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electrical engineer v. computer engineer? what is the difference Contractor (19)
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Embedded HTTPS server Doug I (14)
Standard C libraries? 28/w (13)
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Comet and Tomcat 5.5 (0)
Apache2 PHP5 and SSL Guillaume (7)
A common (adminstrative) interview question ... FromEmeraldCity (4)
Best Book for OO PHP 5 (10)
A Topic for the Daily WTF? (49)
I don't like my computer science professor. in case she is reading :D (36)
can I fire on these grounds? that language cost my company a 20,000 contract (20)
Good UI Designer Tool For Java SwingIT (6)
No longer a developers forum? SumoRunner (14)
How high productivity can be attain with C++ ? Anon (16)
Ccom Reminder in US Stian Teige (0)
jobs posting web application nvictor (2)
Programmer Salary at Hedge Funds, IBanks, etc. really 300k? inquiring_mind (44)
Interested to apply because of step up in responsibility? Anonimus (5)
Being asked how much you make on interviews... Crimson (22)
C++ CLI entity (8)
new oracle dba hire - jos job listings. jos_fan (5)
C++ Open source vector graphics library? Anthony (6)
Any demand for Qt skills? Bluebeard (10)
RPC for C++ Robert Buff (20)
HELP!! Want to become a software engineer Adrian Aycock (21)
say something nice Robert Buff (17)
API Verbosity in design (20)
High resolution LCD's? Apparently bad googler (18)
Old Mathematician Portonintion Claptishiog (20)
Employee termination (YES!) getBent( ) (42)
Rant about "Intellisense" (the term) Karl von L. (17)
C++ graphics library Jimmy Banks (9)
Question about Copilot's licensing scheme? Ach (1)
Implementing an STL allocator that uses shared memory Arun (15)
How to extract hexadeimal representation of unicode from packets Saba (2)
Web Application size limit in Tomcat 5.5? (10)
I'm a dumb analyst Starts with G (17)
What kills me as a tech recruiter Glutton for punishment (63)
Charter: The WORST customer Service getBent( ) (18)
gimick compensation plans compensation (10)
all day interview without a phone screen first? someone (15)
company does not provide a phone? Contractor (17)
Certifications. J (13)
Only 47% of Americans like their jobs (21)
Preventing duplicate in a website Ted Graham (8)
WOW PowerShell pwalkz (17)
what's the value of MS/PHD in CS...How about the value of CS 4yr dotforThis (19)
Payed Travel contractor (14)
Our way or the highway... time to start a skunkwork ? I dont want my boss to know my real name (11)
What can Adobe Acrobat Professional install possibly be doing? haven't posted in so long; forgot name (12)
Best Powershell IDE? Powershell Noob (13)
Any tips on tablet PCs? Drew K (9)
Standard-compliant web apps nvictor (4)
Python and Apache web server... nvictor (3)
MS Technical Support recommends using software cracks? Roman Werpachowski (6)
How much do developers make in NYC? MBJ (33)
Oracle Sucks! (rant) dood mcdoogle (47)
Weird Javascript Error clueless-user (9)
Software Bug Halts F-22 Flight Lostacular (20)
What language to build the next wide eyed (19)
4 hours of technical questions versus exam results and portfolio ALittleTired (24)
Sorry Joel, Western Culture Sucks Gregg Tavares (24)
Windows Event loop and Message Pump? Chen (15)
Switching away from OS X? Sassy (25)
Good news websites for software? Nikolay Grudin (1)
What's Expected At Interviews Today? CuriousMindsWantAnswers (12)
Trombone Player Wanted MT Heart (6)
What should be expected of me? AnonAtFirst (15)
Choosing a University (Waterloo or UCLA?) student (22)
GREAT Alan Kay Video Grant (1)
Success/Failure stories as a poster on the job board. Noah (5)
Laptop advice needed... B.M. (10)
VMware images - is running them compressed any better? x (7)
