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The repealing of Moore's Law, and Parallel Computing moore (10 comments)
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PHP/MySQl on home computer for testing full (11)
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Importing manually versioned projects into VCS Tom A (0)
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A Manager Can Simply Ruin The Project Simplicio Gamboa III (10)
how long should it take to develop a medium sized project? Lyan Karl (23)
Giving notice Patrick (25)
Salary advice Anon regular (16)
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Developer? Engineer? Project Manager? HEEEEELP! Mark M. (29)
Monster Etiquette Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (4)
HTML Twins Sathyaish Chakravarthy (0)
OpenGL courses in London? Joel Goodwin (6)
Version Control & Backups Matthew Heusser (13)
Question of the day. Crimson (28)
Is there a rentacoder for graphic designers? (I need a brochure) Bella (2)
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Getting rid of cmd window in Windows Moosebumps (23)
Phone Book Data Anon (8)
Advice for Newbie Wall Street Programmer Anonymous Coder (12)
64-bit Windows Yoey (0)
Vista shipping date. bashar (0)
Prototype vs MochiKit Ian L (0)
Need advice - Need Async RPC library Tim Roberts (3)
Moving a utility from C# .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 Ms Rain (0)
French Web Mail in French when using Quartex (4)
Wrong characters when reading in Eudora? Fred (4)
Concept of Javascript Obfuscator? Simplicio Gamboa III (10)
Reading List : Goldratt dave howard (4)
Beginner's guide to computers & the internet. Other suggestions? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (5)
Amazon bug! Moosebumps (16)
Task Timer EKB (9)
Doxygen and sequence diagrams Eli Golovinsky (5)
VC Deal Timeline anon_for_this (13)
User manual written first Berislav Lopac (10)
Where in New York? Mike Griffiths (16)
Anonymous Lists/Libraries in WSS nathan (4)
GIS as a specialty? Sassy (9)
looking for an open source eStore software wannabeboy (2)
Reading List - MTP ZeroM (7)
BitTorrent creator "Bram Cohen" suhu (13)
Need hosting advice (EU) 100 (2)
Backing up multiple databases at the same moment. 2 words (4)
Run a laptop program through a Pocket PC mobile newbie (3)
"Unsolicited: Try Me For 3 Months Only in Allowance" Simplicio Gamboa III (7)
Scaling Out SQL Server with Data Dependent Routing 2 words (11)
Is anyone doing AOP? Simon@AutoUpdate+ (14)
Creating A Program With Access Robert Keller (16)
Working From Home Karsten (11)
What filesystem does XP use by default? Fred (8)
Nesting CDATA sections Bill (10)
Managing Intelligent People - Book Recommendations A. Gorilla (7)
Masters in CS after 5 years of experience ?? Architect (9)
Use of pirated software in the office. anon to protect the innocent (37)
Silicon Valley Hiring Frenzy data (7)
How should I design this interface? Hmph (10)
Are we all doomed? Alvin Rhodes (70)
Economics: sell the xbox at a loss, -$126 Not Berlin (40)
Excel and data formatting newbie (3)
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Limitations Dennis Forbes (4)
Pro's/con's of a shared database versus seperate databases 2 words (22)
Naked Objects yori (3)
Ask to switch? or stick it out? SongSing Writer (19)
Integrated Windows Authentication Colm O'Connor (7)
IE DevToolbar (like FireFox's DOM Inspector) GiorgioG (4)
Dealing with very complicated business rules/business logic common lisp newbie (24)
($70 - W2  vs.  $75 - corp to corp) ShakerCORP (13)
Teaching Software Architecture Camilo Telles (8)
WinFX / VS 2005 / Strategy for next moves David Seruyange (2)
Ozzie totally misses the point of platform vs app Ben Bryant (2) Yoey (13)
Javascript events handlers and window.onload OP (5)
Reading List Gary van der Merwe (58)
Pushing the cutting edge baus (17)
Javascript opens to full screen then shows Mac O/S seekingWindows2MacJS (3)
