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Freelance graphics work Dennis Forbes (5)
You cannot use an upgrade key to perform a clean installation of dood mcdoogle (20)
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"Is Open Source Better?" Tom Mayo (31)
Finished "Dreaming in Code" OneMist8k (3)
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GUI with DLL Mark Petryk (2)
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Determine the NIC duplex mode on autoneg Secure (7)
how do you take a nap during lunch break? . (14)
Simonyi ... Programming .. and your hand in the sand Chad (26)
Pay per call - does it make sence? Maxim Wirt (8)
Working as a contractor new contractor (11)
Polishing up the resume, looking for tips! Meganonymous Rex (10)
How much Developer Testing you do Anonymous This Time (6)
Being Mr.Smooth Zac (12)
Is the following check in a 'IF' statement necessary? CodeNut (13)
How to feel like your work means something, and still hold a job Bot Berlin (14)
commercialization of revived core product/framework sjt (3)
Replication/Failover for stateful applications. Vincent (6)
Accessing audio/Generating sound using .NET/C# jonathan (3)
MD5 salt - do all the MD5 libraries return the same value? wannaBeCryptoNerd (8)
Symantec to Acquire Altiris Tones (3)
How to use PHP pack() & unpack()? LeMonde (5)
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Is paying to eFile a scam? TravisO (16)
Levy - looking for tech nominations Mikey (0)
Are these qualifications worth pursuing? Joe (7)
How do I do a Dialog vbScript? Mark Petryk (2)
Simonyi: programming is obsolete Meghraj Reddy (62)
Tax Software Sucks Dave B. (30)
what's a "use case" and "case study"? anono (6)
Cost overruns affect all engineering projects Meghraj Reddy (12)
CoPilot DOES have an install Henry (22)
.Net App for future RM (14)
revenue per employee eternity (9)
Tired of photo sharing web sites gemini (16)
User interfaces you like Zeldman (9)
How Microsoft is slowly undermining the Mac a Hack (33)
Value of Business Tire versus Database Tier ranger (13)
dealing with (sw) complexity rookie_coder (10)
When you learn a new languge, do you really learn the language? Bot Berlin (12)
Photographer New York Recommendation Kieran (1)
Are Apple developers paid more than Windows developers? anon (32)
Indian Software Service Industry Curiosity (4)
how many time can you apply for MS empower program? . (5)
Dead in 52 seconds (if domain registered with GoDaddy) (12)
do you think this company ONLY hires h1bs? American (27)
Free system sound effects/packs Sound Mind (3)
Bored with IT field. Anybody else considering options? Ennui (29)
Lost Confidence in my own ability. coolershaka (12)
Good book on Graph theory FromEmeraldCity (7)
Please recommend headphones/music player for work MBJ (15)
State of the art books on building e-commerce sites? Li-fan Chen (5)
Either I'm an idiot or Excel is really unintuitive... Duff (11)
Copilot Direct Connect Kyle (8)
Microsoft Expression Web Green Eggs and Ham (2)
porting software to work with Vista and Office 2007 Ms Rain (2)
Mazel Tov on CoPilot 2.0! Steve Hirsch (13)
CoPilot Billing Model OneMist8k (6)
XPath Question:selecting Nodes by the absence of an Attribute Mike (3)
C newbie question #4: pthreads, sockets and streams Daren Thomas (11)
Bash scripting - 'export' variables not set outside of script James (3)
Salaries are up but only if you quit? (46)
how do you stay current with new technology or something that Jr.CodeMonkey (11)
Gates on the Daily Show! Guillaume (2)
gnome-terminal takes too long to start in Ubuntu Arun (9)
How best to structure this database query? ranDom (27)
Rant: Visual Studio 2003 (or VSS?) Randomly corrupting ASPX Aaron Davis (6)
Joel fave and FrontPage creator Ferguson makes documentary a Hack (1)
I love learning to program, but hate programming. What to do? Michael (33)
Politics of the technical interview Quasi Anonymous (11)
anyone know open office powerpoint tool? question (1)
Touch Screen Programming XYZZY (12)
What's the highest contracting rate you have charged as indie? I Have Issues (16)
