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Humor in documentation, user manuals Steve Hirsch (23)
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Patterns for GUIs EKB (6)
Wallstreet Programmer Redux Not Berlin (13)
I have a doubts perplexed (8)
DLL Redirection and DLL Hell JSD (9)
i need some help to make a dll using VC++ or G Raja Yashwanth Reddy (3)
IQ and programming #2 - In reference to the war of the worlds Hodder (29)
iTunes players that aren't iPods? jthurman (5)
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Bruce Tognazzini Fan of Tog (4)
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text search tool - files that don't contain a match Jason (5)
CS SELF STUDY: List of books crud programmer (20)
Let's not stop at cell phones, microwaves, and ovens... vic (14)
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Your hosts: NetFreak (24)
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applying for a new job Mid-Thirties Developer (12)
Wikis work great. Joe (6)
Classical/Romantic split perpetuated. Simon Lucy (18)
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To get a life and a software design Artur Sowinski (7)
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Does not play well with others Anonymous Coward (30)
IBM sued over overtime pay Sassy (28)
cell phone symbols Philip Best (7)
Clutter vs. Added Functionality Leif (10)
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The rest of the world strikes back War balls (10)
First Draft, Second Draft, ... TM (2)
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Great Design Draft Sam (2)
Copernic DS / PopFile equivalent for Lotus Notes? forThis.Anon (4)
...unless you lived in Europe (re: Introduction to Great Design) Steffen Ritter (34)
re: Introduction to Great Design (First Draft) David Bishop (15)
Play and pause button: separate or bimorphic ILoveFortran (10)
On bad-UI creep blahedo (5)
Haste makes waste - when hacking Hodder (4)
Remote Control Statistics pmuhC (7)
Consistent GUIs and WPF/Avalon/XAML Dunc (2)
The Design of Everyday Things Moses (15)
Design Against Crime Chuck McKinnon (10)
Druddy design pwb (0)
It turns out it's the red button that turns it on. Anthony (24)
RAZR Luke Francl (15)
Time mangements for programmers? Stressed programmer (12)
Flash in the Web Browser: capturing the audio stream Denis (8)
Strange web site stats 0xCC (10)
Can't buy Aardvark'd download in London Matt (10)
MS SE thoughts starving coder (21)
Obfuscation of .Net - how big a threat? Tim Hastings (21)
And here we go again, STUPID DEVELOPERS! Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (26)
Go with Oracle, or choose the secure vendor. Name withheld for this one (8)
Let people form their own conclusions Mr. Powers (8)
JavaSchools Erik Midtskogen (4)
See the world while working in IT? Global Traveller (14)
BizTalk, no, the software BizTalk :) Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (9)
best password manager too many passwords (15)
Does nobody do first drafts any more? Philo (36)
Shared Memory in Dot Net Number Cruncher (12)
Job Description Before Interview? mwtb (13)
Nanotech: The Networking Problem BenjiSmith (6)
Books - Do you buy, or does your employer? Bookcaterpillar (27)
Forget music piracy, what about book piracy? Bluebeard (23)
Best predictors of a good programmer? guest (34)
Frameworks without source code MBJ (19)
AJAX TV listings needed Pete (4)
cheap computers .. London ... where? Please help Tapiwa (18)
Test tools BullMann (3)
DLL loads on XP, not on NT? Rich (18)
"Wait for what will happen in this 50 year period..." S. Tanna (41)
Outlook URL prefetching? Duff (8)
How LISP drove one man to crime... Crimson (38)
.COM versus .CO.UK Matt Breckon (9)
