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.NET Book geared towards desktop application

Could you recommend me a few books on
using .NET for writting Desktop Application, Desktop UI
Saturday, March 03, 2007
Troelsen's 'Pro C# with .NET' is a good general reference, there's a VB version too. For a rank beginner the 'Beginning C#' book by Watson et al gives a decent introduction - from Hello World all the way to XML, ADO and builds.

My 2 cents: focus on releasing an app made robust by exhaustive testing. A year into this software business structured testing remains my #1 challenge, not structured coding.
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Saturday, March 03, 2007
For Winforms, then Sells and Weinhardt "Windows Forms 2.0 Programming" and MacDonald's "Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom Controls in C#" are probably the best (I like MacDonald's book in particular).

On WPF (.NET 3) I'd say the juries out. I have Sells' early book, but it's very outdated now (based on betas). Petzold's book is supposedly the "bible", but it just doesn't click with me. Too much showing off clever detail, not enough explaining how and why, and written in a style that sends me to sleep. Heard good things about the book by Nathan "WPF Unleashed" (Sams).
Monday, March 05, 2007
I am currently reading Petzold, I am not too worried about falling asleep. Once you've read three volumes about TCP/IP from the late Richard Stevens and learned way more about TCP/IP than you could ever ever ever possibly dream of or use--I decided I can read anything after that would be just fine. War and peace bring it on.

I would second the suggestion to check out Sells on Winforms. I went through the first edition covering Winform 1.0 and gave it a glowing review on Amazon. Winform is a fine enabler, a step up from VB desktop development. From the looks of the review, you won't go wrong with the second edition. It should cover Winform 2.0. There are plenty of reason to use the latest and greatest, but it would mean more downloads of .NET Redistributable.

WPF would mean even more downloads. But you'll make delicious Vista apps.
Li-fan Chen Send private email
Monday, March 05, 2007
I hope Sells updates their book to ensure it compiles against the released environment. And update any topic to the same spirit. I bought a SQL Server 2005 book (A Developer's Guide to Sql Server 2005) a while back and it was also done like that. One version for the early betas and one for the real thing.
Li-fan Chen Send private email
Monday, March 05, 2007
It's odd, the reviews on Amazon are hate or love for Petzold's book on WPF. For me it just didn't click. WPF is a large and complex framework, and I just don't think he explains the principles well. I want to understand why and how it works, not be shown clever programming tricks. I gave in after about 12 chapters, I was learning nothing. Even the MSDN documents are better, and that says something.

Although I'd still recommend looking at it for others; each to their own.
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
I have been programming desktop applications with .NET since 2000.
My favorite .NET books geared towards a desktop developer are:

Andrew Troelsen "Pro C# with .NET 3.0, Special Edition (Pro)"


Chris Sells "Windows Forms 2.0 Programming (2nd Edition) (Microsoft .NET Development Series) (Paperback)"


Friday, March 23, 2007

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