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Name Joels Movie CRS (37)
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Concurrent build process Claude (7)
The JoS Documentary Film! Peter Sherman (8)
front end and back end wannabeboy-2 (6)
Java loses to PHP? Yeah (10)
C++ member array initialization with std::copy comp.lang.c refugee (8)
Status of IronPython Scot (7)
ASP (classic/3.0) DLLs and C++.Net A little help please... (6)
Thanks Ryan (1)
Correlative Texts; Natural Language Processing Problem Jim Jones (22)
Isn't anyone curious ... Ryan (14)
RealBasic 5.5 Free AllanL5 (13)
PHP vs. JSP Ben (19)
Web application Testing Sandy (15)
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Automated Platform Testing MattB (2)
Stupid Active Directory printer question Andrew J. Brehm (11)
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SourceForge stats on projects by language OneFlew (22)
IIS 5 inetinfo 100% problem Baruna (8)
Video Card Recommendations? gmale (5)
JOScon 2005 Ugnonimous (4)
Is there any auto form filler for applications? Michael (8)
Project Rave: How good is it? Karthik (7)
Rules engine in Database data (10)
What to do? Santa (60)
any training companies still left? t (7)
PHP to .NET Compiler! Pete (6)
clever searching searcher (17)
CityDesk in the news Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
A programmer and an engineer were asked to build a house And it wasn't a VB programmer (33)
Boring User Interfaces?  Suggest some good ones! Peter Sherman (50)
Back to Basics - SQL queries Brian Gulino (5)
Can y'all give me some good SAP horror stories - especially BW? Code Penetrator (14)
Interview as initiation ritual? Jaroslav Snajdr (4)
GBrowser. Any predictions? Nathan (22)
need an HTML screen scraper hoosierDaddy (17)
Why Doesn't Joel Practise What He Preaches? Daring To Speak The Truth? (20)
Compress Images for Web? ? (0)
Hygenic Macros for Heron Christopher Diggins (1)
Does FogBugz use cool JavaScript/DHTML like Google? Ryan Phelps (20)
The Case of the Missing Bytes Kyralessa (25)
if you were to choose. wannabeboy-2 (7)
Downloadable Joel talks? Fredrik Persson (2)
everybody can be an entrepreneur wannabeboy-2 (7)
file sharing with XP Networking Barry Putt (9)
Joel at E-tech - download available? Meauim (0)
end-user programming power_to_the_people (23)
Seeking database papers (ex. SQL Server) Dennis Forbes (3)
Stale Google Snippets John Topley (0)
Documentation : looking for a global solution Jerome (6)
GoDaddy web hosting - opinions? Erik (23)
COM+ pooled components in .NET Pythonic (3)
Better file copy utility John C. (12)
How to map unused keys to be more useful. trollop (6)
Typing Software . (16)
LiveJournal anyone? Egor (2)
src attribute html: can it span several lines? underscore (5)
Anyone successfully compile QEMU 0.6.1 under Cygwin? Peter Sherman (2)
Computers are good at identifying problems but not fixing them Berlin Brown (11)
open source cms java or php based Cal (13)
Q about hire/no-hire K (8)
Globalization and translation (6)
Branching web projects in VSS Jason (2)
RSI, a little off topic... A little help please? (20)
Help! Perl/Postgres/DBD::Pg problems under Cygwin Worried (3)
Wireless question wannabeboy-2 (6)
Framework hell and Wheel-reinvention Matt (18)
If upgrading from VB6 to .NET is bad, what else? Kyle (17)
Apple Mini- Recommended? Elemental, like uranium (17)
Any "collaboration" sw (Calendar, tasks...) that is easy&good :) Javier Jarava (5)
Open MVC *Challenge* To Joe Peter Sherman (24)
Jolt Awards - Installshield ??? jedidjab79 (17) underscore (10)
Contracting at Microsoft DashTrash11234 (20)
Very nice job ad ThisOneTroll (18)
Is a 19" CRT monitor worth repairing? Bored Bystander (11)
EOL products. free? virtual coder (12)
Resetting Windows XP Fonts Decaffeinated (1)
SQL Server -> Access Accurate Coder {ISV Owner} (8)
OO Design Patterns and Jargons as memory tools Yeah (18)
Sr. Developer vs Lead Developer title sr undecided (18)
Anyone have security clearance / signal intelligence knowledge? Bankstrong (15)
ASP.NET hates non-IE browsers Josh in Jersey (5)
AJAX alternate uses and grid UI enhancements Pete (1)
Preparing for interviews interviewee (12)
win32 TextBox and tabbing question... Lemon Obrien III (3)
Business Modeling with UML Alex K (5)
MKS Integrity Suite and Borland Star Team chris (7)