How to transfer data from MS-Excel to a Website with VBScript? Sudden (10)
Server Question :  Windows Vs. Linux gemini (19)
Software for complex reports to be available to lan users Saumitra Das (6)
Are you a reddit addict? Bot Berlin (17)
Reasons of being confused about OO Rick Tang (33)
mySQL function: mysql_insert_id((MYSQL *)) question opengl_programmer (14)
echo syntax in sh script James (4)
How do I pass IDispatch pointers? Mark Petryk (14)
phone interview haven't interviewed in a while (13)
Best ways to look for work The clock is ticking (16)
background check where your company went out of business? question (13)
Using OO programming when its not necessary .ooOOoo. (63)
Innosetup versus NSIS Innonull (8)
InnoSetup vs InstallShield Andreas Werner Paulsen (15)
Joel - Excel 12, bigger data types ??? David (10)
Archive Email m (3)
Functional gprof on Mac OS X - no programming tool left behind? Garry Paul Gippert (9)
Software Development in the Suburbs or Downtown Herman (21)
"Method '~' of object '~' failed" FrustratedQA (16)
What are the greatest software inventions? Prasad Raju (41)
Are there any easter eggs in MS products anymore? Bluebeard (11)
Funny commentary on latest article (The Big Picture) Guillaume Theoret (0)
Diff application for Mac? gmale (8)
Finding the large file sizes in a UNIX server codeGuy (12)
Great Software Companies (15)
I was listening to tales of woe on health care on NPR this morn old.fart (128)
Syncing Outlook with a Mobile Device Avrom Finkelstein (1)
5 sins of vista (24)
Wow, literally Bruce Rennie (26)
Convention over Configuration David Seruyange (5)
So, You Think You Know a Few Languages... Ryan Smyth (22)
When to Quit? Developer (34)
I need a new job kab (26)
Offtopic: Real estate prices in perspective Duff (35)
Forum Software It's just me (2)
Working environment for tester Vilmantas Baranauskas (9)
The Comfortability Syndrome Simon@AutoUpdate+ (15)
Do NOT buy books from EVAR! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (18)
Now we need ink to SEND a fax? (a printer cartridge rant) Want my ribbon printer back (18)
moving live servers in a rack kab (24)
The Lone Gunman MSHack (10)
Joel's favourite whipping boy, the "architecture astronaut" Patrick Dubroy (17)
Separate Request/Read functions Ryan Phelps (7)
Does anybody do "Do you do hallway usability testing?" Bot Berlin (10)
not quite right about dreams realpc (4)
Not quite right on the physiology of the eyes (Dreaming in Code) Glenn Picher (13)
how do you test MySQL database for any data courrption . (8)
Start-up Job ad off the job boards. OpenGL_Programmer (23)
College calculus Audrey Cantrell (19)
jwz on calendering Mark Brown (1)
Dreaming in Code meta-review Steve Hirsch (4)
Computer Science is a Science. Software Development, OTOH... Reginald Braithwaite (18)
the fogcreek MS in MIS/Mgt. Tech. requirement ne'er do well (3)
I must be blind Tony (7)
Is there a calendar that works? Rik (12)
Chandler: Too _little_ design?? J. Random Hacker (18)
I don't look FireFox anymore Simon@AutoUpdate+ (37)
'Fat Construction Workers' Recce (7)
Text Editor for very large files? Crimson (22)
Experince with Lenovo Stranger in Strangeland (13)
Recommendations on a Word to PDF converter Steve Hirsch (16)
Dreaming in Code out - one really bad review Bot Berlin (18)
How to interview candidates for "Usability Analyst" positions Jose (12)
Advantages of nhibernate? tim (11)
Anyone ever used Subversion as a 'file replication' tool? SVN Hack (8)
Startup manager for Windows Berislav Lopac (5)
cable or dsl? NPR (16)
Why would a startup use .NET for web applications? Confused (45)
Oracle+Java+Web 2007 Fritz (2)
[PHP] Which framework for business apps? TheFred (17)
Linguists, skull and crossbones and Word Compatibility Stephen Jones (19)
employee agreement amendments joe (17)
ipod question: 10 minutes in sauna JOS_regular (24)
Are Computer Scientists Really Scientists? Xbinoxt Koblorthem (56)
Hosting backup DNS and email marty (4)
Frequency Analysis in SQL? SQL non-expert (17)
What do you guys think of this job ad? anonymous_coward (25)
Myspace architecture article. Vincent (15)
