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What to expect on a phone interview? (11 comments)
Food: What do developers (Europe, elsewhere) eat? David Seruyange (54)
Shortest, coolest script you have written Bot Berlin (26)
Large project development in Python Yoriz (31)
Python IDEs Tapiwa (13)
Microsoft Partner Benefits GuyIncognito (3)
Wrapping stored procedures in classes Mike (7)
Paul Graham's Reddit got acquired. Bot Berlin (14)
Is this Visual Basic Equivalent for Writers? (2)
Interviews as free consulting Call Me Ishmael (29)
laziness: virtue or vice? NPR (33)
Do screenshots help make user documentation better? Don't like screenshots (16)
interesting point about the job boards Contractor (15)
A case for copy/paste? Shane Harter (31)
Problem with Action Queries in MS Access rumpl (9)
Laptop CD Boot fail?? mr bald (3)
Job seeker statistics Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
Micronesia, Federated States Of - 88 Job seekers. Looking for a way out (13)
Hibernate verses EJB Kiran (5)
Microsoft gives away free accounting package for small biz I am John's keyboard (10)
ASP model and ethics? David Lance (7)
Going it alone Anders Bakker (4)
inner joins in VBA? Excel Novice (19)
extra holiday money? need some extra cash... (14)
How viable is changing careers from development? Bot Berlin (21)
No experience, no work. Advice? Depressed Grad (36)
0 - 15 years experience John Haren (10)
Spamming suggestions MSHack (15)
"Contractor" makes 200K/year Kyralessa (25)
Coldfusion Replacement? CFC (8)
Whither the JOS S/N Ratio? Paranoid Android (8)
companies have problems hiring top talent Contractor (48)
The Aeron controversy revisited anpny (30)
Resolution Dilemma, Haken (10)
Anyone planning to continue using XP as a development platform? Xplat (10)
Valid CRC32 Vassilis GR (2)
Software Project - Time estimation Thanks in advance. (18)
Affordable Aeron-like chair (19)
Simonyi in Space hoser (4)
13 Scariest Things in IT Robert Buff (6)
employers: experiences with Ox (hiring mode) (7)
OT: Where do you put your laptop during flight Thath (11)
Any place I can get CSS Zen Garden level work for free? Crimson (25)
job sites or recruiters selling email addresses to spammers? Contractor (6)
Is it possible to store Unicode with SQLLite ZooLook (4)
UNIX Script Help - Moving files according to date created Ukelele (7)
Java Server Technology: Framework overload Peter Monsson (9)
Programming Pearls hardcore_wannabe (7)
Windev From PCSOFT - Is it any good ? The Night Blogger (2)
Developing in the Open. Can it be risky ? Wizax (13)
Whoa Joel! You're number 1! Dedicated Joel Fan (10)
Usefull continued education (5)
Software Development: The Fundamentals Brett Romero (7)
Any recommendations for printable CD-Rs? Mr. Analogy (3)
Java & SWT Questions The Night Blogger (3)
Looking for A Good SWT GUI Builder The Night Blogger (3)
Starting games development? (12)
STL/Boost Rex America (6)
"Bucket of attributes" SQL data modeling/query strategy Jonathan Gray (19)
A techies opinion of my MBA program Contractor (13)
$200k job in new york Contractor (8)
Institutes accepting online High School Diplomas. Satan's Ange; (0)
is Master, MBA or phd worth the time/money? . (16)
Ideal IDE, Monitor Size and Work Space Mike from Michigan (2)
Flat Panel, what size? oxff (13)
Can your language do this redux Ryan Phelps (19)
Getting out through firewalls and proxies Wayne B (8)
How do I determine the total I can spend on salaries? Paul Nelson (15)
FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Site? Brice Richard (12)
