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Advertising less-than-stellar work not this time... (3)
Do you have local admin rights on your development box? Zippy Kondrake (12)
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When to modify an existing package, and when to write your own Mr. Johnson (7)
Best place to find a web 2.0 designer? Seeker (4)
Aircraft Entertainment Systems silvermonkey (15)
Pre Requisite for learning rails New RAILERS (10)
Rescinded Job Offer, due to poor economy JavaFTW (31)
Which technology stack would you choose in this situation? Mr. Johnson (15)
Dashboard software? Hockey Player (0)
Redux: How do you do this on MS Windows? Lucky Lisp (15)
[OT] Are we post-post-nominals now? Anonymous, Ph.D. (29)
Development environments at clients Sprite (3)
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background app on windows dedicated server Aku Beg (18)
Reliable shared Win hosting? Andrew Badera (12)
Looking for a new laptop - need suggestions Staying anon for this one (22)
Small NAS for Home/SOHO use? Iomega StorCenter ix2 anyone? (13)
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Personality traits of successful misv entrepeurner? walterbyrd (21)
Contractor vs. Full-time Employment Jake (19)
How do you do this on MS Windows? netu (10)
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do you use romote software? netman (2)
Extreme Blue Technical Interview Aspiring College Developer (6)
AT&T discontinuing Unlimited MediaNET? Andrew Badera (3)
Review time again Puzzled (17)
Help adding a third monitor Luke (7)
where are people buying flat-panel TVs this season? Andrew Badera (22)
UCSD or Berkeley / you tell me... TMB (29)
Good job or higher salary? Bob Karkowsky (26)
A summary of what's wrong with the industry Steve Hirsch (27)
Anyone using Basecamp here? Freelancer (12)
weird problem with getting date from a integer month -- sql grover (9)
Ideas for Office setup! Mr. Smith (12)
Raise/Bounus season for Financial Firms Anon 4 this 1 (5)
i feel better... Patrick From An IBank (14)
Reputable online MBA programs Joe (23)
follow-up to: how would you respond to 4% raise ||..?..|| (17)
References, background checks -- before offer? ||..?..|| (18)
Why would one want to use Twitter ? Flex (30)
IntPtr to a C++ struct TicTac (2)
Earnings and Taxes David (20)
Windows desktop icons...what's going on with them Lance Hampton (12)
Yet another file manager MiniFM (0)
why greasemonkey still alive? curious (9)
ROR or Java/J2EE ?? Wanabe Freelancer (11)
Do you think Apple's old strategy fits the phone market better? simon (6)
Should I Trust Management? Lame Duck Developer (18)
what to do when company of sofware pass away? Marc (10)
Google Map API FromEmeraldCity (5)
Contract Market AnonForNow (4)
How do *real* developers use network analysis tools? WannabeTycoon (5)
Software groups in Gloucestershire, UK? Matt (2)
a comment about age in the software dev world sharkfish (6)
anyone know what MCS Senior Consultant roles pay? ||..?..|| (6)
Stack overflow - good results? Midwest Contractor (26)
Cell phone SDK Drew Carey (7)
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How do you print XPS files ? Scorpio Dragon (9)
Should I get out of tech while I'm reasonably young? Troy Lenier (30)
Work culture at Sybase Inc.? Anand Buddhiraj (4)
No Career Path John Green (12)
Subversion client add-on for VS2005/VS2008 anony (7)
A Boss Who Selectively Listens (19)
What would you do, or want your employees to do? (29) is so annoying! Arrrrrg (4)
EvantX Programming Suite? anon (2) & remote working John256 (10)
Which Offshore group has the Worst Track Record? MoMoney (16)
Team Organization Frank Robinette (8)
Switch jobs??? (9)
I may have made a biiig mistake M. Will Robinson (37)
an open letter to hiring managers Jason (23)
Are DBAs back in demand? A programmer (11)
Modeling and Simulation doul (8)
When do you quit? Nathan Green (18)
When will things be back to normal? Eager_Meager_Joe (55)
Cuil looks better than google Anonymouse (5)
Recommend a Mac text editor that can run an external program? textpadder (13)
Help! My manager likes me too much Anon for this (17)
Can anyone recomend a good C# installer API? Donna (8)
Dissecting a C# Application LGC (6)
Best way to learn statistical modeling? Matt B (12)
spinoff of "BYOChair" : office stealing dorothyb (26)
keep oneself update mial (11)
Parsing Google search queries Skav (5)
Social network Development .Nutter (10)
Large Systems Using XML Data michael mcglynn (16)
bring your own chair to work isensi (27)
