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"I’m just a lowly tester, so I don’t have a need to know" Rick Tang (8 comments)
Domain Specific Languages in Eclipse BenjiSmith (2)
How Do I Impress With My Code Sample? Ryan (6) for domain registration? wannabe boy (12)
JavaScript / DHTML IDE with code insight, code completion James (6)
Does your domain really matter so much? Vineet Reynolds (5)
Battery life in Centrino vs. Centrino DUO laptops? Ransack (3)
Do You Switch Personalities When You Switch Languages? son of parnas (11)
Sharepoint: Default Now() datetime value for a column Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
If you won the lottery... Larry Lard (43)
Just a developer !! Arif (37)
Laptops with wide screens - are they good for development? Mike (22)
How not to design a Web site: John (24)
Numerous never used declarations Planet Funk (6)
Start Menu replacement for people who use a lot of programs Mel (22)
The ultimate excuse database Mauricio Macedo (1)
What hardware do I need to run Windows Vista fast? Jackson (24)
chkdsk file segment #### unreadable Admin (6)
Why Steve Jobs more popular than Wozniak? Mac People (18)
Anyone Use a Database Over a Clustered File System? son of parnas (16)
PHP disadvantages for enterprise applications? Builder (21)
How to restore 'Show Desktop' on Windows' Quick Launch? Newbie (2)
Programming for fun tomquest (26)
So what does a vector based graphics system have over bitmaps? More Vista confusion (28)
Global unhandled exception handlers, services and timers J (6)
Where can I download Apple Keynote Collections? Anonymous for now (3)
Test Data for money calculations Rick Tang (11)
Have chip speeds levelled off?  Will this affect Vista? Haertchen (43)
PM training: PMBOK vs. software projects MarkusO (12)
Beautiful websites how-tos. Zac (18)
The effect of the Googlebot WTF Vineet Reynolds (5)
XP slow, Win2K fast network browsing, same network?? Wayne B (3)
Internet publisher experience? Ideophoric (4)
Free Database Modeling Tool? Willy (12)
How to pronounce AJAX? Doniola (17)
Incorrect terminology A. Nonymous (28)
Mentor developer moving to new team Anon (7)
Suggestion for a good Software Quality/Testing book? UIDude (6)
Debugging a .Net service - Redux J (2)
Protecting USB drive software Jeff (6)
Question for software developers in finance Anonymous Recruiter (7)
Suggestion for a good UI design book? QADude (16)
Java Profiling Techno Geek-a-zoid Guy (11)
Who doesn't love tennis & technology? Ian Johns (12)
KVM Pricing Jason (14)
Managing your managers... Crimson (15)
Fusion binding problem - search path J (3)
HTML Frames question I forgot my posting name. (7)
Open source got a big boost during the bubble? Jobson (26)
what is crystal reports? aku beg (30)
Debugging a .Net service - crashing outside of managed code J (13)
Hilarious - but is this a UI failure? REDUX Kwesta Junipo (39)
Rails 1.1 released Umair (5)
+ - * / (Sorry Lispers...) Rick Tang (12)
In five years we will all be holding hands and singing kumbuya I'm a teapot (33)
UI Ajax Pet Peeve Bot Berlin (1)
Looking for some GTD practitioners jthurman (3)
How much do servers cost? Patrick Fitzsimmons (28)
Pre-history of Vista Rick Tang (19)
How to get candidates for a Job Event Horizon (13)
Single exit point from function Boofus McGoofus (34)
SVN Vendor Branches Scotty (1)
Windows Vista SDK - installing on Vista hangs Jerome (6)
Vertical/Horiztonal Window Tiling is Useful? α (10)
OT: Graduate school survey help Barry (1)
C++ ISO8859-1 to UTF-8 fritz (13)
Vista --> MacOS J (12)
Hilarious - but is this a UI failure? Kwesta Junipo (57)
