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Dell Picks Ubuntu Linux

It seems that soon Dell is going to offer Linux for desktop computers:

And the winner is: Ubuntu.

That was the word Tuesday from PC maker Dell and Canonical, a London-based company that distributes the Ubuntu version of the Linux operating system.

Dell ran a post on its Direct2Dell blog stating the company will “offer Ubuntu on select consumer desktop and notebook products.” Jane Silber, director of operations at Canonical, said on the company’s news page, “This is a tremendous step forward for Ubuntu, our users, and customers.”

Talk about doing the right thing! I have been using Ubuntu for something like 3 years, as I cam remember it, :-) and while it's not perfect yet, it's consistent in so many ways.

While Microsoft plans to sell some Windows Vista in computers in some parts of the world for $3, Dell is going to offer Ubuntu Linux in desktop computers. Can anyone believe it? Check it out:

And Microsoft's Ray Ozzie is right on track as well:
Ozzie: Yes...I'm extremely serious about the fact that when you are developing for the universal Web (browsers for a range of devices), you can't think about what platform the user is running on. It could be on the phone, it could be on a PlayStation portable--do they have a browser on that? I don't know. It could be something that you don't even know what the platform is and we have to take that very seriously. We also want to make Windows the best possible platform for rich applications. So my guidance to the (Microsoft development) teams would be: look at the audience, where is the audience, and prioritize the development for Silverlight based on where the audience is. And we are investing that way.

It's not religious--let's just put it that way. To the extent we look at the audience for a given (Linux) distribution, given OS, whatever. And if it's a material thing, we'll prioritize it.

Way to go Ray!
Joao Pedrosa
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Great move by Dell.
Ubuntu is awesome, thanks to its debian inheritance.
Now if I just could find a way of selling software on Linux...
Fritz Send private email
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
I can't wait for someone to buy a Dell laptop with Ubuntu, then come here and bitch about having to remove trialware =P
nameless programmer
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
"Now if I just could find a way of selling software on Linux..."

perhaps the computer buyers who choose linux on their dells won't be quite the same as the 'geeks' who wipe windows, install linux - and would only ever consider using 'free' software

but then again perhaps that just makes stuff more complicated for an ISV as previous potential customers running windows are now running linux

but there might me new markets for the new dell linux users who might not be averse to proprietary software

we shall see, but i wont hold my breath
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Hey guys, just a heads up to the JoS regulars, we'd like to encourage you to use reddit for links to articles. That way you can get not only feedback from fellow readers but also votes.
Li-fan Chen Send private email
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
False alarm. I am revisiting this post and found that it's not straight quoting or straight linking. It has been undeleted.
Li-fan Chen Send private email
Thursday, May 03, 2007

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