real-life "take the blame" example: JetBlue o.s. (10)
New software: DriverMax 2.3 driver manager The author of DriverMax (5)
Can I Ever Go Back? Jeff Alab (13)
Boston Tech Scene? BenjiSmith (23)
Switching to ultimate telecommute (from USA) Anonymous Monkey (11)
Microsoft telephone interview Brendon J. (14)
What is the difference between C# and Java FromEmeraldCity (37)
I love Google apps nvictor (4)
Screen Scraping SCADA Guy (7)
Online Sticky Note Rich C (6)
am i safe now from repetitive strain injuries InMyLateThirtiesNow (6)
Ultimate evaluation of XML Rick Tang (13)
How to deal with this one Anonymouse (14)
what's the best script/glue/dyanmic Language for programmer and . (17)
I hate office 2007 anon (20)
Google contracting - (6)
Website Homepage Strategy Olivier B (4)
My core web browsing has come down to 4-5 sites, you? Bot Berlin (19)
Delete file in Windoze - why so long? Green Eggs and Ham (10)
I'm amazed at how much I rely on the internets PO'd Contractor (6)
web search search_buff (5)
Liberal Arts Bachelor's: MSCS or BSCS as second degree? Indecisive (8)
Joel - What about a microISV directory on JOS Anton (9)
career path for a generalist Dennis (11)
Why do you use Smarty? Drew K (16)
What Do You Think About OpenID? John Topley (3)
Whats in a Dell Box Lee (6)
Hebrew Presentation about "The Joel Test" Shlomi Fish (0)
Stealing clients Master Trainer (30)
Code Camp NYC - anyone going? Patrick From An IBank (4)
45 million euros(!) portal is online Lorenzo Bolognini (28)
Beta Testers Needed in return for a Free copy. Conkerjoe (5)
The job is stressing me out Joe (27)
Language for small Windows app John L (24)
E-Mail Padding ? Dan the UK Man (3)
H1B Lee (15)
Bought the book - six years old! WTF Ivan Pope (23)
Are autobuild tools really preferable to build scripts? Mike (11)
library and API dreamers (3)
What to make of this manager? inHiding (18)
database design noem (6)
This Forum's Javascript uses too much CPU Meghraj Reddy (14)
developer's magazine? Asbjørn (16)
Changing website URLS - Will Google still love me? Russ (2)
My religiousness was tested at an interview Shawshank Bob (63)
Extracting data model from .DB file EagleSoft (4)
Downside to Is it unlimited? onanon (6)
the death of courtesy in hiring today AnonymousForToday (20)
Technical Evangelist interview AnonymousThisTime (12)
Telerik Lee (11)
write test cases against requirements doc or functional spec? haven't posted in so long; forgot name (17)
Chicken & Egg problem: J2EE hiding from boss (20)
AMD chips in laptops jimmy banks (11)
Domain name management software recommendations? Bernard Vander Beken (0)
Between builds G (25)
Best aspect ratio for LCDs ? BC (24)
Performance when updating JAR Manifest file IoanC (2)
The (slightly) darker side of good customer services shappir (5)
Investigating Options MoveOrNot (5)
37 singal's web app - do people actually pay for it? . (5)
Dual Monitors w/ Laptop Marc (13)
Violation of Job posting rules Figure (14)
Javapos & Jpos mac (4)
Windows User Mode Installs/Updates Advice Backwoods Dev (9)
Web Service Security Znady Myjorwske (4)
do you know any good PHP framework? Golan (7)
Help me assess a team management decision I made a year ago WantingToDoTheRightThing (16)
Mac users can't believe billg screwing them on VBA a Hack (18)
Java is making me sick Bot Berlin (29)
Dreaming in code podcast code nightmares (0)
job posting question... opengl_programmer (4)
what would it take to get you to work for a startup? Contractor (17)
Hosting Vista within Virtual PC 2007: does sound work? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (4)
A javascript question (7)
Write Ruby code faster with ED for Windows Neville Franks (4)
Logging for operations staff Gerald (2)
Where to go? How to go? so far, so good (9)
