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Quest to become a better manager I.M. (21 comments)
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VB 2005 Arthur Dent (5)
I need help Husker Du (12)
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how important is the short datatype? O.S. (26)
Oracle schema browser Lou (4)
File integrity Roose (3)
Browser/HTML or Java/WebStart? Anon for this one (12)
Why not use != ? Philo [MSFT] (32)
bad back at new job? (18)
RSS reader with web page watcher & newsgroup support? FeedSeeker (5)
Visual Studio project organization AMS (2)
Corporate IT vs Product Development vs Services Sassy (12)
HELP! Overwhelemed with  emails in the IT corporate world Nirvana (15)
Company shirts, after you've left example (29)
I need urgent help struggling in NYC (5)
Mastering Microsoft Visual Source Safe without any books ? Nirvana (6)
Home networking question Roose (7)
Technicians & Scientists Emerson (8)
Is Google arrogant? Andy (33)
PDA Recommendation JD (14)
Anonymous domain name offer... smallbiz (5)
Battling Windows File Protection John Topley (8)
Partnership in an LLC Yoey (6)
Google API (6)
EASY to use XML editor? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (39)
The fallacy of the "top 1%" Bill Carlson (11)
Silicon Valley or Colorado? Engineer (32)
Windows update broken more and more? AMS (13)
Web Installer Worth Using? Jim Jones (2)
WAS: C Exercise Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Google in trouble over Karthik (17)
Type-A or Loudmouth mcpuffio (18)
The bottom 1% Colm O'Connor (20)
dis-Empowered Simon Lucy (7)
Joel Bias Name withheld out of cowardice (15)
How many Programmers are in the top 1% Bill Rushmore (29)
Demanding formalised development process in hostile environment. Bryan O'Donoghue (22)
Firefox: can I automatically apply a pattern to a URL? Freddie boy (9)
Getting the top 1% woodentongue (7)
Are Hardware Firewalls Really That Effective? Cowboy coder (24)
VPN question Roose (14)
new job - excruciating code reviews Rob (19)
The vulnerability of Windows on the desktop marty (25)
Question for Joel Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
"Usually"? Eponymous (1)
Users and Static Content w/Unix Web Servers (9)
The Challenge of "Community" sedwo (9)
Am I pathetic for wanting to join Mensa? Sigh. (43)
Whats with the top 1%? Nathan (53)
How do teams switch versioning tools so fast? gmale (24)
Toronto get together Dennis Forbes (6)
Latest Post and seeking out the developers Anon (6)
Poll Yoey (6)
IBM-Lenovo deal might flop Karthik (8)
Statistical fallacies in hiring bpd (7)
IIS5 vs. IIS6 AMS (4)
searching for .net AMS (10)
Executive MBA KS (4)
Uploading Excel files (hey, Vern Eastley!) moron (15)
Net-wide spam meter who dat? (2)
Why does SQL Server do this ? SQL Server is weird (22)
book recomendation: PostgreSQL & Apache Chris (1)
Project management (critical) skill set Moemf (7)
a little question about making templates wannabeboy (8)
C# Interop with Excel COM (fast one way, slow the other) Savage Planet (12)
IIS Problem IIS noob (5)
Exchange SMTP Aliases If it's not possible it shoudl be. (11)
How Microsoft Lost the API War Gabriele Ponti (10)
AspectJ John Topley (11)
Offbeat technical interview questions directorblue (29)
Oracle for SQL Server Developer Otto Ried (19)
Peer Pressure is powerful Leslie Pound (32)
Software that's rotten or hollow inside A Regular (42)
OT: Windows time quanta Ali Baba from Steeltown (13)
Code for Review: HTML-Widgets-NavMenu Shlomi Fish (0)
passing values to another page / php wannabeboy (8)
VB6 app is crashing BL (8)
