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Have CS curriculums become too generic? Graybeard (12)
Java In Schools, what about Unix? Not Berlin (6)
The Pressures Of Learning Curious (16)
C# can become the new Pascal Oren Hurvitz (14)
Cool jobs? smalltalk (13)
The Perils of JavaSchools TTJ (21)
Delegation Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Programming and diet Pat my tumtum (17)
Geek TV, anyone? Berislav Lopac (6)
The perils of C schools ... Alyosha` (4)
Podcasting idea for software company Humbug (0)
All Web Frameworks Are No Advance on CGI son of parnas (14)
Why don't we audition programmers? Colm O'Connor (16)
Hard or not George Jansen (13)
Day job languages vs. night time languages Joshua Volz (13)
Newlines in html markup Ryan Phelps (5)
The Java Task Force Stephen Gilbert (0)
Book recommendation please lw (6)
Windows Scripting Host Learner (5)
What's the deal with pointers? lw (8)
VB6 application question anon (6)
Need a Ph.D. to explain MSDN product lineup Shamefully Anonymous (5)
What Joel is totally missing Paul Rivers (15)
Dilbert joke about zeros and ones Gonzalo (0)
The only legitimate complaint joel has... Paul Rivers (6)
Why what language you learn in college is important Paul Rivers (12)
Why did you make it stateless in the first place? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (16)
Test Yourself Walter "Darth" Gropius (5)
Simple Java Test To Weed Out Weaker Java Developers Stephane Grenier (19)
C/C++ is not Java Cesar Romero (13)
What Joel's getting at with pointers Mike Schiraldi (1)
Java - Face the future Simon Davis (7)
Prolog Mark Flory (4)
Branch code coverage tools? Ontario ISV (1)
Definition of a Good Programmer Mark Flory (11)
Name a real programmer that doesn't know... Bill Rushmore (9)
Compensating for JavaSchoolitis Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (8)
Perils of Java Schools Jon Kern (3)
Pointers no good for new software fields Keith (16)
dynamic image map creation with irregular boundaries Mark Warner (6)
Multi processing John Griffiths (2)
Objective C vs C++ Berislav Lopac (13)
JavaSchool vs Comp-Sci Paddy3118 (3)
Thanks to Joel and the rest Ajit de Silva (0)
Usually some later courses require more than Java sw (5)
Apptitude, not checklists A CTO (11)
(My) Problem with Scheme etc is lack of motivation Tim Jansen (14)
What data structures and algorithms that you learnt at school Rick Tang (5)
Low level skills more important at Microsoft than Google? Crimson (4)
Copilot review Ben Mc (0)
Joel's recent as well. KayJay (7)
First step towards a great programmer WanneBeaGreatProgrammer (7)
What would be taught at the University of Joel? self taught code monkey (1)
Keypunch folks - so, who used "drum cards"? a real old timer (4)
Great coders Philo (8)
Recursion drills Tayssir John Gabbour (3)
Future information medium IRC Not Berlin (3)
Punch card trivia - true story Pierre Cloutier (11)
Recursion is hard? SomeBody (13)
C - the good old days MBJ (14)
Peter Van Roy on teaching programming bof. (1)
Why only graduates? Berislav Lopac (15)
Hackers Sathyaish Chakravarthy (16)
Don't praise accidental complexity; bury it Oren Hurvitz (51)
For all those who feel mortally insulted... Arrogant Phony (4)
The Perils of a Java Career Bill Rushmore (20)
"CS programs aren't vocational schools" Philo (52)
JavaSchools Eric Sink (49)
Measuring website response NathanJ (1)
new language for a new year? (haskell?) hello (15)
Fonts - Arial and Helvetica Dennis Forbes (9)
Search Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Australian Software Software companies? Darpana Munjal (6)
time tracking/management software wannabeboy (3)
what are you happier with, the tech, or the idea? zoidberg (18) vs php Ivan Rodriguez (19)
Fee split with recruiter - how to do it? Oh crap^H^H^H^H^H^H^H (11)
Quickie Aardvarked Movie review.  I liked it! Crimson (0)
Formal verification! Joey Green (18)
Mac OS X for the IBM compatible PC? It's already happened ! Spoonfed Hybrid (9)