Lookup timezone based on a zip code Josh (8)
Borrowing high bandwidth internet connection Mark (8)
Printers : the bane of my life 0x90 (13)
OpenID - Many problems, dubious benefits Vee (24)
How do you count experience? HJ (21)
Tech Recession 2002: Do you know people that permannently left?? Bella (17)
Where can I get an ASP.NET (ASPC/X) Parser? Zippy Kondracke (4)
jQuery - Ajax dashboards (3)
Anyone familiar with ICVerify? WayneM. (3)
Entity setup C++ / Perl Guy (2)
eq == = eql Miss Fitt (13)
Maven2 Maven wannabe (3)
Gmail for password management? anon for this offcourse (14)
Suck to be a Mac user! LOL @ U DIYer (8)
Bailout deal will need infrastructure Ken Sharpe (4)
Design pattern for game/prob theory Lucky Lisp (12)
Information of Software development sheetal (15)
Sequoia Capital on startups and the economic downturn dave (5)
debugging consultant? thedebugger (11)
Tech spec & Functional Docs! Mr. Smith (11)
Visual Studio Simon@AutoUpdate+ (24)
Getting a Job in the Banking Industry? Am I Nuts? (18)
Huffman or LZW for text compression ? Kinix (13)
Greener pastures greener_pastures (20)
CLR/JVM + Bytecode/IL  Worth learning? op (13)
How do you use Subversion? Noble D. Bell (18)
"Failed to make the transition" curious (12)
Sins of Commissions XYZZY (34)
Math Skills Suffer in U.S., Study Finds RM (22)
Large Community Driven Non-Sponsored Open Source LSP (7)
Here we go again.  Major tech layoffs coming?  :-( Code Janitor (45)
Good source of .NET components? New to C# (8)
Bad decisions starting my ISV? Tom (21)
Disclosing company! Mr. Smith (18)
Research Triangle Park Ed (7)
UK Web Hosting for Reliable Downloads Robert (3)
ironies in job emails developer (4)
New graduate, not sure what to do confused (21)
anyone ever see this before anon (19)
sleepy in my cube awake right now (29)
Top 100 Dev Management Blogs Matthew Heusser (2)
"Being really competent" or just "looking busy" ? another slacker (25)
Project managers who are merely an animated calendar another slacker (27)
Apple causing me support headaches! Phillip Zedalis (5)
career as ethical hacker? Noob (6)
The downsides of Ruby on Rails - anyone else experience this? Getting off the tracks (25)
Good time for a federal government job? Cliff Claven (17)
Looking for a particular web based app builder - forgot its name John Rusk (13)
'Controlling fixed costs' Skeptical_John (16)
StackOverflow OpenID registration partner Michael H. Pryor (20)
Defend use of javascript framework curdDeveloper (3)
Repetition and duplication inefficiencies  the software industry Ezani (62)
Time off and productivity not a slacker, really! (14)
everyone gets fired... Contractor (19)
VIDEO : A Possible Future of Software Development Ixion (9)
Meditation yogi bear (27)
Any experience with WATTCP? DOS to .NET communications? uggh (14)
Career Question! help me (12)
Fire & Motion as a Freelancer Freelancer (14)
SQL convention : table prefix and plural/singular? db (15)
C# OLE Stuff confused child (1)
Boston Scalability Group October 22 meeting - GridGain Anthony Chaves (0)
GPOs - totally stumped! AD noob (3)
Does your company use Java Webstart? Houdini (8)
Solutions that are similar to Community Server? Sanjay (1)
Looking for a VPS need a host (9)
Oracle DBA recruiter recommendation? FName (2)
Excel VBA get currently active control in code -- help please? bon vivant (4)
Jobs and average salaries in the UK? (11)
having problem passing C# string to C++ LPCWSTR... TicTac (10)
Good book to teach a newbie web development? WayneM. (24)
thinking of going for a database certification . (12)
Agile Transition Transitional State (8)
Having money vs. having a life (43)
Odd Team Member (24)
Yahoo Domains are now $34.95 but that's not the problem... Should I sue? (14)
Javascript Calendar widget - anyone really recommend one? Paul Rivers (6)
Entry level attorney jobs now being outsourced to India... dave (24)
OpenOffice is dog slow - and this is supposed to compete?? Pro Open Sourcer, but give me a break (33)
Resources for learning Ada Raj Chaudhuri (12)
how to get hostname for website visitors CuriousISV (5)
a) Stay b) Walk away c) RUN!!! Some guy (17)
Cleveland or Detroit? Anon for this one (32)
Starting a Death March Codeless (41)
Recommend Career to Kids? BrotherBeal (36)
Job-search resources for New Zealand? David (5)
Good C#/.NET Tutorial(s) online? Chaz (11)
Security risks in using Exchange mail on iPhone or Bureaucracy? Reasonable (22)
just got let go. what to do next? . (24)
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