OpenSolaris: SUN takes a seat Martin A. Bøgelund (12)
IBM Internal Linux efforts flop big time karthik (25)
VB.NET monitor resolution help needed karthik (8)
Wiki versus Sharepoint John (7)
Developers and repeated bouts of depression. SadSam (26)
Not the same old FOSS debate Wayne (0)
Software Update. LikeMe (2)
Extensibility Project for Office/ Can Philo help? Savage Planet (2)
VSS Replacement (Sorry!) Mark Jerde (16)
sql hard thing to do... Olivier B (4)
PostgreSQL; looking for advice Almost Anonymous (18)
Collaborative Editing Jacob (2)
Neat internet technologies that crashed and burned Dennis Forbes (23)
Working fast vs. working slow slow_but_correct (20)
What tools do you use to check for memory leaks in Java? NathanJ (10)
Free Component for saving as PDF Nirvana (42)
If I weren't programming I'd... SW (56)
SMS - Sending Text Messages .NET Genx'er (2)
Free Auto-Updating Component for C++ Jim Jones (9)
Best Email Server application for Linux who dat? (13)
Ruby/Rails Maybe Ruby/Rails... (9)
Can MSBuild work with non-Windows platforms? AL (11)
Hardware Server, VMWare or Something Else? Carl (13)
Ignorant windows programming question Name withheld out of cowardice (14)
Encryption in VB or VB.Net Arthur Dent (6)
Desktop blog software? piddle-head (6)
Software Development Documentation Tim H (2)
How would I do this...? Furious George (9)
Non-compete Agreements Rob (28)
I'm getting some weird spam Jack Spratt (8)
SQL Server Performance Dennis Forbes (15)
PREFast as freeware Tatsu K. (2)
performance of CSS vs tables for layout AMS (20)
Dumb question on password based encryption encryption newbie (7)
Software best practices - Choose wisely and stand your ground? Russell (9)
concurrent calls to DnsQuery in Win32 Antony Sargent (3)
Work demands over 40 hours/week indenturedServant (17)
Balancing work and fun Denver (6)
Should I get paid more... indenturedServant (17)
I broke the slump! Wheeeee! (13)
Joel's take on tabbed interfaces Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
Ping Result Through a GPRS connection ExpandIT (4)
Help with database design Harry McBaine (32)
quick filemaker pro question John Wilson (2)
Select() equivalent on win32 Martin Beckett (11)
Dilbert: Pep Talk English is not my mother tongue (8)
Best Way To Send Mass HTML Email(MS) Name Hidden To Protect The Guilty (20)
Object-Database impedance mismatch Cowboy coder (11)
Service Pack 2 Broke My iPod John Topley (9)
Recording both sides of a voice chat? Robert Plank (7)
Metrics for Software Team's (*NOT* Individual's) Performance LoTH@R (8)
What I think but can't prove Yanwoo (27)
unit testing in perl part-time perl programmer (4)
IPod Shuffle replacement MadMan (11)
Javascript for your web-site Simon@AutoUpdate+ (13)
Spec writing: Word vs. Html 3cents (15)
How to socialize? Herman The Hermit (35)
Ageism and software development Jimmy (7)
I need a crash course in C++ Peter Monsson (20)
Eric: More info about Swing & SWT. michael sica (3)
Firefox sppof IE? hoser (4)
Satellite television shoots down Microsoft media "standard" jj (5)
How to manage ASP environment? Stressed Developer (6)
Joels College Advice Alberto (the original) (11)
One more google ripoff Roose (8)
SQL Server Administration Tools? KC (8)
Manhatten Island Jacob (16)
Association of Shareware Professionals Edward Livingston (12)
MS making progress towards unified world Karthik (4)
BileBlog year in review Crusty Admin (6)
"This is what I do" - ridiculous? or valid? Pissed (20)
aspose? AMS (0)
Validating Wireless Access Points (WAP) hoser (3)
php include problems. wannabeboy (17)
