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Access & Excel GUI Junkie (13)
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Presenting my final year project at university [Coder] (10)
Security Impedes Automation Brice Richard (25)
Just fix it quickly, we don't have time for a nice implementatio Jérôme (48)
how much documentation does your company do? Contractor (14)
Waiting for offer Techie (10)
Time estimates, and time logging, for development tasks John (9)
On Development tools - non languages DjaMaster (7)
Word problems: think verbally, act programmatically? Paranoid Android (12)
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Basic Software Planning Tool Anonymous (5)
How to handle this workplace situation? Anonymous (15)
Database and licences Jorge Diaz Tambley (10)
SQL Query Using Parameterized IN Clause Ken Ray (18)
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Is Copy Paste Programming (CPP) a perfect example of code reuse? (65)
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Do you ever NOT use a database engine for a web application Bot (16)
Off topic / Windows Vista Cache Nameless friend of sony memory stick (8)
New font why? (9)
Finally the end of "Click to Activate" Dan Shappir (21)
Print Unique Duplicate Strings from a list or an Array in C Lang Ramarama (29)
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implement undo/redo for image editor! jager (32)
Indentity Theft Concern No Longer Anonymous (31)
Are Website Page Ranks Reliable? Salman Sarfraz (4)
vbto converter, has ANYONE ever used it? vb6er, trying delphi next (3)
Just how long are those scheduling intervals? Norman Diamond (2)
The question I couldn’t answer Dan Shappir (26)
An Academic's case study on the landscape of this industry Jeff (11)
Opinions on Android YoursTruly (3)
Copilot Alternative that Supports Linux? JOS Reader (8)
What can cause inconsistency between installations? Takeshi (1)
Social life at software companies? Chris C (24)
Whats with Austrailia PKS (14)
Filter out words from passwords MaxiMilliam (18)
about "components" and component vendors Michael Lyubomirskiy (3)
Building bootable USB key? ZeFred (14)
Whats your favorite cheap / small C developmenmt environment Who Knwos (16)
SQL Server Front Ends Benj (6)
Network management tool rickity (2)
Need to render PDF Young (23)
UI design question: changing bit-depth of an image rex (11)
I just found something cool Jimmy Jones (20)
Time for Handover Entries of Confusion (12)
sometimes its nice to be hourly happy contractor (11)
Image recovery from sony memory stick - software? Nameless friend of sony memory stick (6)
Hard Spaces Steve Hirsch (5)
OOP&web dev : loading, lazy loading, coupling & cie Olivier B (13)
Why do game developers use script languages? Andreas Werner Paulsen (24)
VS 2008 - Officially Here Brice Richard (33)
Open Source SMS/Altiris-like tool? Duff (1)
Startlogic - stay away OneMist8k (2)
web server for connection pooling millions of queries/day Contractor (7)
"We need to show something for next week's demo" = death knell Mr. McMantion (25)
Resources on offer management Bernd (0)
Configuration Management nathan (13)
Are developer certifications worth the time.... Tom (11)
anyone else work in a dysfunctional team? Cliff (7)
question about computer game price Contractor (18)
Is the IT market suffering yet from the economy? Alexander Schloski (5)
Improving as a problem solver Deedjkay (18)
What are some of your best side projects? Bot (15)
The three amigos (or professionals, or idiots,...) ... one of them! (12)
Where's the one management tool to rule them all? Fooey (12)
OT: Coming to New York this weekend Kevin (9)
401K Tim (13)
Making custom admin sections for websites Victor N. (7)
A few issues with the walk score DJ Clayworth (19)
Word of Mouth Marketing with Nick Longo (DNP) The Dot Net Preacher (10)
How silly is your web app? Martin B. (15)
CoPilot - does Fog Creek eat its own dog food here too? wauter (6)
Write unit tests for the whole team. Is it good practice? Tester (1)
1 developer writing unit tests for whole team? Someone (17)
Visual Studio Macros T James (9)
interesting job desctiption, can u decipher? opengl_programmer (37)
Word stronger than oak? Full name (23)
The Genius of Ken Getz Brice Richard (26)
The funny side of mass recruiting events VR (5)
Walk Scores Austinian (36)
Amazon LIED to me -- question about DVD player software JR Woodward (19)
free graphical diff tool for a macintosh Contractor (5)
What is it with American companies and vacation? Anon for this one (50)
Emulating a AZERTY keyboard Victor N. (23)
Multiple job offers. What to do? norbi (15)
Should I plan a career change now or later? Bud (10)
Looking for a ruby TDD presentation My name is earl (1)
[support] Creating new thread in forum through e-mail? ZeFred (3)
so what do people think of fogbugz 6.0? Contractor (5)
