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Intranet Portal Recommendations

My company is looking to buy and implement a portal solution to replace our current "home grown" intranet portal.  The company is a heavy PeopleSoft shop so its leaning heavily towards Peoplesoft portal. However, all our portal apps are old JSP apps( Model 1) which need to be available as we slowly transition to our new portal.

Any recommendations/horror stories deploying and developing for any of the major portal solutions?

IBM looks to be the leader in the industry but is known for long deployment times. 

BEA looks good with its latest offering.

I also heard good things about PlumTree because it supports both Java and .NET.

Is supporting JSR 168 ( portlet ) spec a big deal?

Thanks in advance for any comments
Eddie Send private email
Tuesday, March 08, 2005
We have recently implemented a portal with Oracle Application Server 10g Portal.  All I can say is don't do it.  We only went with it because it was covered with our Oracle site license.  The server is a memory hog and has caching issues, not to mention wierd quirks with ldap. 

As for JSR 168 compliance.  It comes in handy if you need to transfer portlets from one portal application to another (assuming they both support it) but it tends to not have all  the functionality you get with each individual portal application.  BEA for instance has their own standard and it provides you with additional functionality you wouln't have if you stuck to JSR 168
Tuesday, March 08, 2005
WebSphere Portal Server is the way to go.  I'm neck deep into my third significant customer and wouldn't recommend anything else.  I'll tell you, installation and the initial configuration is not a chore for the faint of heart or impatient.  but, when you're over that hurdle, everything falls into place quite nicely.

Friday, March 11, 2005
I use DotNetNuke at You could run your old JSP pages in IFrames. This is an .NET open sourced web application.

There's also Rainbow Portal, but I don't have experience with that one. The URL is
Slartibartfast Send private email
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Thanks for your responses. I did some research on my own at selecting a portal. I'm not the sponsor but given that I'll probably be implementing whatever is chosen, I want to have some say in the final decision.

Anyways, I took a quick google to see what is out there. You probably will see  the same links but here are the ones I thought useful - which looks like you probably came across this one. It has a nice weighted scoring matrix with
appropriate selection criteria. - Gartner website. It has a nice ppt overview of portal selection.
Eddie Send private email
Thursday, March 17, 2005

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