url rewrite in iis AMS (2)
Complete Project Tracking System Patrick (18)
PING -T Over the WEB Nirvana (3)
How to Use GNU Prolog Console? (12)
How to Bid Online Projects CVRKrishna (16)
Maintaining scroll position in a web page Patrick Foley (5)
Complete security patch download for W2K+ Li-fan Chen (5)
Rainfall Anon (3)
Killer combination, best of both worlds, WinXP and Linux Berlin Brown (20)
Wiki software suggestions? needAWiki (6)
Recruiter's contracts with job seekers Wary of such things but still open (21)
O/R mapping Kyralessa (10)
ISAPI filter OnSendRawData question Tim Malloy (16)
Is Citrix a good idea? Karthik (16)
Save as in Visio 2003 causes 920 error ~ (3)
What Software do you use to index your URL ? Nirvana (16)
Wide Screen LCD Recommendations? gmale (7)
VPN on satellite broadband Rob VH (13)
Thinking of making the my own boss J. Random Hacker (12)
"Seattle is funny"...but why? Q (38)
Rant ProjectLead/Nobody (12)
Any good OCR software? += (9)
java 1.4.2 or java 1.5 Name withheld out of cowardice (12)
Who's had experience with an object database? OneFlew (8)
TogBUGZ Pierce Hanley (1)
Salary negotiation after interviews. Scrow (58)
Google and nofollow JD (16)
Senior Dev -> Dev Lead Xiaotian Guo (4)
Interviewing outside your area of expertise? jedidjab79 (11)
Unfair internship advice Anonymous (10)
I would fire a programmer on the spot if... Egor (41)
After Peoplesoft carnage, Vultures land to feast Karthik (9)
scanning/imaging solution Jackson (7)
Good SQL Book Recommendations ~ (7)
C++ Database Abstraction Clay Dowling (11)
Overloading return values A.M. (29)
A good forum on System Admin./Security? (Avoiding Off-topic Qs?) Javier Jarava (7)
Where have the program managers gone? Aaron (4)
SQL Question Nathan (12)
php or ssi? wannabeboy (5)
Serving up a binary file as the output of a php script muppet (7)
SSL and IP address SSL newby (3)
a question about software programming wannabeboy (7)
How to behave professionally and constructively with your boss ? Nirvana (30)
a simple batch application wannabeboy (4)
I need a free HTML/CSS editor wannabeboy (13)
Are you working for a psychopath? Cautious (12)
All things the same... C++OrC#? (10)
I am helpless without windows Roose (35)
C++.NET and ATL Server v. C#/ASP.NET C++OrC#? (15)
Keyboard shortcuts/navigation in HTML applications GuyIncognito (6)
Anyone here using Groove? Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (6)
Technical Writers Bob (7)
Embedding .Net in SQL Server grasshopper (23)
The NYC job market Kalani (1)
The End of Business Schools? mcpuffio (39)
Browsing from an SSL Page to Non-SSL HashTable (2)
How Can an Average Developer get into a Top CS School? (29)
change control for databases AMS (14)
biggest false assumption of all sw dev methodologies (23)
Output to build log Tatsu (1)
Pencil & Paper, Visio, SmartDraw or Something Else...? Carl (9)
how do I comment out several line of code wannabeboy (4)
BugTracking tool and code quality Leonid (7)
OO-Responsibilities Using ASP! Carl (13)
help with css positioning wannabeboy (6)
Sleepy foods Just me (Sir to you) (30)
Stopping users from connecting to shares not on the domain? Javier Jarava (7)
EMACS vs. all the rest? whatever (18)
What exactly is an internship? Les C (7)
i hate vacations notTheMama (4)
VSS 6.0 sharing/branching Feeling Subverted (4)
I don't want to go back. Caffeinated (21)
Validating email addresses micro ISV'er (20)
My, how we have fallen... GUI Joe (18)
Should i Quit or Not? (Part 2) Anon (26)
Making coding easier Michael (13)
Intelligent disobedience andrew mcg (18)
