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What about UNICOWS?

On par with a previous posting, what about the distribution of UNICOWS.dll, the unicode library which allows Win95/98 computers to run unicode only applications - does this file also have to be packaged and included with an app installation, as I would assume that a majority of applications would need something along these lines...?
Hello World
Thursday, September 23, 2004
On a similar/different note, in my app I choose to use the 'MultiThreaded Library'. My understanding is that this statically links the run-time library to my app... So why is my DLL dependency list still so huge (10 files)??

I notice that a similar app to mine (albeit, written using Delphi) is actually smaller in size to mine and is dependent on only a single DLL! As both our apps use GDI, registry, printers and pretty much everything else the OS offer, how does this guy manage to eliminate the DLL requirement?

(p.s. his app is a single file, so there is no dynamic linking to anything in his directory either, and he also claims that the app runs on Win95-XP from the box, such that I doubt he would link to any other dynamic libraries).
The lone ranger
Thursday, September 23, 2004
Yes, you bundle it along with your application:

-- apparently it's a free download. Still better IMHO than compiling for the lowest common denominator (ASCII). But the name! :)
Alex Send private email
Thursday, September 23, 2004

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