Switching Hosts Aaron B. Davis (4)
Does anyone know any web-based IDE (possibly using AJAX)? Tem (7)
how can I resist this inquiry? NPR (16)
fogcreek superstars tux (25)
Quick & Easy SCM Shane Harter (16)
relationship of happiness to productivity - evidence? mindful_learner (12)
Is having an IQ test during an interview a good idea? semigeek (23)
Software Project Scheduling Sevenoaks (9)
Which Installer? cja (10)
Generate Serial Keys asbie (8)
37signals != the best software developing house there is . (17)
what do MS use for bugs tracking? . (11)
Job Offer(s). Ethical and Professional thing to do? OpenGL_Programmer (27)
Help me get started with a new language curdDeveloper (10)
Blink Effect Chris Knott/Monster Labs (1)
Suggestions for a log rotation script for solaris/unix Ukelele (4)
Monster jobs question (ethics) Matt (17)
Timing of feedback dissemination? Andrew O'Reilly (3)
Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing: bias against the Ph.D. Daniel Barrett (21)
Don't deceive on your phone screens Phil Sarin (9)
Code readability = English-like Code Rick Tang (35)
Windows equivalent to lsof clcr (2)
Joel Test for job ads? expr (11)
POLL : % dedicated to Marketing Activies The Night Blogger (3)
Office politics - please read my story, advice needed. Darren (19)
Statistic Needed: Comparison of PHP/JSP/ASP/Others Developers? TT (6)
Web service API security? Ted Graham (7)
sony laptop LaptopUser (5)
OT : Digital Cameras - any recommendations? redeye (23)
That ain't Waterfall, and sure as hell isn't Agile Oy! (18)
Another perspective on phone interviews Peter Vanderwaart (8)
Does Joel really have superstars? reader (24)
web testing webbie (10)
Exposing Blog thief? Daniel (24)
An honest post on interview exams Bruce Rennie (12)
Why I had a hard time with pointers... Kyle (23)
Guerrila Interviewing v. 3.0 Dilsia A. Martinez (6)
IE7 Phishing Filter Lorenzo Bolognini (0)
Negotiation question - employment termination notice period JN (32)
Can't print when using app with Terminal Services TheFred (3)
Getting Feedback from potential users before releasing V1.0 The Night Blogger (3)
You know you are a geek when Geek (11)
Waterloo Fortran IV fictitious? (10)
My 2c on coding in interviews and using "gotchas" Bluebeard (8)
37 Signals releases free version of excellent e-book... Crimson (5)
Database Connection Question > PHP/MySql Anonymous (2)
Why are you guys so crazy about the job interview... lemon obrien (14)
Solaris 10 anyone? Tim T. (5)
C++ Video Training Program The Night Blogger (0)
Data Structure & Algorithms Books with a C++ angle The Night Blogger (3)
Changing Language On The Fly (With In The Application) The Night Blogger (7) wants YOU! - another email OpenGL_Programmer (6)
Whiteboard considered harmful! Gregg Tavares (8)
Cross Platform DB Engine for PC & Apple Mac The Night Blogger (6)
Bates Theorem? Tracy R Reed (7)
AutoIt or Macro Scheduler for GUI testing GUI Tester (9)
Opensource business kinda suck . (11)
is this true? Tux (24)
DLL Sharing Jeff (11)
Web Service Pattern FromEmeraldCity (3)
"Don't hire maybes" for girlfriend/boyfriend? anon for this (23)
Print Version Nathan Brouwer (2)
Don't hire maybees A little discretion for this one! (23)
A candidate in favor of phone screens Contractor (13)
Which LAMP web language & toolkit for a .Net person? Flow (16)
tests versus online downloadable examples of your code CatInTheHat (8)
Orphaned Users in SQL Server 2000 nathan (5)
Microsoft still doesn't understand web development eh (20)
Maximizing employee incentive Vishal (12)
