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Job Market in San Diego West Coast (14)
Embarrassing Office Moments? JJ (36)
How is the job market? Contractor (4)
Web based CRM/Helpdesk software to install on own server Simon P (2)
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Do you use paper or your text editor? nvictor (26)
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Suing a Recruiter....... Pissed!! (31)
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Transition to new language Insecure Pythonista (10)
Mozilla as development platform anon for this one (10)
How does this Bsc compare to the one you did? Bluebeard (19)
Certified for Vista-1759USD down,waiting for Marketplace benefit ISVer (5)
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UK Contractors - what did you make of the budget? JJ (1)
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Coding on a day-to-day basis nvictor (9)
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3 Year COSC Degree Thomas Prebble (15)
SI units Andrej Kvasnica (26)
Excel OLEObject – VBA goodie (II) GUI Junkie (3)
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Why do I even bother interviewing? 28/w (35)
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the "relational" in relational database? Alain Denis (22)
Check access to Windows computers anon (2)
Do I suck as a C++ developer because of this? (35)
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Localizing the job board for India Joel Spolsky (60)
Keeping row key in web app who knows my name i do (20)
Career path? Confused... (10)
JoS - Office Configuration Henry (22)
Time input in North America ? Is 24 hours ok ? Parisian Developer - (mISV WannaBe) (26)
Are CIOs "dead weight"? Lostacular (6)
Do Joel plan to talk about software development or software biz? I'm a average coder (6)
Search for Office Space Lou (15)
Neuroanatomy (7)
Turbo Delphi vs. Turbo C++??? *myName (10)
(xp) Two Desktops on one large monitor? ZeFred (6)
Pasting URLs TravisO (10)
is it worth the effort to get mroe than a meets expectation? Contractor (19)
entry level software market strong in the DC area. Contractor (8)
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Why Many Web Apps Do Not Support OPERA Web Browser? I Love Opera (20)
Losing Weight: and Job Searching FatProgrammer (65)
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Multiple MP3 podcast files w/ same Title, Album, Artist Mr. Analogy (1)
RSS on this discussion group Sergey (4)
To MBA or not to MBA Fred G Sanford (17)
What book to learn --intensive-- JavaScript? nvictor (8)
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Intentionally missing a deadline… NoName (28)
Good Open Source Webmail for IMAP Server? Mailer (8)
Logging-purpose jam (11)
Swtiching Careers XL (15)
Ubuntu is not a bad linux desktop distro. Is MS pissing on I'm a average coder (30)
new visual studio to have far reaching support for c++ Albert D. Kallal (16)
Have you been involved in SOA stuff? Ogah Ah (6)
Trademarks flameThis (18)
how come there are not more women in IT? someone (38)
What fields pay more for less work? Jack (7)
Is certification a waste of time for developers? Joe (7)
The science of end user documentation JK (8)
Who are the scummiest contract companies? anon (13)
Please recommend your favorite books on CS concepts: jread (7)
How does Fog Creek fight piracy? Spaceknarf (20)
Anyone know (roughly) what % of browsers have ClearType? Mr. Analogy (13)
Is Microsoft really serious? Wondering (33)
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CS Masters -- worth the money? the time? Arvind (15)
200k total compensation. James (Anon for this) (11)
Learning LISP Luke Petard (21)
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What is innovation in Software? Contractor (21)
Internship for international student Deepak.P (6)
Userids InSecurity (1)
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Partition of HD SanJoaquim (6)
PLC programming learning path J.B. (21)
What webmail application do you use? MailGoTo (12)
Typology of Fire Brice Richard (2)
Your prefered 3 websites for IT news information? Micro (11)
howto indent html VKM cant wrestlet (12)
Dev + Vista a dev (4)
FREE web site stats package AnnonyMouse (4)
beside MS's empower there any other way to get MSDN . (11)
How to know if JDBC connection is offline Matt (10)
FoxPro goes open source! Ionuţ Bizău (9)
CS/EE vs. CS/Math Degrees? Aspiring College Developer (31)
WinForms versus WPF ISVer (14)
