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free standing "island" or "hive" cubes? Matt Del Vecchio (5)
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How to make your carreer in IT enjoyable. 12 tips for software d No written tests for me. (49)
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Knowing your project status: how? Elliot (10)
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Denver JOS meetup? Jason (0)
Java programming test? Ted Graham (26)
Posting on the jobs forum if I'm the only one? Ted Graham (20)
Ever feel "burned out" at work? Staying anon for this (12)
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Payment options me (3)
Should you provide your own backup solution? orangutan (21)
prefetching HimaBindu (2)
Career Direction Advice webmonkey (7)
DotNetNuke integration with custom ASP.NET applications Curious Anon (4)
Stupid UI designers... Jimmy Jones (20)
Escaping poisonous work environments slowly and mental health BoilingLobsters (10)
Any Sales Increases at your mISV this month? Stormy (17)
Cool things to do with GPGPU/OpenCL Matt Winkelmann (8)
What about RIAs? fritz (11)
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Network antivirus marty (1)
Programmers walked Anonymous for obvious reasons (30)
epoll: edge triggered vs. level triggered Tom (7)
Persistent TCP connections - problems and pitfalls? WannabeTycoon (10)
Install Silverlight or Bust? Radu094 (13)
Sending replies using Gmail in usenet style Oltmans (4)
Wired Magazine's Saddest Cubucle Contest Winners Richard West (10)
prototyping & mockup design tool Jason (8)
Macros Software for Windows on Mac Emulation Mike Hanley (8)
What developer thought these GUID folders was a good idea? NoisySignal (18)
Differing programming views within company departments (20)
h1b and l1 visa should be suspended in 2009 anon (74)
How to advertise my blog (in a non-spammish way)? Blogger (9)
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Ability to type for programmers dog breath (37)
Why does Java get such a hard time? (41)
Code libraries, copyright and work for hire Dev (14)
svn separate repositories Ed (6)
Boston Scalability Group January 28 meeting Anthony Chaves (2)
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Developing Citrix, Terminal Services Aware Applications Tom (10)
Help Debugging Outlook Lucy Lisp (5)
Shutting down the idiots Not giving my name for this post, for obvious reasons (30)
Job Search Websites SK (12)
XML for persistent storage for a server application WannabeTycoon (12)
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License key C library Giampiero De Ciantis (4)
MicroSD flash cards as storage device? Victor the Python Artist (14)
Y2K Bug ABC (26)
Linux Development for a Windows Guy MSDev Guy (19)
The current job market and Joel jobboard Silicon valley .NET coder (8)
Job offer revoked? Bradley (32)
Project Management? Not Target (7)
Qt or wxWidgets? 2.0 Trying the mISV Thing (18)
Excel is better than databases Rohan Verghese (24)
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Integration jalal sadeghy (4)
Installing Anti-virus on web-servers Danny W (19)
Qt: using antialiasing with small fonts not so cute (6)
••• (meta) Please register for an account Joel Spolsky (50)
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Qt or wxWidgets? Trying the mISV Thing (12)
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Admitting I haven't used a tech in a while on an interview Anon (for this) job seeker (14)
Weird requests in my log NPR (12)
Becoming a Tech Book Writer To write or not.  That is the question. (7)
Apple iStore Stupidy anon (4)
Theory: Only Grant MS in Comp. Sci. and absolutely no BS in CS (15)
Could a Magazine Like BYTE Work Today? I wonder... (14)
Why do recruiters call programmers "resources"? It's demeaning.. Bored Bystander (29)
