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Java Studio Creator - Flash Demo

Hi guys, I just saw this link from Reddit and it seems a good selling for most users who need visual tools. So far (the demo is still running), it seems visually impressive. I know it won't be a killer App compared to what Windows Vista will bring to the table, though...

Now, what do you think about it?
Lost but recovering
Friday, February 17, 2006
The demo is nice but try using the tool.  I did.  I have a few blog items about it if you really care.  I am still evalutating it but I am not expecting it to set the World on fire.  I do think they may be on to something with Java Server Faces, that might be a keeper.
Bill Rushmore Send private email
Friday, February 17, 2006
I really wanted to like this tool... but it is outrageously resource intensive and buggy. My workstation has 4GB ram & two xeons, and the app was slow.

The ability to quickly bring database data into a webpage (without really knowing anything about Java) is awesome, as long as your database is running the latest and greatest version.
Duff Send private email
Friday, February 17, 2006
If Duff's experience is typical I would be concerned.  I must admit it does interest me enough to try it.  Before being bought by IBM Bowstreet had a similar portlet development tool that was nice(  Now that they are part of IBM, I am not sure if they are going to include it with IRAD or sell it as an add on.  These can pay for themselves in quick departmental solutions and prototyping once you learn them.  Not a steep curve, but never as easy as the sales pitch claims. :)

Departmental, because they let you through something together so the VP of accounting can get a query run without calling up for one.  Prototyping because you can throw things together fairly quickly to get more of a feel.  We used one on a project where we met with a customer during the day and then prototyped out the requirements that night for the next day.

I would really like to hear from others who tried it.
Friday, February 17, 2006
That app runs slower than a fat broad with a broken leg.
Sassy Send private email
Friday, February 17, 2006
Run far, far away.

Full disclosure - I spent a total of maybe 30 mins playing with it before I gave up.

For one thing, Java Studio Creator is invasive.  It silently installs the Sun ONE app server and Pointbase.  I never found any way to deploy to another app server, though maybe it can be done.

The dealbreaker for me is lack of Hibernate and Spring integration.  The visual databinding works only with Sun's rowset data access layer.  Binding data-driven JSF components like tables and dropdowns to POJOs is painful.

The product is targeted at novice Java devs.  If this is you, MAYBE you will like it.  Coming from Eclipse, Java Studio Creator is a joke.
Saturday, February 18, 2006

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