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Spam suppressing email systems dilettante (24 comments)
Avoiding Crosstalk with Wireless Headphones? BenjiSmith (12)
VMWare Applicance Challenge Duff (4)
Is there a better MS-DOS console available? elloco (20)
Remote Desktop - Local CD Writers KayJay (9)
XML editor for multiple files Mattias Gustavsson (14)
Forum Monitor Software Erhard Smit (12)
K.I.S.S. Usability vs. "I want to run it from the command line" Joshua Volz (10)
A Clay Pot I'm not crazy (14)
Software to convert music formats (MP3/WMA/AAC/OGG/etc) PWills (23)
Security Question on Browser Cache History Hank (3)
Zimbra experience Reggie Gardner (1)
Transaction Speeds LDAP Versus Databases Hank (9)
easy numerical computing in C/C++ - product idea? much to learn (21)
laptop bags Lb (21)
GUID casing J (14)
css challenge O.S. (12)
streaming ++ udp streamcheck (11)
Opinions on Development Support Tools IanH. (4)
Unit Testing and Test Cases Water Cooler v2 (11)
Kudos to VC# Express Eden Cohen (6)
The ego,, and 'superior' programming practices Jeremy Collake (45)
Language learning for geeks Matt (25)
Web 2.0 <=> WTF 2.0 (Russell gets it right..) JD (10)
Is it like making a movie? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (9)
Are programmers overpaid? John (53)
Do you know free version of online storage? Mang (5)
Asynchronous Http messaging Erik Springelkamp (7)
tcp/ip socket programming, a lost art? Bot Berlin (21)
Loading data from txt files in MySQL Liam (6)
Flat files XML? All my clients want flat files! (23)
Am I getting lowballed? Lowballed (55)
Software Engineering :( Jane Honda (48)
Word Processor for low spec machine? LesC (13)
NoVa / DC / MD JoS Meetup KC (8)
Is Eclipse as ugly as the screen shots? Almost H. Anonymous (23)
wxOTL Anyone? Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (1)
Binary differencing tools for Windows? Duff (6)
Javscript based webstats Mikey (3)
Does commenting get out of date? Nick (37)
PHP Case Studies? Anonymous poster (16)
Can you build a website with Qbasic? Not old yet, but someday (51)
VS.PHP worth the money? TomA (4)
RealAudio codec J (0)
Code Review hitchhicker (17)
Project team scheduling MarkusO (4) - cool little real estate web app MBJ (21)
"Separate the content from the presentation" Philo (25)
God is Wireless... 0xff (14)
Open source instead of internship? Darryl (20)
Database in memory Hank (19)
Subversion .svn directory pain XYZZY (39)
Writing a book to build consulting practice ATL/COM Dude (9)
Clean desktop... no shortcuts! Turtle Rustler (24)
writing a technical article starving coder (13)
How do you tell management that someone isn't working out? Anonymous_today (29)
When "tricky" problems end up being not so tricky after all. knotaknuth (23)
What is Team System? MS don't seem to know ... Boggle Brained (16)
Is Simplicity == Lack of Complex Features ????? Bosah C. (24)
CSIDL from ITEMIDLIST pointer Naha (2)
Affordable rack-mount NAS? PWills (11)
Advantages of CSS form layout dave (32)
What's the downside of Java? Ready for Robust (47)
Can you build a website with .Net? Bill Bachochin (10)
Out-of-the-box Sw Licensing solution recommendations? Z (4)
CDR Library? Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (8)
IntelliGuess Richard Adleta (14)
Managing Tasking A dev (4)
PHP on Win32 - long column names from MSSQL Kevin (7)
export or sync QuickBooks data to web sam (4)
How can Word suck so much? Phil C (76)
Tech Writing getLastName(), getFirstName() (7)
Climate modelling experiment Calculate my emissions (7)
Converting MPG to FLV Jagadeesh (1)
Applications Developed in C# Joshua Volz (49)
Question on LGPL HiddenAgenda (19)
Database Redundancy Solutions Help (10)
How to find the host server of a URL? Hank (16)
.NET to Java smalltalk (32)
Searching for Workflow Automation Tool Former COBOL Programmer (1)
Keeping tabs on email correspondance Hank (15)
Fiscal year and month question Z (10)
OOP across the board oop (14)
workflow/process management: large corporation as an object Falcon (4)
uISV wannabe seeks your advice. John C. (18)
Tried this screensaver? Gerard (5)
More Startup School Discussion KC (7)
Mobile View of Website InterestedInMobile (1)
What font does JOS use for post listing? Ali-cious (7)
Best interprocess communication method under Windows? James (25)
