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Program Installation on Vista with UAC Brian LaPierre (14)
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JIT Book Publishing Anonymous Writer (10)
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How to find experts? (10)
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Java(JNI) to C++, code inside cplusplus (8)
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What does it mean to have good social skills? just curious (23)
Learning Python (right) Rick Tang (23)
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Client-developer communication Saba Issa (2)
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Screencasting/Webcasting software VR (7)
Where to find EE/HW micro guys? TomeEUS (13)
Which language/GUI Toolkit was Geometers Sketchpad coded in? (3)
When is it time to consider a full rewrite? The Cowardly Lion (35)
Bulk Loading Utility available Clay Dowling (1)
Pay to Nominate for a Software Award? Huh? Ryan Smyth (3)
parsing perl an undecidable problem? RHH (7)
Drawing hollow lines in Windows Sunil Tanna (15)
Skill list on a resume vs recruiters pick_one (13)
Browser security (aka Skype attack) OneMist8k (0)
Capture Excel clicks SumoRunner (3)
Which language was Picasa2 coded in? curiouskitty (3)
What is BINT, LPSTSTR, UINT, INT, etc? Ezani (56)
Python and the Spreadsheet Just Another Coder (9)
What does "experience" mean for software shops? Victor Noagbodji (23)
Why are salaries so low in Canada? Frustrated Canuck (34)
RSS reader for BlackBerry Fairlight (3)
Do you still read Someone (10)
SW Lifestyle vs. HW Lifestyle PostModernNeoTechZealot (10)
Great female *programmers* Anon (36)
120-170K for a Senior ASIC Designer? Soft Duck (55)
C# or VB.NET in Toronto J.B. (9)
Common Lisp number to string Drunkie (5)
Online Classes K (4)
message brokers Skip (10)
VBA not dead yet Roman Werpachowski (51)
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Do people START learning programming at university? What's my login again? (38)
Free Co-pilot Weekends Code Slave (8)
Cool time-travel movie: Primer. It's on Netflix WatchNow Mr. Analogy (16)
People go crazy Victor Noagbodji (30)
Determining if an image is in focus Fintan Guihen (29)
Magazines for developers K (13)
How do you get out of a social rut? Code Monkey (37)
Is there an equivalent to J2EE, JBOSS, etc. in C++? Xan (28)
idea for a isv anon (21)
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Entry Level Career Advice? BrotherBeal (15)
CSLA framework . (9)
Learning C++ (right) Lance Hampton (30)
IBM responds to overtime lawsuits with 15% paycuts Rick Tang (40)
Novice Stock trader FullTimeDevLearningToTrade (16)
Do the specs and requirements have to be perfect? Bot (26)
Powerpoint to Flash SDK OneNerd (4)
Anybody load bulk data? Clay Dowling (10)
Why is Server 2003 so much faster than XP? Tones (7)
Shell Extension Ruben Trancoso (5)
Where to sell your software IP? ES (2)
Getting most updated column data on EXCEL RANDOLPH WONG (4)
Anyone experiences with .NET Reactor? Erhard Smit (4)
heard of or used kdb+? nycdb (6)
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Digital Asset Management software? Philo [MSFT] (9)
Who are you using to host PHP Fogbugz? kareem (2)
Tech company dumb enough to blow ten grand on beanbag chairs? system of a Don (30)
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Black Swan/Highly Improbable - you Northern Hemisphere-ites... Philip (14)
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Capturing Screen using Windows Encoder 9 (MSS2) blahahaha (9)
The Black Swan - The Abbreviated Version Dennis Forbes (26)
Outages Odysseus (4)
HTML 5: A Mixed Bag? Paranoid Android (15)
Black Swans Icarus (2)
ITIL at Fog Creek Martin B. (13)
