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growing stages of small businesses

i wonder what other think the growing stages of small businesses are?

Idea - 1 to a few people have an idea, they develop an initial product.

Mom and Pop Shop - This is around 7 - 12 people. This is where the initial crew actual hire some people.

Very Small business - 12 to 25 people. Still the employees are friends with the boss.

Small business - more then 25 people. Large enough that you can manage. Has benefits like 401k, etc.

Medium business - 200 or more

Large - 1000 to 12000

In your opinion, What properties do each of these have?
Patrick Send private email
Monday, October 04, 2004
I read it last year

In new product development there are various steps.

Idea generation---from within the company or outside, the customers or the distributers

Idea screening--- Where workable ideas are screened ( 3 or more)

Concept development and testing--- mock ,diagrams, drawings etc

Marketing strategy development--- product positioning, define the market segment, budget etc

Product Developmet--- Develop the final product.

Test marketing--- Test the product to see it's workability or any defects

Commercialization---when? where? whom to target? decide promotional methods to be used? distribution channel everything.

Now all these step would differ from the size of the company to another to the skills and the HR available with it. I mean everything!
In my honest opinion...
Monday, October 04, 2004
If the business has been in the mom and pop stage for more than a year (especially if it is in fact a family run business with both Mom and Pop actually in the office), run, don't walk, and get away.
frustrated Send private email
Monday, October 04, 2004
1) Idea stage - developer gets a great idea, tells one friend in order to get his opinion. Friend tells another, the other tells another and so on until a company hears of it, steals idea and makes millions from it.

2) Mom and Pop stage - M&P develop their idea into production form and want to market it in a big way. Go to venture capitalist for funding to market and sell product. VC steals idea, sells it to another company who makes millions from it.

3) Very small business stage - A group of friends develop product and bring it to market. Sales carve out a comfortable niche and begin to take market share away from others. Larger company sues the pants off small business with baseless nuisance suits. Small company goes broke, has to declare bankruptcy. Large company steals product idea and makes millions from it.

4) Medium business - develops and markets product successfully. Carves out market niche and becomes very profitable. Large company approaches with a buyout offer and during their due diligence investigation, steals product ideas, hires key developers and makes millions from it.

5) Large business - Generates nothing but mission statements and buzzword bingo, preys on small and medium companies because it can no longer generate innovative ideas of it's own. Makes millions off of anything it can steal.
old_timer Send private email
Monday, October 04, 2004
I'm sure someone will apply the bell curve to this too, and write an exciting book about "crossing the chasm" that will become a best seller. Send private email
Monday, October 04, 2004
that's a great book name, "Crossing The Chasm"
Patrick Send private email
Tuesday, October 05, 2004

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