Medium sized refactoring project experience? Josh Volz (14)
Domain name squatting Moosebumps (50)
"VMWare Technology Network" vs. "VMWare Workstation" acccidental_isv (18)
Linux runs cooler than Windows on laptop? Johnson (17)
Lunchtime At Fog Creek Michael H. Pryor (99)
Patents gmale (14)
doing the right thing for the company and keeping your job Mr Still Employed (15)
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Return of "the best workstation": Matt Conrad (17)
how to organize your source code repository ? Patrick (4)
A better way to 'do what you love' than Paul Graham's essay? Nick Smith (17)
Does anyone use drag/drop? Matt Breckon (2)
Evaluating some ASP-based shopping carts... Christopher Hawkins (1)
Any current Visual Foxpro References? Phil C (7)
Web Crawler Framework Fabio Cavassini (5)
Ruby Answer to the Test Yourself question 1 Ben Hiller (1)
Using Stored Procedures - is it worth it for single 'Selects' HugoSlavia (21)
Thoughts on coupling Will Dean (23)
VS2005 overview - is development work segregated? Patrick (10)
SQL Server DTS - Help! Daniel Jackson (0)
Domain name squatting Moosebumps (0)
acrobat reader problem arrgh (14)
Learning to program with Alice son of parnas (3)
Getting a lawyer - update Anonymous (6)
All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself! Derek (15)
Verify Backup of data (1)
Is there a good mailing list service? Luke Francl (10)
Handling a disperse team Berislav Lopac (1)
the biggest or the oldest companies waste the most time Ms Annoyed (11)
Which entry-level programming class? RR (15)
Celebrity deathmatch: Joel v. Paul thermidor (47)
MS Developer Support Will Dean (7)
Charging for a secure site shiggins (0)
svn hosting revert my buffer (9)
Open Source clone of VSS printFullName(getFirstName(), getLastName()); (27)
Discuss pointers at friday team lunches! Jurgen (17)
Dual core and Hyper thread Rejupal (1)
Are we entering a new age of the employee/employer relationship? Crimson (29)
Software projects are like atomic nuclei Philip Prohm (17)
What uISV softwares on your machine? Joshua Volz (0)
How Safe are Firefox Extensions? Hank (10)
What are popular "rent a tekkie" sites? (short term projects) Guest (2)
Notebook: cheap -vs- espensive Rob (24)
Question on the access to university lectures in America Roman Werpachowski (19)
Two-tone PCCard WAV file? Fred (0)
Hel me settle an argument with my boss TheNewGuy (56)
Web Scraping -- WWW::mechanize for .NET? Peter (8)
Keyboard/Mouse Ryan Phelps (28)
Hugarian character set? UTF-8 doesn't work? tk (18)
The biggest software project failure? WhatTimeIsItEccles (1)
C++/STL Patrick (44)
a death march story Ben Bryant (26)
Time tracking IT guy (13)
Why so much negative talk about Perl? sometimes unprepared (73)
Code layout in memory Architect (21)
Favorite Virtual Machine? Joshua Volz (16)
Code snippet storage sharkfish (7)
web site monitoring service baus (3)
Seeking PHP advice - local php Jeuotro (1)
antivirusshield Ester Hillman (0) -> money Patrizio Rullo (16)
Argh! Web 2.01 Paul Norrie (18)
Which Windows OS for development machine? JSD (15)
Conversation with Comcast (humor, mild rant) Modem Woes (18)
DELPHI Product users... Steve Dunn (2)
Masters Degree CS TJ (25)
Good software companies in Pittsburgh Anon for now *-* (1)
SQL Server Confusion Caffeinated (8)
VB6 installation confusion - side-by-side good idea? MB (8)
You don't need to know pointers ... Pshawww (76)
Business books recommendation pls anon (0)
Smartest Companies in Boston Eric (10)
FC Software Management Training Program: what are managers for? Aaron Brady (11)
What anonymizer do you use? Fred (0)
Source code control/versioning/labelling process etc Andrew Gooding (6)
Questions to ask employers at interviews. Dixon Bainbridge (32)