Conference for Software Development Managers DevManager (13)
Software Development and AntiVirus File Scanner Settings Need Anti-Anti-Virus Advice (12)
Software not doing what it is expected to Stephen Jones (58)
Web page protected file system Gonças (8)
Short Prompts--a kvetch Steve Hirsch (8)
OK, so what's the point of the CLR? old.fart (39)
"Final Year Project" part 2 Mike Pereira (7)
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Generating UML Diagrams from PHP Code? (2)
job requires linux, C# and windows gui knowledge NotAgain (5)
Raymond Chen getting testy Stephen Jones (80)
Are stored procedures worth it? I believe you have my stapler (54)
SQL Skillz Benj (11)
Isn't SSL connection to ASP's web apps is a must? . (3)
Is 29 too old to start programing? . (23)
Is the grass really greener on the other side? Apollo (11)
Why don't threads last long here? developer (34)
What was the thing about tape backup being good? Lee (7)
My Suprise with Media Player 11 and Vista Takes Pride in the Work. (7)
Need Info: Employment Situation in Indiana & Ohio Looking East Right Now (13)
Lifehacking: best "phone as actual phone" device Peter {faa780ce-0f0a-4c28-81d2-3667b71287fd} (6)
Telecommuting for fresh CS graduate? Brendon Rapp (22)
How to show leadership (19)
Is that true Vista has .Net3.0 built in ? (18)
Am I a job-hopper? . (61)
Joel should register mis-spelings of (8)
Damn you, Verizon Damn you, Verizon (20)
What do IT folks mean when they say "install on network" Mr. Analogy (7)
New Job: When does lateral move == entry level Micheal D. (10)
Returning to IT after five years in a different industry PWrigley (9)
How to know whether someone use Google's hosted e-mail service? Newbie (9)
So you think you've got outsourcing problems... deaux (9)
Shrinking the MFT KenE (2)
Why is IT all about fire fighting? son of parnas (41)
any decent and free data modelling tools? anon (8)
Looking for SMTP information joe (6)
How to get the creation date of a task in Palm Desktop? amoghgr (0)
Please checkout my new blog shappir (0)
C# Mouse Drivers? Mark Jerde (6)
MVC books/resource? Jivlain (7)
Java frameworks for non web based applications. nimrod (6)
How to prepare for a career as a DBA developer (6)
End of Foxpro Albert D. Kallal (21)
UI - how to usably display grids/lists with many fields? Philip (5)
Things NOT to do Bruce Rennie (47)
John Backus, developer of FORTRAN, passes away at 82 R.M. (15)
Software Accreditation etm (6)
Template functions, return values and derived classes James (3)
BURNT OUT!!! - Follow-Up Brice Richard (20)
Working with internal library (C-style) in OO application? SinCor (5)
Looking for a good book on non-verbal behavior/body Language anonymous_coward (14)
DBA vs. Project Management developer (26)
BURNT OUT! Bill Lumbergh (37)
Temp job in the UK - how to approach? MI (8)
Programmer's quick tutorial to DirectX? Bored Bystander (4)
Fast external backup unknown (18)
Best Java Technologies Java Guy (11)
Help with a Router Question Please Kevin (4)
MISV and using TTS voices DaveI (3)
Adobe Apollo deaux (18)
Funny Win32/MFC Text drawing bug (?) or in the device driver (?) S. Tanna (7)
How to be a Rock Star programmer (or a World Cup Soccer Player) Green Eggs and Ham (24)
IT people who refuse to learn on their own time PO'd Contractor (141)
interview with Stepanov software developer (11)
Is there a such thing as a printer that cancels print jobs? jread (22)
Does vista have improvements for programmers? anon (17)
personal encryption software for vista (home premium) Straw Man (6)
Software package I'm a average coder (5)
Software development pays great... if you are in a red state hating New York right now :/ (50)
Software, assembled or nonassembled product? Afridi (12)
Replacement for IBM Access Connections Pete (2)
workaholics:  A follow-up to the 'Meaning of Life' post cipher (20)
Send call on SMTP server is consistently slow? Ted Graham (4)
Form follows function ... true? Paranoid Android (14)
Quote on creativity The answer to life, the universe, and everything (2)
This is just SAD! I'm a average coder (1)
What's your favorite ergo mouse? code monkey...code! (26)
SonyEricsson k800i no cool phones in the US (7)
meaning of life conflicted (24)
Recommended hoster in Europe for dedicated Windows TS server? TheFred (3)
does it get harder for you to get a programing job as you age? I'm a average coder (20)
Slick little app: TimeSnapper Mr. Analogy (4)
brain drain == gain? Architecture Astronauts (5)
