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Windows account without internet access Steve Hirsch (17)
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The "use source control on the Windows team is not" broken. Code Slave (3)
Storing/retrieing values from ADTs in C++ <(..)><(**)><(..)><(**)><(..)><(**)> (13)
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IT Forums and websites Joel Smith (3)
Contracting in Australia contractorOz (7)
Garmin - When choice really is a bad thing SomeBody (7)
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Ad Hoc Query for Objects Old Man (1)
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Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal Meganonymous Rex (13)
Trusting the wrong web host... ...fool me twice, shame on me... (5)
apple salaries? uncle randy (5)
fix Start TIME instead of Start MENU matt wilkie (7)
Why BitTorrent for legal distribution? dan (21)
Ha - Someone else has to know. Jeremiah (17)
This great! Expensive contractor proves his worth Production Line Snag (19)
HTML forms nathan (26)
Sometimes less is less Paranoid Android (9)
Google Answers gets the boot Phil (5)
people don't know how to simplify Some Dude (21)
Downloading a Brodacast TV Show vs. Tivo-ing it Talipp Topterseous (17)
is professional development a hobby? . (24)
Is there something wrong with this interview question? Josh (30)
A Different(yet enlightening) job recruiter email OpenGL_Programmer (12)
Synching Google Calendar BitManipulator (1)
Big discount on Automise IanH. (3)
Support for OSS tools Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Best place to run a software company? Lee (47)
UK 3G connection as remote access. Alvin Rhodes (3)
Mob Menntality and Software Design andy (7)
Java and AJAX AJAX (9)
Re: Shutdown in OS/X Jon Rosebaugh (31)
Can AJAX be both super fast and super scalable? Mick Liubinskas (11)
The 6 month challenge LJB (39)
Have the implementation depend on the abstraction Lex (6)
.Net 3.0: What features are in Vista but not XP? Flow (14)
Job board results farmboy (5)
Taking Credit Where Credit is Due Humble Coder (12)
What do you suggest for my next pay rate? Flow (5)
Joel Wiki Flow (2)
Essential college courses for someone who wants to program? (29)
OT: NYC, Comcast cable broadband + wireless router? no route to host (6)
"Bloated OS/2 team" M1EK (28)
Salaries and Rates question (7)
indian companies recruiting Indians Students in the US question (11)
Tool for creating compact diffs for binary files daenur (4)
System-level development and testing Marcus F (3)
The need for multiple identities in IIS and related problems Senthilnathan N.S. (3)
new UK graduate - what are google UK looking for? radioguy (5)
Linux process control Moosebumps (11)
Have you tried meditation to improve concentration ? Anon these days (18)
How to find *good* summer internships Mark (3)
reasonable salary increase for a new job? LookingForAJob (17)
Does the term "Best Practice" have a place in our vocabulary? Stephan Meyn (18)
going rate in Toronto for somebody with 5 years experience? Passing By (14)
Why PHP and OOS sucks waste my time some more (32)
Is MS the new stupid company? Steve Hirsch (14)
[Terminal Services] Killing sessions to update application? TheFred (5)
Choosing a new language to learn... David Safar (4)
Opening an offshore branch Josh (15)
browser version statistics josh (4)
App deployment on Vista Installer inquirer (4)
I hate the Vista replace file dialog Tones (12)
How does Apple develop software? MarkusO (9)
Example of an exponential/power regression growth (not money!) Bella (15)
Accessible Website Development (5)
Web pages and screen resolutions: Matt Conrad (16)
DELL Rant... George Wenger (15)
I hate Amazon! anon (26)
Hasta la VISTA, baby! Paranoid Android (16)
Microsoft - more sensible than Apple programmers? Anony (13)
Need outsourcing team Gunnar Drager (11)
A Google useability rant. (Wo bu hui hua yu) AH (9)
Thoughts on Biztalk David Seruyange (1)
"Choices = Headaches" = Reasoning Behind Vista Off Area Nate (4)
How many Microsofties does it take to implement the Off menu? jonathan (18)
Q?: A fun one: How to share OUTLOOK CALENDARS w/o Exchange?? Javier Jarava (7)
Integration/Interdependence Number One Development Challenge Ben Bryant (0)
what is new in windows vista? Vista Curious (26)
h1-b question someone (6)