online degree: School recommendation EEundergrad (5)
I have two months before a Google phone interview. potential googler (14)
Tech behind Flickr a Hack (12)
Online degree vs Onsite degree Prospective Student (0)
JoS RSS vs google Jon Vaughan (9)
online degree: transcripts curious (11)
small footprint PHP blog package? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (8)
Web 2.0 is so 2005 Berislav Lopac (0)
Anyone try Netbeans 5 RC1? MBJ (0)
Shameless Plug of Vault Josh Volz (42)
Google Analytics Simon@AutoUpdate+ (10)
Physics / Maths Degree - Advantages Luke Dwell (73)
Faxing from a Website Shane Harter (9)
Datacenters in Phoenix, AZ area C. Blair (0)
Offering dial-up email for a small group of people Eric D. Burdo (17)
Expected undo/redo behavior N" (1)
higher-level data structures and algorithms? Mark Ivey (13)
Flory 2.0 Mark Flory (8)
.NET clone of Java's Jess jes (3)
Web connection diagnostic tool Mauricio Macedo (0)
Defining Accelerator keys for Windows MB (5)
.NET clone of JESS? (0)
selling software, buyer demands we sign agreement Seems Innocous Enough (41)
Sturgeon's Law, Pareto's law, 'Moore's Law' Metcalfe's .etc Bella (31)
Excessive paging and music software Harry McBaine (19)
Apple jerks around its developers MacDev (50)
ADSL/Wireless AP recommendation? Javier Jarava (4)
complex HTML to DOC Olivier B (0)
I'm changing the world MBJ (24)
Free/Cheap Windows mail server software Asbjørn Moen (20)
WIADD Berislav Lopac (4)
McConnell: Software Engineering, Not Computer Science cipher (48)
Dual Core vs SMP John Topley (9)
Good book on Emacs? Peter Monsson (10)
Asking too much from the user? MBJ (24)
How do you write comments? setsquare (37)
refactoring nested switch statement gramps (14) security hazard security (7)
Suggestions for bug tracking for one-man project dot for this one (22)
UI Mockups, again Igor Jese (5)
Displaying HTML documents as images Tim (8)
Connecting to Exchange Server Avrom Finkelstein (9)
Engineers:  Forest.  Trees. Fustrated kind of guy... (14)
MindMapping: need computer pen MindMapper (7)
A Joel Spolsky Clone Vineet Reynolds (17)
More Framework Hating Ben Bryant (32)
Recommend a calendar tool Rik (22)
Who's the Joel of Consultingware? AndrewR (8)
Win2K3 - SATA - Floppy - USB - You know what's going to follow KayJay (7)
wicket or webwork2 or what? son of parnas (7)
Have you ever benefited from "Economic Development Groups"? Mark Space (5)
Windows 2003 Server Cold Backup bglenn (6)
Work shorter, not harder Teambob (30)
Partial text search. What are the best solutions? AndrewR (4)
bioinformatics? Falcon (16)
Groupware Berislav Lopac (0)
Now that's funny! cipher (4)
Great Data Loss of Ought 6 / Your backup strategies possibly maybe (8)
What to do if a feature takes longer than a release cycle Josh (9)
Getting rid of lf characters clueless (11)
Non-English programming-language keywords Abstract Typist (8)
Issue of Domain Names and University Clubs Jason Gabor (6)
Need Lotus Organizer 1.0 (1992) Screenshot Joel Spolsky (14)
Outlook Alternatives Lookout! (6)
X-Server for WINDOWS Recomendations? Javier Jarava (7)
SugarCRM or OpenExchange Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (1)
Html whitespace and FTP changed files asimov (8)
Publishing Reports on the Internet ERP Coder (4)
Finally, Clippy in your IDE Tom A (1)
Getting a Forum Going Nathan Ridley (7)
Candid MSDN Channel9 Interview cipher (0)
Looks like Apple ripped off CityDesk Duff (5)
Company tanked after 4 months - do I include it on my resume? . (11)
New job? A company? smalltalk (11)
ISV -> Software Company! Software Company CEO (19)
Visual C++ 2003 versus 2005, which one to upgrade to? The EnX (21)
Debug/compile/test turnaround time...and explaining to non-techs Crimson (11)
