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Your host: Michael Pryor

What is the value? Archana (9 comments)
which is greater? Archana (8)
Largest possible number Archana (15)
OLD: XOR from NAND Rhoe Mallock (1)
yahtzee Brad (2)
6 + 4 = 9 Kyle D. (12)
Two chords Brad (9)
random trio james (7)
man in between cannibals Tanuj Saxena (18)
Reorder Array Rohan Reddy (3)
Who has my hat? James (7)
Orbs Cosmin Gheorghita (3)
shiffle array Tapori (15)
No "hacker" solutions XMedar (18)
Add them up james (6)
the pirate ther jus one solution? ghoul (9)
Switches Puzzle Alexander Shargorodsky (1)
who is taller? saai ananth S.S. (3)
Easy money james (13)
A wager... james (11)
two pairs james (2)
Prime! Deepak pant (1)
Add One, in constant time. (10)
where will the people meet? saai ananth S.S. (10)
Even harder coin problem Amit Soni (2)
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