Urban Sprawl and (Desktop) Real-Estate AC the AC (17)
resigning/giving notice anon for this (22)
online help with animation/search? blablabla (1)
Software uninstall Lan Trucey (7)
Joel on Venture Voice sean d (3)
Rude to BCC my manager? Demeaned (18)
Joel on software equivalent for Consulting Project Management? Crimson (8)
Number of developers per tester Sylvain (17)
Aardvark'd DVD Reviews? sergio (6)
Rails AJAX Controls? MyHeadHurts (5)
Aardvark'd DVDs almost Sold Out! Michael H. Pryor (10)
php regex... aku beg (3)
Need suggestions for RPC technology Tim Roberts (5)
Anyone remember OS on a diskette? Ben Bryant (16)
Thin clients, business apps, and offline access Derelict (26)
The software abstraction Anand (6)
electric wiring, surge protection, ... Olivier B (23)
restoring personal data from Server 2k3 to XP? Clay Whipkey (0)
Dilemma: Which language/toolkit to use on new project Kevin Walzer (4)
The Myth of the Superprogrammer SumoRunner (55)
Tutorial on Application Hungarian Notation RM (13)
Cringely does a 180 Moosebumps (14)
Crzmblski's Limit Berislav Lopac (6)
Paul Graham on Web 2.0 Schwallex (11)
Brauer Character Tables Paul Volgard (3)
Forensic computing - growth area? ROT 13 (5)
ideas for example code (6)
High Salary and Good Conditions go Hand in Hand? Shelley Levene (21)
OSX dual monitor Tom Vu (12)
IT Salary Guide for 2006 coward (14)
Wanted:  Books to Read Yehudah (13)
Trivial HTML parsing question - table to text? Bored Bystander (13)
Price as a Signal just a guy (12)
Yet another Ajax domain lookup tool! Carl Mercier (21)
Joel hits /. Jacob (8)
Schema Designer Ron Porter (6)
It is not price as signal, but distribution Albert D. Kallal (23)
Google is Web 2.0 Berislav Lopac (7)
Startup Advice Needed - Joel's & Paul's advice is off target. engineering_guy (29)
Price as Signal Joel Coehoorn (32)
How can I increase the number of my work hours? Michael (30)
Computer Science major vs. Math/CS major Marcell (26)
Problem installing "Visual J# Redistributable" for Delphi Frustrated dev (2)
Curses vs. Forms cursesFoiledAgain (10)
Economics book recommendation Green Eggs and Ham (10)
Ruby on Rails Forums? J.K. (5)
Any reason to leave in: <meta name="Mic...Theme"content="none"> Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (3)
Impossible problem Zumbas (16)
You're hired to develop low-energy computing architectures. Tayssir John Gabbour (27)
Copilot - Good? bad? A. Gorilla (16)
Good Article on O'Reilly OnJava Larry (11)
DLL hell gets shuffled around some more Ben Bryant (19)
Reverse-engineering the Doxygen .css file Ryan Phelps (7)
Delphi versions and TWebModule? Peter Sherman (1)
Development Laptop Dan Levine (38)
Cold turkey: caffeine pds (45)
'hub' an apache web server Hank (10)
Is dev environment on each developers' box? where4dev (17)
The system tray date/time control and usability Dennis Forbes (14)
Mysterious Disappearing Icons Curious (9)
Web Server that allows remote MySQL access? KF (16)
Why wouldn't you switch your computer off when you leave work? Calculate my emissions (84)
RE: Microsoft .NET article Rev Dr Kirk Daniel Bailey MsD (15)
Web Designer / Host Yehudah (3)
Amazon session management Matt Caton (13)
Dell desktop or PowerEdge Server for a simple web site? Ms Rain (12)
Agile Programming TV's Doug Heffernen (2)
So who else is switching back to IE7 when it is released? Chris O (42)
Stock broker with an API Mark L. Smith (13)
Speaking of stupid journalists: Thomas L. Friedman nojuan (34)
Code Coverage Analysis DamnDirtyApe (2)
perl book? dd (17)
How to discover the OS of a Website? Hank (16)
Flash/Director question pmuhC (2)
Global Address Ben (11)
Sending SMS Messages from an App ?? (10)
Which remote reboot? Ryan (1)
Disempowered Simon Lucy (8)
Phone Interview with Technical Staff Yehudah (10)
Product versioning pw (6)
sIFR Phil (6)
Which UPS? Catalin Rotaru (13)
KC:  So how did that old Random Number Generator project go? Crimson (6)