WebDAV vs. Microformats wm (2)
Vista train wreck J. Peterson (30)
TSP/PSP (Team/Personal Software Process Radhakrishnan Mukkai (4)
Hard or easy beginnings? t3rse (16)
Is Skype "hype" on the Mac? lemon obrien from a friends mac. (7)
More verbose alternative to regex? pds (16)
Kicking the dead horse hoser (22)
What are your thoughts on regex in languages Bot Berlin (22)
Original FUD Adalbert Blumenkohl (5)
Software similar to VMWare or Virtual PC, but... Jackson (12)
USB dongle based app couldn't be arsed to think of a witty posting name (9)
Where can I get ServletRunner? Kalla (3)
Open source/free test data generator? dave (2)
Joel's booklist for programmers? Curious (1)
Definition of Security, tightly-coupled SongSing Writer (4)
A Horse of a Different Pallor George Jansen (6)
Microsoft FUD Turtle Rustler (11)
Follow-up do "Divulge higher offer to potential employer?" still anon (4)
Microsoft Woes cipher (17)
Vista 2007. Fire the leadership now! Does not dislike MS too much (20)
# of PhDs at Amazon, Microsoft, Google Colin Dellow (31)
open source Jacob Anderson (17)
how to make people read long documents ? Olivier (48)
What's your preferred method of breaking down new code? Crimson (22)
"do it yourself" vs "don't re-invent the wheel" nvictor (15)
ProxyJudge referrals: anything to worry about? Denis (4)
Eclipse RCP Allow myself to introduce.....myself (4)
hourly rates: testing assumption anon (4)
Consecutive compiles, SAME sources, different binaries! Puzzled (10)
Google results differ from dirrerent PC's anton (9)
Version control software Pat Rik (13)
Good online document storage/sharing solution? SomeBody (8)
real question... Lemon Obrien (5)
wikis Anon for good reasons (7)
Is it possible to obtain a time stamp on a TCP/IP connection Hank (3)
Review of "Peopleware" Dave Concannon (3)
Transition from different areas of IT Kc (2)
The signing insanity UnsignedInt (4)
need advice: future hourly rates question. anon (10)
"Roaming printing" problem? Whitepapers/solutions/ideas? Javier Jarava (3)
"Hints at Win32 Deprecation" Lostacular (38)
TortoiseSVN: Seeing branch log messages after merging with trunk Slow coach (6)
[Java] Loading JARs Dynamically on Classpath Thomas Newman (3)
My own contribution on the Joel Test Robert Martin (6)
liability insurance guidelines sitting_duck (1)
switching to linux clueless momo (27)
Planning to build career in embedded, whats the best way to go! Rajat (16)
OT: Need a forum to ask video questions (convert MiniDV -> mpg) Bella (3)
Reasons behind Vista ship problems? Kwesta Junipo (29)
When was last time you saw an actual BSOD? sam (50)
Firewire HD case zoomie (4)
Doing less oxff (5)
Sharepoint question! Almost H. Anonymous (7)
How to copy the data to a new HDD? Dan (15)
Perl vs Python - GC and Reference Counting A. Skeptic (32)
sysadmin hiring help - too many qualified candidates _ (14)
Creating ANT Script for J2EE Project JD (7)
VB App - Storing Passwords Bill B. (14)
Pictures as Passwords Green Eggs and Ham (15)
Developer who keeps referring to Javascript as Java A Guy (28) Distills Discussion Value Aaron Stengel (5)
IP challenged MBJ (6)
Startup: the hosting question Patrizio Rullo (14)
How to convert a bitmap to an icon Daren Thomas (11)
Advice on New York redeye (13)
Good place to start for assembly language? Ryan Smyth (14)
Conditional Expressions in Python 2.5 Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Gmail and usability Writer's block (19)
MS Sharepoint - good, bad or ugly? Anon since my boss reads this sometimes (12)
The List Goes On and On… newbie Alexia (6)
