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IM at work? Alexander Larsson (24 comments)
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Developing Classic ASP in Visual Genx'er (9)
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How do Apache and Mozilla Foundations Fund Operations? SadlyMortal ;) (5)
Version Control p2 comp.lang.c refugee (6)
Who originally said "A players hire A players, B players..." --Josh (14)
Implemention of the first 4 Q in Joel Test Aryeh (14)
What makes you more productive in Python? igor (32)
Why options pricing? Littlelongdogophobic (8)
Oxfam? Yoey (19)
suggestions for multi-featured wireless router? networked (4)
Sonicwall TZ170SP / Pro 1260 (VPN/Firewall Appliance) Javier Jarava (5)
Dual Xeon compile times slower than Single Xeon Nathan (8)
How to make Windows XP safe for the Internet? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (24)
-2000 Lines Of Code Andre Voget (23)
How to make sense of massive code .. code-coward (22)
Will FTP ever die? Looking down the barrel of ESR's gun. (25)
Electrical/Electronics skills...Becoming a lost black art? Bella (48)
IT Services 1$ Trillion in another 15 years Karthik (13)
What's wrong with Hungarian? Zahid (46)
Alexandrescu/Boost: which parts do you use at work? Alexandru Pojoga (19)
Feedback on book gemologist (5)
FogCreek charitable donation. Mike MacSween (2)
Delete, archive, IsDeleted field, or what? Kyralessa (23)
Oracle client tools Nathan (12)
Read/Write to NTFS partition from DOS Marty (5)
Pricing options Hockey Player (16)
Volunteers in Toronto Li-fan Chen (0)
MSDN TV, Layout managers David Seruyange (0)
Camels and Rubber Duckies Will Macdonald (5)
Do you use intellisense AMS (27)
Why do people give to charity gwyn (86)
living/working in melbourne (17)
Software needed - PDF-to-GIF? muppet (14)
POLL: Last time you used C? The five-year-old boy Martin Fowler has locked in his basement (31)
Reviving dumb business models Li-fan Chen (3)
Obsession with leading underscores Taking lines (14)
Is extreme programming a scam? FGH (33)
Getting rid of mass spam directed to domain? Bored Bystander (12)
Certification Netwizard (7)
Question for Joel Humbug (12)
How can I read PDF files on my PDA without scrolling like crazy? Corsair fan (10)
alternatives to X11 for embedded device? Some Guy (5)
Paul Auster (4)
Google Suggest for a dictionary Gavi Narra (31)
free bare bones CGI hosting Roose (5)
RAM - Crucial/ New Egg Prakash S (15)
Google and Santy - no news? Philo [MSFT] (44)
Blogs t (15)
Stumped on "badly formed" RSS XML muppet (11)
Taking Notes during meeting Sticky Bits (17)
Good PDA Suggestion Ricardo (7)
final security patch Li-fan Chen (6)
Update on the glass of milk joke Ged Byrne (11)
Laptops Roose (6)
question on multithreading Saran (6)
Concealed EULA's shot down in court Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (10)
Successful micro kernels? Curious about kernels all of the sudden (13)
I'm not applying but... Ian H. (16)
C++ sucks, or, why can't I do this? Confused C++ newbie (14)
Politics or Good Design? Wayne (14)
new blog: essays on software Scott Evans (2)
Beards as a success of your Programming Language, this is funny Berlin Brown (6)
Getting into Palm OS Development Wayne (11)
Data Records Formats Testing Tool SoDak Native (4)
How much can one learn? bug-free (3)
Running a python webserver behind iis Daren Thomas (9)
Shopping cart & PayPal Anon (2)
web programming wannabeboy (9)
XmlHttp and charset splintor (6)
Define "geek." Brad G. (14)
programming 8254 Timer in protected mode x86_junkie (7)
gcc and sectioning code segmenter (2)
References/examples for diagramming models Analyst (1)
Version control suggestions comp.lang.c refugee (22)
