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Decent charting software for Java

I'm looking for some decent free or non-free charting tools for Java desktop apps. It doesn't have to be massive (I just need line charts right now).

I've looked into jfreechart but it mystifyingly doesn't show x values in proportion. Thus, if you have Dec 1, Dec 2, Dec 3, and Dec 25th on the x axis, they are shown equidistantly. Dumb. And a lot of tools seem to do the same thing.

Any thoughts?
thanks, but anon
Thursday, August 21, 2008
Off-hand, this sounds like something that might need to be handled by the application. What does your data look like?

Since this is a line chart, what do you want to happen for the columns that are missing values? IE: Dec. 4 ?

Why not just supply a list of values that includes all values between the x min and x max (IE: all dates between Dec 1 and Dec 25) ?
Joe Lynds Send private email
Thursday, August 21, 2008
In my experience there is a total lack of good (open-source) charting libraries for Java, even more so if you want real-time rendering (JFreeChart fails miserably on this point).

I would love to see a new player enter this field.
Gili Send private email
Thursday, August 21, 2008
Use a time series dataset in JFreeChart and you'll achieve what you describe.

JFreeChart is powerful and has good demos with source code.  However getting the hang of using is takes a while. Finding a demo that does what you want, then poring over its source code is usually the easiest way to progress.

TimeSeries series = ...
TimeSeriesCollection dataset = new TimeSeriesCollection(series);
JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createTimeSeriesChart(
Steve McLeod Send private email
Thursday, August 21, 2008
I've heard that JFreeChart and Google Chart are both pretty good, but I haven't used either.
Benjamin Manes Send private email
Thursday, August 21, 2008
I'm looking for the same thing.  flot (uses jQuery I guess) looks promising:

Let us know if you find something better
Friday, August 22, 2008
If there's a JFreeChart, maybe there's a JChart?


Ahh, what do you know:

The samples look pretty as well....

John Send private email
Friday, August 22, 2008
>>I've looked into jfreechart but it mystifyingly doesn't show x values in proportion.

Sounds like your trying to do it with a CategoryDataset and a CategoryAxis and CategoryPlot. Those are intended for data that is classed into discrete categories.

What you have is more like observations from a continuous domain for which a ValueAxis is more appropriate. These are used with an XYPlot with values coming from an XYDataset.

The XYDataset interface exposes X and Y values as doubles however there is a DateAxis class that subclasses ValueAxis and formats them as dates (internally casting the double to a long and treating that as a milliseconds past epoch value).

Here is your example using an XYPlot:

    double data[][] = new double[][] {
      { parse("2008-12-01"), parse("2008-12-02"), parse("2008-12-03"), parse("2008-12-25") },
      { 169, 172, 174, 201 },    };
    DefaultXYDataset dataset = new DefaultXYDataset();
    dataset.addSeries("WTI", data);
    DateAxis xAxis = new DateAxis("Posted Date");
    xAxis.setDateFormatOverride(new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd"));
    xAxis.setRange( new Range( parse("2008-11-20"), parse("2008-12-31") ) );
    NumberAxis yAxis = new NumberAxis("USD");
    yAxis.setRange( new Range(110,210) );
    XYPlot plot = new XYPlot( dataset, xAxis, yAxis, new XYLineAndShapeRenderer() );
    JFreeChart chart = new JFreeChart("Prices",plot);

Saturday, August 23, 2008

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