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Six figures as a contractor David S. (46 comments)
how secretive should I be about how my software works MicroISVer (62)
Updating copyright notices for 2007 Mike (23)
Has the world gone mad II? less is more (51)
Spring Framework - An Overkill? Yule (30)
[W2K] Virus won't let me install AV TheFred (27)
losing faith in startup need advice. (17)
Good blogs on collaboration software and techniques? Mr. Analogy (2)
Consumer Reports Roman Werpachowski (15)
productive coders? want to be a productive developer (5)
Domain Name API (2)
Uncomfortable work environment due to social skills impedes work Sara Lee (22)
Bloggers, Reviews and Gifts Tim Almond (1)
Parenting meets Programming N/A (61)
talmud victor yodaiken (3)
Since MS wants you to give your laptop away... Sunil Tanna (6)
Actually, Microsoft are making a good point Grudgingly admiring MS (30)
Microsoft wants their notebooks back? DPH (9)
We all have biases Philo (40)
.NET vs. Java: similar levels of abstraction? NPR (12)
"Experience with Windows Vista is desirable" FrameworkOverload (14)
Getting Started in Electronics (13)
Inverse Phillip Zedalis (2)
Your logic is flawed too Tom Welch (15)
multiple parallel repositories haven't posted in so long; forgot name (6)
Vista Laptop Upgrade - Why Not? -Rob (15)
Microsoft's evil plan has succeeded! Jimmy Jones (5)
PDF Problem (Suggestions?) GUI Junkie (7)
Has the world gone mad? less is more (6)
Tool for counting Lines of Code (LOC) in VB3 apps? Mr. Analogy (10)
Scoble is not wrong hoser (0)
Free Laptop - Cutting off your nose to spite your face. Martin Murphy (3)
What to do with a free laptop Tom Watson (9)
I'm glad I'm not the only one... Jacob Thurman (0)
illogical joe (11)
Joel's Advertising and Marketing service for you? Bot Berlin (1)
Bribery Bad? Gregg Tavares (4)
No "Advertising" on JoS? Philo (13)
JOS is a *nonprofit* site?!!! My head is about to explode... Bored Bystander (6)
win32 text editor for code review? climbanymountain (14)
Metablogging Dialogue >> Monologue (2)
Proof: Bribery doesn't work Sunil Tanna (8)
Explaining Joel Spolsky Dave O'Flynn (2)
GPL + Commercial App AnonBecause (15)
Newspapers figured this out decades ago. John McGrath (7)
For Sale: My Blog Bill Rushmore (4)
Bribing bloggers Dragan Panjkov (7)
HotTub Free For Joel! Chris Sells (2)
Bloggers and gifts NitinK (14)
Accepting money or gifts for your site..not all that bad is it? Albert D. Kallal (13)
Laptops for the poor of us jrcapa (2)
Unethical Quoting Phillip Zedalis (9)
Anyone use gmail or ssh from China? NathanJ (3)
Autoreboot, Joel's opinion? Robbie Fisher (11)
What is in a spec? trying to make things better (5)
error code on logitech software dennis kennedy johnston (1)
Is FogBugz free for a small team (3 devs, commercial use)? Paranoid Hyperboloid (17)
Advice before moving domain + site? TheFred (10)
What Does Mature Mean? Brett (11)
Age Discrimination q (18)
switch to Mac: what would it take? mindful_learner (36)
I'm tired of blogs... lemon obrien (19)
Adopting all the new technologies at once! A regular (28)
Career as a Software Engineer in TEST DeveloperTester (8)
What's hot in 2007? . (29)
How many developers are out there? Bot Berlin (9)
Open Source Content Management Portal in .Net / C# FromEmeraldCity (5)
Enlighten Me, Please Ronald Deschain (25)
To .NET Or Not Ezani (19)
Annoying Technology Detail I Feel Like Moaning About Bill Forster (47)
What is the user-base size of Visio? Vizio (12)
Do you use smart tags in Excel? wizz (3)
license question, how about a free for all? Bot Berlin (7)
A little question about Software Management Training Program Tom (9)
Non-sexp-based domain specific langusage possible in Lisp? Chas Emerick (6)
Vista Content Protection Yosi (17)
array of size 0 more-mips (16)
Ramping up for a HR chat Paolo Marino (11)
How to send javascript object to PHP? Dave (4)
Cartesian Products are the Devil? rod (10)
Utility which sums up numbers after certain string in HTML file Moty Koher (2)
Summer Internships Zac (1)
So nu, where's Rabbenu Chananiel? Steve Hirsch (6)
