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Got an interview on the day that I must reply to other offer Drunken Coder (19 comments)
my co-worker is going to get fired and ... anon (42)
EBD: One of the Five Easy Ways to Fail? BenjiSmith (6)
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Glass House Mentality No more glass houses! (15)
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Quick question on patents (12)
Screen capture software recommendation Victor N. (28)
Standard reporting to be disseminated to all branch Michael Chan (3)
Sharepoint job vs J2EE job confused (17)
Finally a proper design Rolf (5)
Apple deprecate MDI bet uses it in its own products ff (5)
Analysis of stack programming screencast Bot (2)
"they don't keep their browsers that wide." Almost H. Anonymous (23)
Joel lost his earthquake virginity.... QADude (20)
RMI/RPC - The Next Supercomputer ? Ezani (20)
Alan Cooper article MT Heart (7)
interim contract QA help, howto?  (SF) Dan (3)
Classical is my new programming music of choice Bot (39)
Optimum Knowledge Package Brice Richard (8)
data validation for website... lemon obrien (17)
Flowing data back & forth between Excel and a Java application? Ted Graham (9)
Evidence-Based Scheduling - Euphemism for Micro-Management Brice Richard (45)
"They won't always be free" Larry Lard (20)
CSDA Exam J Phillips (4)
Need opinion about Flight model simulator software development (10)
interviews - is perfection over 7 interviews the only way TiredMicroISVer (43)
custom development story(related to Joel's blog) Contractor (9)
Cold job applications DoingItColdAndGettingNoReplies (8)
Fog Creek web site looks weird in Firefox Paranoid Android (17)
See++ Roman Werpachowski (2)
Your favourite philosophy-of-software quotes Philipp Schumann (51)
Will we ever see an Aardvark 2? TravisO (10)
Quick question: Massive archive of word files. my name is here (6)
Joel, just admit you are a closet agile fan and be done with it Bruce (11)
Fogcreek website is a garbage Bart (5)
Happy Cog Studios and EBS? Gregg Tavares (6)
New Jan Hančič (12)
Out of this world Norman Diamond (7)
Congrats Firefox, dumbest feature ever, animated favicons SomeBody (17)
Is the Dunning-Kruger effect very prevalent amongst developers? An old fart who hopes he doesn't suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect (18)
Assembly - Is this still taught in Universities? ListerAide (39)
Who's on first? The Client Project Mangager vs.the Developer Collin Crowell (3)
Open Source SOAP Client tool SOAP newbie (3)
oracle noob question oracle noob (5)
Crossing the great divide Jack be quick (8)
Career move (QM) (11)
When to use struct and when to use class? . (53)
Final Word on the "Slam Brice" Project Brice Richard (85)
VB9 and XML Two verbose and useless lanauages finally together VB is dead (11)
Company offers me less than my current salary?!? Confused (32)
WPF, WCF, WWF, WTF Rick Tang (16)
EBS versus PSP, Monday morning Smackdown!!! Doug Withau (1)
Any Experiences of VirtualBox for Development? Ana (2)
Why I Never Hire Brilliant Men clcr (24)
Is there any good XML editor that doesn't cost an arm or leg? xml stud (5)
Good free Proxy Server for Windows? OP (4)
FogBugz for "enterprise software" development Justin Trested (2)
Monte Carlo Simulations unnecessary for EBS? Michael Zuschlag (7)
Standard Printer Paper size in the US !from US (14)
Maxthon Browser Maxthon (5)
Does EBS attempt to replace PM ? Entries of Confusion (3)
OK, let's get constructive, help Brice Locutus of Borg (13)
why Silicon Valley? . (14)
Windows desktop software :-0 (19)
WPF Nathan Green (8)
Google/Yahoo PayPerClick - trust them? John Tenny (4)
Leopard vs. Vista Victor N. (14)
To smooth or not to smooth (17)
EBS and Agile / XP / Scrum Björn Elenfors (6)
Pinging a server ListerAide (13)
Gmail works much better through imap Bot (16)
Flame this! Norman Diamond (10)
BoS Conference: Dinner tomorrow night in San Jose, anyone? Mr. Analogy (0)
Capulating to the Masses Brice Richard (56)
How far are you from being paperless? (Poll) JonS (15)
Greatest Job Interview Story Ever Richard McBeef (12)