Job choice Anon for this (16)
Intranet Discussion Forum George Illes (8)
OPML File Structure Prakash S (7)
Static Methods versus Singleton Cory Foy (8)
Information appliances Dennis Forbes (11)
More laws like: Moore, Parkinson, Metcalf, Coase Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (16)
The function of a QA team leader John Q Tester (6)
The Software company advantage Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (9)
Help! Every time I write a spec, it turns into code Peter Leopold (17)
Math - where to now? Paul (23)
The Graphing Calculator Story Brad G. (16)
Software pricing rebuttal lazlo (13)
Should I be looking for a new job? Jeff Barton (20)
How do i develop on Longhorn? Karthik (7)
bugs and responsibility Jedediah Smith (17)
Best Open Source Database Spoonful (20)
Looking for a few good programmers...  To share a webserver!!! Peter Sherman (25)
PDF creation on a student budget ($0) muppet (26)
Version Control for Web Development NewDayRising (6)
RAD with Python, wxPython and Boa Contructor - Part 3 Arsalan Zaidi (5)
Public Domain XML Parsing Framework in C++ Christopher Diggins (9)
Taking ScreenShot on PDA Ricardo (6)
Is there any point to reinventing the wheel? warren (17)
Multi-core Vs. Multiprocessor, the advantage? name withheld out of cowardice (13)
"Enterprise" languages and scalability on the server... Andrew Cherry (14)
Writing sensible CVS commit comments The Legendary Stalker (13)
Event Dispatching in C++ using Template Function Specializations Christopher Diggins (31)
Strict Stylistic Constraints? Jim Jones (15)
Monitoring Services Edward Livingston (6)
What does a Comp. Sci. degree cover these days? AMS (21)
Collapsible text in HTML Flasher T (11)
Three Genera of Software Development Organisations WoodenTongue (6)
Google 'auto-updating' 'Desktop Search'product. JD (5)
MS Access question - remote access to MDB on web site? Bored Bystander (13)
You all *Programmers* are not as smart as you pretend. SE (27)
Military/Government Agency and Software Development Berlin Brown (7)
is it lack of talent or is software development really hard? SB (26)
Microsoft wins battle against open source in Bangalore Karthik (9)
SQL Server OLAP Nathan (2)
SQLDMO API Ricardo (ISV Wannabe) (4)
Exporting and massaging data Bored Bystander (5)
Stock options and market dilution Dennis Forbes (13)
lack of talent in current job seekers Frustrated (64)
IE / Firefox Conversion Guide? KC (6)
XML browser controls Roose (9)
What programs is MS writing in .net? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (25)
VB6 control anchors -- what to do with code? Daniel (2)
Restricting "Net use" usage.. Javier Jarava (8)
help ? michaels (4)
Redirecting "any" local folder to network share?(ReparsePoints?) Javier Jarava (7)
Generating a formula from a Surface Chart Ted Graham (5)
The Shlemiel way of software: 3 software generation Reuven Yagel (15)
Talkers and Doers Christopher Baus (30)
Value of CISSP? Justin Johnson (4) is down ?! Evgeny Goldin (5)
LibTomCrypt cryptor (3)
IBM-Lenovo deal a blessing to HP, Dell and LINUX Karthik (20)
8x boards in a 4x motherboard? Philo (8)
Legality of fraud watch Li-fan Chen (14)
Michael, you were right about cheap flat panel TVs... Crimson (8)
How to use ISO file to install an Operating System? Indigo (7)
I love .NET but I gotta rave here I have to rant (23)
Pricing - Selling software on EBay? J. Peterson (5)
Header files including each other? Bad design, bad practice, or- C Programmer Who Isn't a Rock Star and is Just Trying to do Things the Right Way (21)
Overhead Cost of Working in a Team gmale (11)
Minimum SUN / Sparc / Solaris test box Joel Spolsky (28)
OpenOffice 2.0:Redmond, we have a problem. Karthik (44)
