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Development to Testing : A chasm? Developer (10)
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17" laptops - desktop replacement laptop buyer (12)
Backwards compatibility for assemblies tvr (3)
A good SQL editor with code folding ? Jimloader (6)
Flash presentation T (3)
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Does a formal grammar for VB exist? Kalani (16)
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Writing out a bitmap (long story) Miles Archer (8)
Making a .NET application scriptable? Hockey Player (6)
webpage/database design question EAW (29)
Bye or Exit? Caffeinated (24)
Anyone use ActiveStates's Visual XSLT? AMS (3)
Access limits & codebehind without iLoveLeTeePetit (21)
First gripe about C# muppet (24)
Happy Birthday!! NetFreak (6)
Joel's IIS Bug Giacomo Lacava (14)
Java Runtime Architecture Communication Organization Question :) TechnoMania (7)
Student in need of advice. axel (21)
Is there any room in the market for yet another email client? Bored Bystander (31)
Lord Help me muppet (18)
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C++ Question (12)
Security Resources? zigzag (5)
Imail Pricing Geo. (1)
The Art Of Code Reading Tarek Demiati (25)
Swing for toddlers... Java Aholic (27)
Which WIKI Rincewind (34)
Are we really still into suits. Aussie Chick (50)
Worker rights (non-union) none (9)
Does anyone use CM Synergy? Ian (5)
Product manager T1 (3)
DLL question Michael (6)
How to dress for an internship interview Anonymous because worrying about dress if for girly men (59)
Consultancy pricing ICBW (5)
Sort a hash table Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Small Rant Sathyaish Chakravarthy (47)
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Microsoft scales back Passport Homo sapien (11)
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What should I do? A regular poster to this forum (26)
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Probability notation... dummy (13)
Whats the easiest blog software to setup? Vivek (14)
Visual Basic and ActiveX without Visual Studio Squirrel (8)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) el (23)
stupid, stupid, stupid (SQL help) bleh (7)
Europe vs US regarding software job openings Jurgen (21)
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Help!!! I'm unable to get things done "Getting Things Done" Reader (42)
Stored Procedure Editor Mauricio Macedo (20)
Word help Flasher T, the lazy tech writer (6)
Is it possible to make good money as a web developer? Rob (19)
OT: No shades of grey Jack of all (14)
Dell/Intel versus Other/Athlon (8)
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Data warehousing Kevin Moore (3)
URLs in Joel on Software Chris Angelico (13)
DHTML Reference Spoonful (5)
Microsoft CRM... zigzag (4)
"Getting Things Done" - does it really matter? . (26)
Finding webpages made with a particular tool Nosy Neighbor (2)
anyone here used Packet8 / Vonage / Sipura overseas (ex india)? (0)
personal challenge:  writing a linux device driver ProjectLead/Nobody (9)
Custom charts in Excel Yet another anon (3)
only a matter of time rain rain go away (8)
Who's this good looking boy on the front page ? Not a chick (18)
Measuring bandwidth usage? Hockey Player (8)
ADMIN: Discussion software updated Joel Spolsky (17)
Has anybody ever gotten a job because of JoS? Kenny (10)
Joel: FogBugz NIX vs WIN share? i like i (9)
Performance Analyzer C. Tremblay (8)
OT: Anybody coming to Boston WinDev? Mark Pearce (4)
Crafting a GPS application Dan (4)
Rememeber what it's like to NOT have a job? OP (28)
A question for Indian software people: MCA from ICFAI? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (10)
Should fclose() be called in this case? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
Where should I drink my coffee? Bankstrong (11)
Unable to free memory Sathyaish Chakravarthy (21)
Coffee Shop Anecdotes WoodenTongue (28)
Will .Net replace J2ee in future ?? (13)
License Management Software Newbie (4)
Okay to quote you? Tim Boudreau (3)
how to get a job in the United States from Canada Anon (23)
Windows nuked my sound driver hoser (3)
Which font do you prefer to edit source? . (30)