Scripting Languages / Variable Declarations Godless Visigoth (18)
Motivation? George (18)
Articles on good software design Alex (6)
Seven Longhorns to debut in May 2006? Karthik (10)
VB Rant- short circuit evaluation Joel Coehoorn (26)
Database Views Vertigo (8)
Css positioning - floating wannabeboy (7)
Forum software/clones of JOS discussions? Matt Conrad (7)
CSS - okay but how to organize stylesheets ? Olivier B (7)
Meaning of "Inno"? Tayssir John Gabbour (5)
SVG and PNG popularity i like i (30)
Very Strange VB6 String Problem. Ged Byrne (14)
Free smartdraw-like application wannabeboy (4)
javascript: doing a menu wannabeboy (7)
Should I accept the award? Confused (23)
Keep your code? Que (21)
Another Lingo beta Bill Rayer (4)
Back-ups for Dummies Not an Admin (14)
browser abstraction AMS (3)
I want a cheaper Ipod Shuffle I am Steve Ballmer's kidney (29)
VC++ Worship. LoS (33)
DVD burner died Roose (9)
The job offer is great!  But I'm the wrong person for it. Can't say.  Sorry. (26)
Outsourced development and legitimacy of the produced code. Yeah (4)
Larry Ellison: Kill all the Women and Rape all the men Karthik (11)
what's with .net? newbie (33)
The evolution of Software Development Curious Fred (20)
Very personal question for the developers here. LoS (20)
Any comments on Cube Farm or Bill Blunden Herbert Sitz (5)
10GB of free net drive space, cool or not so? Berlin Brown (8)
15 MiniMacs sitting in a row Dennis Atkins (33)
Best way to output html in webbrowser control as PDF? --Josh (9)
MiniMac deception? Scot (22)
Creating Consensus in a Software Company Anon Today (10)
Good, free, XML editor? Almost Anonymous (7)
ETL/Data mapping tools igor (4)
Another Rebuttal to "XML Sucks" (9)
Sourceforge Patrick (9)
Home Networking Help John Topley (10)
C Exercise Sathyaish Chakravarthy (44)
Algorithm Analysis Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
visual representation of C++ projects newbie (17)
quick math question O.S. (46)
Smart, but lacking in the getting-things-done department man (19)
Wisdom of rewriting: It's the wrong question Jeff Kotula (5)
J2EE for Beginners Jacob (13)
Selling web-based software as a service Niklas (7)
Tools for designing javascript enhanced pages... zigzag (4)
Embedding XML-RPC services in Apache? Duff (1)
Proprietary Information Agreement Kyle (21)
So when should you rewrite? Patrick (11)
Transition out of IT mcpuffio (17)
XSLT profiling/optimizing AMS (3)
Firefox disproves "Things You Should Never Do"? Ellers (33)
FTP / SMTP / POP3 thru SBS server 2003 Mr Network Admin (0)
How do I "fill in" a PDF file? George (7)
XML Elements vs. Attributes Andrew Cherry (13)
XML vs CSV Daren Thomas (16)
Deleting/moving locked files? Rich (6)
Wither Flash? Yet Another Web Developer (9)
Error Starting Apache - Syntax error for httpd.conf file Indigo (1)
JoS article about error reporting strategies? Andres Cabezas (6)
Unix Question Indigo (8)
Detecting Popup Blockers with Javascript Xenophon (15)
Version numbers for standard DLLs? Wayne (4)
2nd most efficient file distribution behind BitTorrent? Spinner (16)
New Programmer Help shiggins_dev (14)
smart, get things done don (18)
Ebay and contractual obligations Dennis Forbes (8)
Any one using the MySQL 5 beta? R. Mutt (1)
Help on database transactions Harry McBain (27)
Experience with data recovery? Jonathan Ellis (3)
Program size vs. cache size vs. performance Karl Perry (5)
Any CMMI dicussion forum? Kumo (3)
Anyone using Microsoft OneNote Philip Dickerson (19)
Wish I'd thought of this g++ (13)
Database Transactions gwyn (2)