Bear = Yogi, not hairy Eric Chambers (7)
Convert DVD video to AVI Barry (10)
Where's the science in computer science? Bluebeard (14)
Best post of the year MaxS (16)
you know what really gets to me? (14)
How to keep hold of an idea! Vivek (8)
Green Hills Software new college graduate (15)
Stupid Joel on Software Anonforthis (49)
How well is your spam filter working? Kyle (10)
VC6 vs. VC++2005 Jimmy Jones (21)
web 2.0, success story? student (18)
No Bugs, part 3 James Shore (12)
Installing SATA RAID 1 on new PC Neville Franks (16)
Where do i have to start? Irman Herdiana (13)
Coderific employer rating updates Dan Helfman (10)
JCreator - Yes or No? . (8)
boundary between commercial and GPLed code kb (22)
Digital signatures MBJ (7)
Macs Nate (4)
Need help with a weird VB6 Multiplication Bug Kevin (12)
Personal/Business Conflicts Way Too Naive, Struggling Entrepreneur (12)
Can't find an article - can somebody help? Neil A. makar (4)
Advice for novice interviewers: be tolerant Dino (18)
FogCreek Software Management Program: Do You Sponsor H1B Visas? Anonymous Coward (2)
Like the new job but get $10/hr less than a job I'll hate .. PO'd Contractor (50)
Charset conversion in ASP clcr (9)
project update Patrick from an IBank (2)
websearch algorithms outback (4)
On S3 power saving mode and startup Dennis Forbes (3)
windows vista for subscribers Andy (10)
Sumana Harihareswara ('08) Code Slave (6)
How to deal with recruiters? Wayne M. (14)
Alternative IDE for Visual Studio 2005 Captain Clueless (18)
Rebooting your computer at work Daren Thomas (19)
Lotus Notes Case (LowerCase) GUI Junkie (3)
Walk While Working Jon A. (11)
Live Internet Demo Sunil Tanna (6)
Which offer? Aisn (8)
Free Shopping Cart Suggestions commerceGuy (1)
All I want for Christmas... Matt (3)
Half a million bugs... D.W. (21)
Advocating software piracy on the JoS forum? John Goewert (151)
Slightly technical question about processor cores and processes anonymous_coward (16)
Project Documentation Irman Herdiana (7)
Difference between stuff on inside vs public apps Bot Berlin (5)
"No Bug Database" revisited: No Bugs James Shore (24)
home network problems Ted Graham (3)
GForge - A Better SourceForge.Net (2)
prevailing IT misconceptions all stuffed into one short article! CodeClarity (16)
Virtual Machine Set-Up asl (5)
How to prevent form on web page from showing past inputs? SaulMan (20)
Best screen saver to show off new video card & monitor ComputerProgrammer (5)
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 (a word of warning) pmuhC (30)
Debian Init Process Tom (4)
Specs for a Laptop for developers Man-A-Tee (15)
Password = BiteMe? D.W. (9)
Interesting article on eBay super-scaling redeye (6)
Eyes of colleagues webber (5)
PHP == ASP 3.0 ? David Seruyange (16)
testing resources josh (3)
Is programming ever complicated Bot Berlin (23)
Multiple queries in MySQL Simon K (10)
Virtual Dual Monitors Dan (12)
Anyone use Visio? wizz (13)
Filter results based on size of file? CrippleWare (0)
Full Trust Web Hosting seeking hosting (2)
Open Source Windows DNS server (9)
Do you use Word/Excel on a daily basis? +2097 (21)
3 bindings: Early, "Semi", and Late. STIX (1)
Still on VC6. oldtimer (19)
Investment Banking Grad Stud(ent) (41)
Where to buy Visual Studio 2005 Prof Have an idea need VStudio (15)
it's funny how employment work . (35)
Any news on post-Vista (i.e. "Vista Server") VB6 support?? Bob Riemersma (3)
Macbook Pro and WinXp - any good? Gorf (41)
MP3 silence removal IoanC (9)
I liked the Clifton Suspension Bridge better bridge reader (9)
Need OO design education Herman (14)
How Joel chooses his books Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
What to do if your boss keep pushing jobs into your job queue lewindletter (18)
unix networking Freebsd Friend (7)
Vote if you would SmartSVN or Subcommander Tony (12)
Can't load web pages though ping and tracert work Alan Richards (6)
Cover your desktop icons for presentation Lorenzo Bolognini (13)
Nap Obession continued.  This time courtesy of the BBC! Crimson (10)
Embedded Firebird Db on Vista (0)