Pair Programming as a Training Tool Butters from South Park TV show. (14)
MS Vista delayed again Roman Werpachowski (3)
int main() vs. int main(void) c coder (20)
Open Source in commercial applications (4)
Console Wars Rick Tang (14)
Feel good factor... The Procastinator (8)
Changes in ATL between VS6 and VS2005? Wayne B (3)
Good IT Project Managers Steve Hirsch (15)
Plagiarism? Who knows. Curious student (21)
Feedback from Users on Web Sites TheDavid (4)
windows 2000 server: real player error message confused (3)
Today's documentation gripe Harry McBaine (5)
IMG SRC=Binary Writes Across Domains I forgot my posting name. (4)
How do you divide your time Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
OSX & *NIX Lee (10)
Google Finance -- Copyright issues? Darryl (6)
Underpaid(?) at a small consulting firm Mike (26)
Relocation tailotg (10)
Avoiding redirects on Firefox Anon for this (6)
Firefox source code Marlboro Regualar (37)
Searching for one job while at another Matt B (9)
Alternatives to SQL*Plus Hank (9)
multiple language translations watchthisnext (8)
Projects by langauge Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
aspect oriented programming revert my buffer (19)
python ides revert my buffer (7)
A beginner of eXist and .NET Partha Pratim (1)
AJAX: Change Frame Location Then Update? Matt Foley (6)
How can Vista take up 8GB? TomA (61)
jpeg compression is now patented Art Wilkins (17)
Not enough Who cares (13)
Managed Code in the DB -- How much is too much? Shane Harter (15)
Upgrade Visual Studio .NET 2002? Rod King (4)
hardware manufacturer Jacob Anderson (5)
Building up a public site Bot Berlin (10)
"Engrish" technical specs from OEMs Bored Bystander (16)
People who will download any old thing Art Wilkins (23)
What are training companies really looking for? A Regular (1)
Nokia smartphones - what can they do? XDA III user (10)
Software conferences Derek (3)
Never wrote a web app - Need advice Virgil (22)
Why 'global sourcing' fails Kaln (79)
notebook to tv: resolution problem tv (4)
Office object model????? Harry McBaine (12)
.Net on Unix Rick Tang (16)
Help with an Accronym - so what exactly is SOA? bluePrint (15)
Devastated Planet Funk (6)
Large recordset iteration slows at more than 10K records Dan Leinbach (11)
IE: not saving settings IEnewbi (4)
JoS Meetup in Las Vegas (Mix06 Conference) - Mar 21? PWills (4)
Soundbites Scotty (16)
Non-logical programmers puzzle (51)
The 55 Facts and Fallacies of Software engineering Dave Concannon (17)
Why Atom? John Topley (11)
Web 2.0 fun MBJ (8)
php vs jsp for web apps newbie Alexia (10)
Domain packs (several domains sold at once) - where? Mike (4)
Interviewing someone with military experience... advice? Not usually anonymous (21)
Behind the NAT hoser (8)
Pragmatic Workshops Herman (3)
Co-pilot development time (7)
Compensation Owed After Contract Termination Shane Harter (14)
Glide + Mossberg = too much exposure too soon? Hoosier Daddy (6)
Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Window 2003 Server? WebDev (3)
What's the Software Called Lee (3)
Anyone using Safari Bookshelf? Steve Sutton (8)
C++: "const int& x = foo()" is ok but "int& x = foo()" is not HiddenAgenda (22)
need forum hosting with an API Dev Boy (6)
best free firewall for windows xp? revert my buffer (16)
Will WPF kill 3rd party reporting tools? Turtle Rustler (10)
wall street programmer's books newbie Alexia (8)
Jakarta Commons Validator + Struts Newbie (2)
.NET Building Custom Permission (IPermission) Arif (3)
Books On Line?? Kim (2)
Regarding the "Usability in one easy Step" - Article Ned (9)