Another way of doing bug and improvement requests tracking MX (10)
Do you use Form/GUI design tools? soso (15)
Perl or PHP for web development Joshua Green (32)
Internationalization Using Windows Locales (1)
Printing a big pdf. Mr. Mises (5)
Binary XML - What am I missing here? XmlNonBeliever (30)
Java equivalent of .Net Reflector My SOA Noun (4)
Strangest PC Problem I've Ever Seen John Topley (30)
Need Windows Services Book Recommendation Yet another anon (2)
So has what has happened to CPU speeds? Roose (23)
are there any official build process health indicator? AL (7)
Once a B, always a B? A non-e-mouse...this time. (21)
Stupid Web design Q: special characters show up as "" ? Bored Bystander (8)
Animation and Drawing software? Philo [MSFT] (1)
Web Hosting Reccomendations Alai (13)
j--, a totally insane library. Lemon Obrien III (6)
many-to-many SQL inverse query EAW (3)
Simple tool to crop a WMV video file? Joel Spolsky (14)
Java apps in SWT? Eric Sink (23)
C++ Managed Meory Kyle Heironimus (13)
Dumb Question Man (5)
DVI Switchbox John Topley (4)
Burning ISO images from MSDN DVDs Should be obvious... (11)
Windows 2003 NLB and file synchronization YoMama (2)
Free Usage During Beta? Jim Jones (8)
Problem with some Yahoo! email accounts? Man (6)
ASP Interview Questions Yoey (9)
Java primitive types interview question Name withheld out of cowardice (50)
Inno Setup Anonymous (5)
question about Visual C++.NET notTheMama (5)
Programming contests? Egor (10)
HP hitchhiking? (0)
Open source experience and resume Dmytro Bablinyuk (6)
Mac mini and iPod Shuffle John Topley (68)
More about meritocracy wannabeboy (8)
Stock Portfolio Management S/W Recommendations Tickerboy (2)
Who kills your mind? C does. Ninye Bern (34)
libel laws Rob (18)
Windows MAX_PATH and 255 character path limit Rich (31)
Funny Google ripoff Roose (19)
Why doesn't Microsoft use a Link Checker? Wayne (7)
DNS updates Jason (5)
character set conversion issues thinking hat (9)
IT = Blue Collar? ted knight (57)
Need to find online book AgileR (7)
Accurev vs. Subversion Glade Warner (7)
Customize common dialogs as a user? Bored Bystander (1)
Storing these movies on the disk Popcorn & Pepsi (4)
Reinstall IE 6 on Server 2003 Nathan (1)
Windows XP SP2 Security Centre John Topley (6)
Word styles gwyn (7)
discussion board / forum software for Blogger? notTheMama (8)
web content : code/presentation separation ... Olivier B (9)
Tool to get a given Control's ID (for use w/Office 2000 RK) Javier Jarava (2)
Wow... laid off Nathan Ridley (43)
Windows Screen Savers Eric (4)
Job Jumping Career Drifter (21)
A Java web framework that's simple to learn and use Darío Vasconcelos (13)
VMWare tools installation Karthik (2)
ANT for C, C++ project Ryu (6)
Dynamic SQL leads to messy code? GuyIncognito (38)
Outlook Tool Anon (4)
Quick ISAPI Filter Question rick (5)
Only photoshop? wannabeboy (23)
Pricing Hywire Aryeh (7)
War Fodder: Netbeans or Eclipse? David Seruyange (10)
Sun's Solaris page. yannick (19)
no tables just div aku beg (26)
Raymond Chen Hacks (10)
Win CE Software to check the GPRS coverage Fred (2)
OEM software Discount hungry (1)
Doing breadscrumb in Javascript? Problem? wannabeboy (12)
What is the difference ?? Hany (8)
Rosh Katan in Dilbert yeah right (0)
Should i Quit or not? Anon (32)
Shell Scripts (in Windows?) Unk (25)
Joel on pricing and efficiency hoser (4)
Most expensive shrinkwrap software? Just curious (14)
How did they do that? wannabeboy (17)
Stock Buyback R. M. (3)
version control for really really large files? roger (19)
GUI for command-line application: use API or separate? anon (9)
