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FogCreek Support - Great Answer

Yesterday I wrote two mails to FogCreek Support.

The first mail was a typical user support question: 'the new forum software doesn't work correctly with FireFox'.

The second mail, five minutes later, was a typical excuse note: 'my fault, I had the Web Developer Toolbar set on not showing images'

The reply came some time later: 'I'm glad I could get that sorted out for you!  :)'

I got a big smile out of that one. So thumps up for FogCreek Support.

GUI Junkie Send private email
Thursday, May 10, 2007
"thumps up for FogCreek Support."

I wonder how often helpdesk/support staff get physical threats like this? ;)
MugsGame Send private email
Friday, May 11, 2007

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