DBA vs. Developer--definitions, not personalities Steve Hirsch (24)
Exciting/Challenging programming vs. not so much Joshua Volz (11)
Best Practices: Moving from Access to SQL Server Lou (7)
Online Delicious Library Dimitris Giannitsaros (10)
XML Schema - order inspecific equivalent to xs:sequence? J (3)
Wallowing in mediocrity Kyralessa (31)
Best dev blogger of 2005 Ben Bryant (18)
Negotiating from a position of strength? (rant) sharkfish (66)
CSkills* Hacker.EnumBasicSkillz(ITechie *pDataArchitect); Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
Unionization for us grunt programmers Anonymous Because I Want My Job (61)
Search Engine / Indexer Recommendation Jeff Shaffer (9)
Innovation is not an event. It's a process. Lost in the jungle (4)
Anyone has used OpenCMS? JD (7)
Waiting for Google to index Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (11)
Dear Open Source Community: STOP THE CODE REWRITES Michael B (19)
Java, Basic & Co considered harmful Hans-Georg Ulrich (8)
Talking to the boss an communication in performance reviews Doug Withau (8)
Philly JOS'ers Sassy (6)
most inappropriate google ad? revert my buffer (5)
ReactOS -- Your thoughts? Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (11)
Resource for touchtone application development yori (0)
What modern languages besides C/C++ use pointer variables? Bluebeard (25)
Ideal development machine ? Vineet Reynolds (17)
Aardvark'd availble for download via Google Video therevolution (3)
Joel Test + McConnell Test = Check for project sanity ? Vineet Reynolds (4)
The 7 Attributes of Variables Dave B. (36)
Swing on OS X? BenjiSmith (12)
Developing on Mac OS X Tiger Mike, Edinburgh (21)
Yet another pointer thread Ian Boys (23)
Anyone know what happened to Synergration Quickbooks lib? Anon and anon (6)
Palm Treo™ 700w Smartphone: Should I buy it data (11)
The Perils of Bad C/C++ Schools Saw it on Reddit (16)
Viewing Group membership in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Rich (3)
How to change the world A. Gorilla (14)
Working from home Tim Thomas (32)
MSFT interviews, out-of-box thinking & possible new search algos Vineet Reynolds (8)
Lines of Code per time Joshua Volz (22)
tips for making oneself more valuable Jeff Bloom (33)
New Company Contract nathan (6)
Working in the US - part 2 Mr. C++ (5)
Does a hyphen make any difference to the search engines? Janabsaab (8)
Will large businesses move to Office 12? Jim Clark (17)
Linguists reply to Joel's Latin & Greek argument I.G. (17)
Wasn't Yahoo the first Link Farm? Peter Sherman (0)
Uninstall should mean, well, UNINSTALL Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (29)
Flash image manipulation widget TomA (4)
Why do engineer/programmer types tend to get duped? Mark Space (45)
Reverse tab order in Visual Studio 2005 Tim (8)
Making Wrong Code Look Wrong - multi threading extension Joannes Vermorel (17)
Correctness by Construction: A Manifesto for High-Integrity Soft TTJ (12)
What If I am not able to Intern? joey (11)
Moving data between MySQL 4.0 and 5.0 me (5)
How much should I charge for preparing a requirements doc? TOTOYA (6)
Dennis Forbes' latest... Berislav Lopac (7)
find -exec 'echo unix tools suck' \; Ryan Phelps (11)
Recommendation for Web Site Aggregator Hank (4)
Best Linux Distro for typical Windows User Denis (38)
Multi-threading using multiple-processors on Linux/Windows SMP (24)
Can I protect myself from a bad installer? DL (17)
A pixel a $1 or "Why haven't I thought about it" series ako (9)
Sort & filter large 1+gig xml files - advice appreciated They call me Flipper (32)
What are the benefits of releases? Why not do 1 offs? Patrick (17)
What is there to know in CS? Martin (28)
Surviving corporate mergers? Dave (8)