Preventing abuse of API codeGuy (12)
GUI with DLL dll_me (11)
Geometry versus topology? brick (24)
CGI vs PHP rookie_web_developer (18)
Boggled by ColdFusion Larry Myers (23)
Rejection? Tony (16)
Curious: Backticks as Quotes? BenjiSmith (32)
Anyone Built their own Browser? gemini (19)
Vulnerability Scanning Software spudz (2)
Polling software for website? James Desholtel (7)
Worst UI feature, and WHY? mynameishere (49)
Does your job define you? introspective_one (29)
How to Log the Number of HTTP Clients for Apache Web Server codeGuy (5)
Best UI feature and WHY (Web) BenJ (18)
webcast: How to start your own MicroISV podcast (5)
USB HDD Thomas K (5)
Free Templates and Moving to (13)
SQL Server Column Descriptions SCADA Guy (7)
code generators - what a disappointment! Patrick from an IBank (38)
Best UI feature and WHY YouEye (42)
extend a trial version of software for customer or not Ms Rain (24)
would you hire someone, who misses a trivial interview Qn lewindletter (31)
Re-imbursement claims Startup Geek (4)
HTTP 1.1 problem Dino (5)
Negative CAPTCHA GUI Junkie (10)
Urgent: TW job dilemma Technical Writer (13)
need entrepreneurial book recommendation need a book. (4)
Simple CMS Aria Kokoschka (6)
How to deal with source code(Shared Source /Secured Source) (7)
programmer skillsets Noob (20)
Do Extended Vacations Look Bad? Zbortnik Chiblinko (27)
Looking for software that creates a demo web site pages Eyal Gonen (8)
Is there any decent way to extract text from PDFs? Steve Hirsch (15)
summing up my thoughts on most software hoser (5)
OT: Tipping at lunch after paying up front Kyralessa (62)
Need Recommendations : Reverse Engineering tool analyst (4)
Links to past job ads should hang around for a while. job seeker (3)
Looking for Eric the spam man? The Antispam man (aka, no the stuff in the tin) (0)
Limit port access for ASP.NET app Green Eggs and Ham (21)
Trying to make 'software quality' understandable bac (15)
undropping tables? Architecture Astronaut (18)
Contract to Hire Bill Rushmore (12)
Is this job listing reasonable? Drew K (13)
EEEEEEK! Yikes! (24)
Remember when everyone was badmouthing $75K in LA? Grant (33)
ODBC(SQL) + Visual.NET(part 3) OpenGL_Programmer (10)
confused about the future (need a way out of programming) stuck in a rut (23)
does anyone use VBA for real work? excel question (38)
video music loop sonia vera (1)
Terminal Services, Separate client VPN's per user Achilles (3)
Meeting Minutes Software? Franklin Covey, I aint. (24)
Which Linux for testing mISV application Serve Me Some Profits (8)
Job Boards (7)
ODBC(SQL) + Visual.NET(part 2) OpenGL_Programmer (13)
Business Logic webtist (18)
Best editor/environment for Mac OS X? (or, Status of JEdit?) Why do most editors suck? (22)
Embedding video in a web page Parisian Developer (still looking) (16)
anyone experience in computer game programming? game programmer (44)
Forum software: Build or Borrow (This is a special case) younghov (1)
JSF Books Tony (2)
Excel OLEObject – VBA goodie GUI Junkie (4)
USB Hard Drives always Preformatted as FAT32 (why not NTFS?) USB perplexed (22)
Completely Off Topic: "Closed Circuit" Pager System Shane Harter (11)
Personal Time Tracking SCADA Guy (17)
Education vs. Experience? G. Bobby (31)
Google Docs & Spreadsheets Mike (16)
The tacit dimension of Infrastructure Alessandro Gentilini (0)
"In a sense this is what we do" aghast (24)
MicroISV and SOHO NAS/SAN storage recommendations? Li-fan Chen (9)
prevent direct php page view php newbie (4)
Classic asp - include files JOS Reader (7)
Apple I claims Moosebumps (31)
Preferences Hell Scott (17)
What is Outlook's market share? Rexx (9)
choosing a start up jobseeker (10)
Anyone here know anything about fcgi? Aaron F Stanton (4)
Auto Update XP error anon until my uISV will be ready (3)
A New Kind of Database... rolo (20)
So, who's getting Office 2007? Office2009 (15)
VirtualPC/VMWare, I just don't get it unclueless (40)
Gantt Chart Applications Aria Kokoschka (5)
XP's Pair Programming Finally Gets Productive w/ New Product (3)
Oracle's SQL GatesVsEllison (14)
Two Degrees? a student. (12)
Logic Database question Matt (3)