New google groups AMS (18)
Rebates re: Pricing Hollywonk (18)
OPEN A web link on a new page Anon (8)
Lookout oops AMS (1)
Pricing Under 1,000 or over 75,000 - Is That True? Mike Fox (6)
Determining data range boundaries Hockey Player (10)
You get what you pay for Paul Rivers (5)
Techie Pranks in the Workplace Ewan's Dad (21)
Win XP SP2 - IE question Upgrading.... (2)
Lookout search Nathan (3)
Doubts on Web based computing [re: Salon interview] Kristofer Skaug (18)
And another off-topic posting... Lotus Domino Andrew J. Brehm (16)
Perhaps some real dicussion on pricing? (16)
Offtopic: Less is More F-Zero (5)
Visual Studio versions I hate sales speech (7)
Internet Explorer Missing after MSXP SP2 Installation Amy (10)
Who is Joel Turner? Nick (3)
Anyone tried  Wireless-B Music System? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (5)
Big Macs vs. The Naked Chef Joe (13)
Wirless LAN security? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (16)
Is Joel getting lamer? judge (29)
Using Databse Connection Pooling from Apache Indigo (4)
Piracy investigation from "business software alliance" Friend of a friend (24)
best web interface? O.S. (1)
Can you relate to this programming disorder? Paul Norrie (20)
Quote: "one-man consultant" is not entrepreneurship Bored Bystander (25)
Perl caching file test results? third rate fruitshow (17)
Hebrew and Joel's new essay Dan Shappir (6)
MP3 analyzers for speech recognition "Tee Eye Double G RRRR that spells Tiggr" (2)
Web reporting - what are you using? SoReportMe (5)
Site Licenses Dennis Forbes (8)
Web-Based Form generation by Users - Java Jeremy Redmond (3)
Three more interview questions. Alex Bolenok (32)
Terrible usability flaw.. caught (6)
What’s Next for Google BC (4)
Software Factories? BC (11)
Is this XML grammar understandable? Christopher Diggins (8)
Joel, about the map thing Stefan Wild (5)
Joel's pricing essay hoser (39)
Pointy-haired boss syndrome OneFlew (18)
Windows Scheduled Tasks in Win2k - Perl jobs run interactive? third rate fruitshow (4)
Load testing a database Miles Archer (3)
Christmas wish list: general purpose cool techie toys Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (13)
Anyone used WD "Data Lifeguard" tools? Tips? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (9)
VSS - Warning of weird behavior tjk (5)
Mapquest Conditioning Jason Hutchens (1)
FLEX Alternatives? Ravi (6)
Design site - css tableless? John mm (7)
Best rss reader that dont require dotnet framework? John mm (18)
Enscapsulation creating complexity instead of hiding it? Andrew Tanenbaum's best kept secret (8)
CV Guidelines for Developers... This time I think anonymity is best... (10)
Shortest Day of the Year Ken (10)
off topic - partitioning missisa (7)
Different programmer doldrums Thomas James (19)
Cool Map site - better than mapquest Eric A. Duesing (6)
Search for FogBugz on Google Ron Porter (4)
Help Finding a Product Idea? New Eric Sink Article EricSinkGroupie (5)
Joel's Google Suggest "bug" Joe Goldberg (7)
what happened, writing software used to be fun Tired and worn down (23)
Do you ever get a raise.... ~ (21)
Am I "toast" as a developer? Toasted oaties (41)
Dvorak keyboard - do you use it? Kyralessa (20)
Experiences with Coverity? Firdaus (2)
Task Manager (CPU Usage) not showing in Task Bar?! Pete (2) Bad Social Interface Design Gerd Riesselmann (8)
Quality Software vs. Healthy Software Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Monty, Puzzles and Kids _ (8)
overriding operator T& in C++ BillT (14)
C#: Passing a function as a parameter. SW (3)
Budget times - raises for people New Manager (11)
Google Redirects Now? John Topley (14)
a baby step Patrick (6)
Any advice for technophile moving into a studio apartment? Crimson (22)