Moving XP and all Apps to a new PC Neville Franks (11)
Simple SMTP server (13)
apply to london job, 6 mths later asked to apply for Ireland job WhatGoesOn (19)
What's wrong with Visual SourceSafe? . (24)
Anyone worked / workes for Epicor Britain? John Watt (0)
Elegance, Bridges and Hardware ... hoser (4)
Automatic Web-Site Testing: Selenium vs. HTTPUnit vs. HTMLUnit Peter Norgen (6)
Fogbugz pricing a little excessive? Bot Berlin (9)
programming in os x Natasha (18)
Elegance, bridges, and software... Cory R. King (2)
Elegance depends on your perspective. andrew blain (9)
Elegance comes from iteration Profitdesk (5)
Elegance: The Alien Viewpoint Paranoid Android (5)
Lock Network Connectivity @ Specified Intervals for Productivity (10)
Dvorak Alert I, Cringely. (7)
Joel and Peopleware Bill Rushmore (7)
Hibernate training, is it worth it ? Sushi breeder (13)
Elegance, Interfaces, and Context. John Cromartie (4)
Please stop comparing software to bridges Rob (17)
small income from microISV, should I start part-time uni course WhatToDo (8)
Elegance vs. Fashion Duff (6)
Programmers attempting graphic design! Any one? Rajeev Gopal (22)
Google Analytics... ROI and javascript Olivier B (4)
Reddit has some of their database stolen Jean-Luc Duckard (11)
Bridges - Bit of a silly comparison James (37)
I hate upgrade popups... Jimmy Jones (8)
Is there really a job shortage in US? anon_for_this (58)
How common is this problem? Kaln (46)
Shutdown options... G.Anon (2)
Too many bugs making it to production? The role of QA in Scrum Mark Levison (10)
Card Shuffling Algorithm Curtus Klaiber (15)
MP3 vs WMA George Wenger (11)
Raise your hands if you think iTunes is a good software Lorenzo Bolognini (44)
Variation on pool Steve Hirsch (7)
The Man be keepin' me down LinuxOrBust (10)
Ajax in Fogbugz John M. (2)
JUnit - Where to put your test cases. Ken Klose (13)
Rewrite purely to keep up with tech? Using 10 year old technology (26)
Help me with the Math in My Performance Review Gaussian and Binomial Rocks (26)
Problem in Deleting temp file from tomcat Kiran (8)
funny job ad . (7)
Using SQL Server Express on a public website OneWhoWonders (11)
Error checking guidelines. Chad (5)
Programmers who don't understand pointers? Rick Tang (50)
turned down counter offer... InABind (18)
paste from clipbaord using javascript Anon (4)
Simple "folder mirror" utility? Bored Bystander (19)
php tutorials, examples, books Patrick from an IBank (6)
Outlook is just another e-mail client, right? lookatme,mommy,icanfly (23)
Web-based form builder applications? Rob (2)
from CComBSTR to _bstr_t, eliminate extra step? CrippleWare (5)
XenSource Honeypot? Just A Guy (6)
How to make emails look good on Blackberries Josh (8)
joel at reddit down? Lenny (10)
Excel/VB automation question J.B. (13)
ajax definition Patrick from an IBank (17)
TechBooks Reading webtist (7)
Israeli Army != D&D? joeCool (11)
Next Year Career Planning - TechDev webtist (5)
Pointers & Why a CS Education is Inadequate for a Dev Career Plockiticky McNorville (37)
SQL Server Notification Services Been at this too long (2)
learning algorithm crud coder (8)
Lines of Code Metric for YOUR project SLOPpy (24)
VMWare performance and webservers - any experience? dan (18)
first time moonlighting - some questions Jerry (23)
32/64 bit windows question (8)
music instrument tuner code charles mingus (7)
Product demo Chuck (9)
Problems ordering online Tony (1)
Good free tool for counting LOC in C-style language? Almost H. Anonymous (20)
question about HD speeds.. (18)
Null vs. empty strings in DB clcr (26)
aberdeen, md timmy (16)
Using Servlets to Parse XML Data Ukelele (9)
fear about a new group Patrick from an IBank (23)
Simplicity vis-a-vis choices=headache Arindam Das (0)
Arabic Transcriber for Pocket PC PDA Luver (0)
Need help with SVN? Pinker (5)
long math with short variables VPC (10)
What is an IT Managers Role? mashedup (9)
What is the "point" of POINTERS? (63)
CSS book recommendation Guillaume (11)
What is the default behavior of the mouse wheel? S.C. (9)
Multiple Monitors Too much time on my hands (9)