Using "" in Google search sears (6)
Installing .NET 1.1 after 2.0 DevBusinessMan (11)
Agile Continuous Testing Gareth Porter (2)
Recommendations for a license/key manager. vanguardsoh is coming (2)
Hungarian notation and .NET parameter naming conventions ComputerProgrammer (22)
a mySQL + Visual Studio.NET Problem OpenGL_Programmer (14)
Simple, reliable way to get country from IP? geo (11)
Is drag'n'drop a feature stax (11)
Using richedit control in C++ SniperSnip (5)
We Have Our Iphone Answer on 3rd Party Development: None son of parnas (34)
One Improvement for Xtreme Programming TravisO (55)
Where to work? Thomas (4)
Test my website Antoll MA (4)
Unit tests: how useful are they? Kaln (47)
Marketing Web-Based Software Aaron Greenspan (7)
Which free forum do you use? Ben (8)
coding speed and correctness Anon (19)
Stay or go?  and if I go, a little resume help. (18)
OT:How do you manage your wires and home office devices? Stefan Popescu (8)
IT Disaster: British Health Care Ben Bryant (18)
Daylight Saving Time Change This Year (2)
Contractors request to all clients Contractor (5)
Which notebook is faster for software development? Berkeley DBC (21)
Convincing employer to release source Nate (27)
Cool Ajax site cocktailbuilder (13)
iCal reader/writer/sharing webapp Lorenzo Bolognini (9)
The Perfect Team Bruce Rennie (18)
Synchronizing the clocks between machines Ted Graham (18)
How did Apple not work out the licensing first? Drew K (39)
What do you need to know REALLY well? Paranoid Android (32)
Why is Salon not doing well? Anony (23)
Generics in Java Aria Kokoschka (18)
Quality Icons/Images? Paul Kohler (5)
Surviving in the software profession J (37)
Suggestions re: Ben's Tournament Solution (Bayesian Filtering) Li-fan Chen (7)
I can't find an old Joel on Software post. May you help me? Alessandro Gentilini (6)
Why the iPhone sucks.. lemon obrien (40)
Joel Test #11 GatorFan (26)
Google Best Company to Work For Phil (26)
designing a website Gautam (9)
IM: liability or benefit for developers? Rob (31)
WriteRoom Carmack (18)
RIP ROP files Question Asker (4)
Callback proc in Delphi DLL for VB program Erhard Smit (10)
Oracle - Reset Password? Harry (5)
Utility to tell me what processes are accessing the hard drive? Peter Sherman (6)
How can I find a graphics pro? Brett R. (6)
In house Documentation fun continued... Crimson (5)
Contracting/consulting in the tech management field? TiredExec (8)
Billable vs. non-billable Me (16)
Will google do a reddit or digg Bot Berlin (4)
now THIS is the Web 2.0 Guillaume (7)
iPhone Development VPC (17)
iPhone hoser (57)
vendor selection process documents Patrick from an IBank (1)
Putting mISV on a resume looking (8)
Breaking my head over crazy problem in Oracle anony (16)
Visual Studio Express Editions for 2007? FreeDev (7)
Do you use ruby/python/lisp? for throw away scripts (haskell?) Bot Berlin (19)
Pawns and One-Night Stands Code Slave (7)
'vista capable' computers rbny (18)
Multiple Monitors (Again) Anon (14)
Is MD5 enryption unidirectional? i.e. no decryption? codeGuy (9)
16GB of integers Michał (11)
Training someone to program Joshua Volz (25)
Interviews and Social Payback Pressure logicnazi (1)
BA vs. PM Anon for this (6)
Database recommendation for synchronization Not too familiar (17)
Programming Pinouts Joe (1)
Blog quality Philip Connors (12)
Need Career Advice The OP (6)
Please sir, may I have some more? anon for this (16)
career progression san (14)
Perfect Alarm Clock - anyone know of one? Paul Rivers (29)
send me your source code because I share mine and will make it b MineAndMineAlone (31)
How much do Profs make? codeGuy (17)
Tool to convert XML schemas to a relational schema Steve Hirsch (11)
To centralize or to individualize, that is the question? Berislav Lopac (10)
As silly as it might sound Heartbroken Programmer (14)
continue interviewing after accepting offer careful (21)
Aardvark'd on PBS in tri-state area? Diego (8)
GUI installer alternative to Tarma? TheFred (5)
Document Management Software anon1234 (8)
Two forms of complexity - programming vs configuration. Crimson (19)