Javascript IDE David Seruyange (13)
Interview with Einstein Jon Leete (4)
Windows Hosting Recommendations!! Tapiwa (8)
From website scripting to enterprise portal development MarkusO (8)
what is wiki? wishfly (6)
Puzzles at interviews zuzleps (10)
VB6 Internationalization Nick Hebb (4)
Autocompletion in Microsoft Word 2000 -L (6)
Anyone use xwiki? son of parnas (4)
Logging the IPs Connecting to an Application Hank (13)
Networkable Personal Finance Software Mark Jerde (4)
VB6 in a decent development shop Bankstrong (14)
Why are we working so much? Torsten (59)
Web Application Architecture Funny Bunny (9)
Grade Inflation, whats the cause? WirelessPunk (49)
Time factor, building projects takes time Bot Berlin (8)
Alorithm Development Hanke (7)
Where Should Out Sourced Assets be Located? son of parnas (11)
pseudo-wysiwyg Art Wilkins (18)
Synchronizing RSS feeds between two computers Andrea Nagar - Nagarsoft (7)
WSAGetLastError winsocker (6)
Stupid web applications Philipp Schumann (8)
Blue Collar Programming lumberjack (12)
SSL certificates from Thawte - Why the difference? Hank (4)
tree data & containers needs_lots_of_help (10)
Free submission form and Google Analytics-type thing? embarrassed to be working so cheap (5)
The psychology of learning... performance vs perfection Lost but recovering (8)
Qucik TCP/IP question ? ANON (5)
Rose Hulman Julian (29)
What could google do better? Bot Berlin (27)
Is there a symbol for "any number EXCEPT X"? Mr. Analogy {uISV} (21)
"Visibility" of projects John (4)
Missouri is crazy talk MO Developer (31)
How pages per second should a server serve? Patrick Fitzsimmons (25)
Firefox Users Quarrel Over Memory 'Leak' Green Eggs and Ham (22)
GUI applicating in Java JK (17)
AJAX all just a dream at MS anton (22)
Does your CRUD app really need OOD? stop the madness (29)
Books re: Getting back up-to-speed on C++ Daniel (8)
Java Studio Creator - Flash Demo Lost but recovering (5)
Lex/Yacc book recommendation? Peter Monsson (7)
Coming to speed on C++? CY (16)
employer review was disappointment in MN wb (31)
Limitations of Web Services (4)
SF Bay Area JOS meetup? QADude (8)
Should I build this? A regular (36)
databases with many (>20) tables Jeff Dutky (42)
Dissing DHH, a Distraction and Discursion a Hack (8)
Is there a YCombinator in the UK? JSD (12)
Mac newby q? Neville Franks (19)
Google maps blog posts missing?! Jack (1)
Why do Coders Write So Much ? Warren (37)
Exposing our internal network Colm (11)
Concurrent Editing Anonymous Coward (14)
The problem with old programmers T. Norman (36)
Firefox 1.5 will not display .stm or .ece web pages Stephen Jones (12)
PHP -> Compiler.  Is this for real? Lee (7)
Rails' Ridiculous Restrictions, a Rant a Hack (127)
should I go to an Ivy Leage college? *Just_finished_sch00l = &ConfusedPerson; (41)
who are webdevs at big sites and why are they so weak whySuchBadSites (25)
Office Live threatens freelance web designers? Larry (5)
sql server 2005: need hosting service sql2k5 (8)
Web-based databases non-programmers? Matt (10)
GTD Roadmap? Herman (0)
Is it safer not to completely remove files from hard disk? Tommy (33)
I'm meeting with a new client today - I look like a street thug Raging Coder (34)
Why old programmers are rare birds around here Dr E.L. Kersten (23)
[W2K] Recovering passwords? Fred (5)
How MS Ships Software - interesting presentation redeye (15)
Job Interviews: Expressing Technical Disagreement with Previous anon-for-this (13)
C++ Pointer Question Noob (46)
Google buys a little Web Project which has been made with RoR Lost but recovering (1)
I don't know whether to laugh or cry MBJ (12)
Elitism and code samples Joe Ganley (28)
Web GUI suggestions Berislav Lopac (13)
Examples of Exceptional Code Architecture/Design Patrick Fitzsimmons (9)
How to get good applications Event Horizon (11)
Damn newbies Matt Cruikshank (18)
Evaluating Applicants: The Mondrian Test (20)
Best books and resources about web services? Luke Francl (2)
Mark Shuttleworth's nice article on funding opensource projects Lost but recovering (5)
New home for 'Meet Joe Bloggs' jbfan (4)
FogCreek 2006 Project Ideas... SadSac (18)
Yahoo trying to "give back" like Google does: free libraries DK (4)
Quiet working conditions, productivity  - correlation? redeye (23)
University Degree Standards Luke (23)