Making great money with a very shady employer Henchman (66)
Customer Service - What does $20,000 get you? Anton (17)
Deaf Programmers iHearing (17)
jsdifflib - A Javascript Visual Diff Tool & Library Chas Emerick (4)
Simple Project Tracking (ala Basecamp, ActivCollab, etc) Rob (4)
where 2 discuss "possible" employers? (or, what do U think of..? A regular who wishes to be anon. ATM... (11)
What can I build with the time I have? ISV by night (6)
angry interviewer abusive and wripped certificate up thatwasmydreamjob (41)
Does your company have an award wall? xampl (10)
Windows 2003 Server RDC problem Sanjay Murthy (1)
Do you always use a domain model? semigeek (15)
Sofware upgrades Bob (2)
PSExec util advanced setup question drtext (6)
70K USD for job in Jersey - good offer? Asking for a friend... (26)
What is CodeGear up to? icarus (3)
What tools did Apple use to make iTunes? lemon obrien (12)
The death of computing I am Noobi (12)
Patrick from an IBank JC (5)
Even Microsoft thinks Vista is a lemon Bluebeard (3)
Keyboard tray vs desk. nimrod (10)
Would calling this a boom be too strong? smartin (7)
IE and MSXML version madness, tell me I'm not crazy Help! (4)
DST Nonsense... are you ready to kill someone yet? Duff (23)'s search - user experiences wanted TheConvert (7)
Any software programs touch your soul? Donald Adams (56)
dreamin' 2 realpc (3)
dreamin' realpc (10)
Customer Dis_Service Cj (7)
Anyone tried out VPC 2007? Nick Hebb (15)
An average hive of sameness and mediocrity Twin Cities Loner (15)
Mobile contractor xampl (9)
joining small isv straight out of college lightbulb (32)
If you can’t trust your people, you are in trouble. son of parnas (13)
Framework/Pattern for Batch Edits? Steve Truesdale (8)
OK - I HATE CONTRACTING! Hello, I'm a PC (32)
Blowing the dust out farmboy (7)
How to integrate sub-version in my app? Chen (5)
HTML Parser in C++ Arun (14)
Customer Service Patrik (4)
Buying a domain Anon for this one (3)
Delphi for PHP Mitch & Murray (from Downtown) (26)
fog creek software managment training book list VeryWellRed (6)
Two ways to solve a problem, three ways to handle it Peter {faa780ce-0f0a-4c28-81d2-3667b71287fd} (6)
Development Job at InfoSpace Anon (2)
Seven Steps To Remarkable Customer Service Donnie Hale (26)
Chicago, Need advice Anonymous Please (28) Joe Deep (2)
Good place for free Java components // Ixion \\ (11)
Java UI API for Desktop Application // Ixion \\ (3)
Progression of forum contributors SumoRunner (18)
Vote for Dell to offer clean installs. IanH. (24)
InputMask and other "common controls" for Web apps Wayne B (4)
Having trouble understanding loops in arrays: Programming Newb (32)
anyone use godaddy's domain buy service? spudz (4)
Describing my product. Please comment. notYetFinishedAndOnTheGo (15)
why programmer job listing alway list godzillion skillset? . (15)
.Net - VB and C# is pretty much the same oldSchoolVBguy (18)
Programmer bad performance due to dating wehaveaproblem (45)
"Don't waste your money on expensive [developer] payroll" First Time Poster (48)
My attitude - and turning it round Change averse (14)
Programmers' health problems Sam Wong (23)
Is there a way to use .NET classes from Python without compilng? PO'd Contractor (3)
Online Dgrees - Any value? G. Bobby (27)
Qualities of a good Techincal Lead Blazer (5)
Negative Captcha against Spam Steve Balogh (10)
Embarrassing mistakes? Regular (19)
Where do good C++ teams exist ? Diwakar Shetty (13)
Too Many Meetings? Nice to _Meet_ you (18)
life advice, and the truth (for low GPA students) Jon (32)
Value of Master in CS = Get you in with Microsoft, Yahoo and Goo notSure (4)
Bonus 2007 - What did you get? Anon for this one (34)
Is There Web Software That Does Everything? gemini (9)
Have You Tried an Amazing Dev Tool - ILMerge? Brice Richard (12)
