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Marijuana before coding The happy coder (85)
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Moving into management Bradley (28)
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Python Quick Start? (11)
Your Top Books on Software Engineering & Programming? NewToBeingALead (30)
Defining Software Complexity? K (17)
Career transistion advice/strategy Change we can belive in (3)
Win32: _beginthreadex vs. CreateThread Confused in Threadlandia (15)
Weaning myself off of CDs & DVDs for long term storage… No More Plastic (19)
Good Job search sites (11)
Confused about Test Driven Development Not-So-Agile (26)
Securing Files / Folders (6)
Microsoft officially ends licensing of windows 3.1 Albert D. Kallal (11)
Considering CompSci Michael R (16)
Stupid Database Trick or actually useful? (16)
Mathematical modeling of OOP Todolo (43)
Something like CoPilot, but different... Developer with one foot in customer service (12)
Bad experiences w/Amazon - anyone else with me? WayneM. (12)
Trial-Registration-user key-protection System Recommendation Sam H (2)
RIBBON Me A Software App Brice Richard (36)
Anyone else annoyed by Joel's Inc. articles? J.B. (29)
A great programmer Victor Noagbodji (29)
Fitnesse like tool for Sharepoint Euroclydon (1)
Firefox and JRE (3)
Salaries over $200k in Government (15)
New laptop Simon P (4)
Spotlight on Software Quality Improvement ExecutiveBrief (6)
Which framework for use w/GWT? GWT Is Awesome (2)
laptop deals in atlanta georgia aku beg (7)
How Do I get Free UniKey evaluation Kit? Rebecca (2)
Congratulations to the USA Benj (32)
Obama and outsourcing I voted him in! (30)
Is Cragslist job listing a good indicator for current economy? ShitAboutToHitDaFan (7)
Installing things on Linux - use package manager or source? Getting on the open road (13)
Pretentious article pi @ m (7)
Windows Azure Victor Noagbodji (18)
Blank page when I try to read the inc article bet365 (17)
Mocking + Unit Testing GiorgioG (26)
Resume advice ReadyForChange() (14)
Everything but the kitchen sink... JackHandy (15)
Recommendation for CMS that can push flat files to a web server (10)
London-UK contractor rate op (14)
Hire a Programmer Sites? Needing Money (14)
Learning multiple languages/frameworks at once - am I screwed? WayneM. (11)
intra-(virtual)office communication need an IM (2)
Improving programming skills. K (23)
OT: Google maps for uploading address data? Bored Bystander (4)
Too Much Control!!! anon (22)
Do I have the right attitude? Bumble Bee (10)
MS is doing nothing right; google/apple are cool on everything. wondering (20)
Job Offer without Interview op (16)
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