Struggling with Soft Skills Tech Geek (7)
IT is a thankless profession Wally (19)
What reason do you give for leaving a job? anon for this (18)
Please be careful what you post here anon for this (41)
Hints on soft skills Struggling (12)
Do you as a developer have fun? Bot Berlin (21)
VS 2003 vs VS 2005 Doug (18)
Desktop application is dead DotNetNoob (29)
Parenting meets Programming - Follow Up N/A (88)
huge variation in salary/rate for the exact same job? anonymous (6)
INTYPE! Textmate clone for Windows finally arrive Carmack (14)
Best Software Writing - Nomination Notorious L (10)
CL's job post of the day . (23)
How to write a proxification applicatoin? Ravi Chhabra (7)
Secrets to Accurate Project Estimation In Over My Head (24)
JSP-servlet book recommendations? Newbie (1)
New York Headhunters/Recruiters mycroft holmes (5)
simple solution to the H1B issue anonymous (22)
Response to why 'reddit' users (alpha hackers) hate java (and m Bot Berlin (32)
Why are software companies so small? Bot Berlin (41)
any ideas for site licensing shareware model? david gledhill (2)
Source Control for very small team .NET 2.0 Programmer (22)
CNN says lack of skilled workers Larry Myers (43)
Future of vertical search a (2)
Is there an adaptor to connect a PCMCIA card to USB? he who doesn't know (4)
Disillusioned with IS classes P.M. (21)
Can MyISAM do this? SQL non-expert (11)
Managing Skillset - How to get advice Dan (6)
Information worker safety guideline/objectives ? Po (9)
Design Question - How to restrict HTTP POST? commoditizedProgrammer (21)
PowerBuilder Developers in New York City mycroft holmes (6)
equally skilled in all 3 tiers? Passing By (7)
What would you want to learn, right now? Bot Berlin (27)
Second Life... is this a big deal? Duff (14)
What tool do you use to you read this forum? Surya Sonti (18)
very high end hosting? hpcgeek (12)
Don't take the book Nathan Feger (3)
Client want PHP because hosting LAMP web apps are cheap... Bluebeard (30)
copilot updated chart / analysis? Pete (0)
Taking Business Courses and an MBA Dev (11)
Open Souce component used in >> The Night Blogger << (3)
any other documentaries like triumph of the nerds? someone (4)
Good book for SCJP preparations? Lulu (5)
IT contractor rates vs a chimney sweeper TravisO (27)
Study at MIT for free Derek I (8)
blog engines starving coder (9)
dowloadable awk tutorial? Steff Kamush (4)
Serious -can't find those "teach yourself binary w/babes" pics binary challenged (3)
Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm Borealis (16)
.NET skinning (3)
Microsoft's ridiculous Office Open XML blah (48)
considering offer NPR (66)
What do you think about regex? Bot Berlin (47)
How to find contracting rates? The Right Foot (14)
C++ >> Web App Mark (21)
Interesting ActiveX control on hmmmmm (6)
Software Development Manager Salary (12)
Motherboards with 4Gb support Simon K (8)
High Lighting a PDF file >> The Night Blogger << (13)
Joel on Software is really a non-profit, advertising-free site DJ Clayworth (5)
The worst email you can get... Mister Anon (22)
Software subscriptions paid years in advance Herman (4)
I'm after a server-side spam filter please mutabled (10)
Wondering about Chandler blah (10)
IDE for PL/SQL codeGuy (19)
Will she "reciprocate" for a diamond? Shawn Oster (22)
Keep the book. Mike Schiraldi (13)
need to monitor Oracle from webserver need a tool (9)
Favorite partition manager? Walter Williams (15)
New Career Path in 2007 FromEmeraldCity (9)
Keep the Book; stop being single minded about everything... lemon obrien (6)
Book on JAVA for beginner-intermidates? LaLaLa (13)
Ethics of keeping the book Ron Porter (16)
No gifts - Dreaming in Code dilemma Jeff Young (9)
Forms for a Website commerceGuy (8)
Ethics Peter Wooldridge (17)
What's so bad about PDF? Steve Hirsch (41)
Advice: Is BoundsChecker still the best? Straw Man (4)
In-house documentation Po (9)
Cost of large software integration Samuel Dougal (6)
What are the advantages & disadvantages of Agile ? Bummer (47)
Using the filesystem for interprocess communication. Ugnonimous (30)
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