My dilemma lemon obrien (14)
Public Specification for Web Applications Bot Berlin (8)
One mistake and looks like I may be fired .. Shiny New Anon Guy (37)
How Long? anon for this (15)
Developer mouse. Jason (27)
Open Letter to Google about interview experience Ms Annoyed (46)
Someone please tell me why the iPhone is better than Nokia N95 Anony (22)
C is the new Assembly (14)
Digital media stores (databases) jonathan (8)
MS in Computer Science or Computer Information System Will T. (4)
goals and objective... FromEmeraldCity (3)
Rimage 360i wont duplicate audio CDs OC (1)
Internationalized VAT/Tax Calculation module Kim (3)
Accepting counter offers slam smith (11)
Software Estimation FromEmeraldCity (22)
Which ASP technology to learn please... Victor Noagbodji (12)
value of a masters in CS? (part 2) Victor Noagbodji (21)
How do you handle roll outs? Rollin (5)
H1-B salaries (5)
Good book on MSMQ & MSMQ ressources // Ixion \\ (1)
Installer Program OneMist8k (7)
A non-technical interview question ... Developer (23)
Red Hat Certified Engineer sj (6)
Open source or inexpensive substitute for Mercury Test Director? haven't posted in so long; forgot name (7) Screenshots S. Tanna (13)
Knowlege-base management software recommendation? Jeff Kotula (2)
Continuous Integration (CI): One step beyond. GUI Junkie (8)
Would someone please critique my (web development) resume? Joshua Carmody (12)
Linux filesystem performance? pmuhC (14)
Starting a new Windows app in MFC in 2007. john (20)
Domain model for Forum FromEmeraldCity (3)
Free .NET Winform skins ScardyCat (1)
Need J2EE Recommendations Frustrated. (5)
Anyone using VS6 with Vista? Core 2 Duo rules! (2)
Migrating vb6-system to c# .net Asbjørn (9)
Yahoo Pipes UI JohnSonRoot (3)
value of a masters in CS? student (26)
Cost of development tools Lance (28)
Any reason NOT to do Empower? anonymous coward (9)
Light-weight RSS client that minimizes to the icon tray? TheFred (7)
Good Book on Web UI & Usability Scoopex (13)
Need Vista assistance VistaHater (5)
Big security hole in Vista? Roman Werpachowski (26)
The Big Picture & Pair Programming James (10)
Monitor Windows via SNMP SNMP Help (2)
Good Book on DreamWeaver Scoopex (2)
WEP/WPA Dan the UK Man (16)
Need a suggestions of a good tool to delete cookies and.... M.C Coco (9)
I just love it when client try to make me an offer to be a FTE.. PO'd Contractor (27)
mobile app development Just Asking (18)
Share your ideas for improving forum structure FromEmeraldCity (21)
I knew this would prolly fall apart in IE 6 and lower... le sigh rod (2)
32 Reasons Nearly All Geeks are Severely Underpaid (23)
Job offer at a former employer - (20)
unpaid over time as a contractor? question (17)
bait and switch in an interview? annoyed contractor (17)
Easy Graphics? Bob (22)
Do you as a developer work/code the whole 8 hours? Bot Berlin (31)
Grid Tree control in .Net Developer (4)
What to pay an accountant Peter (13)
are MBA programs complete garbage? MBA Student (39)
Multi-Language Dev Environment SumoRunner (6)
Microsoft is pushing C++ Tim Ohm (21)
Good UML books Learner (5)
Standalone Application noem (4)
Damning article on Vista from Forbes Bluebeard (39)
Good Code To Read - Please Suggest Bart J (8)
Invalid Object Name 'foo' when running from a stored proc rod (3)
"companies have lost billions and startups went nowhere... workingHard (33)
Best programming language for web development? Alexander (39)
Is having a default.asp page vs. index.html hurt Google PR? Mr. Analogy (13)
Cool vid on C++ and Pointer oldSchool (7)
Microsoft Open Licensing? SD (2)
Simple Web-Monitoring Service Anon (15)
Commenting a block of code in Visual Studio Ken Klose (10)
Could a blog help me break into management? AnonFutureMgmtBlogger (21)