The truth about 99.99999% uptime Contractor (22)
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latest trends anon (12)
How to divide large sheets of paper on to 8" x 11" paper Bob Joey (15)
Five Whys: text messaging suddenly got reliable? Rich (10)
Taleb, Black Swans, Network Outages don't tase me bro'! (9)
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New interview approach? JobHunter (32)
Device drivers/kernal development more interesting than .NET? Curious Steve (14)
Validating a PUT Request SCADA_Guy (1)
Remote development of in intranet site. Ryan Brown (5)
Five Whys - Link Autonegotiation fails? net_curiousity (11)
Is Joel on Software not a place to discuss complicated tasks Bot (12)
any experience with Lab49? midtown programmer (16)
Real Estate - Money Dilemma Anon (24)
Slingbox / routing question Zahid (2)
Don't Trade Your Life for Tech OP (23)
Question on Binary Compatibility Kunid (3)
Anyone know the difference between high/low density ram? anonymous_coward (6)
VB6/DirectX: Screen Flicker and Unnecessary Form Display Ezani (4)
Just how important is the virtualization thing? Victor Noagbodji (9)
Help!  Potential New Contractor (3)
Yahoo laying off hundreds of workers... bob_slidell (22)
I still don't understand what's all the fuss AllanL5 (11)
My screen turned upside down! Steve Hirsch (15)
Any touch typing training for PROGRAMMING frustrated (13)
Web bookmarking Brian Richter (14)
Women Developers.. yes, they exist... KC (54)
Reverse mod_rewrite George (9)
batch processing ajaskip (6)
Lazy MFC validated edit Sunil Tanna (3)
Wanted to know more about offshoring, but had no one to ask? Ivan the Immigrant (0)
Competitive salary Joe Porter (11)
Lost world of the outsourced developer (6)
VB6 DirectX Automation Error calling CreateSurfaceFromFile() Ezani (2)
Why retire young? Steve Boz (20)
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To the (semi)professional bloggers AverageMidget (14)
Agilitis Mr. Grunt (17)
Opening a bank account in the UK Roman Werpachowski (13)
Time Tracking Software Sam H (19)
Internet unuseable without broadband Odysseus (13)
Asked to support a second department Prisoner of corporate America (33)
Fair percentage of client billing rate New Consultant (22)
How to impliment AJAX to minimally re-render changes? Krispy (5)
Good conferences (London) nal (7)
Choosing a development path Looking to get back into development (8)
who has Internet access behind a proxy server - testers needed? ValueMyPrivacy (4)
Desktop vs Web app Round Two . (4)
job boards - the good, the bad and the ugly Jason (17)
FobBugz Alternatives Droopy (13)
Dev Market in SEATTLE jonathan (0)
billion dollar deal (Oracle/Sun) when did money became less . (20)
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Bearing Point Inc. - experiences? red_stapler (2)
Registery Help! Dan (1)
Web App Security Help needed - IIS/Acitve Server Pages Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before (8)
Why can't I link to joel without the 00000000000000000000 M. Dash (13)
EEK! redirected to porno portal just another perl programmer (4)
Using watir shakal (5)
Developer in iBank - What's it like? The Op (7)
Accessing local file in Flash/AS dvr (2)
Management wants to cross-train everyone in the IT department jack of all trades (22)
Job hunting problem . (7)
Safari versus IE on session/cookie handling lemon obrien on his mac (2)
Safari, Tomcat, and Sessions... lemon obrien on his mac (4)
Common Lisp Hash-table Drunkie (6)
Why did Sun buy mySQL? Contractor (32)
The H-1B scare backtotheroad (31)
CJK-support for VB5/VB6? ZeFred (17)
Microsoft's "Spy Kit" for office managers: jread (10)
PS3 PS3 fanboy (10)
Australian PR Anonymous just today (8)
I'm moving to London this Summer - how hard is it to break in .. Perly Whites (3)