Google does evil Evil Flourishes When Good Men Do Nothing (29)
Nov 2006: Best LAMP Distro? A. Lawrence (9)
"The compiler should optimize that" part 2... Jimmy Jones (45)
going to work for a startup? someone (16)
GMail abandoned account interval? xampl (1)
Recommends for new system. The contractor did it. (11)
The emminent programer/author/blogger who left IT for law school gggGuest (12)
Lettvin's Windows Shutdown Crapfest - anybody save a copy? J. Peterson (11)
Windows Shows How Not to Do SCM son of parnas (24)
Oh My!  Have we learned nothing in the last couple of decades? Mike S (18)
"The Compiler should optimize that" Scott (117)
Bank of America gives away valid user IDs CodeClarity (10)
Amadeus Part II NoPersonalityTestsForme (5)
Spam Spam Spam not that stuff in a tin (8)
C newbie question #3: size of char Daren Thomas (18)
What's an mdf (master database file) ? Ezani (6)
RAID storage solutions Chad (5)
doubly linked lists patented Linked List (7)
Choices = Headaches - not sure you have it right Jason (2)
Funny Software Engineering Job Posts Pavel Simakov (1)
Not Respected at New Job Flob Smron (21)
Poor usability in voting machines. Mr. Analogy (7)
Off Button Design Noah Lavine (10)
How do you learn a new programming language? Neo (9)
Where you at map SumoRunner (2)
Name for a Methodoly that advocates doing a lot of checking I hate fishes! (9)
On Choices = Headaches Lee (5)
Office 2007 Look and Feel el (30)
C newbie question #2: Error handling Daren Thomas (13)
Open Source License help Anonforthis (8)
Developer laptops MSHack (14)
Cilk = Cool! Peter Sherman (3)
Amadeus contacts me for interview three years after rejection AnotherRound3YearsLater (33)
Assembly language Guillaume Drolet-Paré (39)
I guess Joel's becoming a regular fixture of /. Rem (3)
Why age is such big issue in IT? Mr.Age_Discrimination (22)
5400rpm vs 7200rpm hard drive for new laptop midtown programmer (12)
1600x1050 vs. 1920x1200 resolution? You call this a bonus? (24)
Choices != Headaches Barend Scholtus (16)
Related to 'My whole company is getting fired...' honest man working for dishonest people (27)
Does any large US company actually offer good customer service? Chris Davies (22)
will I lose my win32 code on vista? vindow-wista (12)
I think the Vista "turn off" design is great Paul Rivers (22)
Getting rid of Restart? Wrong! (6)
Handling thread divergence and UI design False Data (1)
Will downloading music always be such a PITA? Wayne B (19)
good design, when it comes to choice... lemon obrien (2)
iPods don't even have an on/off switch Pete (62)
Fresh Air Jeremiah (6)
Choice delegation is better Lostacular (3)
Robust Simplicity (RE: Choice == Headaches) Geoffrey Wiseman (5)
Choice and Happiness Ron McMahon (5)
Yet another Choice thread - the article misses the point Bored Bystander (26)
Hibernate and Sleep Joe (12)
So many choices, even Raymond Chen doesn't know them all Grant (1)
Choices = Freedom David Cornelius (9)
Choices == Good! Michael Foster (8)
About that link Aarre Laakso (0)
Choice == Democracy at work... Crimson (1)
"Choices = Headaches" - Not bad but simplistic Jeremaih Blatz (2)
Choices = Headaches - Could use a better example Sam Thomas (30)
Is reading really important? smalltalk (19)
Java version meaning? Anon (4)
What's a large project with good examples of unit testing? inquirer (8)
_bstr_t correct contructor Pet Monster (8)
Alternative to the airport limo Ben Atkin (23)
Recommendations for (re)learning Lisp? Jesse (5)
my whole company is getting fired.... Contractor (29)
The "you call this agile" alternate view Andy (10)
What happened to the Database Debunkings site? CodeClarity (12)
Am I any good? Thomas Prebble (14)
How to describe a great tech job? Carson V. Conant (50)
I'm a person, not a resource. Larry (38)
Joel Slashdotted Jman (7)
How do I debug a double fault remotely? Ben Harper (5)
Federal IT Market Mike (10)
What does a good DBA look like? AllanL5 (16)
your complaints about DBAs Contractor (35)
Your favorite Software Project Management Book NewMgr (13)
Windows Networking appliance? gmale (3)
Query Analyzer for SQL Server 2005 ssback (11)
Music while coding (54)
Value of learning C for a DBA? Contractor (14)
"Free" development methodology and project management system? MarkusO (14)
book about creating Windows NT child of VMS (9)
googles index strategy? curious (7)