GNU Licences Number Cruncher (12)
Visual Studio Express DotNet@home (9)
Javascript onblur question dave (3)
JOS meetup in San Jose - new location QADude (3)
Giving the user the ability to add a data type name withheld out of cowardice (10)
When speaking, do you also think of validating what you say? crudDeveloper (7)
Split notebook output notebook developer (6)
New Amazon Storage Service Mark L. Smith (11)
Quality creep Mark Pearce (9)
credentials working in and not in query analyzer. STUMPED_ASP.NET (3)
Sharing dev machine with family members. devdad (13)
Looking for brutal honesty Miguel Barrientos (20)
encourage children into programming Fara (27)
XSLT question programer in action (12)
Windows Blue Screens It can't be... but I could be wrong (6)
usb device surge power Dani (6)
desktop apps Kyra (6)
If I'd wanted to ask a trick question... Daniel (10)
PHP vs. Rails - concrete examples Denis Pride (28)
Looking For Analogies: Databases as Cars Peter Sherman (17)
Speaking of gmail... MBJ (15)
sql tool: insert/update procs sqldev (5)
Classic ASP and VS 2005 Debugging Problem Paulo (5)
How hard is this question? Daniel (50)
Maintaining state Robert (16)
Will internship salary affect full-time employment salary? Johan Tibell (21)
basic windows 2000 server questions home (3)
Writing Windows Applications Carston (18)
Org Chart software What About Thad? (5)
Software I don't use jthurman (23)
Need suggestions for online downloadable music service... Crimson (10)
Opera and JavaScript Rob Brueckner (5)
Learning web design jbfan (8)
Command line access to web page Robert Lerner (8)
programmically searching/changing word forms beginner (3)
Portal Servers - Has anyone had any success CorporateJoSFan (7)
Non-MFC GUI for Pocket PC Gilgamesh (7)
Programming Language Design Resources (5)
Speaking of agile...  (estimates) Kyralessa (8)
Agile programming has fallen short... yet another anonymous poster (11)
Career in Usability JWeber (5)
practical unit testing book possibly maybe (11)
Dynamic HTML: triggering a browser's vertical scrollbar Denis (2)
Productivity in chess due to computers means more work - Kramnik Lostacular (9)
JoS IE7 Bug Phillip Zedalis (9)
Can I use bible content in my software? A guy in the pre-releasing stage (32)
Connect notebook to dvd home (7)
Home network home (6)
DVR to dvd burner home (4)
MS ISA server breaks MS Virtual servers? Colm (4)
Hosting MS Office with DSOFramer and IE Paul Mansour (2)
cellphones & memory cellmem (4)
How JavaScript Crossed the Chasm Aytekin Tank (14)
Jeff Richter's series Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Load balancing with statefull server splintor (15)
IT Turnover rate Anonymous Coward (16)
Yet another CSS question... dave (6)
How much is a figure? anon for this (8)
Question regarding XSLT another average joe (20)
breaking into embedded systems jdl1291 (11)
Suconscious Peter hoser (5)
Becoming a better writer Bill Rushmore (18)
Operating System Eugene Anthony (21)
Humorous Dilbert cartoon on Work/Life balance... Crimson (2)
Anybody use Dreamhost? Steve (14)
On specs: Joel vs. George Broussard Broussard Watch (16)
Reinventing the Wheel with JavaScript PurposeMaker (10)
Organizing a Workshop Bogdan Maxim (8)
cleaning out bookmarks surreal (7)
CSS Alignment Trick? BenjiSmith (12)
Criticizing other people’s work Bill the student (18)
Can C# be used to develop desktop applications? Sudden (18)
co-worker was rude to my wife. should i say something? ... (36)
Personal Organization for Programmers David Seruyange (13)
Why would Google buy Sun? JD (37)
