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'Hacking' new features into old VBA IDE

For better or for worse, I'm presently stuck with programming in MS Access 2007.  Unfortunately, the VBA IDE has not really changed much since office 97.

I would love to have some way of having code block completion.  e.g.  have it automatically add an 'End If' to an If statement as VB.NET does.

Although there is some limited extensibility features in the IDE that allows you to programmatically add/edit code, it does not have an event for catching the press of the Enter key in the IDE itself, such that I could parse the entered line of code and automatically insert extra code.

Does anyone know if there is some 3rd Party utility that does what I'm wanting, or that allows you to catch a keystroke for an MDI child window in another application?

Thanks in advance for any constructive thoughts you may have.
Cyrus B
Friday, December 19, 2008
you could create macros that hold code templates of often used bits of code.  Tie them to keyboard short cuts so you can enter them quickly.  Not quite auto completion but not bad IMHO.  Not sure of the built in support for such macros, you could look for 3rd party tools like AutoHotkey or AllKeys

Chris Hulan Send private email
Friday, December 19, 2008
I feel your pain! There are a couple of tools for VB 6.0 that are helpfull and you may be in luck with MZ-Tools as they say it works with VBA:

I use MZ Tools but also ended up putting together an add-in for VB 6.0 that does file search inspired byResharper (but nowhere as good, of course) and simple code completion with templates (type ei and Alt+2 and you get End If for example). It is very unfinished and barely better than a hack but it makes a big difference and works for me. I guess it won't work with Access but drop me an email if you want to give it a try.
CFN Send private email
Friday, December 19, 2008

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