RealBasic Vs C++/Qt on the Mac The Night Blogger (6)
IDOK == DoSomething() || DoSomething() == IDOK Wayne B (29)
A candidate's perspective on "tests" Reginald Braithwaite (33)
SQL Server Query Analyzer Debug feature sucks Get me out of here (16)
Joel on Blink Tongue-in-cheek (9)
Joel's phone screen includes some unfair assumptions Flow (15)
Hardware upgrade planning - Dual Core, HT, Twin Processors Not me (7)
Can I develop websites in C++? Desktop Win/C++ programmer (30)
How do you explain the perfect resume idiots? John (9)
The Phone Screen is my Enemy Jim (25)
The Google Myth goes “pop” ombudsman (19)
Search Engines (3)
Paging Windows/Unix Gray Beards for command line fu David Seruyange (19)
Social Engineering Sucks! Bored Bystander (35)
Any good Database Links/Books IanH. (5)
Trick question || bad employer? NathanJ (45)
Malcolm Gladwell wrote Blink... Sunil Tanna (3)
What should the Desktop be for... mindful_learner (20)
UBS London - what is it like to work there? NeverWorkedAtIBankSoFar (11)
Software for phone & email contact info? Scott (8)
What's the realistic cap on hourly rates? I throw way the 1's (15)
Unix Guru - Script for capturing packets windowsBackground (9)
Is NYC a good to rasie kids? Dean (54)
Ms Access via a VPN too slow? Practical Geezer (22)
Crunched development schedule, still want docs. Suggestions? Larry Myers (7)
Share a serial port on the LAN Tuesday (4)
Foreign Corp to Corp Fred Leeflang (1)
Trading systems - what's the job like? JK (7)
Bloomberg Hiring(anyone else get emails from them?) OpenGL_Programmer (10)
Book Recommendation for UI / Usability / HCI The Night Blogger (9)
Love your work? Prada-deep (32)
Inspiring look at software on shuttles Bot Berlin (45)
Fast remote control that can connect out? TheFred (11)
What It Takes to Be Great anon (29)
ADAM-ADSIEDIT and "adam-usre-based" administration.. Javier Jarava (5)
Stan-alone "PE Friendly" http proxy?? Javier Jarava (0)
Weird iPod Issue Shane Harter (6)
Example/Sample contact databases? Almost H. Anonymous (4)
mathematics, wikipedia, firefox and caching nvictor (1)
VMWare Server w/64-bit? BillT (5)
Good PHP books for beginners? Almost H. Anonymous (10)
Learning neural networks Ted Graham (13)
Can PHP be considered mature enough to compete with Java? Melaspina (19)
psychology test mindful_learner (9)
Going to the next level Anon for Now (12)
prevent page view webbie (9)
php & passwords phpboy (18)
IDE - greatest feature & wish list mindful_learner (25)
Vista - will you upgrade mindful_learner (31)
Linux keyboard problem with Dell Inspiron 5050 Anony (1)
Lead Developers and Time Management Trying to reduce (12)
recommended PC vendors? NPR (9)
Winsock: how to detect if a socket block? Dan Lee (4)
Status of the PDA market - Is it a viable market The Night Blogger (8)
Cross Platform Microsoft Word & Excel automation The Night Blogger (8)
Looking after yourself Oracle Consultant (27)
Ratio PDA/Pocket PC The Night Blogger (9)
css headaches newbie (5)
PHP4 with PHP5 in mind OneNerd (3)
design question: friendly token... Dan Lee (6)
age limit for new programmer hire at hedge fund or iBank? ___ (21)
What's the longest commute time you'll accept? Flow (39)
Pocket PC/SmartPhone & Palm Cross platform API The Night Blogger (10)
Sun thinks inside the box: data center in a cargo container Flow (9)
Funniest JOS post ever? Alvin Rhodes (26)
London salaries - anyone in the know? (5)
Something keeps turning off my WinXP firewall - any tips? --Josh (4)
Remote Development. Can it be efficiently done ? NightBlogger (9)
Continuous integration Ari Telias (1)