Offering to pay the recruiter - kosher? Ganesh (46)
it is worth allowing instant messaging at work matro (19)
Upgrading to Windows Professional Victor N. (13)
About PhD Interviews at a UK Univ, please advice.. Rolf Oltmans (8)
Typo in the EBS article Rolf Oltmans (1)
About time somebody wrote this, C++ is defective with a FQA? Bot Berlin (81)
Charging time back to separate case Elliot Block (7)
how long does it take microsoft to respond after interview? Job Candidate (15)
Software estimation datasets JSD (1)
are there html normalization/formatting tools? Michael Lyubomirskiy (5)
I call shenanigans on evidence based scheduling Bruce (33)
HTML tutorial - Any good ones out there? Paul (16)
Where does FogBugz get its Ajax? Impatient (2)
World Tour Video freezes after a couple of min into it. Mark Boltuc (0)
Old Books Entries of Confusion (13)
Motion control and humans Eric Hamilton (5)
He missed the most obvious way to fail Locutus of Borg (21)
So what IS agile?? the Melbournian (28)
Salary negotiation Tim (5)
Joel endorces waterfall method? gregg tavares (13)
Relocation for a New Grad LJ (10)
Working at Google vs. Working at Microsoft J. Peterson (3)
Joel's latest Inc. article chris (24)
Starting slow... Java App Web Hosting Robert Nickens (7)
Professionally Worded Follow-Up Thread Brice Richard (33)
Job questions RP (2)
How can we estimate... Victor N. (12)
Weird request from interviewer WTF (20)
Would you go for 30-35 hour work week? Bot Berlin (44)
Ways to fail ... how would they know? Paranoid Android (11)
The Institute for Kiwi Studies Ken Ray (5)
The first way to fail Lance (13)
Making questions to the interviewer - take a list or memorize Drunk (3)
New Fog Creek/FogBugz site looks great Bob Walsh (11)
Tier 1 providers Adrian (4)
Now syntax highlighting is bad?! Almost H. Anonymous (44)
That video from Austin... Ron (1)
I'm type-casted! . (8)
do i need a virus scanner? - what about kaspersky MicroISVer (18)
The google job dilemma Bot Berlin (43)
Google Job Posting Goog what? (4)
Gives me confidence... Guillaume (9)
Saving Real video from Akamai into file? ZeFred (4)
Architecture Astronauts back in the news.... Jerry McLane (10)
IT Job Scene in Jacksonvulle, Florida Ken Ray (3)
Joel at Futuretest Alan Page (2)
Good software to back up Mac files? ZeFred (12)
Custom Protocol Servlets Dino (6)
More patent absurdity Norman Diamond (7)
Wiki software for multiple sandboxed wikis? BenjiSmith (8)
Usability - why can't programs remember multiple directories? Richard McBeef (23)
Is XML neccseary? . (34)
Geekisms xampl (23)
Startup question: UI Design startup wannabe (6)
Good book on XML? anonymous (2)
good technical web casts Contractor (7)
Yahoo! on the IT job market Too Lazy to log on (2)
Ken White is Jealous of Me... Brice Richard (61)
Presenting 'Sequence Diagrams' to a business audience (18)
FLV hosting Code Slave (5)
SCM Branching Strategy Former COBOL Programmer (3)
Have the Adobe Acrobat reader developers gone mad?!? Get back to work (32)
got an e-mail from a recruiter... iwanttobeanon (15)
tomcat, mysql...why does setting shit up suck so much? lemon obrien (63)
FogBugz and Wiki? flameThis (6)
Anybody notice that google is indexing in almost realtime? Bot Berlin (15)
offering tuition reimbursement as a recruitment tool Contractor (11)
Joel's World Tour Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Comic Sans Duff (17)
Dilemma: go the programmer/analyst route or systems analyst? WhatToDo (10)
FogBugz 6.0 Ships Entries of Confusion (11)
Aeron - Not so good in the UK Entries of Confusion (12)
Weird interview situation - adivce needed Staying Anon (24)
Is MS-Access "future-proof"? To Access or not to Access (75)
Laptop problem laptop restarter (7)
Newsletter software suggestions guillaume (6)
VMware Fusion or Parallels? Frederik Slijkerman (7)
U.K. HSMP help please ForeignLover (3)
Two questions regarding resume Drunk (10)
parallels on a mac with windows vs. linux Contractor (20)
How do you decide the credibility of a web site? smallVendor (13)
IT Expert Blogs RP (5)
DMOZ is "died"? iDMOZ (5)
One week notice? Tim (17)