Fortune 100 best companies for 2006 - where's Google? Bluebeard (10)
Read programs Rick Tang (8)
Firefox 1.5.1, a memory hogger? JD (22)
Joel, you wanted a C++ Expert? JD (22)
Thoughts on the state of software development A. Gorilla (14)
MediaWiki on MS-SQL Server Veda Narayanan (1)
Sony PSP, whats your view on this device??? Hodder (9)
The seeds of Google's demise... Vaughan Bromfield (28)
Anyone going to the Waterfall 2006 Conference? Nick Hebb (7)
PL/SQL for Oracle databases - which tool for access? Hank (14)
Homeschool? smartin (44)
How come ActiveX controls for web interfaces never became popula anonymous (14)
Web app : add/update forms, same code ? Olivier B (5)
windows user accounts I forgot my posting name. (3)
Answer?  Source Code Protection Mark Flory (18)
Tricky Network Question Anonymous (5)
CNN Report on Starting Salaries for Grads Joshua Volz (10)
Oracle DBMS Eugene Anthony (33)
Tricky perl problem - passing ref to object/package q1`11 (14)
white hair , but i'm so young !! programer in action (18)
Source Code Protection Anonymous this time (54)
Which WIKI to use for software product specifications and other Jack (11)
CoPilot's growth Senthilnathan N.S. (15)
Bug-tracking granularity Pakter (7)
The clients are busy. They cant talk to you. Vineet Reynolds (4)
How do you arrive at your product's version numbers? Bluebeard (9)
Political question Michael Moser (8)
Handling QoS requirements Vineet Reynolds (2)
Best computer game ever Hodder (63)
Is this legal HTML? Moosebumps (13)
What will be hot in Software Engineering for the next 5-10 years PurposeMaker (33)
The Perils of JavaSchools Jody Paul (14)
how do I prove I'm good, or, what do you think ABCDEF++ are? Peter (20)
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Eugene Anthony (9)
GUIs and Working in Groups Cymen (5)
Laptop with best screen quality? Mike (13)
Human networking Berislav Lopac (12)
Healthcare EDI - HCFA to ANSI 4010 Thanks! (1)
Google chat, future of internet communication Bot Berlin (23)
Linux Eugene Anthony (32)
PHP mail hole? Doogal (14)
The flight lands when? Philo (30)
Joel, are you developing a testing app? KF (7)
Newbie seeks reassurance (Re: Fire and Motion) Gren-In-The-Tooth (10)
Moving a Small Software Firm to India Ryan Johnson (48)
Thistle Phil (4)
Wrists start to hurt HurtsABit (31)
Don Box books? MBJ (14)
Database of Translated Phrases Rod (6)
C++/CLI Rick Tang (8)
Why I don't like sales graphs Luke Francl (17)
Google calendar Keith (4)
Joel as Donald Trump Denis (36)
Isn't iCal the best calendar? Steve (9)
Processing Internship Applications – Aardvark’d 2 ? Marcus from Melbourne (11)
Pass Degrees (Non-Honors) Getting Jobs Hodder (42)
Catalyse tool..? Scotty (3)
A fun wallstreetprogrammer entry on coworker templates... Crimson (1)
MIT, Stanford....Rose Hulman? TopCoder (29)
Templates for Project Management Documents Vineet Reynolds (10)
Should I contine working at a "push-driven" company? Josh McFarlane (24)
Best Site to get MP3's... This Is Progress? (14)
Shell Internet Explorer via MsAccess and parse a web .asp form Fred (6)
dumb svn question starving coder (9)
How do I learn IIS and Windows 2003 administration? Mike (4)
what's a mashup? revert my buffer (19)
Another college GPA question u are only as healthy as u f33l (57)
Alternatives to QuarkXPress and Adobe Oliver (15)
Gosling is crazy and other former famous techies Bot Berlin (19)
Web 2.0 bankrupt? Dionysus (18)
License-checking code Oliver (10)
Career Transition: Dev to Marketing/Business Anonymous This Time (6)
AJAX calendars Ethan Herdrick (29)
Any reason to buy VMWare Workstation now? (5)
30 Boxes Logo John Topley (5)
Design of Popular programs Sid (32)
Acquisition after Innovation Simon Lucy (8)
Compare two lists in Excel (or Access) Frederick N. Kawa (8)
Secure Printers Phil (11)
Arriving before leaving? Harry McBaine (20)
Songbird ("the Open Source iTunes killer") gmale (26)
System data types vs. SQL data types. joeCool (11)
Skype cordless handset. Watch out Telcos Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (7)
Copy operation in TortoiseSVN Willing to learn (5)
Automating a web app. Code Slave (5)
Help Desk Software (crosspost) Sevenoaks (4)
Game software companies in Boston EKB (9)
Devs, beauty, Flash and the Web TomEUS (33)
'remote desktop' alternative that'll handle 2 monitors?? andy (9)