Download Accelerator Manager Free Edition Brian Gordon Gamble (1)
CMS That Allows Us to Change Its Theme Freely. Drupal or Typo3? Webby (6)
developers working in a real team Kangaroo Bob (4)
Career Crossroad Mike R. (5)
How to refocus my career confused (10)
I am stupid. A Scrub (17)
Truly bad noncompete agreements Bored Bystander (10)
why are college professors idiots? Contractor (37)
Interesting thread on Slashdot - Does Master in CS matter? Mr.I ain't your friend (19)
Commercial Webapp on a shared web host? WebDev (6)
Question on SPF settings Nick Hebb (3)
Should I sign "standard" noncompete? tjk (21)
netogiating with contract companies someone (9)
Help choosing technology - Seam? FrameworkOverload (10)
Contractors: How often do you invoice? Another PO'd Contractor (18)
MySpace music download IoanC (5)
what is Google in Dublin like? mISVTodayTomorrowWhoKnows (6)
Most "cruel and unusual" work duties? Anony Moose (50)
ease of implementation ? Dev (7)
Windows File Mapping Objects Meganonymous Rex (4)
full text site search jibby (4)
Anybody know of a really good beginner regexp tutorial? Almost H. Anonymous (9)
Interesting take on the Office by Aaron Schwartz Bot Berlin (12)
IT job market in Detroit/Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh or Ohio? Mellowman (22)
The Joel Test - when and how many testers to hire? MarkusO (7)
Product and company name Steve (7)
Remote contracting - advice Cashflow (9)
Copy and paste anon for this (9)
Time Management-Can I start working with a mISV on my free time? TheArtOfTheStart (28)
Excel Question, saving multiple sheets as CSV in one step ? Not an XL Guru (4)
How to kill inovation and productivity Mike Griffiths (13)
"you call this agile" irony anon (8)
Abuse by client (Part 2) - Problem solved PO'd Contractor (18)
Attack of the bots Mark Pearce (30)
Manager asked do I like the work Sam Spain (9)
From the "you call this agile" department Tim Keating (10)
API Design Ape E. Igh (8)
Uncontrollable urge to stab my boss in the face... Anonymous (22)
Typical User Mentality Brice Richard (29)
Pretend that the outside world doesnt exist while I work on code (14)
Re-tooling as a Test Developer... Rishu73 (5)
Context switches in context Geoff Webb (6)
Skill at Context Switching Mediocre Coder (16)
closed vs open offices (again!) thursday's geek (23)
Flex and XLEFF Paranoid Android (4)
Building a highly scalable data/video/photo driven website Anony (18)
No hire Mark Pearce (7)
The hypothetical example looks fine to me Andrew Ducker (11)
Where is data stored in MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server? Ezani (16)
Motivational books? A former regular (7)
Is Google Evil? lemon obrien (18)
DDD vs Agile vs whatever Mr.I'm not sold on design pattern. (14)
Anyone work for google? googler (14)
careerbuilder: Bottom of the barrel job board? someone (10)
XML to XML Jacob Kristensen (31)
Any suggestions for a new PC? Mr. Analogy (11)
Sun Making Java Open-Source Software Brice Richard (1)
Do Developers Drink too Much? Keddy Tennedy (37)
Running a VB6 .EXE via a hyperlink to the .EXE file?  (images) Guest (11)
How do I search the web for a painting? Peter Hegarty (11)
University IT Rob (3)
sound embedding in website sound_embed (5)
developer -> BA -> Project Man? career path lewindletter (5)
what makes a company fun to work for? (18)
Restore applications in Windows XP nvictor (7)
CRT monitor image problems Alan Richards (8)
MS Project Viewer (mpp file) for Linux? AndrewR (2)
Joel might be right about consultants, but not the sentence Flow (20)
Can someone recommend a WS-* series tutorial? Flow (4)
find in java if a request is a redirect? Anon (7)
Light web language, interpreters for manipulating online Bot Berlin (4)
Nvidia g80 CUDA SDK? Frustrated Academic (3)
How to hire Michael Bacarella (16)
Cant work with people Bot Berlin (42)
can you get $65,000/year in india? Contractor (18)
Help me escape escape artist (16)
Making a before/after zip with Subversion/TortiseSVN Ted Graham (14)
Intercepting E-mails like Virus Scanners Erhard Smit (7)
Java Goes Opensource, the story gets more interesting Bot Berlin (28)
"You can't measure developer performance" Philo (36)
no reply after an interview means no JustWantsSomeCourtesy (23)
Need Help Making A Career Decision jingalala jingalala ™ (24)
Firefox Bug? none (10)
Game Programming for CRUD people David Seruyange (11) recommendations MBJ (2)