Ever Use A Career Counselor? Jeff (3)
IDispatch and MS Scripting Question Wayne (7)
Working in Dubai (UAE) (18)
OT - The Curious Incident of the Crazy Woman in the Bookstore muppet (77)
What Google Desktop Search can't do Kyralessa (3)
Jobs for an eclipse developer? Lally Singh (2)
RIAA stubbornly refuses to get a clue Homo sapien (11)
Humble pie & Google Share price Dennis Forbes (24)
Negative for failure, zero for success? Steve Ballmer's few remaining hairs (23)
Looking for good intro to Linux programming book Erik (7)
Books on windows synchronization functions? (3)
Reading/writing MS Office doc properties on Linux? Brad G. (11)
Installing 'Make' on Unix FlipFlop (9)
Embedded Windows Media Player not working WMPisFired (6)
Win32 menu Win33 (1)
Q&A With Joel at Microsoft-Watch Dewd (9)
What is the best way to do a search in UNIX? FlipFlop (19)
Port MFC app to C#; Wishful Thinking DreamingofCSharp (2)
"Paint bucket" algorithm? geeky, not nerdy (3)
What makes an internship successful? CraigZello (6)
Comments on the Heron specification requested Christopher Diggins (1)
"Canadians"? "Interns"? Christopher Wells (14)
Certification CraigZello (15)
FEAR!!! of public speaking (35)
Calming down for interviews Joe Blandy (20)
Recommendation for a Bug Tracker IndigoJones (7)
Win2K death certificate dilbert (19)
How many are solveable? KI (8)
KVM switch recommendations? (17)
Good UML tools in market Chinmay Jain (14)
What Must I Do to Obtain Psudo-Internhood? Marc Noel (7)
Is Yahoo licensing Google search again? Tayssir John Gabbour (14)
have you seen this book... Karel van der Walt (6)
Browsers Dialog Box Spoofing Test (Secunia) ShyK (10)
Spam spam go away, come back..NEVER! Unhappy Adam (18)
FogBugz "4.0" sedwo (5)
Good deal on "Joel on Software" book at Fry's Ben Combee (3)
SugarCRM Wayne (4)
Cyrillic in the DOS box Alex (7)
New book is only a start Ron Porter (0)
What tools did MS use to build their own products?(Pure C,MFC?) wondering_programmer (12)
Anyone Using Google Desktop? Bored Bystander (21)
Amusing MS Tweakomatic documentation J. Peterson (3)
Company Politics anon (18)
MS-Windows Dual Monitor wish-list hoser (13)
Happy about Work mirror (14)
searching on internet(2) Victor NOAGBODJI (0)
Create a JBuilder Plugin -- With a licensing framework Trying to look before I leap... (1)
Marketing marketing marketing Running from Redmond (4)
Joel, please answer this. Sathyaish Chakravarthy (22)
Question about hash tables Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Silly question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (28)
FogBugz Naming Pete (10)
Suggested Software's Price? PriceHelp (6)
SQL circular references John Q Tester (3)
Visual Studio 2005 Team System nathan (4)
Joel Test: 8. Do programmers have quiet working conditions? Squirrel (16)
Can Roaming Profiles cause overall network sluggishness? (11)
Retry: Service Pack 2 slowing down HD access? René Nyffenegger (1)
All-in-one IM? Fred (14)
Service Pack 2 slowing down HD access? René Nyffenegger (0)
Mum, that's what I want for XMAS : WidgerMaster (12)
In-depth Oracle SQL Book Java Aholic (7)
Guiffy for subversion merging Christopher Baus (4)
Remote Desktop Bandwidth Usage Normally Not Anon (8)
Anybody know a good VB intro book? Bart Park (6)
Market survey Kalani (10)
dual monitors usability Uncoordinated (29)
ontologies/taxonomies, WTF? dave (17)
Cutting & Pasting to/from the Windows Console Window (16)
OT : Residential Real estate . (25)
How do I choose salary structure?? JD (20)
Wine NetFreak (13)
Have you programmed your life? Inquiring mind (16)
Was DLL-Hell ever tamed in VB6? Patrick (14)
Win32 Ex functions...why? Ryan Phelps (6)
Observation Sharing mirror (0)
Authoring help files gwyn (10)
Gray Areas of Business Practices Caffeinated (10)
Need Linux Recommendations Caffeinated (28)
VI The Real PC (9)
Switching from Visual C++ 6.0 to Eclipse? EclipseHelp (1)
What online tech sites are part of your surfing? IndigoJones (10)
Monitoring Packet Sizes Horatio (3)
One of those days Full name: (7)
New to Visual Studio 6 - Long CString Viewing Question (6)
Good Data Structures Book? KC (8)
Free "macro recorder" software Alex (11)
How long should I wait? Confused (7)
Joel Test: 5. Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Squirrel (13)