Predicament Yoey (21)
The Wall Street Programming Environment Wall Street Programmer (43)
Writing software for Mac? PC Programmer (4)
opinions appreciated regarding best way to insert xml -- oracle I wish I was going against sql server (4)
How can I measure my personal productivity Josh (15)
Wired's 110 Sexiest Geeks of 2005 Berislav Lopac (10)
Regex help... Bart (5)
Rant : Excel sucks! Vivek (40)
Best C++ Environment on Linux? oldschooler (10)
Paul Graham's Reddit now in Python, not Lisp, Lispers upset sharkfish (11)
Philo's prediction - 2006 hot technology Philo (15)
The "Emacs" of accounting software sharkfish (36)
Website Review Shane Harter (20)
Virtual PC - avenue to pirating/moving applications? Bored Bystander (8)
MS Buys opera conspiracy theory Joel S (6)
The futures bright? Dan (9)
Festivus Airing of UI Grievances George Constanza (7)
Visual Studio 2005 Express "free" editions a ploy? DrinkTheKoolAid (16)
Kid safe email program recommendations example (4)
Rudra: The Lord Of Destruction (Of Evil) Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
Experiences with/thoughts on SWT/JFace? much to learn (2)
Albert Kallal:  your thoughts on thin clients sharkfish (16)
Anyone tried the special Linksys HR200 wireless-G from Tesco? Ian Boys (4)
Operating System Design Tim (23)
LINQ sharkfish (15)
How do I always find the undocumented stuff? Philo (17)
Moving installed Windows apps to new PC? Mover (7)
Anyone using cvstrac? Clay Dowling (4)
Question Yoey (6)
MS buys Opera? KayJay (19)
Measuring productivity pointy haired boss (24)
GMail and POP Zahid (3)
Notebook for travelling developer Travelling Developer (15)
Dr.GUI's Gentle Guide To COM Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Legal status of header spoofing, e.g. User Agent spoofing. KayJay (3)
Tips on "stabilizing" our operational environment DamnDirtyApe (3)
Creative Question: Getting Website Hits... Peter Sherman (12)
CS Education today Post first, ask questions later (10)
Solution to take remote control on mobile device ? Quartex (6)
SQL Server 2005 Rollout Brandon K (13)
Freelance Development (a.k.a. consulting) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (19)
Firefox Extensions BullMann (10)
Windows XP 64 bit or Windows XP? Bored Bystander (15)
Can we get rid of menus totally? RC (24)
Lots of small files take ages to backup... Chris O (8)
estimating hours for a project grover (17)
Gmail signup I forgot my posting name. (15)
On Behalf Of Phil (14)
Looking for information about "tooltip" ad? Tuan Anh (8)
The 'Flow' state demystified - tapping the source of our geniu Nick Smith (17)
issue tracking for non-developer, non-technical testers? gramps (5)
What business benefit does structure (SDLC) have? Patrick (14)
More annoying Things Claire Rand (0)
Visual diagramming for Computers/Architecture Alexis MICHEL (26)
[Outlook Express] Why does it open msg automatically? Fred (3)
Suggestion for Fogcreekers when shipping DVDs... Crimson (7)
Big files... Matt (10)
Why I got fed up with RSS readers (and what I've done about it) Matt Breckon (20)
Recomendations for HOME/SOHO Firewall/VPN/AP ?? Javier Jarava (4)
If everyone stopped using their PDA..what do they use? Albert D. Kallal (20)
Can I lie (or mislead) to pass through HR? Kyle (23)
Contract to Hire with MS? Anonymous For Now (14)
Does Edit and Continue make us sloppy developers? Dennis Forbes (18)
No IP address assigned from wireless router Furious George (9)
Why did Joel rebuild UPS WorldShip from scratch? Randy Allen (16)
Any other sites like this out there? Newbie (1)
NYC Transit Shutdown affect on Fog Creek? Larry (9)
Moving to the new support group... Timothy (9)
IT Recruit: Technical tests Java Aholic (0)
Windows XP Service Failure Counter James (0)
I can't move to .NET 2 yet because.... mutabled (8)
What's you hours per week cutoff at various salary bands? Interested Party (15)
Present: CS Theory/Game Theory/Math Theory book? Dan Levine (16)
IT Recruiter Bashing Patrick (37)