By default Google Toolbar is checked in latest J2SE PurposeMaker (5)
Offshoring FAQ EKB (18)
Anyone have any experience with FLTK? Daniel S (8)
IT journalism sucks... nojuan (17)
There is no Kudos in installation dev MSI Guru (24)
rich client tool blablabla (8)
Advise: Image to AVI to MPEG Bacon (2)
unused rssfeed dilemma dil.b.ert (10)
TDD-ing a framework Berislav Lopac (8)
Executed UPDATE statement without specifying WHERE clause hangs head in shame (40)
Taking contract work PurposeMaker (15)
Looking for help backing up my computer Charles Reich (13)
software vendor quality rankings/reviews? Patrick (1)
cs 101 newsgroups Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Microsoft Phone Interview John Dewill (6)
guy keeps saying "this is stupid" regularposter (52)
Online Donation For Non Profit Organization Tarek Demiati (6)
Is GPL truely enforcable? Cory R. King (19)
time monitoring Steph Delos Santos (4)
Server requirements for a small business I am not an SA (15)
Reflections on Online Communities Shlomi Fish (8)
Web 2.0 idea for you to use Matthias Winkelmann (4)
Software Team Core Hours Gillian (62)
Google's Project Management System dave (4)
Group work: 2 needed applications mindful_learner (8)
Sabbaticals MSHack (20)
Help wanted for hospital database Ali P (17)
Experiences with MySql Text Search? son of parnas (3)
"Simple" installer / package deployer? Which one to use?? Javier Jarava (20)
Philosophical/stupid architecture question? Benj (11)
Non-coding question regarding Microsoft and Classic VB Just Curious (9)
Why MS chose Ozzie as CTO? Hungry like a wolf (11)
Is the .Net Framework the new VB6run.dll Planet Funk (29)
slow progress, slow cancellation I know PHP - that's programming, right? (21)
If I have a orkut account, why not delicious too? Li-fan Chen (13)
code navigation coder (9)
Progress Bars Martin (10)
Advice on .Net and Localization/Internationalization Kevin Moore (4)
Windows Explorer: suggestion & gripe mindful_learner (6)
How not to do unit testing el (30)
LISP: Why Should I Care? Michael B (41)
visual express C++ and C# newbie (14)
VB.Net and Dates I forgot my posting name (14)
Joel: visiting Australia - Perth is nice! Jim Mussared (19)
Copywrong Berislav Lopac (7)
Any suggestions for a good font for displaying customer "quotes" Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (17)
Post-Morterm of Aardvark Project (The Making Of Copilot) Tarek Demiati (10)
Your password must be 8 to 16 characters long. Kyralessa (21)
Interfacing A Web Form With A FileMaker Database? Brandon Doyle (10)
Large (Shipped) Software Mostly Written in Lisp Tarek Demiati (20)
Talk me out of using VB6 Brett (22)
accounting software architecture anon (5)
Gen Y Developers: Too much, too soon? Anonymous Supervisor (21)
Need to Play SOUND file in VB6 app. (Programatically) Figured this would be trivial (5)
Ballpark figure for Asterisk installation/setup? Curious (10)
Ebay's web technology A toronto IT guy (11)
Benefits of dual monitor set up Tarek Demiati (29)
What's in a Name? Charley Farley (32)
Most countries use the NTSC format? Charley Farley (16)
Good "e-book reader"? Moosebumps (10)
Open Source, Productivity, Joel Spolsky Bambax (15)
LispNYC Appearance Ben Atkin (8)
Joel not following his own UI design advice? Gregg Tavares (20)
So did 'The Apprentice' really suck that badly? rickcarson (10)
Code, as it is thunk Tom_ (8)
Aardvark documentary - would you pay $20 bucks? German Munoz (20)
Regular expression for binary? hoser (3)
Need a book on accounting software architecture anon (5)
OCL Compiler gmale (1)
Confession: I'm guilty of ageism Anonymous Supervisor (39)
Ardvark documentary -- the trailer, renting out a theater Pete (7)
Is the Aardvark DVD closed captioned? Steve (6)
PC and hiring 3k (48)
Ruby's Active Record and Inheritance Tom Mack (1)
Aardvark DVD - $19.95 nathan (21)
Google AdSense expansion to referrals uWebsite Operator (1)
depths of C++ programmer (20)