searching on internet Victor NOAGBODJI (6)
Another Question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
Question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (20)
Good old green screens ProjectLead/Nobody (26)
Game Artwork LJ (2)
MRI of brain sidhu (29)
Joel Test: 2. Can you make a build in one step? Squirrel (14)
Newbie--best language for programming desktop GUI's? anonymouse (13)
Joel on Wikipedia Ogami Itto (11)
MFC ==> STL and CString ==> string directorblue (17)
The University Dennis Atkins (49)
Windows Question: changing %HOMEPATH% hoser (13)
I got the job Marcelus Wallace (15)
being taught into stupidity warren (60)
where there is money/power, there are weasels Anonymous Mouse (20)
Measuring Netowrk trafffic - which is better? Nemo (9)
Outsourcing without employers knowledge -- ethical? Ethical outsourcer (44)
Light-weight database... William (15)
Open Proxy Servers BitByte (7)
DBA/Data warehouse crash course Neophyte (2)
Five Worlds Cecilia Loureiro (10)
tough technical question O.S. (19)
C exercise solutions Samie (13)
Excel woes Just me (Sir to you) (8)
Seeking Code Analyzer Information (2)
Can someone tell me why? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
Spending your money. Steamrolla (84)
References game Marcelus Wallace (23)
How to find PCs with more than ONE OS installed in a NETWORK? Javier Jarava (11)
MySQL question OP (12)
CVS - do you use branches and tags NoCable (12)
VPN for Linux FlipFlop (5)
Help Dialog Jack of all (15)
Online employer reviews? That guy over there (8)
What's up with the Python GUI console? Alex (7)
Could MONO disrupt Microsoft's desktop monopoly? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner} (14)
Constant on the lefthand side of the conditional? Programmer who *hates* constant == variable conditionals cause they ook awful. (38)
"Taking care of business" example (4)
iTunes - am I missing something? Philo [MSFT] (28)
Any room for a "Red Adair" of Small, Dysfunctional ISVs? Bored Bystander (19)
Looking for a good book on the J2EE web tier Talha Syed (8)
Desktop Application Virgin DAV (20)
POLL : Have you decided to stay a Software Engineer Mr Cursor (8)
Virtual Server 2005 Dennis Forbes (8)
Avg CompSci Starting salary = $47k Bella (16)
best childhood toy ProjectLead/Nobody (35)
OT: Choosing a Printer Peter Monsson (21)
Will buffer overflow problem ever go away? ProjectLead/Nobody (17)
what I want from Google Steve Howell (7)
Good source of icons Squirrel (9)
What is the longest time you have stayed with one company? Gentoo Hater (20)
Where do ex-corp sheeple go? little boy lost (4)
Health Insurance for an Individual. JD (25)
C# SOAP header formatting - slowly going insane!!! dave (2)
Software Licenses Rob Mayhew (14)
FireFox History Tool Thingy (0)
C# book recommendations? XYZZY (5)
Would you work here? Bill Rushmore (41)
Why are they called "whitepapers"? Eric Sink (9)
Rather Neat John Topley (3)
Rapid Development - How to maintain quality? Disgruntled Goat (14)
MySQL GUI for end-user EAW (13)
H1B security Stepney (15)
US Programmers - the way of the Dodo? David Stevens (23)
Politics of dealing with non-programmer management... Crimson (5)
What .NET tools match with Java Server Side Berlin Brown (5)
BEST SQL Book (19)
Source Control & Daily builds tjk (14)
Digital Signatures for Word nathan (7)
An Affordance Example David Blume (7)
What belongs into an ER diagram Randy Perkins (15)
Can Duke Nukem Forever ever be a success? whatever (16)
Help me understand Windows/Authentication/SMTP/etc VB6.0-Noob (9)
Choosing your path... or does it matter? anon (11)
Stupid Pundit Tricks: Stupid comments on Google Desktop Search Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner} (14)
Is it the task of a PM to ... (12)
Converting business requirment to specs (8)
XML validation: DTD or schemas? Jeff Kotula (17)
Google Desktop Search is out Brad Wilson (29)
hehe.  Dilbert on Productivity vs Usefulness.... Crimson (5)
Recommendation for a App that can create mock-up Screens BitByte (14)
basics of website development dilbert (23)
Most Ridiculous Outsourcing Story of the Year (56)
xrefs i like i (12)
How does IE benefit MS René Nyffenegger (37)
Terminal Server Mbugua (8)