Can't think of a title Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
Wierd Error Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Anyone tried Jetson D. Lambert (5)
Killing a session on Microsoft SQL Karl 12 (7)
Microsfts beta msn desktop search bar.... SUCKS! search this (6)
ASP Question: "/" path for IIS/ASP site? Would be ASP developer (2)
Book suggestions on HUMAN ERROR? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (6)
Windows indexing service never linked to search! Stephen Jones (12)
Message to Garcia, or: asking too many questions littlehead? (12)
What conferences and events do you attend? Sara (3)
Gmail crashes Firefox Nathan (18)
strangest websites?? tele-commuter (16)
Offsite Backup for Personal Use lumberjack (15)
ERP Developer wanting to make a move to maintream programming Ricardo (3)
GPRS Performance Ixion (8) is horrible The Legendary Stalker (1)
Another interview question Andy (14)
How to make a godd program reynaldo putra nasution (9)
Best solution to counting bits interview question? Andy (22)
Joel on Software Dinner: Bellevue WA Jan 18th Joel Spolsky (85)
Joel on Software Lunch: Toronto Jan 21th Joel Spolsky (61)
CMS for membership organization web site? Bored Bystander (11)
What associations do you belong to? Sara (13)
Database Connection Pooling When Accessing a View Indigo (1)
Colors, Fonts, Skins, etc. Yet another anon (11)
Micromanagement (15)
What Software Magazines Do You Read? Snark (23)
Can arbitrary XML be in a .NET .config file? AMS (4)
Anyone used Disc Stakka ?  (CD Jukebox thingy) Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (9)
select * from windows Kalani (12)
Extreme programming question : How pairs are made? Dinesh (16)
Count DLL clients Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Monty Hall probability problem (Fun!!) Not Candian but Sarah McLachlan is (59)
Windows® Application Window Prototyping Software Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
fund of funds management software Marcus (2)
XMLHttpRequest killing webserver? stefan (3)
digital queries tele-commuter (0)
Reading Logarthimic graphs Karthik (4)
Egg in MS Word (4)
Ivory Towers at Yale? Yet another anon (11)
C# text? 28/w (6)
where are you guys parking your emergency fund? (30)
Updating Win32 software in the field J. Random Hacker (8)
Expensive education paying off? Li-fan Chen (2)
XmlHttpRequest on restricted machines splintor (9)
Google is not very smart !!! Software Developer (9)
Choosing technology -- balancing axioms Ryan (6)
Use wiki for writing psuedocode? example (14)
Another Live Search (0)
Beta testers again please... William Rayer (5)
Search engines... Bored Bystander (4)
LCD monitor hari (17)
Google Suggest -> MOST disgusting intrusion into privacy EVER Anon (40)
Joel's addendum on the Google thing (15)
Sir, may I please have a linker? Ivan Krivyakov (6)
Google Suggest JD (18)
Create CD boot menu John C. (3)
Anyone managing offshore projects? Sassy (23)
Rosh Gadol vs. Rosh Katan Stephen Hirsch (7)
Generics & Collection Classes Zippy Kondracky (5)
Anyone else fed up with software development? FedUp (22)
Whither VBA Zippy Kondracky (8)
don't read technical books at work! Savage (16)
bugzilla vs fogbugz? normally just a reader (9)
Seen the new "java map" ? Pakter (7)
Lippman's flipped man Will (5)
screen scraping movie making i like i (14)
Suggestions for Hard Drive recovery : Hard Drive Mechanic? Anonymous this time (to protect my own stupidity) (14) or JHeron or Heron2C or ... ? Christopher Diggins (25)
Test-Driven Development Is Not About Testing Ged Byrne (3)
Let's CLARIFY the discussion about Unit Testing Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner} (15)