Learning roadmap for a J2EE beginner much to learn (12)
ASP Obfuscator? KC (14)
WHICH degree should I get? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (37)
Moving from fusemail back to Yahoo? Hockey Player (1)
CVS guide Patrick (0)
Getting a lawyer Anonymous (26)
shared aggregator database architecture clammy (5)
Block Spam in MS Outlook Rudolf F. Vanek (9)
This weeks tasks!! (I18N - first day of the week) booN (18)
Bzzt!  No Hire. thinker (45)
LinkedIn algorithm me (10)
way to access a w2k box remotely ? Brylee (10)
XP vs. Agile Development Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
2 web windows open - how do  they not trip on each other? Albert D. Kallal (20)
A Mac for my 5 year old? Geek Dad (10)
Extending, using and refactoring OSS PurposeMaker (11)
Building a Web collaboration tool marty (9)
Managing Growth A. Gorilla (3)
Love or money? Open or closed source? Love or Money (14)
Reading local file system from IE - looking for options Ken Klose (12)
Where to get BSCS (on-line?) What About Thad? (2)
Will a CS degree help you pass the Joel Test? Grant (27)
Mardown WYSIWYG Editor Berislav Lopac (2)
sorry, but quick q bout "App cracked in....5 minutes" siesta (6)
Why should I get a degree - Part III SongSing Writer (16)
How Hard is Heart Surgery Anyway? son of parnas (38)
Learning ActiveX questions Ken Klose (3)
Your ideas and the way you sell them Marko Hrovatic (9)
Sharing the dog food Li-fan Chen (16)
50% of Software Developers do not have CS or related degrees Jeff Huber (39)
eyeOS sharkfish (25)
Build tool Berislav Lopac (7)
Inventory control software for small engineering firm Eric Jacobsen (7)
Adam Curry is one of the best DJs in the world? Duq (3)
The Madness of Microsoft Word John Topley (9)
Advice on build tools (and version control) Scotty (18)
App cracked in......5 minutes siesta (28)
Ergonomic monitor height? How high is yours? tk (17)
RubyOnRails Windows IDE? RubyIDE (15)
What is your remote support strategy….co-pilot? Albert D. Kallal (15)
Microsoft yanked VS 6.0 and Win2000 from MSDN! Turtle Rustler (14)
whats the credibility of the host? dripple (4)
[Windows] Server monitoring app sitting in icon bar? Fred (7)
Interview Yoey (22)
Out-sourcing woes Slightly annoyed (10)
Cowboy Coders Zippy Kondracky (25)
The death of Visual Perl/Python David Seruyange (3)
Why Should I Get A Degree - PART II Brice Richard (50)
MSDN scripting docs gone? comp.lang.c refugee (10)
Finding a Programming Job Wall Street Programmer (9)
Aardvark'd gave me a different take on Joel & crew Christopher Hawkins (20)
Task Timer again - has a web site EKB's task timer (2)
What doe a "/c" prefix in a dos command mean? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (11)
Why should I get a degree? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (28)
Podcast software Schuimpie (4)
Has anyone used LoadLibraryShim from C#? James (0)
Podcast Suggestion Imminent (9)
SLoPIS (sloppies): Slow Loading Pages of Infinite Size Arsalan Zaidi (1)
Is there a Java XML Parser with XInclude (XPointer) Support? Frank Spychalski (0)
Airline blogs are the new black? Chris O (20)
First impressions of VS2005 James (7)
Lisp in Java, Java in Lisp Not Berlin (0)
Haskell as a langauge to learn ! Samuel Rosa (9)
Functional specs and comps Mike Stephenson (10)
Fast Java!! BenjiSmith (12)
Pick "most bang for the buck" processor for dev wkstation Bored Bystander (21)
HP LaserJet 2420 and printers in general Peter Leaton (24)
Reality Advertising Sevenoaks (1)
Ergo keyboard that fits in my laptop bag? Grant (1)
Copilot Beer Pong Table Dinesh (15)
Volunteer work - database recommendations? jedidjab79 (34)
How to Ship Anything Event Horizon (24)
The Li battery could fail !! Cloaked Rootkit (7)
Checking in auto generated documentation Jon B (13)
I have some advice for Joel... Kyle (26)
I hate my chair I forgot my posting name. (18)
Joel on Knuth Joe Grossberg (81)
Battery Leakage II: You're fired! Poisoned (12)