Logic question My name is earl (24)
Safari 3's final release - holy cow! Scott (19)
wifi Projectors for presentations, are they ok? Albert D. Kallal (3)
The often misquoted "Law of Large Numbers" math_trading_coding (13)
Beards Bearded (38)
"We Need Project Management" A Thought (10)
OT: will you respect your boss if he can't drive a car... Connor Tan (33)
Firefox + downloads : how to overwrite instead of adding file? ZeFred (9)
Anyone know a good tabbed ssh client for windows anonymous_coward (8)
C# and Java books with "history" sections? Ori Berger (1)
Left for a competitor should I go back? (8)
they turned off the heat freezing developer (18)
London, Toronto, Seattle, Austin, and Boston... Kenny (10)
How many developers do you know outside of your job Bot (13)
Skip SF/SV? null fame (1)
HTML to PDF Precision... ! (8)
What does it take to become a better technical writer? Bot (21)
How to demo software Stephen Turner (9)
Resource Contention Uneducated Schmuck (2)
Screen Management Software BrotherBeal (4)
My problem with Java (or insert OO language here), LORB (15)
Accessing bitmaps in RDP Reena (5)
Wasabi: What would you like to know? Stefan Rusek (13)
australia forum samael (5)
programmer turned trucker nathan (17)
why Logo when there is Karel++? Michael Lyubomirskiy (8)
Weird Outlook bug when running as limited user Stephen Jones (13)
Managing software licenses Nate Silva (5)
I'm unsure about our software licenses... Newbie IT Director (22)
Learning language difficult because you are fluent in your core Bot (15)
Eclipse ant question intern (1)
SharePoint for issue tracking? emga (14)
please explain the "good, fast, cheap" correlation Dotimus (31)
Cross Browser, Cross Platform, Sandbox Controls SCADA Guy (5)
Software Engineering Glossary I am Noobi (19)
Viable to use no copy protection? Weekend (Code)Warrior (16)
Good laptop bag for Macbook Pro 17" anonymous_coward (13)
question re: staying on task no need for a name (13)
Dell Laptop 'feature' - how do I control it? Michael Kohne (6)
Qestion: how to get message from another program in win32? sedrick Hall (6)
Releasing the Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries (22)
New definition of "fix" Norman Diamond (12)
Job Market For Recent College Grads anon (24)
Do You "Personalize" Your Workspace at the Office? Ryan Smyth (36)
How to handle DB Schema changes in an upgrade ? samh (12)
Entertaining the option of leaving after only 7 months Anon for this one. (11)
Relocation assistance anon for this one (19)
Chairs/Ouch my back Martin (22)
I want to learn Delphi Victor N. (32)
How bad is Vista? orangutan (43)
Any SQL Gurus? Mr Anonymous (24)
Changing project/product names. How do you handle it? anon (10)
FogBugz with hosted SVN (CVSDude) Daniel Cazzulino (4)
Another Reason Software Estimation Will Remain Uncertain... Brice Richard (26)
Stupid Things That We All Take For Granted wauter (30)
SQL - Create CSV List The Op (11)
Where does salary data come from? JobDataSeeker (10)
Making the kill - a bittersweet victory OneMist8k (15)
Photos from Amsterdam presentation? Patrick Hudepohl (the guy in black, today) (1)
Software development for non developers Albert (51)
I'm not good enough! R. (struggling programmer) (45)
Access to Production Servers Clark Bahr (20)
Creating Help Files anon (5)
Sending notification by email through command line? ZeFred (5)
Bad internship review, one year later interview in the same santiago (4)
Customer Deadlines RK (8)
Web simple payload delivery, feed system Bot (7)
Axapta Sprite (5)
In need of a change Full name (4)
How do I legally divvy up ownership of a web site anonymous_coward (11)
web dev : coupon codes Olivier B (11)
64 bit Windows Question (iPhone) Entries of Confusion (10)
Chris Lomont has a detailed reverse-engineering of the Excel bug david graham (2)
XML to Swing GUI jhanx (1)
What's the name of the newish vertical collapsable menus ? samh (8)
Is this a great job or is it crap? Dan (16)
Help Make VB6 Open Source Ezani (32)
Recommendations for a WYSIWG HTML tool? Matthew Heusser (15)
Code Name RK (6)
Asking for pay rise Stevey (18)
Question on noise cancellation/reduction Arun (18)
New code converter from vb6 to RealBasic vb6er, trying delphi next (4)
Humongous ginormous VC++ update in 2008 Chris Nahr (10)
Ruby Rails - How to Print errors Rails newbie (1)
3x developer? developer (21)
Keeping expenses down frustrated_with_expenditure (39)
Thoughts on "One Laptop per Child" initiative (XO Laptop) Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before (53)
What are your throughts on Bot (8)
On the age thing...(RE:developers peak early?) SmartYoungAnonPoster (26)
Need new ecommerce solution nathan (1)
Tech talk at the Metropolitan Room (Manhattan) 11/14, 10p Patrick Foley (10)
Project *and* Sales Management under one roof? Chas Emerick (1)
Thanks to fogcreek for coming to London markee (9)