Work Desktop Mike Tarpine (6)
analytic test for developers? someone (5)
It takes two to login Ron Porter (24)
Recursion, Why I don't just get it, help? Recursion. see recursion (61)
Relocate to NYC? MorningCoder (50)
Personal E-mail Certificates experiences Green Eggs and Ham (11)
Simplicity: example Peter Vanderwaart (17)
Office 2007: Why doesn't Save As PDF work in Outlook? Zuney (9)
MSIE 6 ? Guillaume (5)
Why are IT managers almost always clueless morons? Cubicle Zombie (26)
How do I learn COM? Dan Dare (14)
XML & Database Design Interview Questions Anon for This (2)
Mobile Podcast Catcher John Christensen (2)
conflict of interest Patrick from an IBank (17)
Mono for WinForms? Phil (6)
Announcement coming soon? Mitch Tenderson (4)
bugtracking/subversion server . (1)
What do you drink while coding ? Mr.I run 3 dedicated servers and they ain't cheap. (58)
looking for C++ books Some Developer Guy (8)
What's the advantage of high bit counts when shuffling? Call me what you will (13)
php inheritance Dane (19)
Broken Link in Joel's Latest Blog Entry Shlomi Fish (1)
Sorry, function evaluation AGAIN! shortQ (13)
Fix Bugs First? Lenny (20)
How to get .NET runtime thorugh unmanaged code? 10x10 (5)
anyone use PHP professional? Contractor (10)
php/mysql examples returning results to HTML table Patrick from an Ibank (3)
Richard Saul Wurman Steve Hirsch (3)
On Simplicity Ryan Smyth (26)
POP Server/ SMTP authentication Slough Bloke (4)
Is programing cert. worth the time/money? . (15)
“the better the tools the worse the application?” Lostacular (7)
php source of this forum Iwan (9)
fopen frapacheeno (7)
Any good tutorials on Crypro++? MBJ (4)
Advice for an engineer who wants to be programmer Dan (13)
Offshore income on sole proprietorship. Calvin (8)
Rot13 job posting in NYC jonathan (30)
how many of you design tableless websites? Guillaume (39)
What would the "Digg-killer" look like? Zachary Garbow (21)
Wide Open Topic Varqua (18)
Contractor vs consultant as (9)
switching from employee to corp-to-corp Ivan Petrov (9)
Use SD cards as IDE drive? UK Techie Guy (9)
To skip or not to skip C++ Dev (38)
Job Ad/E-mail - WebSite Designer in New Hampshire OpenGL_Programmer (5)
Top 10 reasons VB.NET is better than C# . (41)
Apple rant Jason (51)
Right-to-hire position JobSearch (9)
job email posting - Microsoft Longhorn Professionals OpenGL_Programmer (4)
Unix script to strip first line from a file? Unscripted (5)
Free CoPilot Alternative (12)
Career Suggestions - Aspiring Contractor Aspiring Contractor (7)
integrate webradio in player.(java based) Nadine (0)
interview questions forum spring (3)
Java vs. C# Networking Comparison? *myName (8)
Anyone used Java Webstart Successfully? Migrator (3)
GUI designer for HTML? TheFred (13)
accept a counter offer? InABind (23)
What's with all of the contracting posts lately? Bored Bystander (11)
contractor pause? question (15)
Programming Language Timeline ComputerProgrammer (12)
I wonder.... (2)
Storage virtualization key to web site scalability? son of parnas (8)
php question cold (9)
filling out skills summary bum (10)
Lego my Eggo! Ryan Smyth (49)
anyone use oracle's jdeveloper Contractor (1)
Best technology for thin-client interface? Fidelio (11)
WinXP Activation on Virtual PC J.B. (12)
Is Haskell the new Ruby? Migrator (13)
Copying One <asp:TextBox> to Another (ASP.NET 2.0) Ezani (3)
What did they do with all that time? Bot Berlin (8)
ATTN:  Suman, Update on Fog Creek Management Program Contractor (3)
We're still using NeXT technology here in the OS X world John Cromartie (5)
Usability of new Comcast and Yahoo like sites Bot Berlin (7)
"No Silver Bullet" and Functional Programming Paul Johnson (31)
Developmentor Courses Jeff in Henderson (2)
Suggestion - Automatically size vb 6 controls ComputerProgrammer (7)
SQL Server 2000 question Jeff (31)
Career suggestions for restless programmer Viking programmer (17)
Publishing a spamtrap email? Ted Graham (12)
How should I evaluate a potential employer? Anon for this... (9)
Daily Builds? No Daily Releases? joeCool (34)
Online Video Rental Wars . . . (27)