PHP 4 Libraries? OneNerd (6)
POLL : Best Design System Tray Application NightBlogger (8)
Complex PHP Question Shane Harter (21)
Maintenance Lance (10)
Remote Desktop: XP -> 2000 nathan (9)
Book advice - Web sites for .mobi Mike Griffiths (0)
Ruby - top ten reasons to use/not use? Anthony Dunleavy (20)
Wall Street Programming Interview Questions Andrey Butov (26)
sound died NPR (8)
Working 4 hours a day - Myth or Reality ? NightBlogger (20)
Job board should require Employment Type A Poster (7)
bait-and-switch Change, Change, Change (20)
Writing Code in an Interview Paul Hyman (65)
How do you approach reports in an n-tier system? Mike (8)
the 200K developer Highly underPaid Developer (50)
have you ever had to share a cube? Contractor (54)
WTF encoding problems Lorenzo Bolognini (5)
What does the SWF file know about itself? Paranoid Android (12)
More C++ Questions - Part 1 NightBlogger (13)
managerial job requirements indian programmer (17)
Apple Sales el (9)
The guilt of leaving a company with crappy code younghov (71)
When to use COM dll versus plain dll with function exports J (16)
What's the name of this OOP design principal: Confused (6)
SQL Game Mark Jeffcoat (10)
css question webbie (12)
Windows 2003 Security def59485 (14)
Webapp for Publishing a Download Catalogue BenjiSmith (3)
Anyone using Delph.NET? Clay Dowling (6)
How to deal with convoluted SQL Kyralessa (21)
Java UML reverse engineering plugin for Eclipse Gareth Porter (4)
Forum addiction from NYC (6)
Simple SMTP server for Windows to send group e-mail? TheFred (16)
Visual C# the right way hssw (8)
Subversion repository move Scott (18)
New CIO, need advice A regular (35)
Pretty vs Functional? GuyIncognito (9)
Job Listings as a Pandora's Box GuyIncognito (15)
In regards to US zip codes Jennifer Todd (0)
What the matter with font files? nvictor (3)
More than one UNIQUE key was created for column SQL non-expert (18)
Learning C++ while creating a product NightBlogger (21)
A not directly software related maths puzzle! krs (11)
Java for ShrinkWrap Application Kef (6)
Doing things in a different way Sevenoaks (7)
Porting Delphi To Free Pascal Frank de Groot (15)
Productivity Question: Relative importance of churn vs flow... Crimson (10)
Native C++ UI with VS2005 Options? UITroubles (24)
movie about programming featuring creation of mosaic steve (3)
CS Postgraduate in London/UK anon (12)
Help -- Why is not working for us? Jef Armstrong (81)
To Atlas or not to Atlas? joeCool (7)
COM and Java; Recommendations please? Need a Recommendation (11)
Choosing a new web development language CM (38)
Using Expression Engine I am John's keyboard (3)
Seeking a small example for a C++ variant Dan Lee (15)
Single Founder = Higher Chance of Failure ombudsman (35)
UPnP ssdp discovery protocol status? hoser (6)
mathematics for programmers coder (20)
how to post code in wordpress blog? NPR (6)
Reprsenting software architecture Melaspina (6)
Anybody know about how to find a job in Venezuela? OP (19)
Fair Percentage of Fixed Price Bid as Subcontractor Phil (18)
Taking a job where you don't like the tech? . (31)
Most versions of Vista will be illegal to run in VmWare Mike Schiraldi (42)
Local Jobs GuyIncognito (12)
Windows Culture hoser (16)
Mixing ASP code and HTML JOS Reader (10)
Bonus or Raise wb (16)
A simple web spider Ben (8)
How do you implement Audit Trail? semigeek (12)
Instant Messaging and Servers, confused netter (7)
Monitor the computer's USB Dan Lee (2)
NULL foreign key value? SQL non-expert (10)
Anyone know good free software to download youtube video? Anon for this (7)