Ethics of Writing Bad Software? BrotherBeal (36)
Circumstances of leaving your last position anon this time (5)
Gave notice, but a bit confused. Tony Stratton (16)
Web Stats Analysis Tim Almond (4)
Lambda Expressions xampl (7)
Do software developers peak early? 29 yo. burnout (33)
Anyone here going to Amsterdam too, next monday? wauter (1)
UI design question - Tree or dependent Comboboxes? Chris (8)
To become a Software Architect I am Noobi (10)
Virtual disk files vs raw disks for VM? AqD (3)
Documentation and languages Norman Diamond (7)
FogBUGZ -- how does this work (technically) Boris (5)
New Job Title Brice Richard (26)
Minimumalist installer for .Net Figure (8)
Checking working atmosphere during interview Arno Nym (30)
Job Title Anon for this! (16)
JDO (ORM) for simple Java application !from US (9)
Accidental Empires by Robert Cringely Contractor (7)
Powerline Ethernet network Yo! (13)
Where is a good place to look for contractors? Josh (9)
How do you come out of a  burnout? Anonymous Coward (42)
Mac to PC Font Conversion nathan (7)
Will City Desk become Wasabi Waiting for Wasabi (5)
Online and Local Access to Excell via Iframe? Brian Briggs [Mission Expert|SWOT Expert] (4)
Interpreted C/C++ Victor N. (16)
ay to see where a certain interface in implemented in Eclipse? riley (14)
Dublin Andrew Brehm (12)
Coding Style dotnetnoob (19)
.NET = worse than failure hydroman (54)
How much memory does does an object use? ListerAide (3)
Are Brainbench tests good indicators The Lollipop Guild (20)
Picture Functions SCADA Guy (14)
UI framework for the Web jonathan (14)
MS Action Pack - Free VS 2008 Standard and Expression Studio anon (5)
Keyboard trays vs. Adjustable table heights Humbug (14)
travelling on business traveller (14)
Subversion revision number as release number Ryan Phelps (10)
Not to be a Code-Nazi... Son of the Soup-Nazi (3)
Excel bug Jimmy Jones (10)
It Finally happend... (5)
Switching from MFC woes Martin (16)
My keyboard has eyes?? I would like give my name but really I shouldn't (16)
Hosted solutions vs. internal - pros and cons? Newbie IT Director (30)
Visual Studio Productivity SCADA_Guy (9)
Delphi 6 and Vista Clay Dowling (6)
Excel 2007 bug analysis Mark Pearce (10)
Wordpress or Serendipity MicroISV (8)
Reaching Agreement Anon for this (14)
More out of this world (I18N--) Norman Diamond (7)
going hardcore... lemon obrien (22)
Y! Kickstart: the next level of social engineering Victor N. (8)
Good books on SOA Demotivator (6)
Training to get when the job is only obsolete technology... Trapped in a downward spiral (7)
Server to Server connection, Switch VS Crossover Nicholas F (10)
Anyone know good sync'ing software for windows anonymous_coward (15)
Adobe, Redux Not Joseph Cox (really) (7)
Yet another licensing questions Anon (9)
VBA regex G.B. (25)
prior knowledge required for spring framework? anonymous (3)
The 'Winners' of the Wired News Saddest-Cubicle Contest Anon Ranter (9)
How many hours are expected when billing by the day? That Guy From Apex Tech (12)
Herding cats Frustrated and under the gun (13)
Google to start pushing ad to your cell phone.. Anon Ranter (19)
Which graduate degree? Anon for this one (17)
Technology behind new web apps Guy Eschemann (14)
India Job Board Akshay Vasudev (11)
Acadamic way hsu (1)
World Tour: Dublin Andrew Brehm (6)
Testing across multiple versions of Windows Roy (6)
Software testing Paweł (5)
laptop @ world tour Jan Hančič (10)
Shy Naru Situ (29)
Employee vs. freelancer jz (28)
Lapack on Windows (8)
JOS job board advertisement (Allston Trading) Micha (14)
a good, cheap web hosting provider? dusky (15)
Citigroup CITS (21)
About QA in fogbugz 6.0 Jimmy Chu (2)
Boolean expression with added "== true" XYZZY (57)
Software Technical Writing RK (5)
Custom WYSIWYG editor in FogBugz 6.0 me (9)
Replicating SQL 2005 Express Lee (8)
Developer Shark Tank OneMist8k (5)
Can EBS work when developers are never full-time on a project? Harvey (10)
How to refuse an offer *and* leave an open door Drunken Coder (14)
Networking tips pi @ m (5)
does an email tag like this have any real power? anon (23)
How often do you lose it? Bot (31)
speed of Javascript Michael Lyubomirskiy (22)
Electronic stuff is too inexpensive to make sense Scott (24)
Something Positive: Kludges to Chuckle At Gene Wirchenko (18)
OT: Advice from New Yorkers et al. Kevin (10)
Joel was right; they did it. Victor N. (61)
CRUD coder: How to find a management job Crud_coder_Wantstobe_manager (7)
Live Maps developers must be crazy Albert (31)
Crazy job postings Job Hunter (15)
When you are good you don't need paper... John Fisher (37)
Where can I get a real UML design project to look at? Designer Gene (7)
unionfs on windows? Architecture Astronaut (3)
Niche jobs Question (14)
UNIX Question - How to find by file size restAssured (14)
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