Am I the only dev who doesn't like unit tests? SomeFool (37)
Software houses == place devs get respect? dev with lots of questions (17)
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RTP retransmission timing Jack (7)
Feeling Very Incompetant (11)
perplexed about what to major in lagstream (5)
which Source Control is better> jalal sadeghy (15)
Where should I establish my LLC? Jack K (8)
Aggressive/Offensive wording HeroOfTheDay (18)
new job, and then not; now what? Patrick From an IBank (12)
Java isn't dead, almost 100 million downloads Bot Berlin (15)
OT: Management decision business case Simon Leroux (6)
creative algorithmic stuff does not pay that much? Anon for now (12)
Thanks No Thanks City Boy (27)
Want to do something creative left brain is chattering away (11)
Ctrl+S the planet Rob Saddler (18)
Why do people not allow telecommuting? IKM (15)
Joel's New Office Layout Gene Wirchenko (16)
Java Technologies to Focus on? Grad (6)
Strange Winsock Problem Anonymous Winsock Victim (9)
Amazon S3 Client Software B2B Micro ISV (12)
Need advice regarding overseas job offer ZT (7)
Servant Leadership: whatever you gotta tell yourself Chris Norris (17)
Experience the power of Java... David Clayworth (5)
I'm fed up with mailing lists. Rowland (7)
College, or go for it, or both? Tyler (12)
Lax appaisals at work Bemused (6)
Working your way up to VP of Engineering/Dev/R&D/Etc HoHum (13)
How do you convince co-workers that you're actually working? Bob (16)
College student gets burned by Ubuntu Linux, drops out Bot Berlin (56)
Force-feeding OS X. Kbrdr (18)
A Mythical Man-Month Berislav Lopac (18)
Windows 7 Beta and the .NET framework dood mcdoogle (17)
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Signs that it's time to re-educate your customers carrie cobo1 (13)
Quality hosting? Full name (5)
Question about MUMPS ephadrine kid (8)
Thanks or no thanks Daniel_DL (10)
How much should Joel be compensated... John McGuinness (27)
giving a company the right to sue you Contractor (8)
Glass walls vs. Private Offices Matt (11)
QT under LGPL Martin (3)
To 100% Microsoft or not to 100% Microsoft Microsoftie (9)
What are some of your dealbreakers/red flags when you interview? Job Seeker (24)
Help!  I've become lazy, spoiled and unmotivated! Sloth (47)
Can a start-up grow without needing VC funding? outsider (8)
bringing your laptop at work(new job) anon for this post (21)
Need advice for cleaning network over HUGE network. Irman (5)
Web site creation tool recommendations? Love to have a decent web site (2)
Salaries...Positions... ... (3)
MINUS in MSSQL 2005 Steve Hirsch (4)
Should freelance rate == full-time contractor rates? on the down low (11)
Not getting credit for my work.. No Credit (22)
Pascal String in C Kiumars Soltani (10)
Dealing with unrealistic demands from non-technical managers Yet Another Anon (18)
C++ exceptions Jack (42)
Annoyed With Webhost... Annoyed (4)
What's so bad about the Entity Framework? WayneM. (24)
When is a website an application? curdDeveloper (6)
Open-plan offices are making workers sick, say Australian scient Joel knew it all along =) (31)
Is the Semantic Web dead? ? (31)
Not sure what to think somewhat annoyed (14)
Pinnacle Cart / Roman Cart Rohit (3)
Satyam problem: Would companies consider "Buy American" now? . (12)
Getting Started w/ Windows Development Linux Hacker (9)
ADD Engineer need career help ! Kal (7)
Anyone know anything about visas? (10)
School Project:  Google Knock Off LT @ UCSD (7)
The Power of Java (25)
Clearing TCP/IP Connections Leaky Brain (7)
Is a bachelor's degree *really* necessary? Anon programming student (45)
Is it better to be a techie or in management? Bob (19)
software patents malegebide (9)
Windows 7: Pin to Taskbar seems silly - I'd rather have Stacks ManFromEarth (23)
Setting up an autoresponder Andrea N - Direct Access (1)
No internships on job board? (and Large Co vs. Startup) Context Free (5)