Any Calgarians? Mongo (2)
Unloading Add-In Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
E-mail client recommendation Roose (11)
Piping between Functions in C++ Christopher Diggins (13)
Keys worn smooth? Philo (30)
The Joel Test, Agile Edition Brad Wilson (16)
The Anti-Joel OneFlew (14)
How to make ASP or ASP.Net more SE Friendly Arun (4)
Yahoo too trying new stuff Silcon King (0)
Help with GD. gd newbie (1)
JOS Reader's Best Software of the Year (2004) Li-fan Chen (29)
Program Verification (Formal Proofs) Daniel R. Collins (3)
Old VB6 COM TypeLibs in the Registry GuyIncognito (1)
Desktop-esque apps deployed over the Web Russell (10)
What's the deal with overabstraction? Zorg (18)
Where are you on the Joel test? Ben Atkin (15)
Resume Submission Requirements Nathan (10)
Is XML just Media Hype? just a guy (50)
Joel and the Myth of Meritocracy notTheMama (68)
Concurrency NetFreak (5)
Use up all your GUIDs {7d35c461-51ea-4322-909f-3d02e7a72681} (42)
Memory checking - BoundsChecker? Ellers (7)
Personal Online Backups BurningDownTheHouse (17)
A small little question about partnership wannabeboy (3)
Is ANT good with Perl to build C, C++ projects? Tatsu (6)
Pentium APIC programming Nick (6)
Symantec starts shivering as MS enters anti-virus/spyware market Karthik (12)
Getting HTTP Status Code from the HTTP header Water Cooler v2 (2)
GUID as Primary Key in MSSQL (Pros and Cons) Wayne (23)
Joel on Software Reader René Nyffenegger (37)
Writing C++ code ... like a script?! Christopher Diggins (11)
Anyone try Delphi 2005 yet? Mitch & Murray (from Downtown) (8)
Run a thread at a particular time through Java code ms (4)
Rube Goldberg Processes.... Douglas (3)
most hilarious code seen so far nameless (59)
BitTorrent NetFreak (23)
Server Replication shiggins_dev (7)
Software Schedules Richard (11)
How do you save streaming video? (asx, mms, wmv) Wayne (13)
Sample Software Development/Project Plan documents Anon (3)
Developer jobs in New York City? Minotauro (23)
College advice -- learn from our mistakes Jeremy Stein (13)
CS vs CE vs EE Cory Foy (21)
CS Degrees and Humanities modules WhatTimeIsItEccles (6)
HOSTS File Login Prompt Mark Jerde (9)
What is a Programming Language? Andrew Cherry (34)
quick help with microsoft word 2003 wannabeboy (14)
commercial softwares and freeware softwares wannabeboy (8)
Online Banking Josephine Mukoroyi (4)
Time series databases mutabled (8)
Need a little home networking help ... Thanks for all the fish (4)
Re: Advice for Computer Science College Students Dave (4)
To Joel: file-sharing like you wanted! Gili (4)
Software and Education (5)
re: Advice for Students and Professional SW Eng Schools Kevin English (2)
Office XML. What is Microsoft upto? Karthik (24)
New LCD monitor gives me a headache Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (18)
What is the next Killer App? OneFlew (13)
Some very good programmers HATE Joel's latest "advice" notTheMama (34)
Learning specific business domain... Patrick (9)
Wi-Fi Range Extenders (repeater) VS Better Antennas apw (3)
Six Apart may be buying LiveJournal Just another anonymous guy (Sir to you) (15)
Windows GUI Clients not the Wave of the Future? Godless Visigoth (6)
doing web graphic with gimp wannabeboy (7)
BUG: MS Outlook 2000 Object Model with VB.NET 2003 Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Programming without programmers Jason (65)
Developer Movie Titles Joel Coehoorn (31)
Disposing of bad hard drives HardDrivePressed (37)
A Simple MFC/VC++ question Anon (5)
making graphic for your site. wannabeboy (8)
Pinging from a web app Fred (5)
