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This is a perl script, what does it output when executed ? Sajid (2 comments)
Time complexity of problem Prem (3)
Rotate Holy_Sin (7)
Copy link-list, If You Can Holy_Sin (3)
N-shift Holy_Sin (8)
Petals Around the Rose Sajid (1)
YA_SortingProblem Holy_Sin (4)
practice good question with this link azhar (3)
simple one!!!!!!! Holy_Sin (14)
How can we sort the numbers from 1 to 10^7. Total RAM is 1MB. Vijay (4)
A variant of Tower Of Hanoi Problem. Vijay (1)
1, 2, 5, 8, ... find all the nos in the series. Real World cmp? Vijay (9)
why 'extern char* a;' is not compatible with char a[]="sthng"? Vijay (8)
3 cntrs of cap 15,10,6 are initially 10,0,0. Convert into 0,8,5 Vijay (3)
Two poles of height "a" tied with a rope of len "2a". Distance? Vijay (5)
8 characters give with probability of occurrence as 1/2, 1/4,... Vijay (2)
2D array with elements in rows and columns sorted. Search an ele Vijay (11)
Split Linked List Nagesh Ayyagari (1)
Crack TEH KODE lol! Baa (3)
The 2000 British Informatics Olympiad - Round One Paaword proble Eibov (5)
Sorted Merge Scintilla (1)
LCA for BST Scintilla (5)
distance between shapes Jed (0)
The ROSE Garden Bharat Bhusan Routray (3)
Good matrix problem Coder (5)
Adding Linked list Ramesh.N (6)
Sorting a Stack ( ascending or descending ) Ramesh.N (8)
Is BST? Nagesh Ayyagari (6)
Mirror of Tree Nagesh Ayyagari (3)
Max Depth of Tree Nagesh Ayyagari (2)
Array printing. Holy_Sin (14)
N Factorial in Assembly Raymond (3)
Chess Game:: give me the algo.. Viral Gupta (3)
Reversing words a String Ramesh.N (7)
strcat question on heap and stack Raymond (3)
Asymptotic Notations Ramesh.N (1)
Force override of a method .net guy (4)
Second Minimum Nagesh Ayyagari (8)
Intersection linked lists Nagesh Ayyagari (1)
Java serious problem:: Not able to comprehend Viral Gupta (3)
Puzzle :Find out Coder (5)
Find the majority element in an array in efficient time. Coder (6)
Median problem Coder (2)
Linked List Meging problem Nick (2)
Sorting problem Nick (7)
Total count of duplicates and uniques in an int array. Yeda Anna (7)
Strange Puzzle Ramnik Singh (2)
Puzzle Ramnik Singh (14)
Great Sorting problem Ramnik Singh (4)
Dynamic Allocation Of Arrray Nagesh Ayyagari (4)
stripped-down version of Unix sort Nagesh Ayyagari (2)
Modified Binary Search Nagesh Ayyagari (8)
print anagrams, bigrams , trigrams and so on.... Pankaj (4)
Random Array with +ve and -ve no.s Pankaj (1)
Rotate the elements of a given string str Nagesh Ayyagari (7)
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