Holy Cow! OpenOffice rocks! Wayne B (25)
taking a low paying job and then quitting for something else someone (36)
how to find differences between production and test databases Ms Rain (10)
dress for interview Self Conscious (37)
Hard drive to be encrypted--what does this mean for my own files Proactively paranoid (6)
Personality test: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Patrizio Rullo (23)
Best way/practice for web app: moving files to production server (12)
100% North American support CodeClarity (19)
[Windows] Utility to sync client with FTP? TheFred (16)
When will Windows XP stop being sold? Where to get a good price? Wayne B (14)
C++ / STL / BOOST Interview questions Lex (47)
Jos Wiki Lex (4)
.NET 3.0 on XP? Steve Aprali (10)
firefox copy/paste ffox (11)
Stuck in the middle of corporate politics: PART 3 Vinnie Mac (16)
Tagging (as in Flickr) Set Theory James (3)
Lightweight Christmas Laptop Anon For This (9)
Took a sick day to interview yesterday, now I'm PNG. Mr. PNG (19)
Great desktop/office toys? Craig (3)
What your Hardest Interview Question that a candidate got right? rejected by google. (71)
Game based on "Flow" Mr. Analogy (3)
I'm tired of people beating on abstract language shucks (13)
initialization, performance cost? AA (6)
JoelOnSoftware Print view? Stefan (2)
Am I reading this right?  My C++ is a little rusty. Dr. McStreamy (19)
What was great in the past... JOS Reader (8)
Meeting Software / Streaming Audio / Etc,. Tom Dial (4)
ASP.NET ViewState question VideoStudio (16)
Does Walmart really get 'rock star' programmers? Grant (36)
How to become a Rock Star Programmer Wannabe Rock Star Programmer. (31)
Contour RollerMouse Carpal Tunnel (10)
Proximity based bluetooth advertising grunt (21)
What custom controls do people develop? GDI huh? (11)
Joel's new rant on Consultants Mr.young stunningly-good-looking Management Consultant (40)
Sonos alternative(s) Herbert Sitz (8)
Are developers migrant workers? Contractor (15)
Sonos Geek Stuff section TheDavid (3)
Sonos demo BillG (5)
Plug a turntable into Sonos? haven't posted in so long; forgot name (12)
"... strict Office Hungarian ... " Roguish Smurf (5)
Visual Studio 2005 Editor - Code Inspection Green Eggs and Ham (7)
The infinite music collection Steve Wiseman (28)
Javascript add attribute nathan (2)
web developers, take care of your freaking script errors! anon (8)
ADO, parameterized queries, and SCOPE_IDENTITY clcr (8)
Abuse by client PO'd Contractor (43)
So I want to Blog Figure (13)
better career path: play video games instead of coding? someone (8)
"Bloatware and the 80/20 Myth" as it's seen by MASM coder. Alexandr Kalenuk (32)
2 Domain Names for 1 Website? (28)
Fogbugz as helpdesk Mr.Dewey (10)
Underwear Goes Inside the Pants Tom H (22)
As the crow flies. Chris (9)
Learning SAP ABAP May be kicked out (5)
I need a good PC rebuild checklist Nick Hebb (6)
Offshore web hosting beyond the reach of lawsuits? Rabble Rouser (16)
Are programmers blue collar workers? Michael Reiland (38)
Stuck in the middle of corporate politics: PART 2 Vinnie Mac (19)
C# question MBJ (10)
"Funky" Job Description... Peter Sherman (14)
JOS Site Design Rant Code Slave (7)
Xobni Lenny (7)
RSS Feed Injection - Question About *YOUR* RSS Readers Lee PR (7)
Programming for grade-schoolers Paranoid Android (30)
Can we post resumes on the job board Bot Berlin (9)
Joel Spolsky PodCast Smartex (1)
C Newbie Question #1: size of integers Daren Thomas (37)
Query about Collections. Is there a pattern for this ? Vineet (9)
Where does Sharepoint store information about its databases? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Which programming tool is fit for a beginner? Leo Wilson (21)
IT Worker Shortages Everywhere . (30)
Bridges and Space Shuttle Software Sevenoaks (15)
Any WIKI experts out there? Saul Solomon (8)
Outlook Calendar notifications via Cell phone txt msg hoser (5)
The one thing I hate about being a contractor .. El Diberto (20)
"Learn" a langugage Kiriai (17)
Learning 2 languages at the same time Warlock (7)
anyone work in the defense industry? not george (13)
MyDesk, DIY your software becomes possible! Genusoft (38)
How to fork the web? Fernando Franco (14)
Is it worth going into management? Kenny (21)
On design? Johanson (7)
Software Defects or Malice Aforethought? You decide. Rob (10)
