)
Making the moving to management Bj (5)
Hillary 2008 a developer (57)
Where to fine Global Bank Reference Implementation Source Code Smith (2)
Just before starting a new job... OP with a new job (8)
Layoff guy Vineet M. (9)
compile for both 32 bit and 64 bit windows with VS2008? winbie (7)
HELP! My bounce rate is 96% Maria Gabriela Pesantez (7)
iphone sdk bah (5)
How do you open the new MS retail boxes !!! Martin (11)
Cool feature for CodeBlocks Clay Dowling (0)
Howzzat about Indian IT? An Indian, who, flabbergasted about a couple of months back, can now breathe a bit easy (8)
Two Character Sets in One Page CHARSET_Guy (9)
my boss seems to have it in for me anon for this (28)
Can you fall off the wagon if you stop coding? . (20)
Inviting name suggestions for a resume management solution About to make millions ($$$) (30)
I think I'm in a huge bind Iron Man (39)
Certs A cert broadcasts that you have no experience! (22)
bingo vs fogbugz vb6er, trying delphi next (6)
McKenzie (Patrick) vs. Gates (Bill) n! labs (7)
anyone ever teach technical classes? Contractor (11)
Head hunter question G.B. (6)
Enterprise iPhone/iPhone SDK John Topley (20)
Denver Kepala Kelapa (22)
Didn't know where to turn - need help finding a hosting company Dummie (6)
low cost build farm with various setups? noroom (0)
MediaWiki or DokuWiki: Which is better? Hot AIR (5)
problem when generating HTML content in the body of a mail ERP Man (17)
How to be more productive ? Kjell (20)
Analyzing IIS log files to get the count of downloads per month Dan (5)
Data Mining for Text paranoidVegan (8)
How many hats do you wear? Bo Knows (14)
Eclipse Europa J2EE = Slow? J Phillips (9)
Bingo Card Creator Shhhh (13)
Idea for new website Ari Telias (16)
Alan Kay Speaks - 20 Minutes of Genius Brice Richard (28)
Internships outside of {Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon,..} *ptr (14)
Do you magic in your 401k? David (48)
Are barriers to entry really *THAT* low? I don't think so... Wednesday morning (38)
Dell servers might be great... GiorgioG (16)
Creating an EJB3 Entity Bean with JPA in Eclipse Europa Ezani (26)
Low-cost low-paperwork startup environments? pissedoffwithpaperwork (20)
Do any of you guys keep an IM client open during the workday? Jeanne P. (34)
Interesting how a company can go from Hot to NOT. Living the Dream (48)
Java Excel Jexcellent (10)
What Is the Most Interesting...... Brice Richard (25)
Pick $500 of your top technical books Anonymous (32)
Restarting Windows explorer Jimmy Jones (16)
Part-Time course in NYC area (3)
Unmanaged versus managed hosting Tuesday morning (4)
Quality Assurance Part 2 Just Starting Out (16)
MCPD certification web developer (6)
Does anyone ever get tired of waiting... Just wants to do his job (19)
Common bad and not so bad practices in a J2EE, .Net, python? Bot Berlin (8)
Has anyone rebooted their career and went back to school? anon (17)
Delphi Application Source To Examine samh (2)
Voice Processors Cornelius (0)
Is it time to do it?  Time for my own mISV? Iron Steak (13)
Using low paid Humans to beat CAPTCHAs Anon Ranter (23)
what does a 401K plan look like these days? 40_one_k (31)
Doing Software in a Hardware shop Mogo (15)
VBScript implementation question clcr (5)
Monitor suggestions for sight impaired person Rob (10)
Follow-Up to Remarks Made in an Earlier Post Brice Richard (97)
TransferSpreadsheet GUI Junkie (3)
Never update anything ever my name is here (28)
There is a problem with this website's security certificate. Andrew Brehm (9)
Inksaver algorithm Proview (1)
High School Computer Science BrotherBeal (30)
Horror Stories? silvermonkey (25)
How to explaing why do you want to left your current job? the OP (18)
Drag and drop in JavaSript: incompatibility with Firefox Stephen Jones (6)
Good fiction involving SW dev? Daren the Bit Twiddler (35)
Mac OS X C++ GUI coding WriteOncePainEveryWhere (12)
Microsoft vs. Yahoo Victor Noagbodji (24)
How did you name your company? Starting my own thing (41)
Dealing with sucky weather annu_gogte (22)
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