javascript question BBC (8)
Refactoring in VB .NET - Why? Kyralessa (7)
Programming and Torah have some very strong similarities Stephen Hirsch (18)
The definition of a unit test Dennis Forbes (9)
Unit tests YoMama (7)
This Red Hat page is really funny Coward (11)
Show me someone who doesn't writ unit tests... hoser (22)
Rock Star developers: What are they? anon (4)
Rock Stars and Unit Tests - A Unified Theory lumberjack (19)
VB.NET World Tour Delhi Visit Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Anybody here use LabVIEW? Daniel (11)
IIS Wiki NetFreak (9)
Those Sweet Heady Days When the UI was Simple Zippy Kondracky (14)
Low-level gurus: function call overhead? Not a Rock Star (17)
IBM:PC::Microsoft:Windows Prakash S (11)
IE webbrowser control problem - anyone familiar? --Josh (12)
Recursive Illusions Just me (Sir to you) (1)
random questions..any guru out there?? anand (9)
Walking off the job. P. Givens (32)
Great website: Phone Trips Clear Gel (6)
easily populate many-to-many table in Access Kal Varnsen (4)
Why do we bother checking for null Andy in Austin (27)
Winamp using up more and more CPU cycles Johny Bravo (10)
Anyone know how to get Outlook NOT to block attachments? ~ (7)
The Software Mensch Not muppet (6)
Psych Test? YoungManager (11)
Cross Platform Database Driven Apps by Gupta Karthik (3)
Technical Communication Issues Absconditus (8)
Unit testing for "Rock Stars" hoser (29)
Was Lippman hitting the sauce heavily last night? Alex (3)
Sluggish Windows XP Task Manager? HeO (1)
Fighting Piracy Jacob (6)
Python's GUI NetFreak (16)
Why is "More Than One Way To Do It" Good? Bart Park (25)
I want to do research Orangensaftkonzentrat (7)
Which language for building cross platform desktop database apps Mike (22)
Hundred words for snow - True for the Sami Simon R (10)
How about developing shareware with python? redguardtoo (11)
Has anyone interviewed at Amazon before? anonymous this time (4)
Are Rock Star Developers born or made? Steve-O (12)
New Heron Documentation Christopher Diggins (8)
blogging and representations of the professional self Nigel Blogsworth III (18)
English Li-fan Chen (44)
Usenet's New Face Sathyaish Chakravarthy (35)
Shows / Conventions Julie (0)
"Rosh Gadol" in the US Navy Philo (24)
Firefox crashes often Sathyaish Chakravarthy (16)
BrightSpot Consulting New grad (9)
The TB barrier Dennis Forbes (18)
Outsourced test management Matthew Heusser (3)
SEP-IRA Mike (6)
More Web Security... smallbiz (14)
Team Composition Patrick (20)
Web security question Roose (8)
Reading Code shiggins_dev (7)
Are You a Rock Star? Zippy Kondracky (21)
DWIMNWIS Robert Ames (1)
"Rock stars" - even in a band, there are only a few superstars. Michi Kossowsky (10)
The real reason unit tests are so boring to write? Tayssir John Gabbour (12)
the trouble with software (rosh katan) mindful_learner (14)
Unit Tests for Dummies Dennis Atkins (27)
Rosh Gadol in Finnish Empty name (5)
Rosh Gadol Anonymous this time (0)
sqlserver/tomcat hosting: recommendations / clarifications Jonathan Boutelle (4)
Anyone interview for Google before? Rob (16)
"Rock Star" developers Paul Mclachlan (26)
On Methodology Brian Slesinsky (6)
A dead horse morons just wont stop beating. LOS (Soooo *not* that "Bjarne is a moron" guy) (49)
reporting framework for perl part-time perl programmer (5)
Buying a Notebook (29)
Web based pdf generator? Aaron F Stanton (17)
Dimwit bitwise question muppet (13)
HTML Emails in Outlook Cory Foy (7)
NEWBIE Question re: Using Unicode Overwhelmed (7)
An email account which gives you a read receipt for every read Sathyaish Chakravarthy (16)
Getting paid Snotnose (19)
oracle version certification grover (2)
HP vectra+Win 2k+USB2 card+IOmega CD/DVD writer? William Rayer (12)
