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FTP Uploads Using libcurl

In this feature:

Joel tells the story of trying to work against WININET.DLL, in order to support FTP uploads (possibly Passive FTP ones) with CityDesk. However, as I discovered from a recent O'ReillyNet article:

libcurl can do that. libcurl ( ) is open source and distributed under the MIT X11 license, (almost Public Domain) is widely deployed, is widely used and has proven to be very reliable. I'm sure its API is very good in comparison to what Joel tells about WININET.DLL.

If that's not good enough, there are other alternatives:

1. libncftp - a GPLed (requires purchasing a license) library for FTP management. It has a very popular command-line FTP client called ncftp, and is also widely used.

2. ncftpput - a standalone FTP program for uploading files using FTP. GPLed and does not require a license if called from another program.

3. Perl/Python/etc. - these have their own FTP APIs. One can prepare a minimalistic version, or the run-time library and use it to upload files.

But libcurl seems good enough.

So, does Joel has any plans of dumping this brain-damage from Microsoft in favour of libcurl or a different alternative?
Shlomi Fish Send private email
Saturday, May 07, 2005
No, no, no.  When you are trying to make a helpful suggestion, please refrain from saying (or implying) that the people you are trying to help are being stupid for using the brain-damaged product they are using.  It's also better if you don't refer to the product they are using as brain-damaged.

When you do this it lowers the credibility of your argument, since clearly you don't understand the value they place on that brain-damaged product.  Perhaps it's brain-damaged in just the right ways to support what they want to do in the way they want to do it.  While that looks like brain-damage to you, to them it may be good enough.
Saturday, May 07, 2005
AllanL5, I never said or implied that the people who use WININET.DLL are stupid. I just said that there might be better alternatives which should do. (especially libcurl)

As for calling it "brain damage" - maybe it wasn't a quote from the article, but I think Joel would agree with me that it's OK to describe this API as such based on his description. Have you read the Joel article I pointed everybody to?
Shlomi Fish Send private email
Sunday, May 08, 2005

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