cc_patch and cc_diff code-coward (0)
Hub/Switch Question Network (10)
Any fans of Hani (i.e. The BileBlog guy)? Crimson (10)
subversion "check in" newbie (14)
The hidden downside to "saving as much as you can...early" Bella (24)
good reference to ANT Ryu (6)
Quality software - not! gwyn (4)
One more skill for CS, how to read Math laced Research Papers Berlin Brown (14)
Learn C++ before graduating Alyosha` (30)
What would you expect from a more agile C++? Christopher Diggins (17)
free() causing a gpf Vinny (6)
On Sex Gooli (63)
VBA Automation / XP SP2 Woes Jordan Lev (2)
No advice to students regarding linux? D J (16)
Summer Internships for Older Graduates? (2)
Opera (Browser) Genx'er (27)
Browser trends AMS (16)
Formal logic Matt (16)
Real skills that CS students need to get a Job Pete (13)
Why does every programmer think he's Dr. Phil? Humbler (15)
CLASSIFIED: Chopper Required. Preferably Female Gender. Sathyaish Chakravarthy (27)
Advice for Students, #9: Post Here Jack Repenning (4)
Micro-economics information Ian G (13)
No matter what you do, get a good summer internship Tero (14)
first project in web development. wannabeboy (6)
College Advice Roy Schestowitz (10)
Common baseline items Ryu (0)
Sync the build environments to the developers local boxes Scott YL (4)
So, what else is there? John Haren (29)
Is the legacy code you inherited really that bad? Collin Murphy (19)
WD40 for FireFox MT Heart (12)
Transparent, automatic SCM? Fred (14)
deconstructing formal logic I am now confused (43)
Not giving up yet MaybeMike (8)
If you didn't like CS, what should it have been like? Tayssir John Gabbour (8)
The real tip to CS students Aaron F Stanton (27)
Readable Code Monkey Man (12)
the 8th tip for computer science students Nigel Cadsworth (12)
seven more tips for computer science students Nigel Cadsworth (10)
Gmail knows you --> tinfoil hat time? hmmm (2)
Most brilliantly EVIL application of Speech Recognition Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (20)
Javascript question AMS (12)
Student Advice In it for the money. (14)
More College Advice - GPA Mongo (45)
eBay Sathyaish Chakravarthy (19)
The awful lawyer's profession ? Edouard Chevtchouk (13)
GMail: is it reliable? Did you ever have any problem with it? MX (15)
I liked my Cultural Anthropology class Seth Galitzer (0)
why you should fire anyone who writes "while (*s++ = *t++);" Rich Kilarski (37)
Re: Advice for College AllanL5 (3)
Outsource the mail server? Christer Nilsson (12)
CS degree advice... Waldo (4)
#5 - Take Programming Intensive Courses Steve Forest (4)
So many languages with awful names LoS (15)
Do we influence Joel? Yeah (22)
Doing away with Qwerty Hesitant to change (18)
Clubbing excel files Krishna Mohan (4)
Student advice: Is this funny? Martin A. Bøgelund (19)
Option Explicit in Javascript? RM (9)
Perl build scripts to commercial build tools Scott YL (6)
My 2 cents of student advice on a course to take Albert D. Kallal (8)
Thousands of internships to give away at Fog Creek! Nathan Ridley (0)
Even more student advice Ian Boys (12)
More student advice:  Learn the importance of time... Crimson (2)
São Paulo--working/living there? RNZ (8)
College Advice GuyIncognito (21)
UI - two giant leaps backwards Philo (11)
read good code in the new year zed (5)
1-click Restore Points Bella (9)
Embeded database in setup files Krishna Mohan (3)
Java taglib for select lists part-time Java developer (1)
perl module for maintaining a table part-time perl developer (4)
Overwhelmed by Pricing Caffeinated (4)
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