Question for MSFT Devs: Tabs or Spaces? Heston (24)
I'm waiting for WebXP myself Joel Goodwin (0)
Wavy underlined text D Lambert (8)
How much add-in software will break with next version of Excel Ms Rain (10)
15 months and still not done product Tim Weiler (29)
simulating a 2nd monitor Jason (7)
rtf rtf newbie (7)
Do you manage to sleep less than 5 hours a days ? Quartex (33)
new text file windows newbie (8)
Why health care IT in the US is so bad T. Norman (51)
Logging work hours splintor (1)
Master Computer Programmer Phil K. Kleit (32)
Buying a computer from Dell Dell (19)
Outsourcing CPU-tasks.... to humans! Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (13)
Accessign HD with Javascript from the web PurposeMaker (11)
Asterix Art Wilkins (6)
Postgresql better than MySQL? Alvin Rhodes (29)
Java Swing question Ogami Itto (2)
Calling ourselves "geeks" considered harmful sometimes unprepared (28)
symfony (django for php) - any feedback? spudz (3)
software process for government grant proposal slava (4)
Release date for 12 weeks with geeks? Patrick (0)
Audio interview: Folksonomy pds (3)
I need help. Robert (12)
Balancing the Marimba Phenomenon same as the last thread (7)
Software Engineering masters programs my employer doesn't know yet (20)
Software Interface Design: Leave a message and Don't call back Not Berlin (8)
A service based on SugarCRM, anyone? Ex Legal Alien (2)
Reverse layout for better readability, Joel Tommie Nygren (2)
Awful clipart calendar Arse (7)
Joel: Webstock and visiting Australia Paul (1)
Good reaction to management using "hype" MarkusO (9)
P2P file sharing.... Joce (18)
emergency notification systems spudz (10)
Complete Burnout not your everyday knob (32)
The real top 1%... hoser (29)
bizarre hiring situation nathan (17)
Poor VCs Berislav Lopac (20)
Does MySql Suck so bad at storing images? son of parnas (49)
Webstock: a Web Conference in New Zealand John C (2)
Standing Broad Jump! SR (4)
XP Admin Question Bill Bachochin (5)
Win2k Administration Question New Admin (8)
Why is PR0? Al (14)
Any decent prototyping software? Ace (13)
Shut-off SQL Server As An Attack? Tom Ollar (2)
Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks With Geeks Dimitris Giannitsaros (24)
Troubleshooting monitor/video card problems Nick Hebb (6)
XSL or HTML wrapper classes? sharkfish (5)
Support Ticket Software Emily Dickinson (15)
Windows XP login password woes Josh Feinberg (3)
Massive Frontal PR is incompatible with Ship Early and Often Li-fan Chen (5)
Doeth... Replacing laptop screen anonymous_coward (24)
Microsoft Live Info Tyson (17)
Firefox market share at Ongoing Andrew O'Reilly (24)
MSI Installer Madness .Newb (6)
Effort/time to make a proper installer for web app Kevin (7)
Audio programming... where to start? Jurgen (5)
Information about contractors Lan Trucey (1)
Getting UTC timestamp from Oracle 10g Oracle novice (5)
programmatic pagination - How? Mark Warner (13)
Mini-Joels Dino (17)
relational calculus or navigational mind-set Steve Pushak (24)
Ready launch tour - Visual Studio 2005 mikey (15)
Client/Server without a LAN Not Saying (10)
Share a story: DLL hell and me A Chinese programmer (20)
NaNoWriMo / Lulu Matt Cruikshank (3)
Does anyone think Joel's ironic for dissing.... Vince (20)
New URL - How to redirect all requests coming in? Hank (1)
Best C++ Book for new hires? son of parnas (24)
The Case for File Swapping Shlomi Fish (60)
New layout complaint Dennis Forbes (14)
Web Apps Gary van der Merwe (6)
JOS New Look and the Search Box Vlad Gudim (1)
FTP Software Ben (10)
Why Microsoft doesn't get web development Larry (21)
VS.NET 2003 help options VSQ (0)
Full text search recommendations? Lost for words (6)
Unexpected behavior of STL `list` Daniel Chein (12)
Joel has mailto: link? spam bot (12)
Bad MBA experiences Kurt Cohen (22)
Healthcare IT Anonymous Healthcare IT Guy (16)
SugarCRM v. Microsoft CRM sharkfish (8)
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