Automation - usually a time sink? Edouard Chevtchouk (8)
FullText indexing and scheduling Ken Kennedy (5)
Patents on completely obvious things Flamethrower (8)
Typical developer workweek Should be working (11)
Why doesn't snprintf() work? Ryan the street brawler (19)
Accessor methods in PHP David Majda (11)
ASP.NET Web host with Exhchange 2003 JD (7)
Workflow designer toolkit Ranjit (4)
Good books on Information Architecture (how to organize info) Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner} (5)
[Compression] - Crunchers & Packers for the PC Chipster (15)
Best C++ library Saran (10)
C++ socket library Furious George (9)
emacs cpp font lock file Furious George (3)
Object Browser for HTML, JavaScript & CSS murugan.g (0)
H1B's in startups SR (33)
Eclipse IDE for C/C++ programmers? Foobarista (11)
Highest pay for least work Rob (39)
Software Dev vs Story Writing Jack of all (11)
Event tracking/monitoring software Nigel (1)
A market for PC emulators on the Mac? Alex (7)
Is Java dying? S in Mass (52)
OSS Software License Richard Caetano (2)
Outlook attachment extractor Roose (3)
Don't use C? Oil Of Jay (38)
Offshore projects Java-aholic (10)
RE: Working on CityDesk, Part Five Mihai (27)
Bork withholding payment DBA (15)
Trillion dollar military IT systems were of no use - why? Dennis Atkins (29)
Voice Chat behind firewall donald_rth (5)
Microsoft doesn't respect developers in spite of what they say Romanian Developer (22)
book recommendations BlankMan (6)
I've got an interview and I'm nervous Marcelus Wallace (21)
Contract rate for C# developers in Austin? David Blithe (15)
Movie Theater Kiosks (13)
If you had a law, what would it be? WoodenTongue (38)
MFC - How do I scroll another window? Brainless (4)
Spolsky's Wisdom NetFreak (0)
MP3 to Text Beatrix (11)
Good firewall recommendations OP (16)
Firefox eating bookmarks el (8)
Lousy security software David (8)
Good chair that won't break the bank? Brad G. (11)
xplorer2 / windows explorer L MOHAN ARUN (0)
Spolsky's law? Roose (13)
Web “Security” Question Somewhat Interested in Security (20)
I got fired for this comment Woodie Westbrook (22)
Working with Japan . (26)
How difficult is SourceForge project setup? John Kerry (5)
Managing Complex Documents Frustrated Maintenance Programmer (11)
How many computers do you own? Oscar (28)
Online photo storage Nigel (15)
definition of Quality CraigZello (17)
Windows Media Center Edition NetFreak (3)
Load testing applications Actively Disengaged (1)
Best Voice Command Software? Wayne (17)
Recommend any windows search utilities? Joe Grossberg (19)
Painless software schedules... Tommy Svensson (6)
Project Manager Role Matt H. (14)
Backup solution S.C. (2)
The most unethical thing you ever did . . . WoodenTongue (35)
Would like to move full-time into programming wordtech (13)
Suggestions for TCP/IP Book FlipFlop (5)
crpyto books cryptic (3)
Keeping Old Software Caffeinated (11)
Use of Things/People rather than Software Social Programmer (13)
Why doesn't Adobe fix Reader 6? Scott (26)
C question: good, safe way to initialize stack strings? Steve Katsos (15)
WAS: Becoming a C _developer_ Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
how to make a shared object on a Unix like system using gcc Savage (6)
Metaprogramming - Can you have too much of a good thing? Christopher Diggins (11)
Cat5 cable kit? Philo [MSFT] (18)
Driving Directions hoser (27)
Worse Software Ever?(please no MS software posts) Berlin Brown (54)
End of (free?) Gmail? KayJay (6)
Organizer Software Roose (1)
laser toner refill? AMS (9) I am Jack's only observations (6)
Another I.P. thread (22)
Source Code / IP Security / Rogue Employee Jon (25)
"The Specified Procedure Could Not Be Found"? ADO Sucks. IHateADO (8)
Private dev tools senkodemayo (23) Disgruntled Freebies (5)
Business Backup sedwo (10)
Modern GUIs and Gradients Pythonic (11)
developing social skills in children proud parent (16)
The Myth Of J2EE Portability John Topley (11)
Function Point Question Kero (13)
Product Idea, free of charge muppet (24)
Whatever happened to Duq (1)
Beta testers wanted for Lingo (again...) William Rayer (8)
Laszlo has been open sourced Ged Byrne (12)
Current break down of web servers? Anyone know? Albert D. Kallal (14)
Email from VB 6.0 VB6.0-Noob (18)
