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ActiveSync device-side server provider using Compact .NET Gerard (0 comments)
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True or myth Peter Vanderwaart (13)
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VS 2005 - HTML link element John (2)
JScript.NET Mike Griffiths (4)
ReadOnly form fields (asp.net 2.0 c#) surreal (7)
ASP.Net debugging problem, resolved!!! Darren Ryan (0)
microsoft outlookexpress and .Net sravanti (6)
asp.net 2.0 c# objectdatasource - a minor annoyance surreal (8)
.NET Obfuscation Interview with RemoteSoft on DNR Ryan Smyth (1)
importing visual c++ dll's to C# AMG (2)
.net forms authentication Rich (3)
Problem deserializing Xml, VS 2005 J. Bueno (3)
Implementing languages/DSL's in .NEt tejus sawj (6)
Submitting an embedded ASP.Net form as a "GET" request... Deane (2)
Multiplying a double and decimal noone (3)
Fowler's Implementation? oxff (8)
Getter and Setter in different contracts (C#) Ian P. McCullough (2)
PalmDesktop Registering Amogh G.R (5)
Anything wrong with this multi-solution directory structure? Anon this time (5)
T-SQL Query Help Having a brain fart... (3)
Consuming Web Service and implementation Doug (2)
SqlServer failure to connect. Peter Vanderwaart (6)
Calling Classic ASP functions from ASP.NET? Wayne M. (3)
Debugging Web Services Consumption Matt (11)
for "son of parnas" and others .Net & MS Newbie (8)
Slow Loading Pages Rich (6)
Can any one correct the code manjunath cv (12)
2.0 Membership puzzle Kieran (6)
error message - little help? asp.net 2.0 c# surreal (3)
Web Application Design (ASP.NET CSS) Paradigm Developer (4)
Adding Data to lotus notes contacts through C# Raghavendra (2)
HttpWebRequest and Missing Headers James Birchall (3)
Will the finally block get called... zigzag (4)
lotus to C# manjunath cv (5)
install crystal reports to web server - oh my poorHouse (5)
base64 to Unicode Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Strings in a .net executable sdani (4)
Reducing order of complexity in searching collections Rajendra Kumar (7)
Sql Server 2000 database to 2005 Express? surreal (6)
Response.Redirect problems (2)
GUI-only assemblies? Ari Telias (2)
Unmanaged to Managed: returned bool is wrong value Brian Poteat (5)
Visual Studio 2005 on Windows XP Home edition? 0xff (2)
ASP.Net heartlessly shuns its own 404 page Deane (5)
asp.net deleting row from datagrid doesn't update the view __monty__ (4)
ReadCommitted locking BrandonK (7)
SpellCheck component for .Net 2.0 spz (1)
Convert Relative to Absolute URLS in HTML MagicPixels (3)
About IDisposable.Dispose() Water Cooler v2 (17)
Good book(s) for learning threading in .NET? Hector Sosa, Jr (6)
FREE AppDev Training CD-ROM Andrea N. - Direct Access (3)
can i use the video file in asp.net Raja pandian (2)
ASP.NET page issue jam (4)
Implementing Daily Builds with .NET Web Services Chris Nunciato (5)
which control caused the postback ? Irfan Sayed (1)
trouble shooting slow web site Deepak Trama (6)
Alternatives to Visual Studio? ME (6)
VS.net IDE automation suggestion Deepak Trama (0)
asp.net 2.0 odd display problem with login surreal (3)
How do you deploy ASP.net 2.0 application jam (6)
Gridview sort order (asp.net 2.0) surreal (2)
Resources on dpi scaling in .net winforms applications? HeO (0)
Please help with AjaxEngine problem AfterGlow (0)
WndProc Messages Alex Margera (3)
Fill out a form on a website opened in a WebBrowser Control MagicPixels (4)
programatically clear AcceptButton property in C++ Dimitri Prado (1)
DataTable Search Peter Vanderwaart (6)
Accesing asp.net config remotly Omer B (1)
.net 1.1, 1 solution and multipe projects - how to share common? Patrick from an IBank (2)
What is the Standart for C# documentation? Omer B (14)
Membership Provider MaxPasswordAttempts Omer B (2)
Changing the Displayed Month on a Calendar Omer B (2)
Log4net jam (2)
Length of encrypted output under 3DES in CBC cipher mode Sathyaish Chakravarthy (0)
is there any visual studio plug in for java . (7)
Inspired by "Please Sir, May I have a linker?" Dave (3)
Attributes : DesignerSerializationVisibility (VS 2003) ssst (2)
Reporting services and paramters Omer B (1)
Can you use Visual Studio .Net for C program? TripleDots (6)
C# Statistics Carlo Monte (4)
GAC_32, GAC_MSIL, GAC_64 - Why? OriginalPosterBoy (5)
Are there any component resellers who help you CHOOSE component? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV owner) (2)
On O/R mappers in .net lost in dot_net world (13)
Possible partial render issue Deepak Trama (2)
Component or Library for creating HTML? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap µISV since 1995} (9)
Anonymous LDAP bind over SSL? Phil (0)
cascading dropdowlists in gridview Jam (5)
Using Serialization as file data format? MagicPixels (6)
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