Recent Shipping Discussion Patrick Killion (31)
Managing Inventory Michael Moulton (2)
"...facsimile of a signature..." KayJay (4)
Applying with 2 different resumes Kyle (15)
Method Design Shane Harter (14)
Zooming windows example (8)
Have Funds, Want to boot strap something new Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (24)
Designing/Programming & Studying during on the train Quartex (26)
JoS readers - Where are you? y0mbo (56)
Best way of measuring code complexity? Colm O'Connor (15)
Why do companies insist on hiring people with good grades? Straight_A (50)
We've lost all your files by design. Stephen Jones (17)
No excuse for unloved products Bankstrong (2)
Marketing - the unrelenting occupier Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (15)
Best/Cheapest indoor cardio exercise??? codeoholic (37)
Slow bootup Lisa (15)
RegEx/Mod_Rewrite Help Regex Newbie (9)
Calling out... Frifri (6)
JoS-like forum software Steve (11)
Battery leakage and helth risks Poisoned (15)
Documentation Images... Craig (5)
Dell server surge protection Nev Cam (4)
Aardvark'd on IMDB Shane Harter (4)
Cheap and powerful white box desktop PC? Bored Bystander (20)
selling software and 30 day purchase orders PART II Ms Annoyed (13)
Thin Client development book Steve Hirsch (17)
Garbled select elements jackson (5)
Firefox 1.5 JavaScript Console Phil (3)
Linux Telnet RPM Ronnie (13)
Whos computer is it anyway? or leave me alone and let me work... Claire Rand (25)
Should I make searchable resume on hotjobs/monster? Kyle (6)
Secret Clearance A Bit Nevervous for No Good Reason (27)
Using EVDO as a replacement for office net access Bankstrong (4)
Accepting anonymous donations AnonymousWebMaster (5)
Teaching Programming to early teens.  Flash vs. VB ? Bella (61)
Help! Need (?) a fancy cell phone Bankstrong (32)
cvs recommendation for html/js changes control Guillermo (10)
SQL, Objects and reports sharkfish (45)
learning unix *nix (24)
Poor analytical thinking anon (19)
Ajax and Frames - The Story of the "Ajax Sucks" Spoof Christopher Sean McEvoy (22)
Japanese stock market collapses due to poor UI design Art Wilkins (17)
Problems in the JoS New Site Design Shlomi Fish (5)
Anybody know of any good DSP libraries? Scotty (4)
backup my notebook -- lost precious data lostdata (13)
One reason why this industry will continue to stay messed up Graybeard (43)
Ergonomic chair Fred (12)
Windows Server 2003 64-bit as a developer's machine? Khalim Fasibov (3)
User permissions to use COM object James (4)
How to become a team leader... meeeeee? Geek leader (12)
Ping Pong Phil (8)
selling software and 30 day purchase orders (18)
Visual Studio makes me weep redeye (32)
odbc tutorial/ technical problem cristian (2)
Looks like the wallstreetprogrammer got "outed"... Crimson (56)
BSA offering $50,000 reward for piracy reports Art Wilkins (6)
Sofware Development Calculus: RAD vs Complexity Acceleration... Crimson (6)
How to become a developer...again? Kyle (13)
Bug tracking with Subversion? Matt B (25)
Rack enclosure power - where do I plug this in? Philo [MSFT] (13)
Who's Responsible Here? kmw (32)
Aardvark book list reader (8)
Why doesn't Fog Creek sponsor a conference? Somebody (8)
LISP Interpreter to use? Duff (11)
Treo palm cell phone OldCellPHone (12)
O'Reilly ETech thinker (7)
Jot platform? babs (4)
SSL Client SDK/API Simon Lucy (8)
Question of the Day:  Number one problem in software industry? Crimson (56)
WinXP autoplay, how do I make it go away? hoser (2)
"If it works for software, it will work for hardware!" (Sun) GinG (6)
best AJAX tutorials/books ? (10)
Firefox/Gmail foible Ryan Phelps (18)
Not impress'd Graham Asher (22)
Wall Street Traders - A Programmer’s Perspective Wall Street Programmer (30)
Mentoring junior developer Anonymous (23)
bcp woes nathan (3)
Want to do Open Source UK Techie Guy (7)
VB6 Image Control and 256 Color Icons JT (5)
Downgrading to good ol' ASP with VBScript - Rant KayJay (6)
LISP book? dd (12)
Can't get new LAN card to work Amy Collins (8)