Getting Revenge on a Spammer: worth the effort? Denis (10)
How important is growth? Migrator (18)
Recruiter Tip Ben (8)
For those of you from yorkshire Tony (4)
Can’t we invent languages for “Lego Programming”? Rajuch (25)
Retrieving data from SQL 2000 dataase and dumping into Excel Wally (5)
What next? (C++) CM (14)
are you the property of your contract company? someone (39)
Kneeling chair PV (26)
MS Accounting 2007 Express doesn't pass XP Logo Requirements Matt (20)
Change for change's sake (IE7 rant) Jax the Old Grump (31)
Looking for a startup job Looking for a change (5)
The Lego Metaphor Jason (15)
onbeforeunload() - trapping the user's choice Sassy (8)
"Lego programming" Jimmy Jones (27)
Migrating to VS.NET 2005 - Lessons learned Rajeev Gopal (15)
Best practices for simple website? Hockey Player (15)
Data Structure: Learning with c# csharper (2)
Napping on the job... Crimson (22)
Web design software Tony (11)
are non-compete clauses fully enforceable someone (19)
printing to a client from an ASP.NET application on the web serv Vinnie Mac (7)
Annoying Scheduled Task Problem Baksteen (6)
warning - anti-MS rant Mike S (29)
Other contractors leaving - what would you do? a sucker (15)
Would you take this offer? big$ are coming! (44)
Vista and legacy applications -- how's it going so far? David (16)
Windows Shell Hell...any better in Vista? cipher (8)
Tag soup and creaky DOM work at Google? Paranoid Android (12)
Suggestions for Passing data between web pages Ukelele (11)
Development process for two? Pinker (14)
Bug tracking software seems boring... Brad Fults (29)
Does Joel's job board actually produce results? Brad Fults (21)
Automated Builds for C# 2005 with StarTeam Jeff Hunsaker (1)
scrum testing Patrick from an IBank (15)
ruby on rails and oracle Contractor (20)
Ordering of coding G (15)
networking question nathan (10)
Home network - with a twist On the fence (18)
Still 80 columns for code? Jon De Sica (28)
CPU at 100% but no benefit from 2 processors Andy (33)
Javascript Library of Choice? David Seruyange (17)
big mistakes you can make when dealing with recruiters someone (26)
NDA contract newbie (22)
STL is good and all, but not for strings, input and output shortQ (28)
night law school at santa clara? maybe a future scum sucking lawyer (17)
Interviewing putting my best foot forward (28)
mysterious bonus nathan (13)
Good time to send out resumes? Curious (8)
recruiter calls at office number looking for me Passing By (8)
My Google Interview fh (33)
Is the Magical Fairy-tale For Google Engineers about to End? Christopher Diggins (21)
Database of U.S. Colleges and Universities? rod (5)
Intelligent Job Listings? farmboy (1)
Sap, Oracle or Telecom? Anon (8)
C++ shortcuts shortQ (22)
Web applications for dummies? TheFred (7)
A question in basic C A.H. (37)
No comments on the launch of Windows Vista? Mike (22)
US salaries question Never been in US (22)
Is this possibly the worst kind of developer? Matt (39)
Java Interview Quiz Matt C (17)
contract company wants exclusive access to me? somebody (9)
APACHE question JOE (1)
do contract companies really need $15/hour markups? anon (26)
javascript download question hi (2)
graphing equations nathan (13)
Ways to finance ex-free community site? TheFred (13)
How easy is it for a Westerner to do IT work in China or HK? Production Line Snag (4)
Hardcore Question... lemon obrien (13)
Gallup "Professional Associate Interview" Anon (1)
Good Tool For Analyzing a Batch of EMail Headers Cade Roux (3)
looking for a simple 4 GL screen/code generator someone (2)
update: my whole company got fired. anon (15)
HR Policies All About Risk? Anon E. Moose (15)
The thing that kills me about Wall Street... Crimson (18)
What's with all ad posts? Target Market (10)
Update .. the company is calling me back! HAAHA! PO'd Programmer (16)
remote contract work NPR (11)
Software Contract Re-negotiation Matt C (5)
Pump 'n' dump spam - what about selling short? Arthur Chaparyan (24)
Is this really a good career? WhatToDo? (50)
ever fired? Gotta B. Anonymous (46)
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