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Is win32 the principal API in Vista? (16)
All or nothing breakage and errors Not Berlin (21)
Line between defamation and telling the truth online? Power to the people (12)
What kind of software is needed on the market? Andrey Ustyuzhanin (19)
Having an icon display with my URL. Nick Smith (4)
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BNF BNF newbie (7)
Text to Speech Software Jason T. (5)
Remotely code reviewing in Perforce Ko Tsu (4)
Software Req. Specs Document anandcbe14 (8)
Fog Creek Software *Development* Training Program? Isaac Raway (37)
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Career Calculus: Considering a *gasp* sales position anonymous_coward (19)
xsd file conversion to database schema grover (2)
The Answer To Web 2.0... f9 (5)
XP Home to XP Pro feature set replacement Joel Coehoorn (5)
Solution to digits problem in Charles Petzold article Daren Thomas (6)
re: Fog Creek Software Management Training Program Brian Dunbar (2)
I know that I'm being petty, but... Paul Brown (21)
Who chooses my password? Colm O'Connor (11)
fundumental computer science knowledge is important Passing By (30)
Is Buzz Marketing bad? Ged Byrne (5)
Perl Help Requested (WinXP) Mark Jerde (13)
How much is too much? Chris (19)
Developing Abroad Doug H (16)
Web 2.0 idea generator Luke Francl (6)
Idiomatic PHP Thom Lawrence (12)
Protocols between Outlook and Exchange? Gerald (9)
Checking if an ASP .NET page is dirty Radhakrishnan Mukkkai (5)
Orgchart generating software? me (6)
Microsoft tries out buzz marketing spudz (19)
Telephony Components for Dialing and Inbound Calls anonymous_coward (5)
SMTP - what happens afterwards? Patrick (10)
Patents and setting up businesses Perhaps Overpessimistically (12)
Help - SATA drive AND IDE Drive? redeye (11)
Odd wireless network Martin (4)
Compiler construction tools for Windows-which is your favorite? Cortez (6)
Software Management Training Program += (14)
"How I Came To Despise AJAX" by Dennis Forbes Gary van der Merwe (31)
Monitoring software that allows you edit. Engineer (3)
PHP security best practices PHP security is confusing (4)
GREAT article by Charles Petzold on the API hell of Vis Studio.. Crimson (6)
Firefox & DIVs & inline-blocks = oh my! Dennis Forbes (14)
Daylight saving time data? Almost H. Anonymous (6)
Why so few managers like Joel? Fred (14)
Are micro-ISVs a good place for experienced folks? Ted Nugent (14)
Gimme that old time technology headache! Kero (5)
Why don't the shareware reg companies provide a license wrapper Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (10)
Fog Creek Software Management Training Program, Question Don't want to look stupid. (33)
PC siren when reading CD Lucas Adams (9)
"Jack Format" FM sometimes unprepared (4)
Workgroup Communicating With Domain Networking Not My Strong Suit (5)
AdSense Fraud Bambax (5)
NameSpaces I forgot my posting name (9)
Simple RAID Question Joel Coehoorn (13)
Does Visual Studio Rot the Brain? Mises (14)
"Enterprise" Project Management no soup for you (16)
Domain Name List or WHOIS + cache? Beau Hartshorne (12)
Is becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner worth it? Ms Rain (4)
SQL server scripter Colm O'Connor (8)
VMWare Player Distruptor (3)
After recent lisp siting on Joel on Software; Lisp people speak Not Berlin (11)
mobile internet - where's it going then? Bright ideas girl (10)
Perform cleanup when a process is killed. Pythonic (1)
eBay/Skype, Google/Bloomberg . (10)
Web 2.0 In A Nutshell Dennis Forbes (7)
interview schedule C (8)
Hey Joel, wanna make life a little easier? Tayssir John Gabbour (4)
Does anyone need PAL DVDs? Joel Spolsky (31)
Will software ever not suck? Silly Futurist (40)
rant - sign up online, but can't cancel without calling Jason (15)
ebay & dividends rascal (8)
Web 2.0 David Moles (4)
Employer says - no side work? Wooldoor Sockbat (58)