Regretting a career move thinker (13)
Wrapping Long Lines... Code Slave (37)
The Modified Joel Test (web dev friendly) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (11)
Swing or SWT? BenjiSmith (21)
Sun open sourcing their software portfolio TheRedFox (5)
Aardvark'd hit europe TheRedFox (6)
Dell displays used at FogCreek (shown in Aardvark'd) Portman (23)
unit tests / self-testing software blargle (18)
Mailing System in PHP Sam Parker (6)
Breaking even with DVD movie Daren Thomas (4)
Copyright I infringing? Maybe its me, maybe its not (19)
Google: Human Task Switching is good? Mark L. Smith (28)
C# Training pgibbons (12)
Yet another non-review review of 12 Weeks with Geeks Not Berlin (19)
A nice co-pilot story… Albert D. Kallal (22)
IIS Config I forgot my posting name. (4)
Programming computers is easy... Steve Hirsch (0)
Strange Idea: "Cloning Joel" Peter Sherman (36)
Database Design and UI Question (somewhat long) Rod (5)
Running Thunderbird In A Firefox Tab Sleepless In OSS Land (15)
barcode label printer and reader - any recommendations? User (11)
10 years later, i'm finishing my BS almost there (20)
Hosted ISV tech references Jim Jones (2)
replicated source control repository blablabla (8)
Aardvark'd Review Deane Barker (4)
Running app accepting commands Jake (1)
Superstar programmers Ori Berger (105)
Dont ask for much do they? Domainless (17)
how to figure out your real goals? wannabeboy (2)
Return True if website exists Jawad Shuaib (6)
Aardvark'd - Books handed out? geore burdell (1)
Chance of Aardvark movie being available on Netflix? Matt B (12)
Getting the max DISPID of a COM object? COMMIE (6)
Aardvark'd on Slashdot sean (4)
Most shops fail Joel Test so how to avoid total loser employers trying to succeed (26)
Blog URL Jay (2)
Aardvark'd Review Jeff Hunter (5)
Movie review Mike Stephenson (7)
Localization: numbers as sentence arguments. ILoveFortran (15)
Access office server from home - recommendations? CSZ (9)
Programming Epigrams Johnny (6)
disk space analysis tool Jason (15)
UI issue: Using web page to enter data - harder to use than Exce Philip (10)
Interface Design:your navigation bar Chris Maes (2)
Aardvark'd - DVD Review Teej (5)
opinions on literate programming? common lisp newbie (0)
Eolas *cry* thought it wouldn't happen (2)
Why is Google paying $1 for every new FireFox user? GinG (31)
Anyone waiting for the Aardvark'd DVD to arrive? Anxiously awaiting... (9)
Help me name my new Blog... Peter Sherman (32)
Review of "Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks" Movie Former COBOL Programmer (3)
M$ Word Expert Help Needed Need Help (10)
Visual Studio trial editions Flying Solo (0)
Stupid coding moves and what you learned from them... Cory R. King (15)
Ardvark'd DVD Problems?? Christian (5)
Google desktop: they can do wrong after all Ged Byrne (17)
more salary advice anonymous (13)
Aardvark Guilt kmw (5)
Aardvark Movie Party idea: geek socializing Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (19)
Let me criticise Joel's Aardvark venture Ben (12)
Getting a Master Degree at 36 years old Skyline Technics (23)
My review of Aardvark'd Marco Arment (12)
Which conference to attend? New CIO (11)
Who made the most from the Aardvark Movie? Ron McMahon (37)
Aardvark'd hidden cost Philo (21)
Final Aardvark P&L 100K * 3 days * X staff = $$$$$ (3)
Merging XML files Pedro (11)
CVS Summary Utility Tom Mack (11)
University Technology Licensing Geoff B (16)
Is this sound reasoning? Dave B. (6)
Windows/Linux hosting price comparisons Alvin Rhodes (0)
WorkFlow Engine JP (0)
Advanced C programming Architect (17)
A question related to performing a clean install of Windows XP One Programmer's Opinion (0)
How to know when a process is killed? Janabsaab (3)
What is the coolest software you have written by yourself Not Berlin (47)
Contracting rate for eclipse work GS (3)
Something similar to TextMate on Windows? 0xCC (11)
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