Free Wiki Without Ads For Non Commercial Purposes? Teacher (4)
Anyone think that the Ubuntu/Gutsy (7.10) will change anything Bot (36)
C++/STL/Multithreading/Network programming ARV (17)
Why I claim to be anti-OOP Mr Anti-OOP guy (80)
Oracle database on webspace RP (5)
Is Delphi a good bet? WillITEvenCompile? (26)
Why the Software industry alway going backward? . (23)
problem doing an install on a windows OS running on parallels Contractor (1)
Voice Recognition Software for Word Processing - recommendations Serge Merzliakov (6)
Don't buy a macbook... makes no sense to coders/writers Li-fan Chen (22)
Is contract oriented programming still being used in Java/c#? Bot Berlin (9)
So I was thinking about buying an Apple this weekend... Grant (19)
coldfusion vs. apache/mysql/php confused (17)
Freelance recommendation Adam (5)
PHP question (objects and members) CODING IN THE NAME (3)
Applying to a company that isnt displaying openings in its site He Who Cares (3)
The most stupid user agreement ever Roman Werpachowski (14)
FreeBSD or CentOS for my web-based application? Webber (13)
Jazzy and dynamic powerpoint presentation slides Robert Chevallier (9)
Managers that peep into your monitor... IndianMale (25)
How can I protect my source code from web hosting company? WebAppDev (13)
Does the Squeaky Wheel Get the Grease? Anon (11)
Fogcreek Streamlined Web Site Got Bashed the Last Time I Used My Real Name (9)
career direction Anon (4)
how many companies provide 24 inch LCDs? Contractor (17)
Mac OS X - save session Dev (5)
Source control not needed? Should I believe this dev? A Seattle-area MCSE (31)
Good Windows NAS enclosure anon (6)
VB/C# Comments to XML -> Word API docs DinaC (2)
Reminds me of my last trip to Texas NPR (21)
Algorithm for 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, etc? Brian Doheny (17)
Tomcat Joe Developer (5)
Hourly rate for contracts - how do you figure it out? Staying anon (29)
Certifications that are worth it knowlege wise [SomeUsername] (12)
How to stay focused when working from home Usually I'm Not A Slacker (18)
What CMS do they use? Developer (6)
Host João Almeida (3)
Basic Html Design Resource Liam McLennan (5)
Joel, take the jet Entries of Confusion (4)
sidewalks roll up at 5pm reno (12)
Work place, how much do you value Proximity to your home? [SomeUsername] (37)
Leaving software development for more of a campaigns-style job.. Matt Lee (6)
34 years, already too old to find a new job? FrustratedC (23)
Another one for the "free is better" list... Jimmy Jones (13)
unixODBC with DB2 blade (0)
Rather odd SQL Server/ADO problem clcr (3)
70 - 80 hours per week Paul (49)
How to select a web framework? Still to slow. (18)
I bought a color laser printer and I'm so happy... Jimmy Jones (37)
New languages RP (15)
Aeron chairs: worth the money? Paranoid Android (26)
Joel's Roadshow - worth the trip? Jason (5)
FogBugz On Demand Scheduled Maintenance Entries of Confusion (5)
why is subversion so popular? Contractor (42)
Flight leaving on time? David Jones (15)
If I get access to server running J2EE can passwords be found? curdDeveloper (9)
Mac virtualization: VMware vs. Parallels lemon obrien (8)
What keyboard/mouse do you prefer? Impatient (28)
Microsoft face-to-face interviews - impression OldAndTired (17)
Anyone read "LifeHacker" or "4 day workweek" ? Opinions Mr. Analogy (10)
Learning a new language Ron Porter (12)
I want to learn to test my code Victor N. (20)
Dilbert Code Slave (23)
How to answer "so why are you leaving your current job" about to fly (29)
Employer Attitudes Towards School Anonymous - although I doubt my bosses read this (17)
What's the latest news in practical non-stop software hosting? Li-fan Chen (6)
Feedback on my resume Marcell Ortutay (11)
Overuse of https Rick Tang (28)
In a Rut: Seeking Career Advice Adrift (11)
help setting up a home network Contractor (6)
Stop the catalogs - DMA Foo Fighter (9)
Jobs developing for Nextstep applications Pete (4)
the job is *literally* killing me dont be like me (40)
What does Joel mean in the following sentence (at FogBugz web)? Interested in FogBugz On Demand (1)