SQL Question (follow-up) Yoey (15)
Customer owns Intellectual Property Rights. How do we move on. redberry (28)
Like repairing a car while it is running Ben Bryant (11)
The latest MySQL S.C. (14)
Using lots of words to say nothing... Kyle (13)
database independent application code questions (11)
outsourcing to India questions (12)
Database Versioning System Eli Golovinsky (12)
"Practical Common Lisp". 2005 Winner for Most Oxymoronic Title. Crimson (12)
Virtual Private Servers? subdomain architect (7)
Architecture vs. Markitecture PC (1)
Great comment from Anders Hejlsberg Beginning programmer for life (14)
Where is the fog0000###.html to usernamed.html doc? David Blume (2)
How does a 5 megapixel pic get displayed on a 1MP screen ? Bella (5)
To be or not to be? Dino (18)
cisco knowledge base steve (10)
Automated Unit Test Generation ? (10)
Something Rotten in AdSense Dennis Forbes (42)
The QA department hoser (20)
Peer Review in Subversion Krispy (10)
Fixing up the team Fixing up the team (7)
Laptop as a monitor? Kerry Mountain (9)
subdomains are virtual hosts? subdomain architect (6)
Folksonomy Will Replace Banking and Grocery Stores! Warren (39)
I have the idea of my life - now what Nobody right now (27)
Where to volunteer computer/programming services? AC the AC (8)
Computer logging for bad actions by the users (turn off w/o shut Mihaita (18)
Autolink... what's it called? Robert Plank (10)
Team Problems Paul Todd (5)
The battles of those who wear multiple hats Cory R. King (6)
Barcode generation API ? Julius Gray (2)
Developing a Good FTP Client Quartex (28)
Web and Web 2.0 sucks, but can get better Not Berlin (12)
The Case for Architecture Astronauts Dino (17)
Architecture Astronauts, overengineering, and SOAP+WSDL sometimes unprepared (9)
Converting .MSM files to .MSI files SweetPete (6)
Version Control on big, important projects Shanti Braford (45)
Does your company rank their developers? Amit Malhotra (14)
Amusing Job Listing Luke Francl (16)
Joel was the first person to teach me about Web 2.0 Jon Shea (9)
DAL modelling 101 Derek (7)
Wait a minute; I thought Joel LIKED social interfaces Impatient (14)
Do "real" people really care about AJAX? Kyle (28)
Interoperability vs. Integration Former COBOL Programmer (6)
Web 2.0 - what is it? Colm O'Connor (33)
Architecture Astronauts dil.b.ert (10)
Best Post E-V-A-R!!! lee (14)
Free VB.NET Video Tutorial Peter Grifin (4)
A wave of metaprogramming frameworks Ged Byrne (11)
open-source appliance for email serving Li-fan Chen (4)
Dates are gone! Praise Joel! Berislav Lopac (3)
ISV Email Problems - Suggestions Stuart (9)
Architecture Astronautics: Bleeding Metaphor Firas (2)
A full-on Joel bitch-session!  Aaah, good to see it... Crimson (3)
Understanding Daylight Savings Time Dennis Forbes (17)
web vs. desktop dil.b.ert (27)
You know you've been using Unix too long when... Teambob (22)
finishing a degree ???? (25)
xsd/reg expression escape character Green Eggs and Ham (9)
thinking of pursuing MS in CS starving coder (14)
Is Windows built-in firewall sufficient? Nick Hebb (21)
Cannot send mail from PHP !!!!!! Mark Madew (7)
Windows-fixing Freeware for Dummies? D.David (1)
DHTML menus – yes or no/what to use for navigation? Windy Tiger (17)
Is a $100K salary still hard to get for a developer? Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (51)
Anyone ever heard of php? php elephant (3)
What time did Direct Input become part of direct X? Christopher (3)
Distributing Session State. Vince (19)
Generate pretty looking API documentation Poor Geek (9)
Beta Web software? Berislav Lopac (11)
How to prove you're a Web 2.0 geek: name your son "Google"! GinG (14)
Experiences with lawyers in relation to software Anon and anon (25)
C++ (MSVC) newb questions Smoochie (19)
Why do I battle to communicate? Celeste L (37)
Rat Poker Dennis Forbes (7)
To the !ROR people: what do you prefer? Larry (50)
Smart Field Validation Steve Chatten (2)