How do you find the "best solution" wannabeboy-2 (12)
Training - beyong programming HayStack (0)
"I want to crush Joel Spolsky like a bug" Bored Bystander (4)
Firefox hogs up memory Anon (13)
Programming language selection Guy Eschemann (29)
Anyone here done work for clients from a distance? OneFlew (12)
Screwed by hosting company MadMan (21)
Analyst/Programmer -> Business Analyst P. (4)
web standards / who cares? wannabeboy-2 (21)
How to make an online Auction site ??? Newbeeee (15)
M&A - actually a buyout Regular poster anon for this (3)
Congratulations to Joel & FogCreek John Christensen (8)
Employer monitoring e-mail. Anonymous (17)
PowerBook hoser (7)
The impossible project, impossible tasks are dangerous Berlin Brown (20)
High level OO question: Nouns or Verbs? greim (13)
Performance testing/tuning Jason (7)
Access or dbase? ,..., (20)
Firebird or Advantage Database Server MikeG (4)
ASP.NET Search Result & Querystrings TruthSeeker (6)
GoogleX yannick (20)
Troubleshooting driver problems Cowboy coder (8)
Yahoo 360, and the lameness of invitations Dennis Forbes (11)
Learning Thread Synchronization anon (18)
Article on debug assertions? A.M. (12)
tortuous and delayed job termination Angry That Companies Don't Just Fire People (18)
Anyone used the built in mailserver on Windows 2003 Server? Dan (8)
question to the laziest man in the world.... wannabeboy-2 (13)
Yawning, boredom and getting the job done Unfocussed (14)
Am I lame or what? rad (9)
Tracking down abusive users by IP address? Snoopy (12)
Pledge for Microsoft ? Demotivator (14)
Unpaid Overtime Compensation Law Office of Jonathan W. Biddle (12)
Software patents??? tripleBN (0)
Job Offer from Elitist Company (24)
MS App Blocks and related matter Cowboy coder (4)
scan alert Sandy (1)
How do you handle midnight (24:00 or 00:00)? (36)
One for bearded ones :-) PropsGuy (15)
Tech Furniture gmale (18)
Challenging problem in VB.NET. Generic Database class Karthik (9)
Becoming an OCP Hieronimus (7)
xsd:any and SOAP Toolkits Clay Dowling (3)
Time Utilized according to Application with Focus ? (4)
User scripts that mutilate site content: could it be serious? Alex (24)
the question of vision wannabeboy-2 (5)
The Lazy Way to Success...Interesting blog... Crimson (26)
New technology fanaticism == thinking like an employee OneFlew (20)
Design Patterns: Who uses them? SW (32)
Firefox less secure than IE Rich Rogers (10)
Interviewing issue - (12)
Errors and Omissions Insurance? WhatAmIGettingMyselfInto (2)
Java Debugging? Vince (3)
VB and the SET statement Mark Igra (17)
Moving Forward Pault (2)
Can I get C++ and VB to work together? A little help please? (4)
Favicons - IE not picking them up HayStack (3)
Backwards compatibility: VB, Microsoft and Intel Kartik Agaram (7)
Length of employment Name withheld to protect job (11)
not enough power outlets in home office OP (17)
Veritas Backup Exec - or not Cloaked Vessel (1)
.net and outlook problem t (1)
How to make good variable tests ? Olivier B (8)
VxWorks EE (3)
Form.Show() hangs when done in event handler. Evan Handler (2)
visio 2003 shape resize grover (2)
firewire techbuster (2)
inACCESSible data Simon Lucy (5)
x86 Assembly Language *GURUS* please respond! Peter Sherman (17)
XUL vs XAML Gary van der Merwe (26)
Oracle->Web, how? Z.E.T. (16)
Note to Kan re: programmer for a startup Bored Bystander (19)
Powerpoint give away (5)
Old Dominion University C-- (7)
Cable Set Top Box protocol (3)
Please tell me about the N. Virginia software job market NeedToMove (7)
Parallel HttpConnections Erik Springelkamp (7)
VB -> VB.NET Don't call me a VB monkey (9)
Gripe about relearning old things Uh? (9)
Productivity Experiment David Blume (8)
PHP web app frameworks NNL (15)
HTML/Javascript question Joe (5)
Richard Grimes abandoning .NET? AnMFCAndJavaProgrammer (15)
Would YOU jump around the stage in a sweaty frenzy? OneFlew (14)
SharpDevelop/Visual Studio Broke (3)
aspx editor Erik Springelkamp (8)
Finding the right kind of programmers for a startup Kan (89)
Programming forums always tool oriented? Artad Gobeski (12)
Implementing a Proprietary language in the MS Studio IDE BioSoft (11)
Email clients and password changes Bob Riemersma (3)
Books on the market = saturated skill set? httpBasicScrew (8)
Firebird or PostgreSQL Prakash S (23)