Email to SMS/Text Messaging ItsMe (5)
Seattle vs SanFran vs LA economy worker bee (24)
Unusual request Definitely anon (27)
Affordable and good website & logo design firms Rohit (4)
Great software companies in UK? Looking for a new job (12)
Outlook plugin question by a non-Windows developer Java Guru (7)
Are Domain Specific Languages Dead Or In Use Today? code for fun and profits (7)
Why is Microsoft a software company and not hardware? MS Hardware FanBoy (19)
Stack overflow achievements actually seem to work :-\ brone (7)
Programers Block Carl (15)
Protect Source code jalal sadeghy (10)
LCD Monitor Dim to Bright Gradient Niki Harris (3)
love my job bughunter (10)
All programmers have lousy communication skills Robin (26)
Best way to clean a keyboard? (25)
Time Tracking Bob (19)
Where every bug is a crime anony guy (37)
What's the best way to ask my employer to pay for 3rd party cont DotNetDot (7)
Joel's Tabs dont conform to the tab abstraction samh (7)
CRM software recommendations? Lost in SAAS world (9)
Goals versus Deadlines Paul Kramer (0)
Being appraised in five months... Worried_Joe (13)
Lesson learned as a newbie manager... James (36)
Why do people leave Fog Creek? why (25)
Ask an architect to add on to an existing bldg w/o blueprints Everything looks like a nail (11)
Afraid of "Banging Out Code" Daniel Straight (15)
Tool/Script/Plugin to COPY URL from open IE 6 Windows, anyone? Javier Jarava (5)
XP extended yet again. Old Guy (24)
Experience with JOB 2.0 (14)
3rd Party License / Trial solutions SamH (4)
Your opinion on resume layout, order of sections? Resume 2.0 (18)
uh-oh Abe N. (11)
Windows Vista Ultimate Promotional Pack Phil (6)
Best free Java decompiler dood mcdoogle (9)
Lonely at the work Lonely at the top (10)
Listing several positions at same company on resume? Resume 2.0 (17)
Raise Mike (16)
Not getting paid BG (47)
If I'm contract but treated like an FTE, can I get unemployment Curious Jorge (34)
I think my employer is looking to replace me Gulp (34)
workflow software design: user roles harmful Ben Bryant (26)
Analogy: Forms are like Robots Brody (13)
The way of writing good software Victor the Python Artist (10)
So HOW to understand the business process? Rowland (37)
Upgrading from database - Oracle 8i to Oracle 10G. Leaky Brain (2)
Boston Scalability Group January 28 meeting Anthony Chaves (1)
upcoming interview/meeting - questions to ask Patrick From an IBank (6)
Pre-startup question - How to approach an attorney Anonymous for this (10)
Book on Disk Based Data Structures Jim Kane (3)
MIS vs Software engg. vishal badwal (8)
In-store sign printing solution NP (6)
my situation - can I starup? steveneo (10)
Scalable open source business models? Michael B (8)
Zune - the Code that failed Segmentation Violation (39)
Fear of Success Mark (8)
When to go for it? Help Needed (15)
Outlook idea -- not looking for it to be messy Idea only (5)
"HTTP tunnel" implementation recommendations WannabeTycoon (10)
Living up to expectations and a high salary (23)
Animoto strangeness EMF (0)
Should developers understand business process on a project? Ranganath Kini (24)
Is a software company always better than a non-software company? A junior dev (21)
Managing projects without a project manager Matt (3)
Code Generation for non-database apps Brody (25)
[DDoS] mod_evasive or sthing closer to the network? ZeFred (3)
Me or Us? Christopher Lightfoot (10)
The Joel Test and a culture of entitlement John McGuinness (16)
If you're a techie, is there any sense in networking... Jim (16)
Help a High Schooler Find an Internship Zachary Hamed (9)
Contractors "work their own hours" - huh? Uh oh? (13)
I feel guilty at work when I don't spend every minute working anon for this (28)
advice on installing LAMP on dual-boot Windows/Ubuntu killerbunny (13)
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