need direction/inspiration Woodie (17)
What's _really_ happening on the users machine...? Marcus Blankenship (8)
External libraries under source control Boofus McGoofus (10)
Programming Posters? Bella (12)
Is there a way to master the art of writing fluff? . (13)
SourceSafe and VS.NET 2003 Richard Boehme (3)
Can the average user tell? Jim Jones (5)
PHP or ASP or ?? Rob Leighton (29)
Which database is best for mobile client synching? SongSing Writer (8)
Why no MS employees here anymore? I/O (13)
Time to spend the budget Greg Hurlman (13)
Lovely gmail gmale (14)
voice  and ip phone service kionika (5)
Safesquid-Content Filtering Proxy Server davidwalton (3)
Code to Comment ratio Peter Monsson (46)
Missing DLL Locater?Listing program - SysInternals? (5)
Number of jobs Gettin' 'round (11)
who would you hire... Patrick (16)
Question about Celeron CPU Bob Yu (18)
Devp with geo-distributed teams KernelObject (9)
400Mhz RAM on 333Mhz mobo? normally not anon (6)
Making a Land Grab Vince (10)
Vulnerability in Microsoft ASP.NET Pythonic (7)
XAML Code Slave (9)
Code Reuse Across Projects is Easy, just branch in SourceSafe Frustrated Maintenance Programmer (19)
Connection Multiplexing gmale (3)
Cluster Size On HardDrives NotaSysAdmin (1)
Computers and Religion Yoey (102)
It's harder than it seems Marcelus Wallace (25)
Outlook 2003 limits Just me (Sir to you) (13)
Farmshoring T. Norman (26)
HotMail sends rubbish html Duq (2)
OT: Cooking Reluctant Cook (35)
Copy-on-write for objects too? live era swej-- (8)
Why is stdprn not defined under Windows? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
Easiest GUI to code for Signs (26)
Where & How to *Get* an adware infection - information, please? Adware Buster (16)
Windows update fragged itself AMS (5)
Cloaking mailto: HTML Numeric Equivalents abc (9)
Free UML Tools Berlin Brown (10)
Ipod or Other? tim (11)
Another Instance Where Manaul Transmission is Better (15)
Please ponder this problem I am Jack's humbling Help! haiku (8)
Do You Think in Objects or Algorithms? anon (14)
"Software disasters are often people problems" Kalani (8)
Masters in Computer Science IA (5)
Intel's EM64T processors and drivers Ayyappa Panicker (1)
The problem with the 'A' employee with issues... pds (31)
Career Suicide? NetFreak (18)
Digital notepad AMS (5)
Developing a new system with Oracle when we currently use MSSQL? mutabled (19)
INTERVIEWER: Hire A or B! Young learner... (38)
What kind of programming do you like? Richard Caetano (28)
Paul Graham on The Bubble TheGeezer (7)
Brushing up on VB recommendations Randy Stone (16)
X-Prise Why the Xcitement Hanna Woodbury (6)
Open Source Software (34)
Good lightweight programmer's calculator Michael Kale (15)
SpaceShipOne wins first X-Prize AllanL5 (11)
ssh server for windows? AMS (7)
Great Example For Form Layout Pete (6)
Helping a friend with a grand software idea Anonymous this time (16)
Tivo makes people rude Caffeinated (34)
growing stages of small businesses Patrick (5)
Recommendations for good scheduling software? Alex Chernavsky (2)
Microsoft's Sacred Cash Cow Son of muppet (3)
Raymond Chen knits? Crimson (15)
Wondering T (21)
Windows GDI question BJ (1)
Types of small business Christopher Wells (3)
32gb in Win2003 Enterprise? (w/Citrix) HS (8)
new Windows XP installation very slow Roose (1)
Preserving Knowledge Peter Monsson (29)
Quick solution for backups? MX (16)
Download trial of Windows Longhorn? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner} (4)
Subversion/CVS host Niklas (8)
Insight and Creativity /usr/bin/babe (16)
Recommended Subversion clients blah blah blah (9)
Installing Gigabit Ethernet gmale (6)
Rich Textboxes Thom Lawrence (1)
Tools for generating serial numbers anonymous (8)
Employee - Types A and B - Once more ShyK (10)
Norton Ghost 9 is a .NET app - anyone know why? PJ (24)
Examining core dumps _ (7)
OS X Time Trackin SW (4)
Webmail vs. POP (a new perspective) gmale (14)
Spotting career ending companies Furious George (10)
Where can I get these two books from? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
Who is a better employee (Part II)? Kenny (51)
Broadcasting over Internet gwyn (21)
Stupid Standards Normaly not Anom (17)
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