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Help Desk Software (crosspost)

Hello everybody.

I'm looking for an Help Desk SW of a special kind.
The problem here is not tracking issues but letting hd people make controls.
That is, we have a large number of customers whom servers we can connect to. When a call arrives, hd people, who are not expert it professionals, have to run queryes, parse files, ping servers etc in order to diagnose the issue.
What we would need is a piece of software that allows to memorize pre-built querys with params, ftp a file and parse it for keywords ("error!!"), ping a machine etc etc.
Does anybody know something like this? we could well write it ourselves but we would prefer to buy something.

Many thanks.
Sevenoaks Send private email
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
While you may be able to automate a lot of things that are redundant dismiss the idea that you can guess what every error ever encountered will be. 

That said, you should talk to Mercury  ($$$) they may have something that will do what you need. 

If it is really just running predefined scripts, you can try autoIt. (free)

Good luck
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Not sure how relevant this may be but we use SugarCRM to front-end things.

SugarCRM will allow you to establish contacts, accounts, track problems.  It also has a document feature to store documents.

It also allows users to create their own Tabs.  We create a tab and in that tab we create HTML links to the different services we connect too such as a Web based WHOIS portal.  When you do this in SugarCRM, the sites you connect too remain within the context of the SugarCRM screens.

Hope that is of some help... or gives you an ideas...
Eric (another ISV guy with his company)
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
At leasy now I know that what I need is named "Agentless Monitoring Software".
I googled this name and there are a number of them. Unluckyly they all seem to be too complex. The bulk of them appears to be made to monitor server OSs and the most common enterprise apps.
Unluckyly, albeit I need a few of those features, I must monitor my application/scripts log files and run query against the dbs to check data.
The focus is a bit different.
Sevenoaks Send private email
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
We handle that with Perl scripts.  MOD_PERL is your friend in this case.  We essentially use a web front end that, as mentioned earlier, ties into our SugarCRM suite.

It's literally a few lines of code in both HTML and actual Perl code.  Perl script uses DBI and DBD driver and does a simple connect to see if the db process is alive when invoked from our Web front-end.

Another product we used that could check services was Whatsup GOLD.  Not sure if it can query a database but it was fairly extensible with web reports and a web management interface.  You might look at Whatsup Gold to see if it can query a database using ODBC...

more of my 2 cents...
Eric (another ISV guy with his company)
Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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