Is a Mac laptop practical in my case? Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (13)
Project Aardvark Movie Distruptor (7)
XSL-FO Components? Clay Dowling (3)
Vim and the others... nvictor (7)
I'm thinking of writing an "MDX Cookbook" for analysis services Cortez (2)
Windows XP Reinstall and Virtual PC Charley Farley (12)
what is "bad code" Ged Byrne (41)
GMail becomes GoogleMail in the UK John C (4)
Looking for a GPRS / UMTS Indicator Quartex (1)
Idea gets stolen at work I dont want to tell (0)
<joel on software> become a disaster in China redguardtoo (18)
Ca Anyone Help me explain This m_xh (9)
<xsl:output method="text" how="append>  ?? Mark Jerde (7)
Employer asking me to sign a Contract? What should I do? Jawad Shuaib (31)
Ruby on Rails: code in templates? Charlotte (41)
Skills barter: ORA Applications for .... anything on MS Demotivator (0)
Multitasking in the Workplace Kevin Steele (5)
Updating desktop app over the internet Bill Carlson (7)
Sanitizing URLs pmuhC (12)
Office Space and Mobile Phones: «An Ultimate Novelty Item» John Smith (12)
Question For Job Interview Charley Jones (0)
wget the Ultimate? (Mac OS X) Tayssir John Gabbour (12)
Where to put GTD lists? Steven Nelson (21)
Anyone have jabber-net experience? Simon@AutoUpdate+ (0)
Full text search Scott Stonehouse (10)
laptop or desktop for designer? nvictor (13)
Looking for an article John Rusk (10)
HTML to RSS BrianFromStarbucks (3)
SAFARI CRASH ONCLICK stupidsafari (14)
Integrity constraint validation Steve Pushak (10)
Blue Host left me blue.. Rusty Divine (1)
How about Lucene? Luke Francl (24)
How do you handle micropayments Jerome (9)
Does Ruby have VC backing? Bogong (22)
MySQL and FULLTEXT Michael (14)
Jet and MS Databases CGN (13)
In defense of the new JET Albert D. Kallal (3)
The Art Of Reading Quartex (7)
Boston vs New York for Startups Phil (38)
About to get fired, maybe SaysWhatHeThinks (16)
Anyone here NOT like RSS? Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (22)
Startup jealousy Berislav Lopac (20)
Is New York lame compared to Boston? ls (1)
Average time spent learning while developing Torsten (6)
Head phones... a little off topic I forgot my posting name (19)
How do you know your shrink wrap niche? Ben Bryant (1)
Ruby on Rails in a shared environment server ? (4)
Crystal Clear CMMI GUI Junkie (7)
Windows Search not finding results in non-txt files Furious George (8)
Another question about getting smart... notsosmart (15)
old hard drive, new computer name withheld out of cowardice (9)
Off-topic? DVD rip to MPEG/WMA Asbjorn (6)
Pink Ride Followup a2800276 (1)
Building of the Year and Bionic Offices John Topley (3)
Ultimate regex date validation? Coward (10)
five worlds / private offices Gregg Tavares (20)
text editor for windows needed jeff (15)
Context switch considered harmful Fred (7)
Willfully bad user interfaces Shouldn't it be easier? (40)
Event viewer link search E.Z. Hart (1)
Real Player marketing people should burn in hell «The Ranttier» (22)
Paul Graham Quotes (with one that I'm looking for) Shlomi Fish (8)
How do you handle "non-normalized" data elegantly? Dave B. (8)
RSane Publisher EKB (3)
FaxBugz Ryan (15)
Any advanced Assert/Debug for Visual C++? ThE (6)
ArborText Info Clay Dowling (2)
Regular Expression for EMail Address validaton Krispy (24)
Lateral Thinking Rick Tang (20)
browser sellout universal now rant off (16)
restore my desktop dil.b.ert (11)
What is WITH employers? sharkfish (9)
Open source projects (21)
How JetBlue is NOT like Dell Impatient (5)
'Party' Pattern in SQL Server 2000 helpless and hopeless (1)
I am not so smart notsosmart... (40)
VB question newbie (4)
PDA Screen Recording MT Heart (2)
The Problem with the New iPod John Topley (8)
Way of organizing hundreads of CDs and DVDs Music Maniac (17)
Copying Virtual PC VMC files William Rayer (6)
the old Opera 5 GUI. nvictor (6)
Picking a Database Engine for a shrink wrapped product Phill (41)