GOOD data modeling books DATA (11)
Free Data model tool DATA (3)
3rd party providers double_dark (2)
NYC Data Center Somebody (7)
Canadian student in US, can startup? CAD (13)
ASP.NET 2.0 - R0x0rz or sux0rz? Kent (4)
That vfred list is old and sucks anyway Russ Bishop (13)
McD's outsourcing schmoe (29)
Tool to port VB6 to .Net Bankstrong (5)
Colo Expansion - part 2 Josef Prusa (0)
Specification Colm O'Connor (1)
Good Master or BSc that can be done via Distance Learning BioSoft (11)
On hiring VB6 "intelligence" Bankstrong (24)
Who pays for FireFox, and all the servers needed? Albert D. Kallal (14)
*GASP* I have an actual idea for a new software product! OneFlew (41)
Software Development West -> Can I get the videos somewhere ? Tarek Demiati (0)
MFC Vs ATL Anon (0)
Books with substance Rant and Rave (31)
MS buys Groove Adrian (10)
HTTP Basic authentication and httpBasicScrewing (13)
Why are VB6ers are upset. Robert Conley (33)
.Net based Wiki recommendations anomalous (8)
Software Pioneer Quits Board of Groove Mr. Analogy {uISV owner} (3)
Longitude: a great historical story for entreprenuers Mr. Analogy {uISV owner} (9)
C++ on Longhorn Cowboy coder (11)
%APPDATA% appdata (1)
word perfect .dat file Sandy (2)
MVP VB Petition: Get over it! cipher (22)
Magic and other RAD tools Interested Job Seeker (7)
Irrelevant backwater? Eric Lippert (6)
Graph Generator for Classic ASP Carl (9)
jop opportunities/ wannabeboy-2 (7)
Office as Platform Nathan (0)
Any Virtual PC 7 Users? Becoming A Switcher (13)
leave job and start up on own Mister Mistoffelees (12)
Stripping diacritical marks in Java? chimpy (6)
writing test cases using functionality requirement specification Tanuj Puri (1)
Signing away your intel prop rights - any choice in matter? Peter Hutchinson (7)
Life expectancy of Win32 apps? Mr. Analogy {uISV Owner} (21)
UML Tools -- True or False? Mark Jerde (5)
Uh, what short-circuiting? VB on Joel? (6)
Python Eye for the Java Guy Jacob (9)
Should I accept the contract? OnTheFence (24)
Greenspun on "progressively dumber programmers ..." James (37)
Borland database engine install with Innosetup as (12)
wikis Alex Bendig (16)
ultimate++ techie (1)
To do or NOT to do - EJBs HayStack (15)
New Paul Graham article on starting the startup Tayssir John Gabbour (24)
Where I work... Broke Public Servant (11)
Passion About Computers Implies the Desire to Learn New Things? Godless Visigoth (13)
What is the difference between an Associate Prof/Assistant Prof? Scissor (13)
Editing Docbook (I wish.) a2800276 (5)
Senior or intermediate developer? Chris in Edmonton (7)
Monetary Compensation A non-e-mouse...this time. (21)
Package Proposal For a Job In Dubai Ikari (1)
Title: Designer/Programmer/Tester Josh in Jersey (3)
passion John Haren (28)
web based Mail Merge Sandy (6)
Execute local exe from url (trying to) 8-0  (WTF?!) (9)
MS, IE, Mark of the web Steven A Bristol (8)
VIM, PHP and lousy search engines Zorg (14)
What's your C++ paradigm? Sebastian Wagner (15)
Visual C++ 2005 Express w/ MFC? Huh. (6)
Spam from legitimate business Roose (13)
Seeking Boston/New York job search advice dreaming of the big city life (11)
Web-based RSS Aggregator (with tags) Chris (9)
harried Jacob (7)
Auditioning for your job Impatient (8)
Stuff that drives me nuts hoser (9)
Life before and after .Net VPC (4)
Good intro articles for setting up BackupExec? Reluctant Patsy (6)
Should I apply? SW (7)
"Steve Ballmer Freaks Out" Peter Sherman (7)
Microsoft losing confidence in .NET jz (45)
Working for GUI Joe (5)
Profiler for JavaScript Pete (2)
Mac Mini ? A (25)
Product Idea: Managing Insurance Costs WhatchaThink? (12)
question for programmers living in UK wannabeboy-2 (31)
Longhorn FUD At Paul Thurrott's SuperSite For Windows Regular Poster Made Anonymous (8)
Decent "DOS Box" app? joev (8)
Visual Studio makes me lazy Joel Coehoorn (12)
XForms My name is... (2)
Recommended LAMP/WAMP IDE? NNL (13)
MySQL Profiler/Query Analyzer? NNL (4)
Question For Mac Users Becoming A Switcher (16)
Question for tech guys/gals with MBAs... Crimson (19)
VB4 to C# Caffeinated (1)
First the low level programmers, then the low level managers... Yeah (15)
EQ questions in interviews Rich Rogers (25)
Web Data Extraction Tool and/or API? Yes. (7)
Objective-C vs. C# Lies of Society (31)
What is a "code monkey"? Bored Bystander (36)