Building Debug dll automatically from C# Express Edition Ken Klose (3)
New language, kind of interesting (Factor Language) Bot Berlin (4)
Chat program for a family chat? Ted Graham (7)
What do you think about this protection scheme? TimexLoader (21)
Usability of a word processor Christopher Wells (16)
Interview Questions Censored Loknor (51)
what's the 7 habits of successful programmer? . (26)
AJAX: That much to talk about? David Seruyange (2)
I've got a great search engine and I need funding! Green Eggs and Ham (13)
Why No One Forks Eclipse Project? I love Eclipse (10)
my two cents on Windows vs. Mac . (17)
Sample web service code in C# to support REST FromEmeraldCity (1)
Time to rant Cory R. King (38)
Books on BA got a BA now I'm a BA (7)
Open Source .NET Libraries? Ken Klose (6)
So is Perl 6 dead in the water? YACC YACC YACC (30)
Web app for documentation like PHP docs? anonymous coward (2)
Online site in Taiwan to order PC parts? TheFred (8)
Visual Basic in one week? noagbodji victor (9)
Graphical Call Tree ~Eric (3)
Are Smart People Know-it-alls? Ex-Mesa Member (50)
QOOXDOO ~Eric (3)
Write a new book or post all on my website? PO'd Contractor (14)
Industrialization of Software Development Brice Richard (29)
how much user tracking of changes do you do? Patrick from an IBank (11)
Procedural programming seems to make so much more sense than OOP New Python Convert (52)
Code signing for Vista - how? George (1)
Help Setting Up a Virtual Private Server hosted account RealStats (5)
Simple VS2005 Question Bored Bystander (5)
Heard the podcast, Joel is very honest Bot Berlin (12)
Suggestions for backup software Jim G. (16)
IQ vs. CV anon (59)
Joel says the Software component of a business is not critial? Vincent (15)
The .NET Framework does not recognize Sudan! PWills (9)
Conundrum with regards to extracting large data sets CodeNut (12)
Computer security...done right? Jimmy Jones (8)
Min monitor size for development anon (24)
Website hosting via Apache with ability to edit httpd.conf RealStats (8)
UML Ruler >> The Night Blogger << (7)
Does Katie Lucas have a blog? K-fan (28)
Tools of the trade Boris (3)
how do you know when the axe is coming down on you? notSure (30)
Which diagram to use for drawing system dependencies/interaction lewindletter (3)
Dropping defaults in SQL Server clcr (5)
development metrics? Anon for Now (10)
How to run IE7 and IE6 on the same machine (9)
Unit testing of GUI's Yoriz (12)
the perils of javaschools Martin Surjoel (6)
Interview ideas for developer support position Anonymous (8)
Fat Clients vs Web Apps Chris Brodie (14)
taking a job, then quitting for more money contractor that needs help (26)
radical variations in compensation for programmers? rate question (18)
Please recommend automation-macro softwares Toronto Simon (4)
Do you keep design disucssion (history) in design doc Developer (5)
hosting a sub-domain on a different host? Ted Graham (12)
Painless technical specifications Kedar (1)
Question: RSS Viewer and Forums (3)
Difference between Patterns & Algorithms >> FairLight << (10)
What's wrong with content management, Joel? VL (18)
complaince management werstyle teen (0)
Reworked my article on quality bac (20)
socket connect takes seconds (!) on XP SP2? Jon (3)
CSharp VS 2005 Project Documentation (NDoc Replacement) Mark Jerde (9)
How to get an idea from my mind to reality (VC advice). anonymous_coward (19)
Recommendsation for online file storage CodeNut (12)
Calculated Mediocrity... Quasi Anonymous (18)
How to record my financial details? Just A Guy (9)
Spammers trying to use my forms (suggestions please) anon for this one (6)
Web Services - few questions FromEmeraldCity (9)
Tool for Prototyping Web Interface Z6PO (9)
Am I being paranoid about Vista? Bluebeard (21)
Any recommendations on proj mgt software? Phil Gates (6)