Franz Lisp <-- Pun Dick (2)
Book: Joel on Software, page #12 Vladimir Begun (0)
Joel hasn't read Seven Habits? Philo (24)
RSS effect Alexander McCabe (7)
How MySpace was hacked and why you should filter all HTTP input. JD (11)
Joel's Unicode Article Russell Robinson (9)
Best company for sofware engineers in France Hot Croissant (12)
Issue with virtual functions, g++, on OSX with Xcode 2.2 PullingHairOut (6)
Visual Studio 2002/2003 projects, or makefiles, or both Heston (7)
Organizing ASPX files on the disk Scanjo (5)
Printing from a Web application Hal Itosis (4)
Perfect Job Ad JD (19)
Web proxy that shows POST data? Fred (13)
manilla folders should be for customers Steven from the worlds best software company (3)
How does agile work without a fixed end-date? Patrick (12)
Mandrake Linux 8.0 and Ubuntu 5.04 Linux Newbie (7)
Web 2.0 article Startuper (9)
Seeking ASP.NET 2.0 References Bacon (6)
browser compatibility testing services revert my buffer (1)
Excel contains features requested by a single customer? name withheld out of cowardice (13)
Can we construct a smarter methodology then "democracy"? Mikhail Gorelkin (3)
PG's "What I Did this Summer" That is it! (7)
do you know that framework? nvictor (6)
Joel, spare a thought for the business of others! MB (8)
If you liked the recent article... Colm O'Connor (7)
My procrastination is bigger than Joel's. :) Crimson (7)
Didn't Microsoft get going as a consultingware project? Crimson (8)
page file size dil.b.ert (20)
Anyone aware of any online surveys like Joel's Prioritizer? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (2)
Including a cost on Prioritizing is the key! Albert D. Kallal (3)
Planning/outlining software Briguy (10)
I am on the Swat Team, boy this is fun Berlin Brown (7)
Recording your entire life with small camera and recorder MyLife (5)
Joel on LINQ? Chris Altmann (2)
highest rev number (Subversion) EAW (14)
Joel on Prioriting Dave C (3)
Priorities Ryan (0)
C# style dilemma - private property naming John (19)
automated functional test sets John McIntyre (5)
Forking bugs "small"?  NOT! Jack Repenning (3)
A methodology Mikhail Gorelkin (4)
Need advise on software-as-a-service opportunity.... A newbie. (11)
I've been saying this for years... Bart Park (19)
JavaScript Refactoring for safer, faster, better AJAX. Pavel Simakov (18)
A Prioritizing model that works. Bob Walsh (9)
wxPython question 0xCC (5)
ReadOnly cookie problem... Chris O (2)
Thinkpad T42 warm in the right palm side Guillermo (7)
keyboard macro software Moosebumps (4)
Events between a service and a non-service John T. (5)
Piracy and competitiveness - a complex debate Dennis Forbes (33)
Are you excited about the web? Berlin Brown (32)
Blog Readership Numbers Dennis Forbes (8)
Switching to Corp-to-corp from W-2 hourly Jennifer (5)
Build a good business network Bhushan Navare (9)
Does bundling software with .NET runtime hurt downloads/sales Ms Rain (27)
The joys of (badly) dodging political mine fields at a the j-o-b Crimson (7)
extracting images from Word doc? Jason (3)
Browser-based spell checker patent Sheldon Lavine (2)
Oracle buying Innobase - consequences? spudz (2)
django - who uses it here? - (2)
Blog Quest... Peter Sherman (8)
FILE* mixed w/ iostream Ryan Phelps (9)
Check Printing Software... ! (3)
If you want to be a project manager, is an MBA/Masters worth it? Patrick (9)
Quality of life question for FATHERS Bella (24)
good examples/articles on what to do with Exceptions? Patrick (13)
New concept in software protection Software Protection (8)
web-based presentation. nvictor (5)
Implementing the intellisense technology in a simple text editor Quartex (13)
A wish list hoser (14)
Data Matching software - suggestions please (5)
How to choose a web application technology/platform? Christopher Wells (14)
The free Opera S.C. (16)
Anybody tried Ning? Ben Atkin (5)
Fill the annual leave form for 2 hours leave... Engineer (16)
Eclipse help dumdum (6)