JavaScript Question Regarding Forms OneNerd (7)
Best command line tool for comparing two drives? Jimmy Jones (9)
Housing in London Anon for this (46)
When do you plan to retire? still working (40)
WTF:  Trying to use VB6 Sendkeys to log into email via IExplorer was supposed to be trivial (5)
Is this a pattern, clever, good, okay or evil? Sunil Tanna (16)
multi-touch trackpad on the MacBook Air Jason (6)
Trying to find a problem before it becomes a crisis OneMist8k (11)
Some Resume Help Ryan Sloan (3)
Is there a decent replacement for Acronis TrueImage? Jimmy Jones (17)
Frustrated H1-B holder Anon (69)
They did it again-  Oracle Acquires BEA Systems anon (18)
are there desktop search engines with proximity search? anon (2)
Is the corporate system one big welfare organization? not a slacker (32)
ISO orangutan dd (0)
Baiting employees with offers of employment from another company ParanoidNewRecruit (11)
My Documents? Don't Think So Eamonn O'Brien (32)
How to measure the server load? redBat (3)
solid state drives vs. USB flash drives Contractor (33)
Salary negotiation DBusr (21)
Connections to file on UNIX restAssured (5)
Is PrimalScript worth buying? Perly Whites (4)
Employer promised to pay backtotheroad (13)
Microsoft: Trouble coming up... Stefan Raspl (28)
Career Change: How hard is it? quant wannabe (26)
What's wrong with living to work? live to work (46)
I need comments on my new resume.. backtotheroad (3)
Career Advice (12)
Axium/Ensemble/Chimes shutdown in bankruptcy - gone for good dot for this one (4)
anyone else catch the 60 minute interview with the Facebook foun Contractor (10)
Rock Stars: Catch 22 Been Around A While (25)
Non GUI tool to sync Windows files with FTP site Moosebumps (7)
Enough is Enough w/GMail spamalot (19)
Scripting language Benj (10)
want to program even though I suck at it alex (24)
Should I get certified just because co-worker is? to be or not to be certified (26)
Need an ultraportable laptop ultraportable man (8)
Lisp question Drunkie (8)
How can I create my very own blocking function? gr8y (6)
I just got fired backtotheroad (52)
where can i get list of united kingdom ip addresses from NoviceJavascript (8)
Why a software career Rocks! Regular, but anon for this (17)
Evaluating open-source DBs Newbie IT Director (51)
Do you live to work or work to live? work to live (15)
get language encoding from browser JavascriptNovice (6)
Resheduling can cost job? OP (9)
Should I learn Python? silvermonkey (17)
VPN routing question John (5)
What makes germans good programmers? ricky roma (30)
When/why did "résumé" turn into "CV/curriculum vitae"? ZeFred (30)
Where is the fun? At least it's Friday (8)
No .Net 3.0/3.5 for Windows 2000? Any technical reason?? Wayne Bloss (23)
Why Software Career Sucks! WeAreGeeks_ (64)
Bounce email GISusr (2)
SQL question Zahid (7)
Need a good job title for this position OneMist8k (16)
The Federal Gov't Jumping on Security Brice Richard (10)
Skill Progression BrotherBeal (4)
Productivity Paradox? rubinelli (17)
Domain name front running Ben Bryant (9)
“Get things done” types need not apply midtown programmer (20)
idle musings of a micro-isv - microsoft interview, partner MicroISV (8)
Cheating is worse than Java (even if Java sucks) Anon (6)
Partially implemented eXtreme Programming Stevie Adler (7)
Cisco career track for young developer? TheFunHasJustBegun (6)
Password Dictionary Filer restAssured (4)
Different view on Java FatAlbert (15)
Ruby on Rail and DHH . (28)
Why is my computer so slow: Commit Charge vs. Mem Usage Han Soslow (7)
Where to go re: software patent wally (17)
Registering a domain OneMist8k (14)
Looking for some advice (22)
What about a career as a DBA? Darren (8)
multiple applications connecting to one database table Bob (5)
