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What are the 5 most popular uses for Maple ? (thx) Is this too much tool for most people? (17)
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JavaFx In Agreement (3)
File explorer in windows, don`t want to reinvent wheel gta (7)
Ok, finally understand REST, but why PUT and DELETE. Bot (26)
Common area in memory for two windows applications Roger T.D. (11)
Serializing data to disk...what a pain illpa (15)
Passive - Aggressive User Base It's A Bad Day In The Code Mine. . . (9)
Salary reviews at IBM WhatToExpect (7)
Cloud computing? HoustonDotNetUser (5)
KML Generator? Duff (3)
How to advance career? DevToManager (10)
Reading data from Pervasive Software's Btrieve? ZeFred (8)
Software Middle Management Salaries? Soft Duck (16)
LINQ, anybody? Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before (18)
Any recommended books for web-based user interface design? Paweł Radecki (18)
Closing Empower ISV K (1)
Who got their VS2008 from MS's installfest? HoustonDotNetUser (8)
New MFC updates for vs2008 Martin (16)
web app suck! why so many suckers want web app? . (47)
Online (or offline) Collage creator looking for collage creator (1)
Concept of pushing data to a web server Bot (10)
Does WebOS REALLY Sell? OS in a web browser? Ridiculous (3)
web software directory listings Shapiro (2)
Weird BOT traffic in my Web Logs Krispy (8)
Anyone else thinking of switching careers? Switching Careers (70)
Recommendations for Server File Backups? Ryan Smyth (9)
Life after PhD: Telecommuting / SW of England JJ (30)
Now comes Yahoo! and Rick Tang (5)
int64/long long xcode/gcc, hardcore... lemon obrien on his mac (8)
A Software Company Without Developers? Fredo (19)
PayPal JobSeeker (1)
What did I get myself into? I needed to rant, too (34)
The $84M work-around... J. Peterson (5)
I Work With Retards... Need To Rant... (20)
PowerToy Calculator SM (25)
Curing analysis paralysis with "hacking" & constant refactoring? SinCor (The OP) (9)
Irritating query rewrite behaviour in SQL Server Reports 2005 SQL Server Reporting 2005 (0)
Windows explained so your granny can understand it wauter (24)
$15-30k is a "fair" wage for a senior H1B developer? Contractor (34)
lets see if Joel is REALLY a New Yorker Contractor (14)
Why doesn't Linux support control keys? ZeFred (20)
Imagine if Microsoft said this... Duff (6)
Extreme performance (kernel mode, FPGAs, embedded) ? Hockey Player (23)
Java Charts (Pie Chart) No Longer Anonymous (3)
Another "I lost my job today" post Michelle (36)
Perfect Vision W Ong (12)
Why isn't Windows CardSpace taking off? Victor Noagbodji (28)
thoughts on mac time machine backups vs. other backups Contractor (4)
Ready for a New Web Model? cybersoul (24)
basic Mac question Contractor (5)
Microsoft giving up on Vista? flameThis (32)
"Classic 3-Tier" Architecture -- WTF? 3-Tier Hell (12)
What about Delicious Monster? CuttingEdge (8)
Productivity in Objective C and Cocoa Zoolook (8)
TripIt is not awesome Bill (5)
amazon ec2+s3 combo VS dedicated hosting abacusless (4)
Presentation file format and Macs Christopher Wells (7)
VB6 Apps and RegFree Com - it works! OneNerd (10)
VMWare VM Newbie, 4SURE (10)
Is this a bad reason to make a career decision? anon for obvious reasons (29)
Can you imagine if Microsoft said this? system of a Don (34)
Getting experience GISusr (1)
Amdahl vs Moore or, why multicores won't save your bloated app rubinelli (20)
exact matching of interview answers -the lost art of programming MicroISV (23)
Microsoft to buy Yahoo nullptr (25)
Good software for translating a book Espagna'2002 (5)
Wiki samples for app design notes? Pat (1)
boring jobs random_dude (13)
Rewriting applications John (22)
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