speech to text software f (5)
CS for mathematicians RP (40)
Advice on new role NewDayRising (5)
Nicknames - what to do? anon this time (5)
'Shelf' for Windows Jean Marie (4)
Links with query strings don't work? Phil (5)
Downloading from MSDN on Linux (11)
What do you call tablet PC monitors? Peter (14)
Russian Dudes on the Cover Ryan Smyth (3)
Watchdog application for Windows to restart apps? TheFred (8)
Qualcomm Eudora R.I.P. Chris Nahr (12)
Dealing with difficult client mid-project? AnonForThis (14)
PHP, ASP, JSP, and Other Web Lang Usage Comparison Statistics Need a stat (8)
any design verification engineers here? Andy (5)
Aardvark'd on Doc channel farmboy (3)
3VL or 2VL? SQL non-expert (10)
Please sign a petition for a new Google Data Privacy product Eric Krout (4)
"Expected salary" Vin (20)
Static typing -> self-documenting code Oren Hurvitz (17)
Incompatible software versions costs Airbus $6.1bn Stephen Jones (22)
Python for Portable Devices ?? Saul Solomon (8)
Where can I download Steve Jobs keynotes? Anon for this (7)
Looking for Web app script for KB/FAQ/Q&A Guillermo (5)
Resources for Wall Street professionals Andrey Butov (15)
Lightweight revision control with a single file archive? SomeBody (18)
I'm probably going to get fired soon. Can't bring myself to code Production Line Snag (21)
Number 6: Type casting management Dino (4)
Dynamic typing - real Silver Bullet on horizon? moronica (3)
Corp-to-corp advice? dave (5)
Just curious, old code Bot (46)
Last Drawn Salary yori (32)
The Geek Gap - Geeks vs Suits OpenGL_Programmer (11)
Learning Tkinter Asrarahmed Kadri (9)
Help File Generator Christopher Hester (12)
Need important career advice - finance industry Anon (19)
Programming from the attic Flow (18)
Following instructions on new software n (7)
Linux monitoring tools Curious (7)
Quick review of book Martin (2)
Accidental vs. Actual Difficulty poorHouse (19)
Beyond Java - inability to express data in Java code? Martin B. (33)
Microsoft Money It can't be.. ..but I could be wrong (5)
Product Requirements Document Bazily (5)
Is "Sharepoint Developer/Consultant" a fun job? Mike from Michigan (10)
Explicit types vs No types Neil Mitchell (8)
IE launches firefox chloraphil (9)
How many things, Joel? Paranoid Android (22)
Skills in demand Tarun (27)
The Big Hairy Problem right at the heart of Java shappir (27)
My thoughts on the "Beyond Java" review Berislav Lopac (4)
Zap Adsense Figure. (8)
Hiring the best is a fluke in IT curdDeveloper (14)
My laptop is slow nvictor (15)
Employer and intellectual property ownership jz (35)
How do i approach a Venture Capitalist with only an idea? Anon Obviously (29)
Unsung heroes of sofware dev bollocking hell, is that the time? (17)
Is overtime for developers a good thing? Straw Man (29)
How to get a diagnostic report from a remote PC ? Vasant hegde (4)
What's the max lines of code a function should be? Bluebeard (31)
CityDesk - Is the product still supported? LosGatos (2)
Image for Cover of Russian version Andrew V (7)
which one is better w2 or 1099? mvdeals (9)
Programmers = Communication Skills?? OpenGL_Programmer (16)
Simulation Software Sarah (4)
developing problem solving skills (11)
WTF? Paying for zip codes? ZippyPinHead (18)
An Interesting IDE Using Transcript Brice Richard (3)
War For Talent economista (21)
Oracle OCI app distribution ModelRight (10)
Congrats on the money, Joel! Mike Schiraldi (10)
Component Needed - Dekstop HTML WYSIWYG Editor Eric D. Burdo (14)
-1 as a primary key?? SQL non-expert (27)
So... How does the Fog Creek fight song go? hoser (19)
