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Are Color Toner Cartridges expensive?

Hi all,

I'm fed up with the price for printer ink, so I'm considering to switch to a Colour laser printer (Samsung CLP-300). But are colour toner cartridges expensive on a per page basis?

Or should I just suck it up for the few colour prints and buy a normal laser printer for b/w? The alternative would be Samsung ML 2010 (My local store only has a choice between HP and Samsung for lasers, and I hate HP for requiring al kinds of crap on my machine).

Thanks for your advice.
Peter Monsson Send private email
Saturday, May 05, 2007
They are not expensive on a per page basis. If you do a lot of printing, get a printer that supports the larger toner cartridge with 4500 or 10000 pages. Most printers have a starter unit with 1000 to 1500 pages, you don't want that to be what you have to replace each time if you do much. Page estimates assume 5% ink coverage, so if you're printing 8x10  photos or magazine spreads such, that's closer to 75%.

Replacing a set of 4 toner cartridges can run from $300 to $700, you can look up costs on line.

Cost per page is going to be generally 1/10-1/20 that of ink jet.

You also have to replace the drums and some other weird miscellaneous things every 25,000 pages or so, so if in this for the long term, factor that in as well.
Meghraj Reddy
Saturday, May 05, 2007
I gave up printing photos myself years ago (if that's what you're doing). I leave it to the pros (I mostly use here in the UK). A £100/$200 mono laser does the duties at home.
Duncan Smart
Saturday, May 05, 2007
Duncan is making the Smart choice on photos - ink jet photos are extremely expensive, and who knows how long the ink will last before fading, despite the manufacturers claims. Have you seen the price of photo paper? Talk about gouging!

I think you can even upload photos to WalMart now, have them printed for 10 cents a photo or such, and pick them up at the store. That's way less than printing at home and the quality is better.
Meghraj Reddy
Saturday, May 05, 2007
Here we go:
It's actually 12 cents a photo for small photos. Upload, order a set of prints, pick up at the store. You can't even buy photo paper for 12 cents a shot.
Meghraj Reddy
Saturday, May 05, 2007
I have a business inkjet. The black and white cartridge (68 ml)will do 1,750 pages in draft and costs around $30.

The color cartridges (28ml) are $35 each but having separate cartridges for each color is a minor saving.

Print heads are separate, but you only need to replace them officially every 5,000 copies, and in practice less often.
Stephen Jones Send private email
Saturday, May 05, 2007
I recommend using a B&W for your printing and if you really really have to print color, head down to kinkos (or whatever your local print shop is called). To catch counterfeiters, all color printers will shoot yellow dots that encode the serial number of the printer as well as date and time printed. So you'll always be wondering why your yellow cartridge runs out so fast. Since the human eye isn't very good at seeing yellow dots on white paper, you won't notice it without careful observation.
Sunday, May 06, 2007
Not all color lasers have the serial tags, only most of them.
Meghraj Reddy
Sunday, May 06, 2007
"Are they expensive?" seems like something you should look up at or similar - see for yourself.  But in general, lasers are a lot cheaper than inkjet, but a lot more upfront.

A few months ago, we bought a Xerox Phaser 8550N which is a workgroup-rated (1000s of pages per month) color printer than uses solid ink.  Xerox was giving a $450 rebate, so it came out to about $650+tax+shipping, but it runs about 5c/page.  It's totally overkill for a home printer, but it's a lot less hassle than an inkjet.  Holds a whole ream of paper at once, easy to add more of the waxy ink sticks.  Lasers are a bit less expensive, but the thing that's particularly good about the solid ink is that it's a lot less messy.  You don't get toxic toner everywhere like you do w/ a laser.  There's a waste ink compartment, but unlike the toner collector on a laser, the ink is solidified puddles of the waxy stuff that are easy and mess-free to dump, or they're non-toxic so you can use them as nifty multi-color crayons if you have kids.
Ward Send private email
Sunday, May 06, 2007
"or they're non-toxic so you can use them as nifty multi-color crayons if you have kids."

They're non-toxic as in "you can handle them with bare hands" or as in "your kids can put them in their mouth safely"?
guy from poland
Sunday, May 06, 2007
Since when is toner "toxic"?  Plastic beads and carbon are pretty inert -- I just wouldn't want to breath them.  However, I imagine some of the color toners might be a little scary.  Every wonder why "Cyanide" starts with "Cyan"?

I've got a low-end HP color laser (2550) and I recommend that you stay away.  I think it is still better than nearly any inkjet printer, but I still hate it.
Michael Dwyer Send private email
Monday, May 07, 2007
"Every wonder why "Cyanide" starts with "Cyan"?"

Cyan comes from the Greek Kyanos meaning dark blue, or dark blue enamel.

To say you should avoid things colored cyan because of cyanide makes about as much sense as avoiding yellow things because of yellow fever, or wearing a black tie because of the Black Death.
Stephen Jones Send private email
Monday, May 07, 2007
There are many unflattering uses of either Cyan as a color or Cyano as a carbon-nitrogen compound. 

Prussian Blue, the intense blue pigment used in blueprints, is ferrocyanide.  Mind you, that just means it includes a cyanide group, not that it is necessarily a poison.

"Cyanotic" describes the blue color that a person gets when they are asphyxiating.

"In Catholic Christianity cyan represents the deadly sin Sloth," says Wikipedia.

But in any case, you missed my point.  I think calling toners 'toxic' is unreasonable.  I wouldn't want to eat any of them, and you shouldn't breathe any fine powders.

The toxicity of my printer is nearly the last thing on my mind when I'm shopping. I'm not going to blow extra money on a solid ink printer just because the inks are less toxic.
Michael Dwyer Send private email
Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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