Building a 'fast' site like Google, network requirements? JD (11)
need a website webmeup (10)
Starting at 40 Devon Strot (25)
where do I improve myself as a programmer? anon for now (24)
Compaq Eugene Anthony (10)
Ruby on Rails - Should I? Joshua Volz (27)
New to Web Development New to Web Development (4)
Is the new Office 2007 UI actually better? Amy Collins (20)
venting on windows search friends don't let friends use excel (18)
Deal on Dell 20.1 Widescreen LCD JD (9)
Definition of Legacy Systems Jaded (19)
I drank the Koolaid Bitter Ruby Wannabe (29)
Concurrent TCP Connectiions Yuric (10)
small laptop or big PDA size_matters (14)
Out of Disk Space on UNIX - Why the strange errors? Hank (8)
No Praise For Google Maps API I forgot my posting name. (15)
do you have time to practice? nvictor (11)
Fathers of the cubicle repent a Hack (12)
7 Habits of Highly Effective Programmers Rod King (18)
SVN Ignore RTFM (5)
Why i hate Microsoft, part 163 Mike Schiraldi (44)
Printing Code with Color Syntaxed Highlighting Yehudah (11)
"Positioning" and "The 22 immutable laws of marketing". David Concannon (2)
Origami Video Steve Haunts (19)
C and Python Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Management View on 'Risk'... Claire Rand (5)
Time management and Getting Things Done(tm) mind like swamp water (16)
Are Good Chess Players are Good Programmers? Prasad Swargam (32)
Date picker Rich Kline (4)
Thanks Johnny Cowboy: Dennis Forbes's post on email... Crimson (3)
Basic HTML problem - I'm stumped Nick Hebb (12)
W8 form for foreign ISV company Burner (1)
Python programming Ryan Phelps (20)
Why does the story always show up after the discussion? Turtle Rustler (8)
Rating Your Level Of Experience John (15) is this missing the point? Wayne B (12)
netsend.exe - Windows XP Green Eggs and Ham (5)
Alternate Career Happy to be Working (40)
motivation more important than intellect Scott (16)
Google Calendar -- Currently in Closed Beta Testing Rob (3)
Simple way to share files/todo lists Mr. Analogy {uISV} (11)
Looking for good ASP.NET 2.0 host sloop (7)
IPod questions Dan Dare - Pilot of The Future (10)
Things only a programmer would notice Caffeinated (47)
My Site is Spamming someone MSHack (15)
fdisk bad alternative diam moe (11)
"Thin" Web clients vs. "Thick" Windows clients The Right Honourable - Vanilla Ice (16)
Protecting spam trap pages on the wiki? Jesse Weinstein (0)
Are domain names worth anything anymore? a semiregular (21)
Usability in One Easy Step Ian Tyrrell (29)
Best way to learn c++ fast and thoroughly Blake (46)
Computing Industry Eugene Anthony (10)
Looking for a self hostable eImage shop Abs (4)
The Autistic Programmer Shane H (45)
"Impersonal" email communication given too bad a rap? Crimson (21)
MBA vs MSCS? (23)
need advice: Offer training WannaBeTrainer. (8)
Computer Access Software for Libraries Nathan (5)
Processing Internship Applications Paul Reiners (3)
The Misbehavior of Markets Steve Hirsch (26)
duo core and compilation blablabla (8)
Logging IP on Tomcat Hank (12)
Building new Dev Workstation JD (11)
IncerdiMail John Mullis (6)
IMAPI to replace 3rd party mastering SW - good idea? Bored Bystander (1)
Jolt Awards - not such an honor? Clay Dowling (17)
more unicode hell cant_save (7)
Distant communication Heroe of the Day (4)
Hyperthreading versus dual-core Christopher Wells (11)
Web Application Framework... Matt Trinder (6)
Fog Creek MBA David Concannon (0)
Divulge higher offer to potential employer? totally anon this time (15)
MS Access More Secure Than Visual Studio '03 & 05? Brice Richard (15)