MS Reporting Services - are people really using it? Patrick from an IBank (15)
Find job for 40 something. (38)
Books on Software Consulting (5)
"beautiful things work better" Lina Roos (25)
Vista: Real Security or Marketing Hype? Rob Brueckner (17)
House design software... Nigel (14)
More on the Aeron revelation T. Norman (23)
Why reddit and digg wont guarantee a traffic upsurge Vineet Reynolds (4)
Free alternative to Windows Terminal Services (TSE)? Fred (17)
Vista and a new laptop Claire Rand (8)
Scott Adams describes me - the Optimistic Cynic... Crimson (15)
Help me out on this database query Lister (17)
Anyone understand iFilter? Harry McBaine (3)
Bob Walsh's Book - Now at your local bookstore! Cory R. King (6)
Sharepoint Expert Lee (5)
the more you do the more work you get in the industry? read the "mythical man month" (11)
Internet filter for myself Peter Monsson (20)
Need Algorithms Book recommendation gmale (11)
Job Application: Anyone else get this Tapiwa (11)
VOIP and PABX Mauricio Macedo (11)
home office desk - what do you use? Patrick from an IBank (32)
Web Services lingo Steve Hirsch (17)
Feedback on Great Design: What is Design? (First Draft) Jeroen Versteeg (0)
Remove unknown entities RegEx J (2)
architecture for web site searching? son of parnas (3)
sending html emails to Hotmail mph (4)
Best PHP IDE? Elmar Schraml (12)
GIMP vs Photoshop explained, most wanted Linux application Bot Berlin (41)
Online community reading list pds (5)
Future of Web Apps Summit Colm O'Connor (11)
Send email from ASP.NET (5)
Looking for a very fast chart JSD (10)
I uninstalled VS2005 :( Mr. Powers (23)
Printing digital photos Krispy (2)
Telephone from browser Harry McBaine (4)
list of ISVs not microISVs ! exploring the ISV world (7)
Your Backup Strategies Derek (12)
Does American society effect the software produced in America Not Berlin (81)
Does your employer/ISV have patents? Absconditus (2)
how to ask for money without sounding desperate? sort of broke. (52)
Naming conventions t3rse (32)
Good in mathematics Soufi Mohamed (17)
My list of reasons why older U.S. developers are so rare Graybeard (44)
Short-term programmer metrics Josh (15)
The RSS Feed pmuhC (0)
Internal marketing help needed for the geek patrol Green Eggs and Ham (10)
Popup blockers more annoying then popups!!! Hodder (11)
Why I hate PHP Anon (20)
What does a lone developer REALLY need to produce quality code? Bluebeard (25)
Best Software Writing II - where (1)
Book request zumbas (4)
Dealing with Children (aka coworkers)... Crimson (8)
How Many Make Me Ware? EKB (10)
My Aeron revelation jthurman (15)
Setting up a Wireless Wifi connection on Windows Millenium Quartex (3)
Downgrades Sunil Tanna (21)
Erik Sink Dumps CityDesk KR (37)
Copying from wiki to Word Bankstrong (4)
copy to printer vs. print, zebra bar-code printer name withheld out of cowardice (10)
Wiki solution for creating a knowledge base Andrea Nagar - Nagarsoft (19)
Sprinkling Hours Herman (4)
Is it really design? Philo (20)
The one atom that was you Jude Hibbard (20)
For all Contractors : Contractors and relocation! Arlindo Jorge Martins Carvalho (12)
Good book on compiler design / theory J (17)
Frothy ISVs = mass failure? Dionysus (13)
Project Server Config GUI Junkie (1)
Schmoozing the Face Time Berislav Lopac (1)
The Herman Miller Aeron William Campbell (12)
"First draft" idea is lame Lachlan B (8)
Anyone use Zend Studio? MBJ (12)
Design a Java Killer Rick Tang (40)
Source Control lester (25)
Anyone using SharePoint discussions? Ian Boys (6)
Convert Word DOC to Image? anonymous_coward (11)
Session ID - How do browsers communicate this to servers? Hank (6)
How to deploy on Linux? Kevin Walzer (22)
Samples of Bad Design Schragge (4)
Microsoft Internet Explorerfox 7 Duff (24)
Project Server - Sharepoint Services GUI Junkie (6)
Where do old Programmers go? KR (73)
Is SQL Server 2005 a 'plug in replacement' for MSDE? Contractor (11)
Question about iPods MBJ (18)
Tool for getting the DOMAIN DN/CN from the command line? Javier Jarava (1)
Design of a online support tool Fredrik Svensson (0)
Single Sign On - Security Risks supremeCourt() (5)
Can you work 16 hours a day and produce meaningful output? JD (42)
Product leaders? 0xff (11)
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