Program for pasting formatted source code pretty source code (3)
anyone see someone (20)
Using Agile methodologies for project Mike Pereira (7)
Functional specs: not really  necessary? I believe you have my stapler (25)
Well, I think I found my MSCS degree program: jread (12)
Project Dashboard Software MidirC (1)
Driving changes without coming across as an upstart vivek (8)
Getting clear text in screenshot alt print screen (11)
Job Hunting for the Jack of all Trades Type Chris Riordan (5)
zed seeks new job zed (9)
new job sucks, what should I do? JustAnotherHacker (12)
Is my Dell in a death spiral? Steve Hirsch (11)
eBook DRM issue Sathyaish Chakravarthy (19)
How to create Connection Pool programmatically in Weblogic 9.2? (4)
3rd party add-on for mssql 2k5 SSMS anon (1)
Auto start - navigate program jos_fan (6)
Tech writer job description Philo (3)
Learning Shell Scripting newbie (24)
Gmail currently down ? Parisian Developer (mISV WannaBe) (10)
Project Time Estimation? Jerry Jackson (8)
discontinuing academic discounts for my software MicroISVer (12)
overqualified for a job that pays $160k+? Contractor (46)
long commandline xsd.exe Erik Springelkamp (4)
Changing jobs too frequently? Chris (23)
For Benji Smith Bluebeard (7)
VMWare vs Microsoft Virtual PC CodeIncomplete (28)
What do you guys think about this set of Interview Questions? Curious (29)
SMS through internet JK (7)
Online store conundrum Arkham (8)
How to get RSS from website without RSS? RSS4 (5)
yahoo pipes snarker (4)
18 months in... no revenue . (29)
Click as a reward? Elgo (13)
Joel software estimation article in Better Software Bernard Dy (18)
lcc-win32 thank you (6) NoName (5)
Shareware and small apps you cant live without them Bob (40)
perl length() oddness Furious George (3)
GoDaddy Domain Buy Service Mary Canady (1)
Write Letter of Recommendation OR Tell the Truth, Ruin a Career? Honesty Hurts Everyone? (48)
Image validation In need of help (7)
Citadel or Bloomberg Fin Tech (28)
How do you deal with annoying/jealous co-workers? Don (24)
How do you like this job if you were me? sillygoose (3)
where are the software companies? Contractor (19)
anyone read Joel's interview in Founders at Work? Contractor (13)
more release cycles, more experience? want to be a productive developer (11)
Refactoring Conundrum the Melbournian (6)
Firefox Bug? or am I going crazy (probably going crazy) CrazyManny (9)
How do you highlight innovation these days? Jonathan Hull (13)
ASP.NET AJAX profilers don't exist out of luck (5)
Epson vs. HP for consumer printer dood mcdoogle (26)
Pig Latin? Daniel Plaisted (31)
37 Signals goes up against FogBugz with Highrise PWills (14)
How to configure XP to has more than 1 LAN connections? Netz (12)
What OS and language is best for the post-economic meltdown? Honda Full od Silver (22)
old geezer needs a new mp3 player wb (26)
I lost my concentration and ambition for job... I am Noobi (18)
MBA vs. Side Business Duke (7)
How to prepare for a career as a Systems Analyst Dennis (11)
Simple .NET PDF generator sloop (10)
40 K a year - too low for a programmer? Gonzo (45)
Radio Interview with 'Dreaming in Code' author Meghraj Reddy (0)
Forget the top kid out of college? What about the Veteran? Dot Com Bust Veteran (42)
Bwahahaha, yet another app that screws up under Vista. old.fart (29)
how much to pay a top notch kid out of college? possible employer (78)
Grid computing FromEmeraldCity (3)
Sharing bandwidth? Dan (10)
SMS alert when my web server is down Ziggy (8)
Software Licensing/Contracts Steven Burns (5)
1099 consultants: what are you using for retirement? PadiX (23)
studying for open university maths course - what next? PartTimeStudentAndISU (14)
Why be educated? orangutan (30)
C++ Template Overuse? (31)
Google loosing milage Tony (15)
A different product Dev (4)
Database performance design problem Mark Pearce (23)
[POLL] - How many of you use Open Office under MS Windows ? Ramses III (32)
Design me a user interface S. Tanna (22)
lower risk development new kid (10)
Why is Firefox so slow? Matthew (18)
Coding on a remote desktop ETL in brisvegas (14)
Engineering/Technical Career Track vs. Management and/or Sales Flip Side of the Story (15)
Making pages available offline in Firefox WillYeo (6)
Stop whining about IT pay! Grant (26)
Advice on laptop for retiring dad PV (19)
tracking value changes in the database orangutan (23)
Product Manager @ Google Google PM (17)
Aspiring Business Analyst Anon For Now (7)