How do you deal with duplicated code? AqD (7)
One person makes THE difference Rick Tang (82)
Advice needed: Best Practice transfering data between 2 systems Peter (13)
Ever use intimidation to get paid from a deadbeat client? Wise Programmer (35)
The Mythical 5% Ben Atkin (29)
how to get the process name from the PID? (winapi C++ visual C++ utopia (9)
Contacted by investment banker Has2banon (15)
What do people use PDF for? ...just curious (24)
Article on PhD in CS R (3)
What have the universities given us lately? Rick Tang (24)
MSFT announced the intent to buy FAST for $1.2 billion Contractor (15)
Can you make a build in one step - for web development? Bryan Roach (8)
Career Advice Needed! (8)
First language choice and Java schools Lance Hampton (18)
Software modeling tools Demotivator (8)
Component Source Anon for this (2)
Checked and unchecked exceptions Bot (7)
we already have alternatives to CS Patrick from an IBank (22)
Management Career: recommendations anon (7)
Crosstalk George Jansen (14)
DVD Format War George Wenger (28)
Job Interview Magic Words Brice Richard (64)
xcode experts... lemon obrien (8)
Do you need .Net 1.1/2.0 if you have .Net 3.5? . (26)
Creating/hiring cartoon/animation content questions Want my cartoons (8)
Farmboy's Law of Cosines and animation Math Bella (3)
Nice Ruby rant Sushi breeder (12)
disabling navigation button in Access. Michael Dubin (9)
Something to break up the cubicle day... Bryan Fuller (5)
The GHz question Nutmeg programmer (9)
GMail poison pen mail? OneMist8k (19)
Your recommendations for ActiveRecord-like libraries for PHP? Lee Semel (4)
The next ten years Li-fan Chen (19)
Deployment Policies Spin (2) RentAnSDE (3)
.it domain regular reader / infrequent writer (4)
MVC web frameworks for shared hosting clcr (5)
Scripting language vs C# Rick Tang (18)
Windows Desktop developer stepping out to web...maybe. fair to middlin (3)
coolest tech developments Contractor (4)
Telling friends and family what you do for a living... MicroISV (18)
What do you do when... Victor Noagbodji (19)
Knocked out in written test OP (56)
Graduate Degree(MS in CS) & Prestige Aspiring College Developer (13)
modifying program behavior anon for now (7)
Source control systems for documents Sourcerer (6)
How do people not know any women programmers? frustrated (46)
Is it better now? - sad old programmer rant Martin (23)
Round-trip engineering Demotivator (1)
Reducing load for LAMP app? ZeFred (16)
Just in time learning vs. formal education anon for this (14)
Telling members of the opposite sex what you do for a living... Ben Macdui (68)
Pick a scripting language Rick Tang (36)
IBM (Rational) EGL Guillermo (2)
Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians maybe I am crazy (15)
how do you turn your career around? Very Confused Geek (16)
Photo Gallery for School Website Krispy (8)
Idea for a bluetooth based rear view+Parking system for car Car Parker (9)
How much free time do you spend on your career? Brent (24)
moving from full-time employment to contracting Chuck (21)
Has anybody used GWT yet? olga (17)
HTTP debugging proxy for OS X clcr (8)
fast Internet Service? soooo sllllooooowwww (18)
difference between interviewing entry level vs. experienced? Contractor (42)
Portal-like framework without portlets Dario Vasconcelos (0)
2008 Conferences/Training Jason (5)
Change of tools? Jorge Diaz Tambley (23)
Real jobs for those with BS/MS + MBA inquiring_mind (18)
How big of a course load while working full time? jread (21)
Remote text mode browser Sunil Tanna (3)
Why do developers slave at their jobs? Maybe I'm Lazy? (27)
HAPPY NEW YEAR JOS 2008!!! Bot (13)
quick question about RTF and EM_STREAMOUT fref (7)
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