Bread and Butter language Hoang Do (13)
database engine to support 300m records? charstar (9)
how much down time do you get to do builds for system software? Contractor (8)
Returning to be an Oracle DBA after 2 year off Too Lazy to log on (3)
Where to get commercial/free server status script? Adm (3)
Asian fonts on windows vs osx Joachim Hartmann (11)
Take stuff out the CV? LordMeister (14)
Sales and/or Implementation in S. America Aspiring Gringo (2)
Which are the best IT job boards for London? Chhaa ching! (8)
Vista penetration rate Simon (24)
Demo-ing server applications LarryN (10)
DNS Issue - TCP not listening or answering on Port 53 Scoopex (3)
C++ Toolkit for 2D Graphics Andreas W. Paulsen (4)
Are most corporate jobs emotionally draining and soul sucking? Rich (27)
Is the MCPD certification worth the time and energy? Jimbo (9)
Disable "smart" code reformatting Jimmy Jones (7)
If VB.NET and C# are so similar, why have both? Warren Henning (16)
The [coding] leap from Windows to Mac OS X JonS (10)
Code signing tools Menon (1)
Respected employers in Los Angeles? Matthew (17)
after Vista - what's left for the Operating System? mindful_learner (36)
Any mISV using OScommerce Anon (5)
Calculating resolution differnces! (13)
Buffalo TeraStation Live 1TB Network Attached Storage Yo! (8)
Alligators BenjiSmith (3)
Moving back home to save money not mamas boy (62)
UK-based web hosting with SMS Entries of Confusion (1)
I pity anyone who works for Bioware... Contractor (18)
Oracle makes $6.7B bid for BEA takeover flameThis (9)
More on dressing - this one in favor of better dress Old Hand In The Bay Area (20)
Hotels in Berkeley - what I think Joel really meant Old Hand In The Bay Area (2)
What do you think would be the best bet for a recentCS graduate? NameOfTheGeek (13)
How's this for a plan? Steve Hirsch (13)
Is this a step back? Marcin Hoppe (11)
Vista Clock for Windows XP ? Scoopex (8)
Dumbness For Dummies! Norman Diamond (11)
Do I call the employer back to tell them no? Me Want Food (24)
Deploy to Production Process Bryan H (4)
automated unit testing and unix Contractor (2)
Contracting companies that you respect? xampl (6)
Sartorial offenses, preferences in the office NPR (28)
A good example of a CRUD GUI application design? Victor N. (15)
Does your company require a strick dress code? NameOfTheGeek (48)
CSS problem João Almeida (13)
Plus ça changes Norman Diamond (13)
CS Degree: Worth the Money? Aspiring College Developer (47)
Roles Management restAssured (2)
What web application would you pay for? Web guy (17)
Webserver load Guillaume (6)
TabletPC recommendation Scoopex (9)
CGI development in Perl SimpleDave (22)
Linux/XP Filesystem? BrotherBeal (10)
Resources to learn System Administration frustrated (6)
No hotels in Berkeley? Anony (5)
Where are all the good devlopment books? Currently Witholding My Name (19)
Where are the Pixar pics? OneMist8k (12)
What does database administrators do? Victor N. (25)
Google Stock, recession and ad-spend Seeking a contrarian view (11)
Project/problem-solving oriented learn-to-program books Teacher (11)
what happens to offshoring if the dollar continues to weaken question about offshoring (14)
Creating Independent Thread(s) in Java Viva (3)
HTML compression Mikael Bergkvist (11)
If this episode wasn't on Seinfeld it should have been.... fair to middlin (23)
how much logging and metrics code do you write? Contractor (12)
Do Rockstar programmer have easier time to get the job? . (76)
How to investigate slow LAMP site? ZeFred (7)
How much memory do you feel comfortable allocating? Herman (14)
TAR problem - Archive files in dir A to dir B, called from dir C James Jackson (9)
Ownership of hosted server. setup (2)
Followup to "Making the switch from .NET to Java?" Disillusioned .NET Developer (9)
If you don't like the interviewer? Harassed (24)
Any opinions on Adobe Flex? Simon (7)
Systems programming? caveman (11)
Article on useful utilities S.Wilson (3)
Trying Out Different Programming Approaches Ezani (9)
mac and parallels plus a vmware question Contractor (13)
I doubt that J Allard has "Apple Envy" SomeBody (6)
