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Remote Control Statistics

OK - TV/DVD/CD Player/Light dimmers/consoles etc...

1. How many do you have?
2. How many buttons do you have in total?
3. How many buttons, in total, do you think you use regularily?
4. How many have been worn down so much you cannot see the symbol? (to compare with 3)
5. Are buttons in 3/4 easy to find.
6. How much would all of your remotes cost if you bought replacements. (estimate).

I'll start.
1. 2 remotes. TV/DVD
2. probably 40.
3. 6 (on/off*2, play, stop, skip fwd, open)
4. None.
5. Nope. I have to turn the lights on to find them. They are all the same size, and too small.
6. $50

(Thats over $8 per useful button!! - yikes!)
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
TV remote by Samsung - nice, shaped coloured buttons, no complaints. Use at least 6 buttons on it on a regular basis - no wear despite years of use.

Video remote by Samsung - almost the same as above. In theory  also drives the TV but weirdly doesn't work quite as well. UI  even for setting date/time & recording programs in the future is good. Don't use much these days - no wear.

DVD Home theatre remote by Panasonic. Awful remote, used daily. Volume buttons worn out - but the volume buttons are tucked away with the same size & shape as an array of other buttons that never get used (anyone ever used a 'A-B' repeat?). I could probably write an essay on how bad the UI on the remote & player is..

Also... PS2 console controller.. a work of art. If only they were wireless & rechargable... and using the eyetoy camera on the PS2 as a controller is inspirational.
Notice that reviews of home AV gear never seem to mention usability? I am a full time geek & I can't be bothered upgrading some of my gear because of the hassle of all that cabling & interfaces etc. Still this year, I will probably bite the bullet & get a new TV, PS3 and HDD/DVD recorder.
Grant Send private email
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Programmable Remote - replaces all 6 that I used to have.

I have gone from 7 to 2 remotes, annoyingly I cannot get the programmable remote to 'learn' the ir codes for my Dreambox Satellite receiver. The programmable remote cost me approx $100 US.
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
One. Media Center remote. Handles all my TV, music, DVDs, etc. Pretty simple.

(OH yeah, geeky as well! :)
Andrew Cherry Send private email
Thursday, January 26, 2006
Media Center Remote
  Arrows (4)
  Numeric keys when searching for shows, but do this from
      the keyboard as well on the box
TV Remote
  input selection
DVD Remote

No buttons worn off, TV & Media center buttons are easy to see (except the numeric keys for the show search)
DVD all the things are pretty much the same.

Once I move to an actual 1080p TV (Only one out right now) that has inputs I can actually use (HDMI does not have 1080p bandwidth) I will get to just the media center remote, since it could turn the tv on/off as well.
Thursday, January 26, 2006
one.  Harmony 890.
Controls my
Cable Box/DVR
Wireless Media Player
Lights - Lutron Dimmers
Ceiling Fan

I just got it so no wear yet. I chose the 890 over the 880 for the RF capability

It has a number pad, vol up/down, channel up/down...some control buttons..and a few others.

My wife loves it.
Thursday, January 26, 2006
oh and also controls my home theater receiver
Thursday, January 26, 2006
*  I got three, TV, PS2 DVD remote and stereo.
*  TV: I'd say I only use 3 buttons on it, because the only channel I ever use is AV(for the ps2), volume down(I use the stereo for sound) and the ON/OFF button.
*  PS2: Play, pause,stop,  both scan buttons, next(chapter), previous(chapter), up, down, left, right, ok.
*  Stereo: Volume up, volume down, on/off(standby), mute, aux, radio.
Christoffer H. Eimhjellen Send private email
Thursday, February 02, 2006

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