Is There A Way To Connect To An Access Database Via Web? B. Doyle (12)
Before C++ Rick Tang (42)
Does hide me from my employer? shameless node on the network (11)
ToDos & TimeTracking the GTD way Codex (6)
Legality of interopability between IM systems Michael (5)
Should I say goodbye to a Degree for my Misv ? ->SelfTaughtDude (29)
Web email restrictions anita bigloan (10)
SharePoint vs Wiki for developers Hot Topic at Work (22)
IBM Aptitude Test anon for now (11)
MDX book recommendation new to MDX (5)
A career in computer programming sucks! Simon (47)
embedded development resources SDG (6)
Looking for good .NET ORM Anon for this (14)
Yahoo mail bug? WillYeo (4)
if all Rock star programers work for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft.. I'm a average coder (46)
Web apps with Flash? TheFred (23)
localized datetime in HTML Jason (8)
How to become a better Java Programmer. MiniMe (21)
mssql server based forum no php (4)
Shopping Cart App - which gateways to start with? CrazyManny (6)
regex rescue me Robert Buff (26)
Can my old Powerbook G4 drive a dell 30inch monitor? Robert Buff (10)
no more XP? rant (25)
Instant messenger with multiple accounts? TheFred (6)
Is Linux Pro-Developer, or Pro-You? . (29)
C# to DOS application IPC dood mcdoogle (18)
security clearance investigation ts (23)
When to use Ajax Bot Berlin (14)
How are you synching database scripts? medicine man (8)
What is Sharepoint? XYZZY (20)
How does the Font installer in Windows get so neglected? Phil (9)
Bill Gates and the H1Bs Robert Buff (57)
Should I stay or should I go? Company 401K match anomalous (15)
Just how important ARE help files? anonymous coward (8)
what is your method for learning new skills? Contractor (12)
Map IP Address to City/State (7)
How to find a JoS kind "ideal recruiter" in Chicago SkS (5)
Bypassing preferred vendors for contract work ItsMyMoney (7)
Keyboard with Dedicated Punctuation Keys Bill Tomlinson (4)
Linux Software Development Mailing Lists JK (1)
Interest on a loan vs. rate on investment haven't posted in so long; forgot name (71)
Why does Joel's office space req list a shower? TravisO (21)
What kind of a manager is this? (Found in Job Posting) (12)
found out my bill rate is $200/hour over priced contractor (28)
New HTML Standards OneMist8k (6)
DOA with SOA Jerry McLane (2)
"We" verus "I" in resume thread additions AhTheInterviews (9)
"intern" - what does this mean? Michael (Germany) (11)
Negative look-behind assertions in JavaScript Norman (5)
why joel's job boards don't work too well not a job seeker (18)
do you have to like your job to be good at it? greedy bastard (15)
Stuck maintaining a heaping pile of crap legacy VB6 code :( I have a case of the Mondays (21)
Nearly uninstalled Vista... Straw Man (25)
Final year project ideas Mike Pereira (15)
Hire: A Person or Shop to get job done (Buy or Build?) Andrew (21)
A cry for help (financial problems): AnonForThis (111)
DOS console question wb (10)
Easy to type programming languages Daren Thomas (23)
USB thumb key sound card? TheFred (11)
Windows Update Problem Bored Bystander (8)
Jobsinpods D. Lambert (2)
Callbacks and a nagging issue rpa (6)
consulting Nathan Green (21)
Computer connected to HDMI-HDCP Ryan Phelps (8)
Oracle XML DB NPR (9)
Audit an install D. Lambert (3)
Visualizing Software Complexity Robert Umbehant (18)
Kinesis vs Ergonomic Keyboards TravisO (21)
Comping to a sad realisation... allow or deny. Code Slave (23)
does outsourcing scare you? Patrick From An IBank (64)
c++ and priming reading nvictor (9)
Unable to log out after setting domain in auth cookie (0)
VISTA DRM redux Professor Courteous (23)
software process at ISVs? Contractor (8)
What if Godaddy went down ? Anon for this time (5)
ASP.NET/MSSQL Server to prevent terrorist attacks! Methy (12)
Short rant about the Bash "for" loop AnotherDavid (14)
This is why I hate Mac fanboys... lemon obrien (26)
Script for sending SMS anon (6)
Software Engineering courses look really... umm.. BORING! jread (29)
Suing Software Vendors Mediocre Coder (14)
Write a screen scraper in C#, Ruby or Python? pete (16)
Which one is healthier for the eye: CRT or LCD? Dino (15)
java or .net java fan (32)
Virtualization and Streaming of Desktop Applications OneMist8k (14)
Subversion revision number into WORD document NA (3)
What does XML look like in Chinese? Wayne B (10)
Rant: stop auto-refreshing Mac Rules! (9)
Lightweight Knowledge Base App Dan the UK Man (5)
Rant: CD/DVD burners/media completely unreliable Moosebumps (24)
Appreciating XML Codger (3)