Really small but great UI features Vivek (11)
How accurate is Windows' Timer? S.C. (17)
Beyond Object Persistence Frameworks Java script Dude (18)
Seth Goden's latest : Lens' Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (4)
Intro to Exchange server? albert (3)
Death March Alberto (20)
The future of application development Java script Dude (21)
DB Independence - Where to start? Steven Nelson (8)
Best XML book Steven A. Anderson (7)
Open Source to curb piracy in China Whatever (15)
Anyone else live in a "Postaroo" market? D.W. (14)
Device Usability Testing (Off-topic ? ) Daniel (6)
Designing GUI Jawad Shuaib (8)
Cogent Level3 backbone break Spudz (8)
Malcolm Gladwell Video Presentation Jim Jones (4)
What Do You Make Of This? John Topley (9)
Joel: Any chance of a "Retrospectives" article? Rob (1)
How to kill Flash? Green Eggs and Ham (10)
Is Foxpro viable for new work? SOS (17)
Java GUI tools Nonymous (2)
Python IDE Shootout Python Envy (3)
The "D" Programming language Robodale (13)
VB Networking Question Tony P. (12)
Heisenbug Colm O'Connor (12)
Does the word document format really matter? Albert D. Kallal (22)
RoR and complex relational databases Database purist. (18)
How long before you know? AA (10)
Pricing Question Yoey (8)
Need suggestion. C++ code reformat tool. Christopher (13)
Project Aardvark DVD Josh (2)
Do computer magazines in the US include CDs or DVDs? Michael (14)
Doh! I have so much to learn... Charley Farley (9)
What is Web 2.0 ? What time is it ? (18)
CrypKey Celeste L (1)
VPN in a box? MSHack (10)
On the Rails again... Berislav Lopac (26)
OpenDocument : XML vs. binary performance? Fred (33)
Lord Palmerston, complexity, and hiring.... Crimson (14)
Ruby on Rails IDE Jim Jones (12)
Why Microsoft hates VB? xcelion (13)
City+state+zip or only zip? anon (15)
Can't find source code for algorithm! Frustrated Searcher (10)
5 char file extension (10)
presentation software - what was used here? Id 2.0 Spudz (6)
Distributed Reverse Proxie Chains? ? (10)
USB Hard Drive Recommendations... Thanks! (12)
Better Pickers Beau Hartshorne (19)
The google-network filesystem; Google & Sun Planning Web Office Berlin Brown (32)
Problem solving... ... (12)
The Non-Intuitive Manager: Words Matter Arsalan Zaidi (15)
Mapping software Zahid (4)
Will MS remove AJAX from IE? David McTavish (16)
VMWare ESX Server Planet Funk (16)
I hate XML!!! CodeClarity (33)
Software/MicroISV/Entreprenurial RSS feeds? M. Johnson (2)
Web Standards Sites HTML Designer (7)
jdk1.3 support programmer (4)
What is a change set? anonfanon (6)
Reverse highlighted diamond character in web sites? Bored Bystander (25)
Am I crazy: meta data in the data? radbom (4)
Restoring Norton Ghost Image Onto New HD Regular Poster Made Anonymous (11)
Safeguarding data on portable USB drives? The Grand Wazoo (10)
My only Python frustration so far. Argh. (24)
Next version of office will create PDF’s Albert D. Kallal (71)
A spec is useless, says Linus Berlin Brown (44)
Recomendation for printer burner How was I supposed to know? (6)
Is My Hard Disk Toast? Regular Poster Made Anonymous (14)
What's OPML? Fred (8)
font on MSDN website Moosebumps (4)
Computer Related Movies Matthew Lock (24)
Q: software product distribution and Online payment Stuff. Christopher Gao (3)
ASP 201 Invalid Default Script Language Charlie Farley (2)
Data Recovery Services... Help! (3)
Moved files recovery on NTFS Tomeus (5)
no bugs anon for now (28)
object persistence...rehashed Zack (4)
Annual Reviews/IT Metrics Stanley Steamed (8)
my worst programming day ever son of parnas (12)
Where is the article about the accumulation of annoyances? Looking (1)
Mono - is it really ready for primetime?` Sassy (10)
Why do you quit? Brad Wilson (35)
IT Conversations copycat blogging tool? Fred (3)
Linux Web IDE? Duff (5)
Rules for Windows Apps Willy (6)
good development forum programmer (1)
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