connecting IR port of client machine through web application Praveen (3)
Invision Power Board - do they really offer support? Jax (5)
'Startup Decisions' podcast/download Marcus from Melbourne (0)
Remove autocompletion Dmitry (3)
Should I get a Macbook Pro? (19)
What's happening with Borland? Soon to be former Delphi programmer? (14)
Is there a good way to import IIS weblogs into Sql Server Sanjay Bhatia (3)
Your neighbor's wireless network. Turtle Rustler (31)
Migrate Foxpro 6.0 to VB 6.0 ?! Not The Decision Maker (12)
DVD Authoring Software - Arrgh! Turtle Rustler (22)
Is the Intel Mac Mini a good value Art Wilkins (33)
Win 2003 server instead of Win Xp Pro dev machine (6)
Whats wrong with this? lost_pointer (6)
Finance IT: What is 'Fixed Income'? Thomas Newman (18)
Want to buy a laptop Laptop Buyer (17)
Google GDrive son of parnas (14)
Coping with a bad manager. mark fearing for his ass (32)
Comet: Low Latency Data for the Browser son of parnas (10)
blog software Jason (10)
Windows GUI frontend for MySQL joe (13)
Yet another SVN repository layout question... Scotty (12)
Microsoft Eugene Anthony (16)
Salery offer 45% more then first offer doubleUp (24)
pdf highlighter pdfHigh (1)
good _no fluff_ coding/tech weblogs? not a superstar (but still a decent coder) (12)
Question on the 'Top' Command in UNIX/LINUX Hank (3)
JOS meetup in San Jose on March 20? QADude (8)
Project Management Primer Funny Bunny (18)
PowerPoint needs better methods for standalone viewing Philip (8)
Just when the Sony and DRM issue was cooling down Vineet Reynolds (7)
T0 add DB Guru's out there. . . getLastName(), getFirstName() (10)
"English Language" coding languages: not English and not code Rob Brueckner (17)
Damn lucky to be a programmer Bill Rushmore (35)
Is it possible?? web developper to game developper..; wannabe game developper (18)
Infoglue TomA (0)
Visiting NYC Karl Perry (12)
Scrum, whiteboard and sticky ChipH (2)
Good sites for Salary information krwell (13)
Why 40 hours, 5 days a week? Bot Berlin (22)
Charging for contracting/consulting work - (34)
EULA for a web service excluding law enforcement officials? _ (13)
Solaris 9 (Unix) Networking Chris (12)
IQ + working hours + jobs in science = lowest paid in the US Mario Grandene (35)
Non-IDE version control: what's your process? Jacob (14)
Space shuttles, horses asses and software versions Ugnonimous (23)
book recommendation: intro to algorithm justcode (7)
Breaking the Build Herman (27)
Business podcast addict needs more podcasts PodcastAddict (7)
Cursed notebook... once the DVD combo drive goes you're screwed Bluebeard (18)
Function point counting--pain looking for a programmer Ideophoric (6)
MySQL is ultra-paranoid, and detects a lot of errors and warning George (12)
Exploit the giants, get slayed? ronk! (26)
Subversion with VS.NET AMS (19)
Best vocabulary trainer software? Elmar Schraml (12)
OO design book recommendation? pds (18)
yeah yeah I know..asked before..desktop replacement notebooks? dev machine (22)
how to answer "can we have this done in 2 weeks?", as contractor dan (16)
How to overcome huge skepticism for revolutionary inventions? Raju_Chiluvuri (43)
Hardware key software protection Patrizio Rullo (11)
Java for end-user applications David Jones (33)
estimations - what are people really doing? Patrick from an IBank (17)
Isn't syntax coloring overkill? hoping programmer (22)
The art of patching.. Scotty (11)
Which web app framework?[J2EE, Rails, Zope(and more..)compared.. JD (20)
Local metered usage licensing theory? Pay per use jockey (11)
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