Funy, PC vs Mac lemon obrien (15)
Poor GUI for other languages of Joel on Software website Steve Bennett (1)
Thanks for letting us pirate Roman Werpachowski (7)
How should I treat my reports? new pm (14)
Remember when... wb (53)
"Novell Could Be Banned From Selling Linux" - huh? dood mcdoogle (27)
Great help! (1)
Can anyone point to sample contracts for work for equity Bill F. (4)
How do java transactions work? Vincent (6)
Windows Vista licensing - already utterly broken Bluebeard (32)
Windows Vista Qestions ? m (8)
Would you highlight words / sentences in your resume FromEmeraldCity (18)
MS Access splitting database question Dana Hoffman (13)
Web 2.0 defined Pre Web 3.0 (0)
Asking for old job back = setting myself up? Wayne M. (15)
"Joel says desktop is dead"? OneMist8k (50)
Help an xpath n00b Ken Klose (4)
Unemployment Insurance System Seems Pretty Messed Up! Znady Myjorwske (17)
Virtual OS Jerome (10)
Detecting remote tasks in Windows Steff Kamush (5)
Competitor's Offers New SE (16)
VS2005 On Vista? Ezani (8)
Virtual pc on Vista with XP No, not now (8)
What font you use? Anon (17)
Username vs. email address for login anon (12)
Alternatives to evite Harvey Motulsky (4)
Best Tool for drawing UML diagrams Tazmania (8)
OCL at work Tazmania (1)
Vista or XP? mmmmm... shiny Bluebeard (16)
Specializing Generalists or Generalizing Specialists? in some ways an insect (20)
What *natural* languages would you like to learn? Raghu (29)
Equations in Word 2007 nathan (5)
Printing in Office 2007 nathan (4)
Alternative languages for business logic Enterprise guy (8)
I want to be a programmer... Catherine J. (66)
Adsense integrated into software? Ikbal (7)
Aardvark'd on DishTV - Documentary Channel Bored Bystander (0)
Anyone know where I can get a blog like this? Joe avg. blogger (3)
are the investment banks THAT bad? soon to graduate (17)
First ever client, opinions please. A Person (27)
Peugeot Citroën revs up 20,000 Suse Linux desktops Lostacular (14)
ASP.NET/SQL Server based forum? anonic (5)
Open Source developer salaries Vincent (25)
podcasts: project management jos_fan (0)
sued by former employer for quitting? sued? (26)
Throwing exceptions from Constructor FromEmeraldCity (23)
Embedded html into another web site PV (6)
Printers ~Eric (8)
What make of this? (5)
Subversion question CVS-2-SVN (4)
blogs: project management jos_fan (8)
GUI for web applications GS (20)
Dell but not Vista (11)
It's Friday, so... Old Guy (cranky today) (25)
Learning Java with 2001 Books Bapaplander (11)
Putting a phone on my ear drops my IQ 50 pts Robert (10)
Why do phone companies make so many billing errors? overbilled (15)
What time do you start your work day? startup sw dev (42)
Supporting the Pick operating system? Seattle MCSE (27)
Does everything with <%....%> get ignored in a plain.htm page? Mr. Analogy (7)
Does age really affect employability as a programmer/developer? Jeremy Read (20)
Dell vs Jobs return to Helm . (5)
The Odds of Winning Klondike Solitaire Dave B. (10)
Productivity improvements (back in the day) SumoRunner (27)
Visual Basic progress bar question J.B. (16)
Open Source Content Management with Java  API (1)
How to prevent a browser from auto sizing an image Some Dude (15)
Cache Greg (4)
What is Data Driven? Anonymous Duh! (10)
did the consulting market fall apart? Patrick from an IBank (12)
Working for a 'creative agency' Radial (6)
Giving users what they want - sticking to Excel Bluebeard (25)
finding a community site for moonlighting opportunities Anonymousekateer (9)
Why aren't you using advanced programming languages? Warren (42)
Joel, why a is software business profit NOT like a hockey stick? Greg (4)
switch from w2 to contract Jason (8)
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