Disable Script Debugging leading to near suicide James (10)
Working in US Engineer (5)
Quitting the job Anonymous Coward (21)
Experimental Programming Rant Josh Volz (7)
Adding a Scripting Language to our Application Eric (another ISV guy with his company) (36)
PHP freelancer - seek your advice on pricing GLENDER (14)
Why should I do Computer Science? Bart Wiegmans (33) could be faster with AJAX Peter Sims (2)
Apple's internal development practices example (23)
.net file parser/transformation project Patrick (3)
Perl/Python ??? Discovery isnt at its end (47)
Online payment help JK (6)
Thought as a Spiral Spring Kriz (4)
Software Scheduling, Enron, Carly Fiorna, and Accountability... Crimson (1)
AdSense: Money for Nothing? BenjiSmith (6)
Mishmash of experience, ideas on redirection? aaron (7)
UI Design John (7)
United "glitch" - euphemisms gone mad? Ian Boys (28)
Google Anaytics: conspiracy theory Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV} (5)
Scary; Java world has done me wrong, learn up on algorithms Not Berlin (31)
I hate telephone interviews MBJ (18)
Quackery in the CS profession Vineet Reynolds (4)
"Waltzing with Bears" and risk management... Crimson (21)
Sapir Whorf Vindicated son of parnas (6)
How do pixel tags work? Bum Tag (10)
UI : best way to split a big back-office web form ? Olivier B (3)
Community Portal Web dev. Environment? Daniel (4)
What was your first commercial application ? Joshua Volz (19)
Business app development front ends Ben Dempsey (23)
Successful desktop software in Java comp.lang.c refugee (56)
Java; not totally great, at least it is not GCC C and assembly Not Berlin (74)
Is there "too much" software development around? Bored Bystander (13)
Programmer conundrum pv (9)
What happened with the Fog Creek management training program? emga (3)
Packaging and deployment jeff (12)
javascript as simple report generator Martin (6)
x86 disassembler dd (12)
html tutorials for 7 year old programmerdad (8)
The Blue Collars of the Future Dino (37)
When the chips are down, you decide to............. Vineet Reynolds (2)
Back to shipping - or Endicia ? Vineet Reynolds (4)
JavaSchools aren't the problem, your tests are. Giampiero De Ciantis (33)
Subversion: am I missing something? Slow coach (14)
Recommendations for open source Java content management system JD (9)
Learning a new language Eric M (19)
Estimating never works - every peice of code is new. WoodenTongue (15)
From 180 to 360 (maybe) Mark Flory (6)
Simple web testing Fabio Cavassini (8)
it's about intellectual curiosity revert my buffer (9)
Who is teaching CS courses? (5)
Desktop PC for sw development programmer (8)
The Google PC Phil (11)
What are all the non-ptr people doing? S Tanna (17)
How the CS degree you studied is designed... Bluebeard (6)
Good real estate search engine? Jason (10)
Education: Why not What hoser (22)
The 4 attributes of variables Dave B. (8)
"Oh, and I don't know pointers!" Cory Foy (41)
The Real Deal On Programming and Abstractions Kriz (2)
fer chrissake.  Learn pointers already. sharkfish (14)
fifty C pointer questions? looking to improve (7)
Aardvark'd review Patrick (16)
Are pointers and recursion really that complicated? Greg (37)
Who cares about C?  What about Assembler...? Will Dean (26)
Need Micro-ISV Owner's Feedback Debbie (0)
Educational Inequality Joshua Volz (6)
ReactOS - open source Windows OS clone - anyone tried it ? Bluebeard (11)
Sapir-Whorf and Programming Languages. Stephen Jones (15)
Regular Expressions and Speed Sathyaish Chakravarthy (35)
CS at MIT: a primer in their own words JavaClown (38)
Server requirements Still not an SA (3)
consulting without recruiters Falcon (8)
Yet Another Look at PJS WanneBeaGreatProgrammer (6)
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