Everyone seems to want to be a Project Manager Developers Are Good (12)
This boggles my mind (Zune compatibility with MSN Music) Matt (12)
Is the shuttle software really that great? Sunil Tanna (34)
Project preferences got caught (7)
O'Reilly => Gartner (RANT) I <3 O'Reilly (6)
Resolving problems and thinking Chad (12)
quality of developers - hiring gets tough TomEUS (32)
Eclipse IDE Eclipsed (5)
The Publish model is broken - ASP.NET Green Eggs and Ham (11)
how do you get your requirements? Contractor (8)
GDB + Vim - making them work together Vern (11)
How to maintain versions for an entire application? Senthilnathan N.S. (6)
going to Wall Street Nathan Gold (16)
How do you keep your project spec.? Nicholas (15)
Is lying the ethical thing to do? stuck in the food chain (19)
stl q: why is everything implemented in .h? Lex (51)
stuck the middle of corporate politics Vinnie Mac (18)
When you're spening your week end fixing bugs DonkeyCodeBoy (5)
Web Server comprimised... is DB Server safe? GuyIncognito (4)
DONE with the IT field! Bill (48)
Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie's reading list. oxff (9)
to people who work in India Contractor (24)
Web + domain hosting with confidential whois? TheFred (11)
Some time ago, there was a brief flurry of functional programmin Lex (7)
your take on shrink wrap software and the new quad core CPUs? Contractor (17)
Recommended Software Related forums Contractor (1)
How much do you think tier one programmers make? Vince (24)
JoS Wiki planning discussion Flow (5)
how much time do you spend working on your skills Contractor (23)
E-commerce open source project Ron (10)
Matz On The Mic Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Knowledge Base Software Jackson Morcillo (8)
Programming while listening PodCast -> FAT POINTER (7)
Boring job descriptions, and those that stick out Bot Berlin (4)
535 Eighth Avenue, NYC Luke Pryor (7)
Onboard Video mynameishere (2)
Data recovery: NTFS disk Really annoyed (9)
Blog: Engineering, Math Science Education sucks in the US Contractor (39)
Integration of language in a language (jython or jruby) Bot Berlin (12)
Choose your own Funny Story for Friday Reg Braithwaite (4)
mysql: question about datetime NPR (6)
JavaScript: defining methods using ClassName.prototype? JavaScripter (9)
$90k for entry level programmers? Contractor (44)
Web Tunneling anon1 (3)
MS Word Document differencing hoser (7)
Oracle RANT Hate Oracle (19)
Network Attach USB (4)
Funny Stories for Friday Shane Harter (28)
Can POST data be sent programmatically? 80 (19)
SQL Server transactions / concurrency Peter B. (9)
HTTP Status 404 - Servlet action is not available Kiran (2)
Vista DOA? Jimmy Jones (21)
what bug tracking software to use for single developer? . (24)
For all you programmers studying math Robert Buff (8)
Very Delayed Reimbursement of Expenses by Employer Not Amused (22)
Detecting ActiveX Events from JavaScript? Rod (3)
Making the wrong thing easy and the right thing too damned hard Anon for this (9)
Portland, OR - another recruiter contact OpenGL_Programmer (4)
HTML Editor that doesnot mess up with PHP? Anthony McDaniel (12)
Parameterized queries in ADO Anon for this (9)
(Any IT Tech Here) is Dead TrippinOnIT (19)
Reclassifying myself as an employee w/the IRS IveHaditFinallyWithallthis (12)
dice follies unemployed (10)
Opinions about RTP? Cujo (9)
is desktop app = dead? - Reload Mr.Dewey (29)
MS's free accounting software first take TrhSonor (8)
Connecting to Remore Database Ukelele (7)
Jumping the shark, take #6 Bluebeard (28)
Unicode ecoding and string operations SD (10)
Is There A Standard Way of Opening IE, Word, Excel, Reader? Ezani (10)
Web site idea - online identities manager - thoughts? Sam Sanders (8)
Strangest Laptop Problem Ever Shane Harter (15)
SQL Injection Attacks Paul Brown (40)
Maximum Download File Size -> FAT POINTER (8)
About Releasing Early with a RAD Tool -> FAT POINTER (8)
Dice, Monster, Craigslist - where? Karl Perry (23)
BI: A Cube for each client ? Craig HB (12)
Non-Wimpy shredder recommendations? Sumana Harihareswara (16)
Code formatting with existing projects Kyle (16)
overview of Agile? NPR (11)
CityDesk and iWeb Andrew Brehm (8)
Quiet miniPC? TheFred (23)
Laptop Problems H.H. (6)
turn down a job offer? SomeDude (12)
is desktop app = dead? . (26)
another reddit? hello. (2)
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