Netscape back in the browser business . . . (10) made me cry Elamaton (33)
Quiting Looking to bail (16)
EULA template Harry McBain (3)
Java Embedded Databases -- Performance Comparision Jamie Lawrence (6)
do you think it is worthy? wannabeboy-2 (8)
RubyOnRails dooo be doo be do (15)
The coolest bloatware ever Jan Derk (20)
Are you a humble programmer? Vertigo (20)
Selling software at convention marty (9)
Issue/Project Tracking SW? (ie: Do you use FB for this?) Javier Jarava (2)
Microsft's disservice to its developers Cowboy coder (19)
Love this joke Wayne (11)
Rolling your own Business Tools Simon Lucy (22)
Ask client and chopshop about rate? ???? (16)
XForms Please please tell me now (1)
Interface vs. Abstract Class Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
I've been fired last thursday!! :'( Procrastinator :-( (34)
Specialization Dr. Spock (14)
Auto-truncating SQL/MSDE *.ldf files Brett Clapham (1)
Dumping SQL Server DB to plain text? SQL Serf-er (4)
Simple, small, and free, Java H&J algorithm? Peter McKinnon (3)
CVS and web development sam (19)
Do open source systems have specs? Torsten (23)
IC - what can I write off Mike (5)
What % of PCs out there are Windows 95? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (23)
UTF-8 and hebrew kimbathewhitelion (8)
Costco Merchant Services Edward Livingston (2)
Getting Rid of a Contractor none - I don't believe the contractor read this group, but you never know. (21)
signalling NaN versus quiet NaN Maxime LABELLE (15)
Headhunter or Not? Patrick (19)
Joel will have a heartattack if he... Guyon Morée (8)
SQL Question Tom (2)
Spec Rant Rant (10)
Which Website framework (perl, mysql, template engines) Soon to be Humbled (10)
NYTimes Article: I Got My M.B.A. in the Israeli Army Jayson Blair (15)
Paper About Relative Communication Effectiveness Anonymouse (5)
OSX software, open-source. Nate The Great (6)
Mind Mapping Software & Mind Mapping Add-On for MS Project Tarek Demiati (6)
Mark Lucovsky leaves Microsoft. Camilo Telles (23)
MSDN subscriptions? A Dev in need is a Dev indeed (13)
Dress code at Fog Creek? Anonymous Coward (57)
Burning ISO's Nathan (8)
Non-Platform specific book about threads and processes Tarek Demiati (7)
CAE Chaos (6)
SDK for Developing Games --> XGameStation Tarek Demiati (4)
Google Desktop search : won't search *just* the browser history Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (5)
MS Access for free version? Cowboy coder (14)
techy needs an artist/designer O.S. (5)
On being excited about your job everyday... Crimson (12)
Adobe Reader 7... WTF? Duff (9)
A Bizarre Excel UI Feature Jamie Lawrence (17)
Does anyone know a good ASP.NET book? Daren Thomas (10)
File format for reports... RTF ? ...HTML ? OneFlew (12)
Finding duplicate code in source file(s) Max Riz (10)
Create USPS label with postage from code? Joel Spolsky (10)
Undergrad CS natasha (18)
Advanced SQL? Duff (5)
Degree... College drop-out (17)
Tivo HME Josh in Jersey (4)
App Design Decisions Mauricio Macedo (8)
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Overture is being renamed Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions Pete (7)
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class diagram tools Lemon Obrien III (9)
This just blows my mind AMS (26)
Install a Win98 Virtual Machine Old McDonald (11)
Easy to Work With, in Addition to Smart, and Gets Things Done Erik Neu (28)
Edit Merge Commit with VSS Gary van der Merwe (4)
Internet-Based Version Control Service Mark Jerde (15)
Informal Survey: How Reckless Is Your Software Company? Cassandra (31)
job offers/ atlanta georgia wannabeboy (9)
Another perl question Perl Newbie (7)
Access remote service components in .NET Pythonic (3)
Javascript question, I think John Wilson (9)
Becoming a windows sysadmin on the cheap. bof. (8)
Code As Design Matt Cruikshank (43)
what format for ripping CDs? OP (28)
VB.NET - Boolean - Why was it not changed? Or a new one added? KayJay (18)
Will Visual Studio even allow me to do this? Clay (7)
iTunes tools? gmale (8)
Bartender! A round of drinks for every one in the house! KayJay (36)
Notebooks Part XIV... Nigel (19)
date operations wannabeboy (16)
how-to: animated tutorials? Vlad (8)
Automated Build Process MattB (12)
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