SQL Server: Overcoming a problem caused by bad database design. Get SQL Karma bonus. (10)
DC area hosting? George Jansen (2)
Do you talk to yourself? Bot Berlin (23)
Domain name with word SAP in it -- to risky? Billy (6)
Static IP address Dinosaur (15)
Advice: embedded work? OP (29)
Project Ideas You will know later (9)
Thoughtworks' Mingle Alternatives? Frequent JoS Reader (3)
Where can I get Flash Player with playback feature? I hate flash :-) (4)
Strategy Letter VI: The reality of sandboxes Anonymous Peon (1)
What Has Happened to Sued by Google? I hate piracy (2)
Using C++ and Qt to compete with .net Andreas W. Paulsen (11)
Struggling in Silicon Valley Hoang Do (23)
Hibernate with fixed state? Kristian Dupont (3)
A worthless plastic brick - clever Mark Ransom (9)
Computer Science grads and a development career? Anon (12)
I guess PHP is enterprise ready after all anonymous_coward (15)
OT (sorta): Sound Drivers for Vista in VPC 2007? Bored Bystander (6)
Which language/framework to use for web apps? NPR (14)
So I went to an interview this week Radu094 (19)
Software to print barcode? ZeFred (12)
Question on Data Access Layer Behavior Dino (4)
Source Control Turf War LA (21)
Tar, unzip, compile, run?  Is this really a good way to install? Bot Berlin (24)
web development? michael (5)
See? George Jansen (6)
Concurrency question (needed for concurrent gc implementation) Daren Thomas (23)
windows XP home can't install more than once? xp guy (7)
XML will save us all XML is my friend (27)
Saying No to BS Work Anon (34)
Book on Windows Forms programming Dingo (2)
CMMI David Seruyange (13)
Fast Upload & Download Services Rygar (10)
CD-RW Burner: what do you suggest? Victor N. (5)
Vista SP1 beta Windows Fake Advantage Norman Diamond (28)
Weird MS XP Mouse Wheel behaviour Yo! (2)
The Disappearing recruiter guy !understood (25)
Aspect Oriented Programming Viva (8)
My final word on IDEs and Emacs/Vim Bot Berlin (16)
Data modeling tool ModelRight (11)
This is the job I interviewed for? NPR (30)
MIT from VA Tech - online Anonymous (8)
Rant: Are job interviews fair? IWillSleepProperlyHere (42)
When freeware/Open source is better... Jimmy Jones (29)
Recomendation for Advance Java Book ListerAide (7)
Milescript Language following Strategy Paper VI Joshua Harrison (6)
Mapping Function Keys for Sound mrc (6)
Two months of work in ASP.NET, how do you like Waleed (13)
For Joel: Financial modeling OneMist8k (3)
PHP and HTML output format ICodeThereForeIAmBored (6)
My site was hacked - how can I fix it? NoHackPlease (24)
Viewing Secure/Nonsecure Items in IE7 David Seruyange (1)
Data mining advice Numbers guy (6)
Report Tool For XML Data joeCool (7)
General Question: Why Do You Need to be an Asshole? (A Rant) Ryan Smyth (38)
favorite text editors Contractor (33)
Any good tools for creating foreign keys in an MSSQL database? Josh (6)
Best option to develop desktop application for Linux Jigna (11)
How do Agile methods (XP/FDD/Scrum) address Quality and Testing Mwana Mission (10)
Extracting geography from IP addresses Steve Hirsch (25)
GOOG 411 Mike Stephenson (2)
JOS keyboard shortcuts Bahen (4)
Book on refactoring anony (20)
Petition to Release MainActor as Open Source Shlomi Fish (9)
Hire one Rock Star programmer or 10 programmer . (41)
Java swing components Guillaume (1)
Agile project management Gats (7)
Getting a Microsoft Certification or anything alike Victor N. (17)
In a pickle Jeff (21)
Non-homogeneous multi-monitor mouse utility? Michael Kohne (7)
laptops and external displays New2MultipleMonitors (8)
POST request format for SELECT options + duplicate chkbox fields James Jackson (4)
Archiving Database Records Viva (5)
vacation policy hesitant (30)
Anybody have any good resources on database server design? Bot Berlin (13)
Applying for a FTE position (15)
Need a Good Book\Blog on managing off shore teams. Anon Ranter (10)
Need help deciding what to do with my career Confused Developer (27)
IE/JavaScript problem - visible listobx selection Foo Fighter (9)
Most popular free/openSrc WYSIWYG HTML editor? John Catripo (17)
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