Consulting company recommendation Anon (10)
In India, even Google finds job recruiting tough Stephen Jones (32)
Open Source ERP Research Decio Franchini (2)
More non-development jobs require B.S. Comp Sci Daniel Howard (12)
Has anyone made a seamless data hosting site Donald Trump, Jr. (4)
Smart architecture …. or recipe for disaster ?! Mark James (68)
Flex 2 Java Developer Guy (3)
How many instances are there? DAN LEE (10)
Simple OOP Question DisOriented (12)
recording live audio nathan (7)
Codebetter launches a job board Michael Richards (10)
multi-threading integer counter made static DAN LEE (8)
C++ interview questions: what to ask? Vick (68)
Consulting at H0H 0H0 Mr N Pole (8)
double connection DAN LEE (10)
Concept Map and Software Design Butters from South Park TV show. (1)
Interface design DAN LEE (4)
Verification & Validation Sandeep Maske (7)
Google is the Truth Dino (16)
offshoring programming jobs Anonymous Coward (38)
Google buys YouTube Bot Berlin (25)
Understanding Financial Markets Gareth Porter (11)
New Feature - Job Search Bazily Bezereko (10)
Need a little Delphi handholding Nick Hebb (29)
Source for notebook spares (3)
Somewhat OT: On GRE Steven (4)
Experience with bad employees Bot Berlin (10)
why my software show chinese charactor as "????". why (5)
Ajax Windows for a lack of better word too much of a name (6)
If you add a new person to your project... hoser (15)
Better fonts on IE? Impatient (7)
VB 2005 Book J.B. (6)
pseudocode and functional programming. nvictor (9)
Steve Yegge has hillarious Agile followup.  Includes Far Side! Crimson (25)
what's up with blogs? NPR (12)
Process Control / Automation Left-handed Guy (13)
PHP debugger php_newbie (3)
Longhorn/Vista "Server Core" Slim Simi (0)
code protection DAN LEE (1)
Genetic Algorithms yori (4)
what is the best way to quit your current job? . (21)
I was right about Ruby Johannes (4)
Stupid Interview Questions Contractor (21)
Speech Recognition Field // SamiraSoft (10)
do employers value your side projects? Contractor (14)
Windows Server 2003 Web Edition moronica (11)
Reason #6 for not having testers Untested (13)
What is a good salary range ss (8)
The "cream of the crop" ain't here... I am John's keyboard (5)
How does anyone make money from RoR? Contractor (6)
Open source lack of documentation. Steve Prefontaine (39)
Salary negotiation advice. Noodles (10)
Protyping in PyQt and Shipping with C++ & Qt // SamiraSoft (3)
Google says it's time to focus TechSlave (12)
Borland Dev Studio vs MS Vis. Studio James Birchall (54)
Coolest web Menus? FreeAtLast (10)
wxWidgets: is it suitable for commercial soft. dev on Windows? Curious Windows Dev (16)
Best way to negotiate with contract companies Contractor (11)
How to write specifications? Janabsaab (7)
What if Microsoft buys Infosys or Accenture? Annon (10)
Age Discrimination - How Rampant? How To Handle? anon y mouse (18)
Who writes Unit Tests? David Seruyange (10)
Relevance of M.S. in Computer Science Mike (17)
VB6 is the only supported dev enviro on Vista? Eric D. Burdo (14)
Local Variables A Bad Thing? Peter Sherman (39)
i've a bone to pick with MS hostdot (13)
[VB5] Good reporting control? TheFred (3)
best credit card rewards program? Alex Chiang (14)
How is this done (USB)? Name goes here (3)
Debugging ActiveX Controls in VS.NET 2003 - Woes Tom Dial (3)
How to make it difficult to steal an image? Josh (40)
"Finding" an application in Win32 Bored Bystander (22)
Wanted: Developer Sensei aaron (20)
Ever bored as a developer Bot Berlin (26)
No more coastal wage premium? dave (27)