Tools for writing specifications Megaman4 (2)
XP's z-order screwed Lapin Cansa (9)
Printing from Crystal Reports Marty (1)
AOL Instant Messager Account Suspended Mike Bland (2)
Somthing to Do Sandy (5)
Software for requirements and use case documenting Alex K (11)
What's wrong with good old Javascript and HTML techniques? splintor (14)
Modular Power Supply Chris (3)
McDonalds breakfast Dennis Forbes (52)
ASP error - solution needed HelpMe (11)
Windows instant monitor shutdown? Fred (7)
xp password Bankstrong (4)
Great Eskimo Hoax -- warning on expectations Tayssir John Gabbour (20)
interesting uses for 8-bit home computers? Atari Nut (14)
For the Hebrew speakers amongst us Dan Shappir (29)
Squeak improving by leaps and bounds. Steve has a problem. (0)
Other reasons to remove excess JPG info... Alex (12)
Customizing your workspace Eponymous (29)
Real-Life User Interfaces: Office Supply Cabinet Doors Mike Schiraldi (14)
Pair programming/code reviews Tom Payne (7)
Passing around lists in a C API R. Mutt (16)
REST - what is it good for igor (8)
Mentoring John Christensen (3)
forum software sw_designer (14)
System Information Nathan (1)
Perl iDE? F (16)
Can you effectively motivate someone? ~ (23)
More on Net seminar sb (1)
Use for old laptop Nathan (15)
Interesting Thread - Hourly Rates Edward Livingston (0)
SPIP on IIS with PHP Le Poete (1)
Static Methods in Interfaces Cory Foy (7)
RAD with Python, wxPython and Boa Contructor- Part 2 Arsalan Zaidi (3)
Ideas for software Megaman4 (16)
Adding in the MS Office -> Tools Menu Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
How to kill Eclipse's toolbars? I hate anonymous posters... (2)
Networking Skills Peter Monsson (16)
Delphi 2005 is now available - supports both C# and ObjectPascal Max (20)
Feedback on NetSeminar Jim McKeeth (6)
Suggestions for good, easy-to-use trojan/virus detector? (7)
Very, very old joke... .NET Programmer (20)
OOP/C++ design sw_designer (21)
NetSeminar bynarr (6)
Make love not spam (MLNS) hoser (5)
Search of the biggest file attachments in PST file & Exchange Tarek Demiati (4)
Why can't my computer boot up instantaneously? Jeremy Stein (24)
Speaking of blogs... Oh Duh! (22)
Blog hosting preferences/opinions? I hate anonymous posters... (7)
Amazing Race probability question Snotnose (5)
Dragnet vs. Fogbugz David Burch (3)
A question for expert bloggers muppet (3)
SCM for Access Databases Andrew Cherry (11)
Webcasts Karel van der Walt (1)
Microsoft up to its old tricks again Roose (8)
Conserve a little bandwidth and make the world a better place Dennis Forbes (30)
satic_cast<> setiosflags(), endl.. Bjarne is a moron (37)
Feeling Pigeon-holed Normally not anon (15)
Honeypot and Windows stats Red State (7)
RAD with Python, wxPython and Boa Contructor Arsalan Zaidi (17)
Tools that actually make use of links Stephen Caldwell (12)
3D software dev work Anon (24)
gmail javascript UI O.S. (18)
Searching within Video files - Possible? KayJay (18)
Code Comments Joel Coehoorn (38)
Building a Datamart muppet (24)
RElocation $$$ Anon (13)
What colour are the walls in your office? I could see and now I am blind. (29)
Who's wiring a new house? Philo [MSFT] (30)
Paul Graham's hidden e-mail links splintor (10)
Did you know... you can Ctrl+C to copy ... Intellectual Mollusc (3)
Wireless networking Yet another anon (12)
Chinese citizens in the Dark? Chinese Fan (8)
Poll: What Project Management Tools Do You Use? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (18)
Is Software a Technology in Crisis? (25)
Tcl quoting semantics Tcl fan (6)
J2EE Crash course LastHope (20)
when don't requirements change? Patrick (16)
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