what do you consider a great programming project? someone (9)
30G on disk, burn to DVD (OSX) Lenny (13)
number of web pages stored by google? google junkie (2)
The most creative countries in the world OneMist8k (42)
Are instance variables the devil ... anonymous_coward (10)
Excel Services vs Google Spreadsheet FromEmeraldCity (9)
"comp.lang.c++.moderated" Lenny (16)
Did you know about... mynameishere (7)
Leveraging Small Ideas (13)
100% Complete Bot Berlin (25)
In-process COM server questions COMmie (5)
What do you folks think of this MS degree plan? wannabe (15)
Working at a University David Seruyange (16)
do offices really improve productivity? Contractor (28)
QuickBooks Integration ShipIT (3)
Migrating to MS SQL 2005 or MySQL 5? (.net) Asbie (16)
Drag&Drop DHTML - how to save state? Sim (10)
why do people stay in the same job? Part II . (22)
Java SOAP and XML question LosGatos (6)
Cancelling messages in Thunderbird Ann (4)
what keyboard are you using? . (40)
Seaching MediaWiki WillYeo (4)
Looking for a PDF reader. nvictor (9)
Google as the new taxman WantToSellCheapSoftware (15)
considered a jack of all trades? Contractor (24)
Issues I have had in interviews/resume Contractor (25)
FTP for mobile sales solution Babygang (2)
Free VPN software Some dude (8)
Separate offices Peter Colijn (10)
Best degree to combine with an IT degree? Larry (13)
corporate IT world is sucking me dry Gonzo (18)
Will you mention project member's name during interview FromEmeraldCity (5)
How to do this in Linux? WillYeo (4)
How to Kill the competition - Office Accounting Express 2007 StormBringer (22)
Importing Word docs in web apps marty (4)
Some MS interview questions for PM position ... FromEmeraldCity (16)
Why do employers leave job postings up? very frustrated (11)
is anyone else in this profession for the money? I am in this for the money! (22)
I have probably reinvented the wheel - maybe it could be useful Jakob Magiera (3)
code reading Nathan Green (8)
Resource editor API plugin test213 (0)
why don't people read documentation? doc guy (21)
why do people stay in the same job? job hopper (26)
Windows program to enforce good modifier key habits? Tom_ (6)
Deplhi for PHP OneNerd (17)
Softcab submitter? Sunil Tanna (0)
FYI: Vista's performance is smoking on a good box TravisO (16)
IRC Meetup Protokoll 101 (3)
SMTP Gateway for Misv product Jimmy (6)
santa barbara on $79k Nathan Green (12)
PAD files, old versions, new versions, links Sunil Tanna (1)
.NET For Desktop application Alex (21)
OSS hacked? Target (8)
Office Leases Giles Radford (0)
Link on cost per carpetable sq ft? Sandro Pinnotey (0)
Building a network Boston area developer (7)
do you REALLY think coding is f un? coder (31)
2 monitor video card for development? TurtleHead (15)
Thinking about a Mac laptop Paranoid Android (7)
do fog creek people post on here often? someone (1)
A Joel jobs ad. CaptainVideo (7)
Then vs Than SkS (22)
Resetting a Project getBent( ) (9)
what do you think of moving from PC to Mac? newcontractor++ (21)
How to assess the risk of losing software developers Geoff B (33)
Office Space farmboy (8)
Windows maximum font size? Sunil Tanna (11)
MAC address question?? Simon Vasser (7)
gmail via python or other scripting language Legume (4)
OSX java Legume (4)
Using SED - replace a range of lines with contents of file? AnotherDavid (12)
Fastest way to become a Linux guru Michael Archer (18)
Robust joystick support on Java ? - 1001 Crew - The $D016 Master (1)
TCP/IP Components Tony Edgecombe (7)
Swing or AWT? Guillaume (11)
Joel wrong about Photoshop Jeremy (17)
java programming on a mac haven't posted in so long; forgot name (6)
is offshoring a red flag for potential employer? Warlock (24)
My employer wants me to take this Voight-Kampf test .. Tyrell (14)
Orcas Javascript Intellisense! (3)
Will you inform the interviewing company re. current offer AnonymousThisTime (19)
Project Server web reports Ramiro Berrelleza (3)
Can someone explain how unit testing work? noob (15)
Learning to write compression utility Sathyaish Chakravarthy (21)
fogbugz and version managing software Contractor (3)
I've written a small utility Mark W (25)
women in software Contractor (23)
Whatisprintfilterpipelinesvc.exe Stephen Jones (3)
MySQL Gui Tony (11)
What would you do with these Master's Degrees? frustrated (17)
FogBugz & The Boss. . . EM (18)
Seeking recommendation on advanced courses/training Perenial learner (4)
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