Question for Adobe Photoshop Experts jingalala jingalala ™ (15)
OT : Going to NYC, where to buy Laptop, books etc? redeye (10)
Google Code Search Eric D. Burdo (10)
last tabs viewed with firefox nvictor (14)
Scripting languages and security John (3)
tired of passing technical tests... Mr Tired (27)
OT - USB video capture devices Turtle Rustler (7)
Nice Artile on Microsoft under Ozzie cpm (8)
Opensource software is free??? . (17)
Bad experiences and/or places to work Contractor (17)
PHP and Unzip Sunil Tanna (6)
Employer Ratings for Coders, by Coders Dan Helfman (34)
Daily WTF Job board is up... D in PHX (4)
Global Technology Analyst at Bank of America Interviewee (18)
Do you consider your self to be a "star" programmer? DAN LEE (34)
Must dotNet web dev be GUI driven curdDeveloper (9)
Mileage reimbursement D. Lambert (16)
The Cream of the Crop - Pt II Jack Flash (30)
do you make your interviews harder for better candidates? Contractor (12)
"Making Wrong Code Look Wrong" - Taking this further Mike Weller (5)
Which AJAX Toolkit? nvictor (7)
Which Terminal Server Client ? Olivier B (6)
Backup to USB flash? Tones (21)
Research Engineer Salary kernel hacker (2)
Firefox and IE plugins Name goes here (5) vs C#/Java . (31)
Less Than LackLuster Developer Jobs Kng (11)
is 5 jobs in 10 years bad? NotSoSkippy (35)
sql question george b (2)
hee, hee. interview at bank using my software. Mister Mistoffalees (10)
Impossibly Vague Question: how to debug a random crash? Rich (24)
Cable modems, routers & problems! VPC (18)
Are JoS readers the cream of the crop? Dino (25)
Disabling "you chose to end the nonresponsive program"? Bored Bystander (8)
To Developers at IBanks Nobody (22)
Why do Symantec products suck so bad? Anony (17)
Running Multiple antivirus software Anony (10)
Which companies have private offices for programmers? Fed up with cubicles (9)
Who here uses Erlang? A Cellular Phone Industry Code Monkey (7)
Power consumption of my PC Sonya (22)
Early to Rise? Phil (30)
Display RSS feeds on websites? Mason Richards (5)
retirement plan - how important is it? Patrick from an IBank (30)
anyone use rss readers? NPR (19)
MySql Backup Solutions Nick H (14)
The Irony of Steve Yegge's Agile Blog Post... Crimson (14)
Avalon/WPF programming without XML Lostacular (7)
Netflix Prize BenjiSmith (16)
Spam your resume? Steve Hirsch (10)
winsock... and a typedef question DAN LEE (17)
Web log error - what's this? Green Eggs and Ham (5)
Skills to Learn (new grads) Albert A. Borkowski (19)
Best ways to continue to improve my skills Nobody (20)
short filename or shortened (ellipses) full name? Fav (17)
Email address hijacked IanH. (10)
Informal poll for a logo ian (29)
The Compensation Oxymoron A high paid developer (29)
Lisp Programmer lack social skills? ombudsman (16)
Rusting Software John Bridges (2)
Incentives: The Elephant in the Room Paranoid Android (15)
The Great Divider: Who gets private offices, who doesn't? Paranoid Android (18)
What happened to Google TechTalks? Guy Eschemann (5)
Web-based project management software Dan (11)
Firewalls Anthony (10)
ionForge Evolution Nate (2)
Windows XP Tablet Edition and app won't start. Neville Franks (13)
Book Review of Andrey's book. Patrick from an Ibank (14)
frontpage 2003 outback (11)
ways to protect my code in a static library DAN LEE (9)
Question about Rock Star Programmers A high paid developer (39)
New Hosting Site: Moving Files CopyFiles (6)
Program for saving form information / auction helper MarkusO (1)
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